Wonder Woman In Distress Part 1
by [email protected]

This story is based on the popular tv series starring linda carter during the
late 70's and early 80's. Its reruns are still on, remember if your under 18
don't read this, and also remember this story is only based on fantasy.

Diana Prince the top agent for the IADC was asked to investigate criminal
activity in the state of Texas. Red Carson the richest rancher in the state
was having his cattle rustled. It was believed that this was the work of a
gang that was being sought after the IADC. So Diana was sent to investigate
along with Major Steve Trevor.

After arriving at Red Carson's ranch BEFORE Steve, Diana began to worry
about him, and foul play involved, especially considering the fact that the
terrorist organization called "the jackels" could be involved. So after
greeting Red Carson and his many refugees that he had so kindly adopted to
live with him, and his son Robbie, Diana decide to look for Steve. She made
the excuse that she was going to go contact the IADC headquarters from the
air base.

So after she walked out the door Diana removed her black big rim glasses and
spun in place and with a flash of light she was transformed into Wonder
Woman. There she stood in her satin blue and white star spangled panties and
a red bustier with a yellow eagle on the front. Below her bustier, was her
yellow belt, the source of her amazon strength away from her home Paradise
Island. On her belt was her indestrucatable lasso of truth. She had a yellow
tiara on her forehead with her jet black hair flowing down past her
shoulders, her outfit is finished off with red high heeled boots.

She started running down the road she knew Steve would have traveled on,
Wonder womans speed is similar to that of a cheetach around 60mph. Before too
long she came to a hole in the road covered by a boulder and a jeep that was
supposedly stranded. Wonder Woman uses her incredible strength to lift the
boulder and throw it away, down the hole she sees Steve Trevor. She smiles
and lowers her lasso Steve climbs out Wonder Woman bends down to help him
out, Steve's eyes get as big as saucers as her bending over gives him a great
view of Wonder Woman's cleavage. He licks his lips to see her beautiful 38D
mammaries in all their glory.

Wonder Woman sees him staring but dosent think much of it, she loves to be
noticed. Amazons from her island like her are forrbidden to have sex with men
except once every 300 years to keep their island population alive. She finds
Steve attractive but she knows that she can't allow herself to be dominated
with men in a mans world.

"Woah, thanks Wonder Woman, am I glad to see you," Steve says.

"Your welcome, I figured the Jackal gang might try something after Diana
told me about how you were checking them out here in Texas."

They made their way back to the ranch, they seen Red's son Robbie riding a
wild horse it suddenly jumped the gate and took off. Wonder Woman jump up on
a horse and took after them, in no time at all the sexy amazon had caught up
with them and calmed the horse. Wonder Woman had a way with animals growing
up with wild horses and many other wild animals on paradise island.

After saving the 12 year old boy and bringing him back he expressed his
thanks with a big hug to the slightly over 6ft tall godess. The young boy got
very excited as he felt her large breasts pressed against his face. He even
put his hands on the top of her blue and white starred panties, wishing in
his dreams he was yanking them down.

After a while they went back in the house and discussed the cattle rustlers.
It became apparent in discussion that these rustlers were very good indeed.
Each time the cattle were moved to a secret place they still were able to
find a large amount of them to rustle. After a while they began to discuss
the possibility of an insider, but who one of the cattlemen? Most of them had
worked for Red for years and were close friends with him.

After calling it a night and everyone going to bed Robbie sneaked downstairs.
Picking up the phone and dialing a rough voice on the other end says "Hello".

"Hi, its me, the cattle are moving to the old barn tomorrow, at noon there
should only be two cowboys watching over them, maybe one." Robbie was the
insider, he got tired of his father housing these refugees, his dad had
stopped caring about him.

"Well we heard Wonder Woman is there, she could be trouble, anything you can
find out about her would be great too."

"Well I'll see what I can do she's an amazing woman though."

"Well, well", says the rough voice. "Do we have a little crush on the
Wonderbimbo boy?"

"Hey dont call her that!!" he snaps.

"I was just kidding Robbie, I'll tell you what find out the source of her
power she'll be helpless and if we can get her like that you can do whatever
you want with her"

"I know you like those big breasts of hers dont you, no girl in your class at
school is near that large I bet!"

"Imagine her at your feet as your slave, i know that thought has crossed your
mind hasnt it?" Robbie wanted to snap back but knew he was telling the truth
and simply replied "I'll see what i can do" then hung up.

Early next morning Robbie found Wonder Woman, "Hi thank you again for

"Oh your welcome, thats why im here, to help," she replies.

He sits down next to her "Ya know i have to admit seeing you in the news and
on tv i have... well kind of a crush on you. "he says as he lowers his head.

"Well thats really sweet of you Robbie" she kisses him on the cheek.

"I was wondering is it true that you get your amazing strength from your
Tiara?" He knew this wasnt true but was hoping in getting corrected he find
out the truth.

"Oh no Robbie I dont know where you heard that but thats so untrue I get my
strength from ........well its a secret actually."

"Oh please Wonder Woman tell me it would mean so much to me" he asked

She was about to tell him no but looking in his beautiful blue eyes she
changed her mind. "Well i guess if you can promise keep it to yourself ill
tell you"

"i promise," he replies.

"Well its my gold belt its the source of my amazon strength when im away from
Paradise Island and in whats known as a man's world."

Robbie smiled "thank you for trusting me with your secret, it means a lot to

They hug once again, and Wonder Woman walks out to meet with Steve and Red.
Robbie gets on the phone, knowing he dosent have much time he simply says
after the rough voice says hello, "its her belt it holds her strength, and
dont forget my reward!!" He hangs up thinking "My God should i have done
that? i mean.............. yeah i should have!!!! These men are giving me
more notice than my dad has, their closer to a father then my dad has been!"

Later after a day of no rustling wonder woman enjoyed a long horseride. She
noticed a car racing along the side of the field which she found strange,
then out of no where another car came out and in a split sec they cut in
front of her on the horse causing her to be thrown. Wonder Woman with her
strength was up in a flash as all of the jackals gang jumped at her.

The amazon princess karate kicked one of them back then threw the next thug
in the air. Thats when the man behind her unhooked her golden belt. After
that it took all her strength to fight the next guy and knock him out. After
that she was no more than a strong athletic woman fighting a gang of men. So
they overpowered her in a short time and threw her in their car. Wonder
woman was knocked out and placed in a small room, it had a bed in the corner
and a bathroom in the corner.

After she awoke on the bed Standing over her was "Robbie!!!!"

"No it cant be"she screamed to herself, but it was true! There was sweet
Robbie with the gang that kidnapped her. Wonder woman moaned as he came
forward and kissed her, then reached behind her and unzipped her bustier
while the gang held her down. Her beautiful boobs were displayed and many of
the men whistled and yelled their approval.

Robbie opened his pants and ordered wonder woman to blow him. She refused,
so they brought in Steve Trevor, he was also captured as a knife was at his
throat. "If you dont do as we say he dies right here right now, and then
we'll just force you to do please us!"

Wonder woman knew she now had no choice she couldnt let Steve die, and
besides maybe she could find a way out of this and get her belt back. So she
takes Robbies small cock in her mouth, he grows to a large 6 inches very big
for a 12 year old. She uses her tounge trying to get him to shoot his load as
her hair flys all over as her head bobs up and down his shaft. Finally he
pulls away, "Ok wonder whore take off those panties now!"

On the brink of tears but seeing Steves life in danger she pulls her blue and
white starred panties past her round bottom and down her long tan legs til
they were past her red boots. Her hairy dark bush is hot and damp in the
excitement that shes trying to hide as shes about to loses her virginity to
a 12 year old.

He bent Wonder Woman over and enter her amazon pussy. Her 28 year old pussy
was very tight, and in no time at all shes unable to hold back her moans as
she feels a cock for the first time inside her. "ohh yess oh your so fucking
good!!!!" yells robbie.

After a few short strokes he starts orgasming inside her. Wonder Woman knows
whats next, as she sees the other men pulling out theyre cocks.

"Theses guys are gonna fuck you til i say stop and ill only say stop when you
call me your master" he says.

Wonder Womans perfect breasts are fondled hard as another man pulls her hair
and pushes her mouth on his cock she takes his cock forciabally in her mouth
as another man makes her climb on top of him and ride his cock. The man is
huge and black and her pussy is stretched more than the 12 year old boy ever
could stretch it by far!

She was beginning to enjoy the feeling of a cock inside her, Steve couldnt
believe it, he tried everything to get in Wonder Womans panties and totally
lost out, now here was a black man ramming her pussy and another man fucking
her mouth. Then the amazon heroine moans in fear as another black man
penetrates her ass. So now the once powerful wonder woman, is being fucked in
everyone of her holes like a common whore.

"Ohh yesss fucked me ohh yesss fuck my ass, ohh yesss deeper baby ohhhh"
Wonder Woman moans.

Robbie loves what hes seeing and hes already hard again as he walks back over
to her, he tells them to fuck her in the sitting up position so they all
reposition and renter her. Robbie loves seeing big titties bounce as shes
getting fucked in all her sexy holes, so he sticks his now rock hard cock
between her tits. He starts tittyfucking her, her breasts smuthering his cock
as they all starts coming. First one of them shots his load in her pussy,
the next man in her ass shoots his load deep in her bowels.

After that the third man cums and she swallows every drop down her throat.
She has clear lust in her eyes as she looks at robbie fucking her tits after
a while her sensuous looks send him over the edge and he cums all over her
tits and in her face.

"So how you like that Wonder Boobies?"

"I loved it master" she smiles.

Robbie realizes he has her now he gives her back her clothes, he puts a gold
dog collar around her neck. She has her belt but knows it can do her no good
now that she has givin herself freely to a man. Robbie knows that shes
forever without her powers. So her new job is the personal whore to serve the
jackal gang.

Wonder Woman has no choice, now that her powers are gone they kill Steve
anyway. Wonder Woman knows they can kill her if they get bored of her too, so
she does as shes told and degrades herself to their every wish. She gets used
to a life of her name being "whore" and sucking her masters off for food.
Wonder Woman became no more, the world can only wonder what happened to her.
The jackels gang became the worlds biggest terrorist organization the worlds
ever known. All this because of a 12 year old boy who was trusted with her
greatest secret.


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