Wonder Years: The Rape Of Winnie Cooper (MFFFf,oral,rape)
by The Collector

David Rachel was a very scary man. He loved to mix sex, drugs, and religion together. He even implied that incest as the "Spreading Of God's Word!!!" He was always followed by 3 women known as The Disciples. Angel, Emily, and Emma would do anything for God (a.k.a. David) told them what to do.

Winnie Cooper was a na´ve innocent 14 year old who had a on and off again relationship with Kevin Arnold. Older boys paid special attention to her beautiful body. She had long straight brown hair, brown eyes, light olive skin and beautiful legs. This day she was wearing a pink and yellow polka dot top with a white skirt and go-go boots. She decided to take a short cut and went by an old abanded house.

David and his group were doing drugs when they heard footsteps. Thinking that it was the pigs, David got ready to grab the person. He got little Winnie and put his hand over her mouth. "Girls, God Has Answered Our Prayers!!!!!"

Poor Winnie was screaming as she dropped her books to the floor.

David spoke "Don't Scream or You Will Be Killed."

They put her in the corner of the room with poor Winnie crying her heart out.

"What is your name little one?"

"Winnie!!!" Winnie said he whole body shaking.

"Ah Winnie, The Lover of Oliver. Strip Now!!!" David yelled.

She shook her head no.

David yelled out "God has given you an order and you will obey it!!!"

Winnie slowly unzipped her top. Thank God she wore a bra and panties unlike other girls at her school. She slowly took off her skirt showing off her beautiful tanned legs. She then took off her boots revealing her cute feet. Shaking like a leaf as she unclasp her bra showing off her perky B cups with rock hard dark brown nipples.

"Ladies prepare her!!!"

The 3 women launched at poor Winnie and dragged her to the dirty floor. With evil smiles, they put arms her arms above her and spread her legs. At the same time they start sucking her nipples and licking her twat. David then takes off his ragged shirt and pulls down his pants with a huge hard on and dropped to his knees near Winnie's face. He cleared some hair from her face and grabbed her chin and said "Tonight, you will be God's whore!!!"

He shoved his large dick right into her pretty mouth and made her suck his dick. He reaches over and grabs and pulls on Winnie's sore nipples. Grunting like a madman soon David yelled as he came, "Taste Your Lord You Little Slut!!!!!!"

Winnie's hips were bucking up and down as she orgasm for the 1st time in her short life. Covered in sweat and dirt, Winnie thought it was all over but David rise up and got between Winnie's quivering legs. He then spoke, "Winnie, Lover Of Oliver The Great, You Will Now Receive God's Word!!!"

He rammed his cock into her soaking wet clit as hard as he could. Winnie's head was spinning as she could feel warm blood oozing out of her sore cunt. He fucked her as hard as he could for 30 minutes until he came all over her young body.

After a few minutes of resting, he picked up Winnie's lifeless body and pushed her out of the door in the nude.

As she ran for safety, David yelled out "Now Go Forth And Spread God's Word!!!!!"

Winnie ran through alleys and back yards trying to avoid anyone and get home. Just as she was near her house, she saw Kevin Arnold and she fell into his arms quietly saying, "OOHH God! OOHH God! OOHH God!"

The only thing on Kevin Arnold's mind was the huge hard on in his pants.

The End


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