Wonder Woman In Distress Part 2 - Wonder Girl
by [email protected]

This story is based on the TV series that was run in the 70's and 80's.
Although Debra Winger played the part of Wondergirl on the TV series, I
realize a lot of people don't remember her. So the part of Wondergirl will
be played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Of course don't read this if your under 18, and remember this story is no
indication of the real way the characters are, its only fiction.

The great Wonder woman had been missing for a long time. The leaders of the
world knew she had to be found, especially with the terrorist organization
the "Jackals" having their way with bombings. Little did they know that
Wonder Woman had given herself freely to the Jackal gang and because of that
she had lost her amazon powers. (see part 1)

On Wonder Woman's home Paradise Island they wondered where Diana was as
well. Princess Diana (Wonder Woman) usually visited her island every month.
However, being unable to contact her, and her not visiting, had her mother
the queen and her sister Druscilla worried. The queen detested the idea of
going to the mans world. Druscilla said she'd be glad to go, she'd seen her
sister in the mans world before, she liked all the things the world had to
offer. None of which she told her mother, knowing she just wouldn't

Druscilla had lived just under 2000 years on paradise island. Being an amazon
like Diana and the other women on the island she only aged once every 100
years (making her about 19 going on 20). Wonder Woman was a few hundred years
older than Druscilla and was basically 28 years old. Druscilla got the
experts and fortune tellers and scholars on the island to get her ready for
her trip to the mans world.

Druscilla hadn't been to the mans world since World War II. So she got caught
up with the styles and talk of the day from the island experts. Druscilla had
the tailors making her outfit she decided on a tight pair of black slacks
black shoes and a light blue button down blouse. They had to reinform her of
the undergarments women wear in the mans world. So she put on a Lacey light
blue bra that matched her blouse and she wore a skimpy pair of light blue
panties. She put on some make up that women wear some blue eyeshadow and some
classic red lipstick. She found her new look different but still sexy

Dru went to her plane and assured her mother she'd find Diana, and the reason
why they hadn't heard from her. She flew off in her invisible plane, much
like her sister Diana's plane. She arrived in the city where Diana was
living, her apartment was still there, Diana had always been months ahead in
rent but now there was a "your rent is late" notice on her door.

Druscilla was puzzled her sister was always responsible, this wasn't like
her to not pay rent. "that's more like something I might do" she thought.
Druscilla looked around her apartment looking for clues. As usually she
tried on her sisters clothes, her sister being much taller she didn't bother
with Diana's pants. Diana is 6 ft tall without heels while Druscilla is only
5 ft 4 without heels.

She tried on one of Diana's bras and to her surprise she found out her and
Diana are the same size now! Dru knew she had developed quite a bit since she
last saw her sister, but wow she didn't know she was a D-cup now! She looked
at herself in the mirror wearing the see-through black bra of Diana's. She
smiled at her developed breasts and gave her nipples a hard pinch. She then
eyed her matching black see-through panties, and rubbed her pussy outside the
thin material. She moaned softly as she touched herself.

Looking to her left she saw a poster Diana had on her wall it was some girl
called Melissa Joan Hart, and she was also in a black bra and panties.
Druscilla eyed the sexy poster and slid a hand down her panties, feeling the
heat from her amazon pussy, she started to stick out her tongue as her finger
enter her pussy. She imagined Melissa there fingering her. She imagined
Melissa's top off and caressing her perky nipples. She imagined Melissa to
have a shaven pussy and baring it to Dru.

Dru dropped the bra to the floor tweaking on her now very hard, nipples. Her
fingering on her cunt became more furious as she imagined the girl from the
picture licking her clit. Druscilla had been very promiscuous on paradise
island and like many of the women there she had many lesbian affairs. Dru
finally orgasmed as she imagined the hot blonde smiling at her with her pussy
in her mouth, Dru came hard on Diana's bed.

Suddenly she heard a noise, she thought it might be Diana but she saw it was
a suspicious looking man through the mirror. So she hid, she saw the man get
into Diana's underwear drawer and grab her lingerie. She thought he might
just be a pervert, but he said before leaving "hopefully I have all the
clothes that slut wanted!"

Dru was shocked no one ever referred to her sister as a slut before, so she
knew what she had to. She spun around and through a big flash of light she
became Wondergirl. Her outfit was very similar to wonder woman's, her top was
red and her bottoms were blue and she had red boots too. The difference was
that her red top was more like a sports bra than a buster, and unlike wonder
woman who had a yellow eagle on her top, wondergirl had white stars on the
cups of her red sports bra type top. Also wondergirl had skimpier blue satin
panties, plus her sister wonder woman had stars on her panties while
Wondergirl didn't.

Wonder girl leaped out after the bad guy, he was shocked when she jumped on
top of him and used her magic lasso on him. "Well, tell me why you referred
to Diana Prince as a slut?" she asked him.

He was forced to answer because of the magic lasso's powers, "She has become
the personal slut of the Jackal gang".

Dru listened to all the details of her sister losing her belt, her servicing
every one of the members of the gang. Dru was shocked that her sister had
degraded herself to be a common whore, but realized that there was little she
could do, now that Diana's powers were forever gone. She knew her mother on
paradise island could never forgive Diana for willingly giving herself to a

Wondergirl told the man to turn himself in to the police and inform them
where the Jackals gang was hiding out, the lasso forced him to obey.
Wondergirl went to the hide out it was and old warehouse she looked in and
saw her sister on her knees servicing a man in her ass and in pussy and down
her throat. Diana's tongue was flicking on this long black cock, she then
deep throated him as he groped her 38D breasts. Diana's perfect shapely
ass was getting slapped as two men rhythmically gave her double penetration.

Diana was moaning "ohhh yesssss, ohhh good yes fuck my slutty ass damn

Diana fills the man in her throat coming and tries to swallow his load, but
some of it pours out the side of her mouth. Diana spreads her ass cheeks
giving a good view to the man up her now very loose asshole. Finally he cums
all over her ass shooting what seems like a gallon of cum!

Druscilla slid a hand down her blue panties past her dark bush to her damp
cunt. She was tight as she felt her fingers penetrate. She was so shocked at
what she was seeing, Diana had always been the good girl keeping Dru in line,
and now here she was getting all her holes filled by a gang of criminals.

Finally the man orgasmed and shot his load deep inside of Diana's pussy, this
got Dru hot too. She knew that her deep dark secret taboo fantasy of having
lesbian sex with her sister wasn't so deep in her mind now.She heard the cops
siren and knew that she should get her sister out of there, before she was
mistaken for just another whore. So wondergirl broke through the window, a
man on each side of her were both nailed with a fist and a roundhouse kick by
the young amazon. Wondergirl nailed more karate kicks and threw more thugs
through the window.

She stood face to face with Diana. Diana was naturally embarrassed at her
sister seeing her, her body covered in cum. "Let's get out of here sis!"

They took off and went back to Diana's apartment. Diana sobbed at telling
the whole story at how she was forced to perform for the men. Druscilla
comforted her. "I got so hot watching you fuck those men though Diana" smiled

Diana was shocked, she always liked her sisters body especially now that her
sisters breasts had grown. They looked deep in each others eyes before both
they're red lips met. The two superheroine's incest kiss lasted for several
minutes. Wonder Woman felt her sisters breasts and gently pulled down her red
starred top, she licked her big brown nipples as her sister wondergirl went
down her star spangled panties.

Wonder womans top went next then her starry panties, followed by wondergirls
bottoms. wonder woman reached in her drawer and pulled out a big black
strap-on dildo. Wondergirl smiled and helped her sister fasten it, wondergirl
started to suck it.

Wonder Woman was so turned on to see her slutty little sister suck her dildo
between her legs. Wondergirls legs were spread, and in to time wonder woman
was licking her little sister's pussy. The two engaged in a hot incest 69.
Wondergirl was unable to last long as the magic tongue of her big sister sent
her over the edge.

Wondergirl then got on all fours on the bed and spread her pretty pink pussy
for the once mighty wonder woman. It took a lot of effort to get inside
wondergirls tight pussy. When she finally did though wondergirl came almost
at penetration. Wondergirl screamed and moaned as wonder woman fucked her
deeper and deeper till all of the 12 inch strap-on was buried in her sister's
tight snatch.

Wonderwoman grapped her by the hair and pulled her by the hair as wondergirl
exploded for yet another orgasm. Wonder girl ruled her big sister over.
Usually that would be a chore, but now her sister was much weaker than
before. She started to ride her sister faster and faster

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh Diana ohhh yessssss ohhhhh this is so fucking

Wonder woman squeezed and pulled on wondergirls tits. Before long her little
sisters moans turned her on to the point of wonder woman having an orgasm.
Wondergirl came all over the plastic dick and then french kissed her sister
some more. Wonder woman laid back and enjoyed a tongue licking from her
sister after that. Wondergirl felt wonder womans might amazon thighs pulling
them as wide as she could to suck and lick her hot clit. Wonder woman came
three more times until she was finally exhausted.

Wondergirl and wonderwoman laid in bed together naked caressing each other.
Druscilla told Diana she might as well stay with her now, knowing her mother
will never let her come back to paradise island. Diana couldn't be an amazon
princess since shes given up her virginity willingly to a man. The two of
them spent their days with Druscilla fighting crime as wondergirl and Diana
working for a living. Plus they were making love together at night as only
two women could.

the end


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