Wrong Turn: Different, But Worse Part 2 (MF,anal,fist,ncon)
by "The Guy who first named himself Lost Soul"

Time went by. How much, she did not know when the ground around her began to
shake and she was pulled out of the clear and cool forgiveness of blackness.

"Hey Carly, what d'you think...what are we going to do on that trip."

She opened up her eyes and found herself looking into the asking face of her
friend Francine.

"I...," she somehow couldn't breathe, "...I don't know. I think it's all for
Jessie. After all, that bastard left her..."

Francine nodded.

"I guess, you're right," the redhead said and turned her head in order to
look out of the passenger's side window.

Carly turned her head and found Jessie, and Scott as well, sleeping.

She felt a little disoriented and there was that pressure on her chest and
some burning sensation around her wrists.

- How... -

The old car turned left onto the country road in order to avoid the heavy

- How... -

They passed an old shed and Carly took a glimpse of an old man who nodded at
them but then turned to his newspapers again.

- A dream...a horrible nightmare... -

Carly nodded and...

She winced and screamed out when the burning at her wrists got bad
the same moment...the car started shaking.

The road was not that bad...but still the car started shaking.

And when she turned to look at the others...they vanished.

"What...," but the black haired girl did not understand....

One after the other their figures faded into a bad copy and then...they were

And the shaking got worse...and worse...

And then Carly opened up her eyes and looked into the distorted face of a

The shades went away...the dream went and the nightmare was all there was

* * *

Carly screamed and then she recognized where she was and that the drive with
her friends had been a trick of her mind.

It was the second brother who...

Carly moved her arms and saw that he had cut the ropes at her arms and that
she was free to move on that mattress...

"Up...get up..."

His voice was shrill and muffled, like that of his that of the
other that of the creature who had just fucked Carly.

When the young women did not respond immediately, he hit her left foot and
she could see that his already distorted face became a mask of anger. Carly
had seen these men killing her friends, and she wouldn't want to make him
angry. She had no doubt he would kill her on the spot if she did not react
accordingly to his wishes. And so the young woman made any effort to get off
the bed as fast as possible.

A second later she stood on shaking legs on the dirty ground and she wore
only her light blue tank top. She was covered in sweat, dirt and some sperm
that kept on running down her left thigh. And then there was this feeling; a
throbbing in her lap, in her vagina. Maybe it was just Carly's imagination,
maybe it was just the thought that the other man's puss covered cock had been
in her body. But...then again, maybe he had transmitted some infectious
disease. Maybe Carly would, if she survived this, turn into a freak as well.

"God...," she whispered.

The second man came around and Carly did not dare to move. The man did
something that could have been described as a smile, tough...for Carly it was
more like a freak show...

He grunted and the shaking girl could make out huge droplets of sweat running
down his neck. But she could only see those droplets for a short moment since
he then had rounded her and stood behind her. Carly heard him breathing...

A heavy breathing it was; a sound of ill lungs found her ears and Carly
closed her eyes for a moment. But when she felt him touching her, the young
woman instantly opened her eyes again. His puss covered fingers were pushed
underneath the light blue fabric of her tank top...

"No...," she whispered in desperation.


"Yes...," the creature grunted while he pulled the tank top with incredible
force over her upper body and over her head.

And now Carly was naked. And now she started shivering...

Involuntarily the young woman covered her bare breasts with one forearm and
her lap with the other hand. As ridiculous as this attempt was, Carly felt a
little better. Though she already had been raped, she hoped against all hopes
that these men would only humiliate her by sending her out there in the nude.
Maybe they would have a good laugh looking at her while she ran through the
West Virginian night...

But Carly knew that it was only wishful thinking, that these creatures would
never let her go. They would kill her...

Why should they let her go? Why should they let her live. They would loose
their pervert pleasure to torment other human beings. They would loose a

And only one second later Carly's fears were proven:

The second creature grabbed around her...pushing her breast covering arm

One hand took her right breast and squeezed it with brutal force.

One hand was pushed into her lap...forcing away her other hand.

And instantly one middle finger was pushed real hard into her vagina...

* * *

The shock of the intrusion lasted only a second or two; Carly's eyes went
wide and her sweat covered body started shaking...

The pain he was causing almost caught her breath when his puss covered hand
kept on pressing, kept on knitting, kept on torturing her breast. His other
hand, his finger kept on pushing into her vagina...when a second finger was
pushed into her. He grunted and his breathing went faster by the minute.
Carly's eyes were swimming in tears and she was moaning constantly. He then
pulled out his fingers and instead grabbed her hard between her
lift her up.

She was screaming out aloud and felt the fear of falling to the ground. But
the creature simply lifted the girl up and brought the shaking and wet body
over to the workbench where they had cut Carly's friend Francine into little
pieces. Carly found her balance and he then wrapped his left arm around her
waist to pull the girl over to the table that was still covered in blood.

She saw it...

"Oh God...!"

She saw the workbench and she saw the blood. She arm...only one
arm...Francine's arm. And when they had reached the bench she saw the rest of
her friend on the ground, on the other side of the workbench: Cut open, cut
into pieces...and Francine's dead eyes were looking at Carly.


Carly started kicking and screaming; she simply did not want to see Francine
any longer; she did not want to...

And then the creature threw Carly onto the blood covered workbench.

The world around Carly spun in shades of brown and red, and when she hit the
wooden workbench, all the air was pushed out of her lungs. She hit the bench
up front and in order not to fall over the other side; Carly had to grab the
bench with both hands. And then it was quiet again...quiet and final in fades

Carly lifted her head, still breathing heavily and she looked down again only
to figure out, that she lay in Francine's blood.

"Nooooo! Oh God, no...," she tried to get off the table, tried to get out of
the blood of her friend. But before the naked girl left the wooden workbench
the creature had reached her; he grabbed her waist and pushed her back into
the middle of the bench. Blood was pushed off the bench and ripples started
forming in that red lake of blood.

"No, no, no...," Carly's face had become a mask of sheer desperation. She
wanted to pass out right now...she wanted to vanish...wanted...

She heard unmistakable sound behind her back and involuntarily Carly turned
on the bench. And there he stood...

A dirty creature with open wounds all over his body...a creature with a wide
grin on a distorted face...

His huge cock, also covered with open wounds and puss, was erect and there
was no mistake in what he had in mind for her.

Again she would get raped...again one creature from hell would stick his
throbbing, puss covered cock into her body, into her vagina. Carly was
screaming and crying out loud; her face was distorted into a mask of fear
and disgust. And she still wanted to get off the workbench, but she knew
he would not let her do that, and so the young woman closed her eyes and
wrapped her fingers around the edges of the plate, silently praying to get
rescued. Only a moment later her eyes suddenly went wide again; her mouth
dropped open and her head snapped back when she felt the creatures fingers
on the inside of her thighs.

"What do you want?"

She heard the first man, the creature that had already raped her, laughing
out loud.

" her..., yeah!"

And the other man pushed her legs apart. Carly knew that he was about to push
his puss covered cock into her vagina...

- Please, don't let me get pregnant...God, please...please make it end -

He pushed his body between her legs and grabbed Carly's hips with dirty

" the animals!"

His right hand left her hip and Carly figured that he grabbed his cock in
order to place it between her vaginal lips.

His other hand left her hip and a second later both hands were on top of her
buttocks; he pulled them apart...and suddenly pushed one finger into her

"Oh...," was all she was able to grunt.

His finger was pushed as deep as possible into the girl's rectum; there it
was moved in circles.

- He is widening -

He pulled the finger out and grabbed his cock...

And then Carly felt like the world around her had frozen over; she could see
the air...time stood still.

The tip of his penis touched the spot between her buttocks...was placed on
top of the small opening.

"No, please, Mister...I...I...," she lifted her head again and looked behind
herself. She saw him grinning...and he saw the black haired girl...covered in
her friends' blood, shaking with fear.

And then he pushed his huge, wounded cock as hard as he could forward.

Slowly, very slowly the penis entered Carly's anus. On its way it was
causing incredible pain and the small shack echoed with screams of pain and
desperation when Carly felt the creature's penis enter her ass.

Her mouth went open, some saliva left her lips, hitting the plate of the
table. She grabbed the edge harder and winced when his hands pressed even
harder into her hips.

And then the creature started fucking the young woman into her anus.

His brother kept yelling and would sometimes applaud while watching the anal
rape with wide eyes. Carly though did not see the man...

The knuckles of her fingers became white when she held on to the table. Blood
was all around Carly and her mind was minutes away from snapping. There she her friends blood, having a distorted penis in her ass...getting
raped...anal raped...

Tears were flowing down Carly's face and the pain in her ass was unbearable.


The creature grunted while he pushed his lower body hard forward and pulled
it back the next second only to push his penis back into the girls ass.

Carly's firm breasts were creating ripples in her friend Francine's blood
while she was being pushed forwards. Her grip on the table went loose for a
second and the next moment, when the creatures cock entered Carly's rectum,
the girl was pushed almost over the edge. The man grunted something and Carly
could see through tears floating eyes that his brother came over. Her fear
shot through the roof when she saw the thing that had already fucked her
coming closer. He grabbed her black ponytail and yanked her head upwards.

At the same time the grip at her waist got stronger and she felt the other
creatures fingers digging even deeper into her body.

Carly was screaming out in pain and some saliva hit Francine's blood
underneath Carly when the penis entered Carly's anus again.

But this pain was nothing in comparison to the agony the girl felt when the
other man pulled harder on her hair and flipped her upper body over so that
she was twisted in the middle. The muscles at her waist were screaming out
for mercy and tears shot out of Carly's eyes. The creature bend down and she
saw his ugly, distorted face again while his brother kept on fucking her.

"Mother...of our children!" he grunted, came closer and started licking
Carly's face. Puss ran from his tongue and mixed with his saliva and Carly's
sweat. The girl started screaming; all the disgust and the fear of death
finally found a valve. She did not mind the imminent danger of getting
killed...this simply was too much for the young woman.

He kept on licking...

And the other creature pushed even harder...

Carly's anus was on fire; it was burning like the fires of hell. And this
sensation of something in her ass...something that did not belong in there...

The creature in front of her pulled her back onto her front and that was a
giant relieve. Carly's muscles did not hurt that much any longer and that
left the girl with only the agony in her rectum. The creature pushed his
long, hard and puss covered penis harder and harder...faster and faster into
Carly's ass.

Blood, Francine's blood, had covered Carly's front now. Even her face was
covered in red because of the continues splashing while she was being pushed
forward on the table. Carly felt like the gates of madness were now wide open
for her. She was on the edge of being killed, she was being raped...and
didn't the one brother say something about her being the mother of their
children? Was that what those creatures from hell had in mind for her? The
one, the first brother, had already shot his ill sperm into Carly's body.
What...what if she was already pregnant? Would they keep her in this hut
until she gave birth to another creature from hell? Would they kill her

Those thoughts shot through Carly's head in a split-second. She closed her
eyes and bit her lower lip while the penis still was in her anus.

"Oh God...."

And then...

The creature was screaming out aloud in absolute satisfaction; his sperm shot
in the girl's rectum.

Carly was screaming out in absolute pain. She felt the liquid in her...she
felt the cock...getting weaker.

"No, no, no..."

She had always been very clear about a "no enter in the back" policy to her
boyfriends. Carly did not like the idea...

And now a stranger, a monster with open wounds and puss all over him, had
fucked her into her ass. And he had an orgasm...his sperm was now in her

They had raped in...twice.

He let go of the girl and Carly sank to the ground. Her chin hit the edge
of the table and another sharp pain shot through her brain before the girl
passed out again.

* * *

This time though Carly's merciful wrap of blackness did not last more than a
few seconds. She was yanked upwards on her ponytail and the sharp pain pulled
her back into consciousness. The young woman was screaming in agony while the
two brothers lifted her onto the bloody table. Carly was hyperventilating;
she felt something behind her head and somehow figured out that it was one of
Francine's severed arms.

"No...oh God..."

And before she could pass out again one of those creatures splashed some
liquid into her face. Carly felt like being pulled from a dream into reality.
The cold liquid washed away some of the blood that covered Carly's face and
torso. wasn't water; it more felt like alcohol.

And when one brother lid a match and pointed at her body, she knew it was
indeed alcohol.

"You burn...," he grunted and blew out the match only a second

Carly nodded and started shivering.

The girl did not know why she would pass out again; after all that would be
the greatest relieve of all. She wouldn't feel the horrors of what lay ahead
of her. She wouldn't feel the knowledge and the physical sensations of the
vaginal and anal rape that they had given her. Sweet relieve....

One brother grabbed a canister with an old sticker on it; he bent over and
when he had given a glance to his brother the two of them pulled Carly's legs
apart. Her vagina, red and swollen and still covered in Francine's blood was
uncovered and ready for a new violation.

"Please let me go," she cried and knew that they would rather kill her than
letting her go free.

A brownish liquid was poured out of the canister and directly over Carly's

The girl did not know what to make of it; the oil looked like some motor

The one man on her right still held the burned match in a misshaped hand
while the other bent over her and kissed Carly on the lips.

She felt like vomiting...

"God...," she whispered, one eye on the burned match.

And then the man on her left placed his left hand onto Carly's vagina. He
started stroking it...and then inserted one finger into her.

Carly cramped up...all muscles tight, her face a mask of disgust and fear
for her life. And that fear was the only reason why she did not try to break

A second finger found it's way into her....

A third...and the distorted man pushed his fourth finger in...causing pain...

The two monsters started that shrill laugh...the laugh they had given while
they had killed off Carly's boyfriend in the woods.

Tears and the sudden thought off the man she loved...the man that now was
dead....made her shiver uncontrollably.

The thump was pressed against the palm of his hand and he kept on pressing...
his hand slid more and more over the oil, over the wet lips, into Carly's

The pain couldn't get any worse; she felt like they were pushing a glowing
hot red iron into her. Carly's whole body was in agony and she couldn't
resist the urge of screaming out loud. And so, match or no match...drenched
in alcohol or not....Carly started screaming and....

felt the hand slid completely into her vagina.

There the creature formed a fist and started rotating it...


Sweat mixed with alcohol, vaginal fluid, sperm and fear of death.

Carly's screaming could be heard in the woods that were surrounding the hut.
They could be heard far away...

The man pushed the hand as deep into her lower body as the inner vaginal
walls would permit. He pushed it hard and turned it fast so that the knuckles
of his fist would create stimulation of lust...

Again and again now Carly would pass out for a moment or two, only to get
pulled back into the reality of her nightmare in the West Virginian woods.
The two creatures would laugh, would scream in lust and fun while the young
woman would lay in a puddle of blood, with a severed arm as a cushion.

After a while the slim body on the bloody table changed the way it would
shake; there was more than pain...the sliver of a more positive feeling.

Carly felt the orgasm mounting up...and she couldn't believe it.

Why would her tormented body even think about feeling pleasure. For Gods
sake...she was being raped. She was raped...again and again...

Sounds of the inability to control her feelings...sounds that showed how much
Carly would try to repress the orgasm...back into hell....

The brothers came closer, and it looked like they were watching a beetle, any
kind of insect, with scientific curiosity.

Carly's flat hands hit the blood underneath her and her head would move back
and that Francine's severed arm would fall off the table...

And at the very moment the cold limp hit the ground...Carly had an orgasm...

* * *

The tension started fading away and even the pain would go into temporal
hiding when the creature pulled out his now completely wet hand out of
Carly's vagina. They let go of her and the girl started crying. She would
curl like a baby, lying in on her realizing what just had happed
to her. Realizing what had happed to her over last couple of hours: Raped...
three times...

Carly's vagina hurt terribly...her anus was throbbing with pain...

But she did not get much time to think about the violations and her future
with those brothers.

The next moment she was pulled over by the man who had been watching his
brothers fisting of her until Carly was laying on her front...


She tried to turn her head...

"No...please...I cannot have it anymore....please...kill me....!"

Again they were laughing their evil laugh...

"What are you doing to me?"

And then she knew: Brownish liquid was poured over Carly's ass.

"Oh...," was everything that came out of the girls mouth; Carly simply did
not know what to say at this moment. Her body was so close to fading out...

The one man, who had just fist fucked her a minute ago, placed his rough
hands on her buttocks and pushed them apart as far as possible. The pain came

And more motor oil was poured over Carly's ass...

Some oil then would run into her anus, would ran into her ass...her body...

"Oh God....," she whispered, make fists, closing her eyes and feeling salty
tears run over her now blood covered face.

The buttocks were pushed to the left and right and the small opening of her
anus started tearing apart...blood running out of small wounds that were now
covered with oil and would later get infected.

And at this moment the other creature placed one hand with fingertips
pointing toward the opening onto Carly's butt.

The girl whispered some words that no one but her could hear..

"I want to die..."

And the fingers were pushed harder...pushing the buttocks aside....while
motor oil ran down over his hand...over the buttocks...and into her body....

The pressure of that hand kept getting harder...grew....

Wrinkles appeared on Carly's face and they would be prove of incredible

The fingers sank deeper into the, now not so small, opening of her anus...
widening it more and more....

And when the brother from hell shifted his weight, when he even climbed
onto the table and pushed his hand with the whole body weight between her
buttocks....the hand slid into Carly's ass completely so that finally only
his wrist could be seen.

He had knocked every bit of breath out of Carly's lungs. The girl's eyes
went wide and somehow she tried to touch her butt with outstretched arms and
fingers wide. She looked like some creature from the on dry land.

The brother, on top of her, smiled his leathery face into a mask that looked
even more disturbing than before. His Carly's ass....formed into a
fist, an now it was he who would spin his fist around and around. Knuckles
would touch the inside of the young woman's ass...and causing a sensation
that came from stimulated nerve ends that were never supposed to get

Carly's body was shaking and moaning and screaming echoed from the walls of
a shabby looking, wooden hut in the deep forests of West Virginia.

* * *

Blood, sperm and shit were being pumped out of Carly's ass. The creature
pushed his fist deep into her body and pulled it back with force, so that
with every pulling back fluids and semi fluids were pushed into open air.

Carly couldn't scream anymore; her lungs hurt with all the heat and the dust
in the hut, her vocal cords were stretched to their limits and the agony all
over her body had her in it's grip. She was shaking and her body was sliding
back and forth over her friend Francine's blood. And then something strange

She felt another orgasm building up...

"No...oh...oh God, no!"

While her ass was being punished, Carly felt the center of that orgasm to be
in her butt. His knuckles would stimulate the nerve endings...

And only the time, that thought, that astonishment, lasted, later the orgasm
hit the worn out body on the bloody table.

The brothers heard and felt it... they saw the expression on her face, saw
how her slim body would react, and even in their diminished brains they could
figure out that they had caused the orgasm with the pumping in the girl's

It was like someone had pushed the right button....

The creature on top of Carly went crazy...his pumping, his pushing and
pulling of the fist in Carly's ass...went faster.

Like the madman he was, the creature would pump more shit, sperm and blood
out of her ass. His fist hit something deep inside of her and Carly passed

Another switch had been pushed...and there was no period between Carly being
awake and Carly being passed out. A sudden blackness engulfed Carly...and all
the pain she did have to endure over the last hours went away.

* * *

Mercy. Sweet Mercy. It was dark and smooth as silk, all around her. She
heard, somewhere in the distance, a waterfall splashing. She could hear birds
an felt like nothing had ever happened to her. Even the pain in her lower
body wasn't so bad anymore. Carly smiled, for the first time in ages. She

Yes, this was good. Maybe she and the others could take a swim and then have
a drink at the bar.

Something grunted...

Must have been the wind. Oh, the wind, soft and cool and relaxing.

She moaned...why was head hurting...what was it with her black pony tail?

Oh, so soft....

"Oughh....," Carly's eyes opened and the felt them watering almost instantly.
Someone was pulling on her hair....

And, where was she?

She looked down on her...she was naked....

She was outside the hut and one brother yanked on he hair and pulled her
towards a makeshift shower.

"On...feet...or die!"

His voice sounded like he was speaking through a pillow...

And in order to avoid more punishment the young woman got onto her feet and
stumbled towards the already running shower....

"Shower...," he said and pointed towards it.

Carly felt unbearable pain in her vagina and her anus while she stumbled
underneath the running water....

At least all the dirt...the shit...the sperm and the blood went away. But
she had to hold a wooden fence...the pain was so strong that she would have
fallen to the ground.

Carly was shaking and sobbing in pain while the ice cold water cleaned her
tormented body. She couldn't stop crying...

After a short while the man came over, turned a small wheel and the water
stopped running. He then grabbed the girl and pulled her back towards the


She followed, well aware of the consequences should she try anything but to
obey his words. And then Carly noted something: "Mother...."

He had said it again: Mother...

Mother of our children.

Would they keep her alive then? Would she have to stay until she would give
birth to a deformed baby? Would she get pregnant?

"No...oh," she whispered while she was being dragged behind the

On the other hand...that would mean...she would get to live. At least until
she would give birth....

Birth....a child...pregnant from those monsters...having it in her stomach...
feeling the little, misshaped thing grow inside of her.

And again she would have liked to die on the spot....

Or not...

Maybe Carly's strength would grow. Maybe her will to live would be stronger
than all the fear and the disgust and the...incredible pain in her body.

Maybe she would find a was to leave those monsters...

* * *

Back in the dirty and smelling hut, the distorted man pushed Carly back
towards the bed. He pointed towards her light blue top and the wide, sand
colored pants she had worn.


Gladly Carly picked up her cloth...and started to get dressed again. But she
was so weak that she fell to the ground and caused shrill laughter from those
monsters. She tried not to cry again and sat on the edge of the bed frame.
She pulled the top over her upper body and tried to spot her panties. But
they were nowhere to be seen, and so the young woman shoved her legs into her
pants. She stood up, on shaking knees, and finished the dressing.

And there she stood, in the dark cabin and looked at her captors...her
rapists...her...and Carly started crying and moaning again.


One brother came over and slapped her hard in her face. He then took the girl
by her trembling shoulders and pushed her backwards so that she finally sat
on the bed again. But this time her face went red and bright spots filled the
air. Instantly Carly went silent and only tears would run down her face.

And then nothing happened....

At least, nothing happened to Carly for a while. She just sat on the bed
watching two of the three brothers doing their usual things....

They were glancing at her...grunting and cleaning Francine's blood from the
workbench. After a while Carly thought that the only reason those men did not
do anything to her was because they were exhausted from all the sex...

Carly lay back onto the mattress and placed one forearm over her eyes,
silently crying. She thought about all those hours in these woods. She
thought about the deaths of her friend....

But...maybe Chris and Jessie....

Maybe they had survived that latest attack on them...on the tree where Carly
had almost lost hear head...

Maybe they would get help...

And a very small ray of light, a small portion of hope appeared in Carly's
mind. Maybe, after all the horrors, she...and Jessie and the guy Chris would

Surely they were already out of the woods, talking to the Park Rangers...

She smiled....

"Yes....," she whispered.

And then the door to the cabin flew open and hit the wall real hard. In the
doorframe the third brother appeared and with him...Jessie...on her knees,
her face a mask of pain while he held her by the hair.

And he started yelling and laughing...while his two brothers joined him in a
chorus from hell.

End of part two

To be continued


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