The Worst Witch: Milly and Drusilla (ff,f-mast,voy)
by G ([email protected])

Mildred Hubble was feeling stressed. She had gotten herself in trouble one
time too many recently, and now Miss Hardbroom was looking for any excuse to
suspend her. Poor Milly always tried so hard to do her best and please her
teachers at Cackle's Academy, but everything she did always seemed to go

Take last Thursday's Potions lesson; Milly and Ethel had been up all night
revising for their practical, and though they were exhausted, they were
confident that they had figured out exactly how to make an invisibility
potion. But when they came to mixing the ingredients, something went
horrendously wrong. There was a loud pop and a crash as the glass beaker
holding the steaming liquid exploded, splashing the potion all over the
classroom. To make things worse, the potion must have been mixed incorrectly,
because it only seemed to make non-living material invisible. When the smoke
had cleared, Milly, Ethel and ten other fifteen-year old girls realised that
their school uniforms had completely vanished, and they now appeared totally

Although she knew she would get in serious trouble for this disaster, Milly
couldn't help feeling secretly excited at the sight of all those distressed
young bodies. She couldn't tear her eyes away from all the teenage flesh on
view; firm budding breasts, small erect nipples, round youthful buttocks
and, most appealing of all, pink soft pussies, some completely bald with the
smooth lips on full display, and others covered light, fluffy hair. Milly
was so overcome with the sexy, warm feelings flowing through her adolescent
body that she completely forgot that her clothes had become invisible too.
Just as she felt her hand slipping under her knickers towards her own tight,
smooth slit, Miss Hardbroom's loud voice snapped her back to reality.

"Mildred Hubble, what is the meaning of this outrage!" yelled the stern
teacher upon re-entering the classroom to find the young girls all trying
unsuccessfully to cover their lithe, naked bodies.

"I . . . er . . . Miss Hardbroom, I don't know what went wrong!" stammered
Milly, her face and bare chest blushing a bright crimson as she covered her
small but perfect young breasts with one arm and her pink little pussy with
the other. "Ethel and I were up all night perfecting that recipe, but we
must have made a mistake."

"You're absolutely right you made a mistake," replied the teacher. "Need I
remind you that you are inching closer to suspension every day? Now go to
your room. For the next two weeks, you shall not be allowed to leave it
except for lessons."

* * *

Milly was now half way through those two weeks and was becoming more and
more sick of her predicament and more and more anxious about her future
at Cackle's Academy. She sat at her desk, in her school uniform; a short,
fitted black dress, with a tight blue blouse and a tie. She was making a
meek effort to study, but ever since the potion catastrophe she had been
unable to concentrate on work at all. She had seen her classmates naked
before; after gym the group of fourteen and fifteen-year-olds always
showered together in the changing rooms; and she had also noticed that she
was beginning to get feelings of desire whenever she saw a young, curved
bum or a perky, bouncy tit. The incident in the potions lesson had still
been a shock, however. She had never had such strongly sexual feelings
before, and was surprised to realise that she had almost given those
feelings away in front of the whole class, by stroking her soft, wet pussy
in full view of all the girls.

Just thinking about seeing all of her classmates completely naked in the
classroom made Milly's young slit begin to grow wet. Milly's cute dark
plaits hung at either side of her beautiful face as she shut her eyes and
envisioned all those young bodies in front of her. She slipped her dress
off her shoulders, loosened her striped school tie, and slid her small,
shivering hand up under her blouse to her firm, budding tits. Milly didn't
wear a bra so she was able to run her finger over the small, hard pink
nipples that she found poking out under her top. She breathed heavily as
she stroked her little breasts softly and deliberately, imagining the
other girls naked in front of her; some short, some tall, some with
well-developed breasts and curves, some thin and gangly like little girls.
Milly could feel that her wet pussy was beginning to soak her small white
cotton knickers. She rose from her chair and crossed to the bed, letting
her blue school dress fall from her waist as she walked. Slowly and
deliberately, the fourteen-year-old unbuttoned her light blue blouse and
shrugged it off her shoulders, exposing her pert round breasts for the
first time. She left her tie on, hanging loosely between her soft budding
tits. Milly's sensitive pink nipples hardened in the cool air, and she bent
over to lower her damp white knickers over her smooth, rounded bum. She
straightened up, now fully nude, her smooth pink pussy glistening with
juices under a fluffy crop of soft brown hair.

Milly crawled onto the bed and lay face-up, bringing her knees up towards
her and opening her legs. Then she licked her fingers slowly before sliding
her hand down between her legs and gently stoking at her soft pussy lips.
The feelings rushing through the young girl's body were beginning to
intensify as she quickened the pace of her fingers, rubbing at her slippery
clit. She squeezed her breast with her other hand as she began to slide her
index finger between her dripping lips. Milly pictured herself surrounded
by her naked classmates, each one of them playing with Milly's body and
each other. She was now pumping her sopping pussy with two fingers, as she
imagined each girl taking it in turns to lick Milly's aching young cunt
while the others held down her writhing little body.

Drusilla Paddock couldn't believe what she was seeing. A week earlier she
had known that Milly and Ethel would be the only girls to work hard enough
to actually come up with a working recipe for the invisibility potion that
all the girls had to make for their practical. Drusilla was useless at
potions and knew it, so she had secretly swapped her own mixture with
Milly's while she wasn't looking. She was hoping that Milly would fail the
practical and that she would get all the credit for Milly and Ethel's hard
work, but she had never anticipated what had actually happened in class.
When Milly's beaker exploded, spraying Drusilla's faulty potion all over the
room, the young redhead had been so surprised that it took her a few minutes
to notice that she was apparently completely naked along with all the other
girls. Her freckled chest, pink, hard nipples and light ginger bush were on
full display, and she couldn't help noticing little Mildred Hubble's
beautiful fourteen-year-old body across the room. She had been transfixed by
the perfect curves of the other girl's little breasts as they rose and fell
with Milly's breath, and had felt her light pink slit begin to become moist.
She almost came right there, especially when she saw Milly's hand moving
down to her own soft pussy lips in full view of the whole class.

In the confusion, Drusilla had managed to sneak the beaker containing the
working invisibility potion into her schoolbag, and had chosen today to take
some of it, with the intention of sneaking into Milly's room and playing
another nasty trick on her. She certainly hadn't expected to get such a
show, and the sight of Milly wriggling around on her bed with her fingers
sliding in and out of her young, wet pussy was making Drusilla feel very
horny indeed. As the potion she had stolen from Milly only worked on living
flesh, Drusilla was actually completely nude, although she couldn't be seen
by the naked eye. She couldn't resist the urge to follow Milly's lead, and
began gently stroking her silky soft pussy as she stood over the bed and
watched the other girl in the throes of total ecstasy.

Drusilla's little fingers quickly became oily with her own juices as she
slid them in and out of her tight virgin hole, rubbing her clit in between
thrusts. The sight of Milly's fluffy little cunt, open and dripping in front
of her eyes had an effect on Drusilla like nothing she'd ever felt before.
She wanted to kneel down in between little Mildred Hubble's slender legs and
taste those juices. In fact, she decided, that was exactly what she was
going to do.

Very slowly and carefully, Drusilla moved closer to the bed and reached out
a hand, pressing on the mattress gently to see if Milly would notice. She
didn't. Drusilla quickly slid onto the bottom of the bed, between Milly's
spread legs, and inches from her sopping teenage pussy. Milly was still
furiously finger-fucking her cunt, and was squirming around so much that she
didn't even notice the slight depression that the invisible girl was making
in the bedspread. Drusilla kept one hand between her own legs as she kneeled
closer to Milly's tight young slit. Milly groaned as her hand became wetter
and wetter, then shivered as Drusilla breathed softly over her spread lips.

Milly was imagining that the other girls were still holding down her firm
young body, and that Drusilla was approaching her cunt slowly with her pink
tongue sticking out of her mouth. Milly would never ever tell anyone, but
she had been having some very strange thoughts about Drusilla lately.
Although the two girls had never got on, Milly had been thinking about what
it would be like to kiss Drusilla's plump pink lips, to squeeze her tender
freckled breasts, and to taste her moist pink pussy. The view Milly had had
of Drusilla's perfect young body in the Potions lesson last week had only
fuelled her lust. As she frantically rubbed at her clit, Milly imagined that
Drusilla was lapping at her cunt.

The close-up show Milly was unwittingly giving was making Drusilla's pussy
ache with desire. She spread her fluffy lips and plunged her index finger
deep inside her dripping hole, gasping at the incredible, naughty sensations
rushing through her body. She decided that if she was going to take advantage
of this incredible situation, it would have to be now or never. The
fourteen-year-old knelt down closer to Milly's wet slit, her invisible
strawberry-blonde locks brushing the other girls slender legs, and gently
licked along the length of her exposed cunt.

Milly, deep in her fantasy, was rocked to orgasm by the sudden feeling of a
warm, wet tongue sliding along her tight cunt. "Oh yes, Drusilla, don't
stop," She gasped, grabbing her shaking knees.

Drusilla, surprised to hear her name, stopped momentarily, before returning
to Milly's moist pussy lips. Here she was, invisible, licking her little
classmate's slit, and Milly was actually fantasising about her as she did it!
She couldn't believe her luck. The thought of Milly thinking about her as she
masturbated made Drusilla even hornier. She decided it was time to blow her
cover. As Milly's moans became louder, too aroused to realise that an
invisible tongue was lapping between her legs, Drusilla muttered the words of
a re-visibility spell under her breath. Just as Milly reached a huge climax,
there was a flash of light and Drusilla appeared crouched between her legs on
the bed, totally naked and licking at her pussy.

"Wha- what are you doing here?" Milly asked, confused, but still incredibly
turned on and not unhappy to see the redhead's tongue stroking at her cunt,
just like in her fantasy.

"I've been here since you got back from lessons. I was watching ... and
listening all along," Drusilla answered her between licks. "All thanks to
your potion, Milly!"

"Ooooh, that feels so good!" blurted little Milly, her face flushed red
with arousal. "So you swapped the potions! It was you who got me in so much
trouble! Why are you so mean to me? Mmmmm!"

"Don't be such a little baby, Milly. If I hadn't swapped the potions, I
wouldn't be right here, naked, fulfilling your naughty little fantasy, would
I?" said Drusilla, sliding up the length of the other schoolgirl's body so
that their faces were inches apart.

"But... but, Drusilla, we shouldn't... I mean... what would Miss Hardbroom
say?" stammered Milly.

"She'd probably videotape us if she could!" laughed Drusilla, "Didn't you
see her eyes on us in that potions class? Anyway, little Milly Hubble, I've
had enough conversation for now."

Drusilla pressed her lips against Milly's and kissed her softly, slipping
her warm tongue into Milly's wet mouth. At the same time, she gently stroked
the other girl's fluffy pubic hair before slipping a finger into Milly's
soaking wet teenage snatch. Milly moaned in fourteen year-old ecstasy as the
beautiful strawberry-blonde schoolgirl finger-fucked her slippery pussy.
Drusilla lowered her head to Milly's firm round little breasts and started
flicking her wet tongue over the other girl's hard, pink nipples. Milly
shivered, her long plaits twisting on the pillow behind her head, and her
flushed, freckled face showing the signs of serious arousal. She was too far
gone to protest any longer.

"Ohhh, Drusilla, that feels sooo nice! I've been fantasising about this
since I saw your body in potions class. Please, lick my pussy some more; I
love the feel of your toungue on my slit!" groaned Milly.

"You are a naughty little girl, aren't you, Milly? I never knew you had it
in you," Drusilla replied. "But I'm afraid if you want me to eat your wet
little cunt again, you're going to have to do something for me."

With that, Drusilla turned her body around, so that her legs were straddling
Milly's flushed little face, and her own freckled face was only inches away
from Milly's dripping pussy. The sight of Drusilla's wet pink hole, framed
by a light smattering of ginger pubes, so close to her face, turned Milly on
even more, and she immediately opened her mouth and lunged at her classmate's
pussy and began noisily and enthusiastically licking and sucking at it.

"Oooh, Milly, you're a natural!" Drusilla moaned, before following the other
girl's example by spreading her little pussy-lips with her fingers and
fucking her cunt with her tongue. "Mmmmm, your pussy is so wet and yummy! I
wish I'd tasted it sooner!"

Milly grabbed Drusilla's firm small bum with both her hands and pulled her
pussy down closer to her face so that she could reach her clit with her
tongue more easily. "Your pussy is yummy too, Drusilla," she said. "We must
do this more often!"

The two fourteen-year-old naked schoolgirls in sixty-nine position,
frantically licking each other's clits and moaning in mutual delight were
truly a sight to behold. As the pair became more aroused, their groans
became louder and their pussies became wetter, covering each girl's face
with sticky, sweet love-juice.

"Oooh, Drusilla, I'm coming!!" blurted Milly.

"Don't stop Milly, I'm nearly there. Mmmmm!" replied Drusilla.

The two girls reached a shattering climactic orgasm simultaneously, both
writhing ecstatically over each other on the now soaking bed, and both now
drenched in each other's juices. Drusilla clambered over Milly, and kissed
her long and hard, tasting her own juices mingling with the other girl's in
her mouth.

"Oh, Drusilla, that was wonderful! I've never felt anything like it!" sighed
a satisfied Mildred Hubble.

"Well, little Milly, now that we both know the secret of invisibility, we
can enjoy each other all the time, whenever and wherever we want!" Drusilla
said, in between kisses. Milly pulled the bed covers over the two of them
and wrapped her arms and legs around her new lover.
"I can't wait!"


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