Wonder Years: Kevin And Winnie (mf,oral,bond)
by Storytrade

Kevin Arnold was just stepping out of the shower, as he got ready for his
date with Winnie Cooper. Kevin was 15 at the time and had been dating
Winnie for 2 years already. But even though they had dated for 2 years,
they had not gotten past kissing and some light touching. Kevin was
hoping that tonight would be different. As he was stepping out of the
shower, his brother Wayne was walking into the bathroom. When Wayne
walked in he apologized and giggled at Kevin, calling him squirt. Kevin
just ignored Wayne and continued to get ready for his date.

Kevin and Winnie were going to the movie that night. Kevin had hoped to
get past firstbase tonight. He was hoping to possibly touch her breasts.
He had felt them over the top of her sweater a couple times, but she
stopped him from going any further.

Kevin arrived at Winnie's house at 8pm. When they arrived at the movie,
Kevin carefully placed his arm around Winnie. After holding his arm there
for 20 minutes Kevin began to reach under Winnie's shirt. At first she did
not notice, but as Kevin reached up higher, she realized what he was doing.
She tried to push his hand down, but he continued to touch her tits. As he
reached her bra, he tried to unsnap it, unfortunately Kevin had never done
this before, causing her bra to break. When she realized that he broke her
bra, she was very upset and slapped Kevin. Then she ran out of the movie
theatre and went home.

Over the next couple days Kevin was a little depressed, because Winnie
refused to talk to him. He had asked his best friend, Paul to talk to
Winnie, so Paul decided to go talk to Winnie. While they were talking, the
two of them hit it off, so Winnie decided to ask Paul out on a date for
the upcoming Sat.

The next day Paul ran into Kevin in gym class and were talking about Winnie.
At that moment one of the other guys in the class asked Kevin what had
happened. Paul also wondered what happened, since Kevin did not tell him.
Kevin decided to tell everyone what happened. He explained that he and
Winnie were making out and things got kinda serious. Winnie was giving him
a blowjob and he had cum in her mouth, causing her to choke. She was a
little upset about the day and that is why she was mad at him. When they
asked Kevin how good Winnie was at blowjobs, he said that she sucked like
a vacuum cleaner.

The truth was that the only person ever to touch Kevin's not quite 4 inch
dick, when erect, was him. Kevin masterbated at least twice a day, thinking
of Winnie.

Hearing about Winnie's cock-sucking abilities turned on every guy in the
locker room, especially Paul, who decided not to tell Kevin about his date
with Winnie on Saturday.

As Saturday got closer, Paul began to think more and more about Winnie. He
decided not to masterbate though, because he was hoping to get the type of
blowjob Kevin described. He figured that it would feel better if he did not
masterbate for several days.

When Saturday arrived, Paul picked up Winnie at 7 pm and they headed to the
movie theatre. Paul was a complete gentlemen throughout the movie. After
the movie, Winnie invited Paul back to her house, because her parents were
out and she did not want to be home alone. They were watching television
for a little while, when Paul reached over and kissed Winnie.

Winnie had kissed guys before, but for some reason, kissing Kevin's best
friend felt different, almost dirty. This turned her on even more. As she
was kissing Paul she noticed that he had an erection and it looked bigger
then the ones Kevin usually had. She let Paul put his hands under her shirt
and undid her bra. Then he lifted up her shirt and bra, revealing two round,
smooth breasts. This turned Paul on even more. Winnie looked down again at
Paul's erection and made a decision that she was going to see her first dick,
Paul's. She reached her hands down to his jeans and undid them. Then she
slid them down onto the floor. She saw a huge tent in his underwear. She
reached down to them and pulled them off of him, revealing a huge 9 inch cock
on her boyfriend's best friend's cock.

It looked beautiful to her, causing her to want to taste it. She lowered her
head down to his dick and began to suck on the huge organ. She slowly sucked
on Paul's cock, giving Paul his first blow job of his life. She sucked on
his dick for over 10 minutes before he began to cum. He continued to cum for
what seemed like minutes and Winnie swallowed every drop. Ten minutes later,
Winnie's parents arrived home and Paul left.

The next day Paul decided to go and talk to Kevin about his feelings towards
Winnie. Kevin said that he did not care about her any more and she could
date whoever she wanted. That's when Paul told Kevin that he had gone out
with Winnie. Kevin said that he didn't care, but he did ask Paul if Winnie
kissed him. Paul said yes and he also said that Kevin was right about the
blowjobs, they feel great. Kevin looked shocked when Paul said this. How
could she give Paul a blowjob, when she wouldn't even let him touch her
breasts. Then Paul asked Kevin why he never told him how smooth Winnie's
breasts were. This upset Kevin even more and caused him to call Paul a liar.
Paul said he was telling the truth and to go ask Winnie.

Kevin decided to go ask Winnie after school that day. He arrived at her
house shortly after school let out. He asked Winnie straight out if she let
Paul touch her breasts and gave him a blow job. She said she did, which
really upset Kevin. When he asked why, she said because Paul had a such a
big dick. Then Kevin told her he had a big dick too and would she suck it.
Before she could answer, Kevin undid his pants, revealing his 3 3/4 inch
dick, which caused Winnie to smile and giggle. She then told Kevin that she
was still upset at him.

The following day at school Kevin told all the guys that he and Winnie had
slept together. By lunch time half the school had heard the rumor, including
Wayne, Kevin's brother. Wayne new that Kevin did not have sex with Winnie
the night before, because Kevin had been home all night. Wayne, being the
jerk that he was, decided to tell Winnie about the lies Kevin was spreading.
When Winnie heard this, she was really upset, but instead of yelling at
Kevin, she came up with a plan to get revenge on Kevin. She told Wayne her
plan, which caused him to smile for the rest of the day.

Winnie then went to Kevin and told him she forgave him and wanted to see him
that evening. Winnie had planned everything out and was ready for some fun.
When Kevin arrived she told him that she was sorry about giving Paul a
blowjob and was willing to go all the way with Kevin that night. Kevin could
not believe what he had heard. Winnie told him to go and get undressed in
the other room while she got ready. Before he left she told him there were
two rules he had to follow. The first was that he had to wear a blindfold.
The second was that she was going to tie him up, because she did not want him
moving much. Kevin didn't care what kind of rules there were, because he was
going to lose his virginty to his love, Winnie.

Kevin quickly got undressed and jumped into the bed and put on the blindfold.
After waiting a couple minutes Kevin felt his arms being tied to the bed
post. In a few more minutes he heard Winnie return to the room. He couldn't
believe what was about to happen. Then Winnie removed the blindfold,
revealing her naked body. Kevin could not believe what he saw. Winnie was
like a goddess to him. She had perfectly round breasts, and a very hairy
pussy. Kevin felt like he would cum in under 10 seconds. Then Winnie did
something that shocked him even more. She opened the door and told someone
to come in the room. Then he turned his head towards the door and saw his
brother Wayne enter the room. Kevin was really confused at this point.

Kevin asked her what was going on and she said that she was getting her
revenge on him for telling the whole school that they had sex. She told
Kevin that he was right, she was going to lose her virginity that night,
but not to him. Instead she was going to have sex with his brother, Wayne,
who she found really attractive. When slowly got undressed, revealing his
10 inch cock. Both Winnie and Kevin were stunned at what they saw. Wayne
was hung like a horse and this turned on Winnie even more. Wayne then
walked over to Winnie and began to kiss her. He then pushed her on the
bed, next to Kevin and then got on top of her. Wayne's dick quickly
entered Winnie's virgin pussy. After he got his head inside Winnie's pussy
until he reached her hymen. Then in one swift thrust he pushed his huge
cock through Winnie's hymen. As Wayne continued to thrust in and out of
Winnie's pussy as he looked over at his little brother. He noticed that
Kevin had already cum on himself, just watching him deflower his virgin
girlfriend. This made Wayne laugh out loud, as he began to cum inside the
little virgin.

(To Be continued)


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