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Wynonna Earp: Limited Dating Options Part 2
by MTL ([email protected])

Waverly had imagined sleeping with Wynonna a thousand times, and each of those times she woke up alone. Reality was better than she could have possibly imagined, not only because of the sex which was somehow more amazing than she dreamed, but because when she woke up Wynonna was still there in bed with her, snoring loudly. The sight flooded Waverly with relief and caused a happy smile to cross her face briefly, before she bit her lip. She was hungry, and could really go for some coffee, and it would be nice to make Wynonna breakfast in bed, but she was sure if she left Wynonna would wake up, freak out and run out of here like a bat out of hell and she might not even see her again, which was something Waverly just wasn't willing to risk.

So Waverly stayed where she was and watched Wynonna as she slept. There was some drool coming out of the side of her mouth and she was snoring like a foghorn, but Wynonna was still beautiful to Waverly. She always was, which was mostly proof that Waverly had become a lovesick puppy as far as Wynonna was concerned, but even the many, many people in Purgatory who hated her admitted that Wynonna Earp was smoking hot, and while staring at her sleeping form was a little creepy Waverly was sure that anyone else in her position would have done the same. Of course it meant that Wynonna startled when she finally woke up, but the fact she was naked in bed with her sister probably meant that it was an inevitability.

"Fuck Wav!" Wynonna swore, "Did we really-"

"Yep." Waverly grinned proudly, and then when Wynonna groaned quickly added, "And I don't regret one bit of it, so please don't apologise or nothin'."

There was a brief pause and then Wynonna grumbled, "You know we're both goin' ta hell now, right?"

"I don't believe that. But if you do, that's just one more reason why we might as well do it again." Waverly said, leaning down and pressing a kiss to her sister's chest.

Before she could deliver any more kisses Wynonna grabbed her firmly by the shoulders and prompted Waverly to look into her sister's eyes, at which point Wynonna angrily accused, "We might as well? Fuck Waverly! Fuck! What the fuck is this? Are you're dating options really so limited that you really thought 'you might as well' fuck your screwed up sister?"

"You know that's not it!" Waverly said, becoming angry herself, "This isn't about limited dating options. This is about me lovin' you more than a sister, and ya lovin' me right back in the same way. Please, please Wynonna, if you care about me at all don't deny it, run out of here and try and drink your shame away. Please just be honest. Please?"

There was a long pause, and then Wynonna loosened her grip and then she whimpered, "You're too good for me Waverly."

"I don't believe that either." Waverly quickly told her sister, struggling out of Wynonna's now loose grip and pressing her body against the other brunette's before whispering, "Let me prove it."

Waverly then gently kissed Wynonna, just a few gentle pecks at first, and then just before she started kissing back Wynonna whimpered, "We shouldn't be doing this Wav."

"No, we should have done this years ago." Waverly whispered firmly.

The Earp sisters then simultaneously kissed, again at first just pressing their lips together in a few gentle pecks, but those soon dissolved into a frantic tongue battle in which they desperately grinded against each other and rolled around on the bed like a pair of horny teenagers. They went back and forth for a little while like that, until Wynonna pinned Waverly to the mattress and started grinding down on her, their most sensitive areas rubbing together so wonderfully as Wynonna's tongue bullied her own into submission. God, Waverly loved it when Wynonna took control like this. Like she had done over and over again last night as she had fucked Waverly into unconsciousness, and it was looking like this morning would be much the same.

Several minutes, or possibly hours, later Wynonna broke the kiss and crawled up Waverly's body while muttering, "There is somethin' I've been wantin' to do for years."

As she finished that sentence Wynonna lowered herself down onto Waverly's face, her already very wet cunt pressed against her lips. If this had happened last night it would have probably been too overwhelming for the younger brunette, but now Waverly just eagerly started lapping away at Wynonna's twat, moaning as she tasted the same heavenly flavour from last night. There was even a bit of leftover girl cum, not surprising given the last thing Waverly could remember was Wynonna frantically grinding their pussies together while intensely staring down at her, Waverly greedily licking up every drop before she started work on making more come out of the yummy treat in front of her.

Wynonna moaned at the same time that Waverly did, the only differences being that she closed her eyes and threw her head back while doing it. She then clamped her eyes closed for a little while, trying to ignore the fact that she was corrupting her little sister and dragging her to hell with her like all of the Demons that she hunted. She tried, but she couldn't forget, and to her shame the fact that it was her baby sister who was doing this to her, Waverly licking her cunt more eagerly than anyone ever had before, making this experience so much hotter and Wynonna found herself grinding down onto that pretty face in record time as her own body selfishly tried to increase the already amazing pleasure she was receiving.

Taking the hint Waverly started concentrating on her clit, at first lingering her tongue on it and then taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. That made Wynonna arch her back and let out almost inhuman like sounds. What was worse was her pathetic whimpers, especially when Waverly went back to licking up and down her pussy lips. At first Wynonna was whimpering from the decrease in pleasure, then she was whimpering from Waverly lingering on her entrance and relentlessly teasing it with her tongue. Which felt good, but just not good enough, Wynonna having woken up even more horny than usual having found her sister naked in bed with her.

It wasn't long before it became too much for Wynonna and she grabbed onto Waverly's head, pushed her deeper into her cunt and growled forcefully, "Fuck me! Fuck me you little bitch! Fuck me with your tongue! Fucking, oh fuck... fuck, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Fuck! Oh yes, tongue fuck me Wav! Fuck Waverly, fuck!"

Not needing much encouragement Waverly pressed her tongue against her big sister's entrance, and then after lingering there for a while, mostly to make her sister look foolish, she shoved her tongue as deep as it would go into Wynonna, making the older girl let out a loud scream before she began swearing over and over again, unable to do or say anything else. Waverly then left her tongue in there for a few long seconds, probably loving the feeling of Wynonna wrapped around her tongue as much as Wynonna loved the feeling of having Waverly's tongue inside her. Then she started a steady thrusting motion, making Wynonna cum almost instantly.

Just as she reached the edge of orgasm Wynonna whimpered inside her own head, why was this happening? Why had most of the men she slept with struggled to make her cum, and yet her sister found it so easy? Was she really that fucked up? Was this fucking up Waverly? And did she care? Because she loved Waverly more than anything, but she wasn't sure she could resist doing this again. It just felt too good, and Waverly was so eager for it and making Wynonna feel more wanted and loved then ever before in her entire life. Then she came, and Wynonna was no longer capable of rational thought, her orgasms practically turning her into one of the evil Demons she now spent her days hunting.

Waverly went almost just as crazy from tasting her big sister's cum. It was somehow better than she remembered, and she remembered it being heavenly, the younger of the two siblings removing her tongue from her sister's box and gluing her mouth tightly around Wynonna's entrance so she could swallow as much of her big sister's cum as she possibly could. She tried desperately to get every drop, but there was just so much of it, and it didn't help matters that Wynonna was grinding slightly on top of her. Although it helped that she was using the firm grip on her hair to shove her face as deep as it would go into her cunt.

When Wynonna's first orgasm subsided Waverly quickly returned her tongue to her sister's cunt, first to collect any remnants of cum, and then secondly and more importantly to push back inside the older girl to make her cum again. She easily succeeded, Waverly only having to tongue fuck Wynonna for about a minute before she got yet another mouthful of cum, and like before despite her best efforts some of that precious liquid escaped her hungary lips. Although again she got the majority of it, and it was easy enough to make Wynonna cum over and over again, meaning that for a few blissful minutes Waverly was continuously fed her sister's cum.

That dream come true became something of a nightmare when Wynonna's gentle grinding became forceful and suffocating, for a few moments Waverly thinking she was going to pass out or even die from lack of oxygen. Which would have been ironic, given this was basically all she'd ever wanted, but she couldn't stand the thought of what emotional pain Wynonna would go through from that, so she forcefully pushed her horny sibling back enough to get the occasional much-needed breath. Waverly was unsure whether Wynonna was doing this consciously, or unconsciously. All she knew for sure is that Wynonna was now frantically fucking her face, making it impossible for her to tongue fuck her sister. And even worse it made it impossible for her to swallow the majority of her cum, although a fair amount ended up in her belly regardless thanks to how close her mouth was to that cum leaking hole.

Another saving grace was that her face was getting absolutely drenched in Wynonna cum, and while that kind of gave Waverly a drowning sensation it also made her feel like she was being marked by Wynonna as hers, which was wonderfully intoxicating. Plus getting her face covered in cum made her feel like a total slut, which despite herself she adored. Then again she didn't mind being a slut for Wynonna. Although she was grateful when Wynonna finally collapsed on top of her, especially as her sister quickly kissed her, tasting her own cum and pussy cream on Waverly's lips and tongue. She then slid her hand down Waverly's body and started rubbing her needy cunt, which Waverly was even more grateful for.

A short time later Wynonna slipped a finger inside of Waverly's pussy, broke the kiss and growled, "So you wanna be mine, huh? HUH?"

"Ye, yes." Waverly stammered in between moans.

"Well then..." Wynonna grinned evilly, pulling her finger out of Waverly's cunt and rolling off of her, causing Waverly to groan in displeasure, "We'd better loosen you up."

Wynonna wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not, but she was passed the point of really caring. Okay yeah, if Waverly wasn't up for it she would totally back off, but she had a good feeling about this and she was definitely done for now when it came to trying to talk Waverly out of this. So while keeping her eyes mostly on her little sister Wynonna retrieved her favourite accessory when it came to fucking women, namely her strap-on dildo. The way Waverly's eyes lit up when she pulled out the sex toy told Wynonna she had made the right decision, and Waverly looked even more eager as Wynonna stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and tightened it around her waist.

There was then a moment of silence, before Wynonna began stroking the cock as if it was real before asking her sister, "Ya ever suck cock before?"

"Yes." Waverly replied weakly, her eyes glued to that accessory.

"Then let's see what you got kid." Wynonna said, then after a brief pause added, "Come on Wav, ya gonna want this nice and wet if it's going to fit in your tight little pussy."

"I'm not sure it's gonna." Waverly murmured as she stood up and stumbled over to the older brunette.

"Oh it will." Wynonna boasted, "I'll make it fit."

Before Wynonna could elaborate like she'd been planning too Waverly left her speechless by dropping to her knees in front of her, closing her eyes and taking the head of the dildo into her mouth and gently beginning to suck it. Which was probably for the best, Wynonna had a nasty habit of putting her foot in her mouth, and she no longer wanted to talk Waverly out of this. Exactly the opposite, especially when Waverly dropped to her knees and treated Wynonna to a sight which would haunt her dreams, and fantasies, for years to come and making sure the only thing that came out of her mouth for the next few minutes was the odd swear word.

Even when Wynonna finally blathered something it wasn't that bad, "Fuck baby girl, you look so good with a cock in your mouth."

That was the gospel truth, and Waverly didn't seem to mind it none. In fact she began to gently bob her head up and down the dildo, gradually lowering her lips until about half of the toy cock was in her pretty little mouth. Then she opened her eyes, looked up at Wynonna with those big brown eyes of hers and started sucking the dick at least twice as more enthusiastically as before, even allowing some drool to escape her mouth and slide down the shaft. That caused Wynonna to let out a primal growl, grab a handful of Waverly's hair and pushed it back and forth for a few long seconds, encouraging her to go even faster and harder. Wynonna then pushed Waverly further down than ever before, causing her little sister to choke and gag on the strap-on cock.

"Fuck yeah, deep throat it baby girl! That's so hot!" Wynonna growled lustfully, "Get it all wet for your little pussy. Mmmmmm yeah, get it ready by taking it down your throat."

For a few seconds Waverly struggled, then Wynonna let go of her hair and looked momentarily horrified over what she'd done as Waverly immediately pulled her mouth off the dildo and practically began dry-heaving. But before Wynonna could freak out Waverly forced herself to reply hoarsely, "It's... it's too big."

Initially Wynonna opened her mouth to apologise, only to scoff, "What, Chad not this big?"

Waverly shook her head softly, "No."

"Ha! I bet he's not even close." Wynonna mocked, and then when her sister blushed added, "But that's okay, cause I'm about to give ya the fuckin' you deserve. We can work on your deep throatin' skills later."

With that Wynonna reached down, picked Waverly up and carried her back to the bed, gently lowering her down upon it before kissing her again. Oh how Wynonna loved kissing her sister. Which was possibly living up to a stereotype, but right then Wynonna didn't care. She didn't care about anything except kissing her sister, and making sure she was nice and ready for her strap-on, Wynonna sliding first one and then two fingers into Waverly's cunt to give it some much-needed stretching out before she tried putting her dick inside this wonderfully tight little hole. She was rewarded with some happy moans, each one being pushed into her mouth as Waverly enthusiastically kissed her back.

Waverly was also whimpering into Wynonna's mouth, partly out of pleasure and anticipation, but also out of fear. Because the thought of being able to take a dildo that size was hot, but it seemed impossible, especially after she had just got an up close look at it. Sure, if you were as experienced as Wynonna clearly was then maybe, but Waverly had only ever been with Chad, and that could hardly prepare her for something like this. Hell, the fingering was doing a better job of preparing her, and part of her wanted to beg Wynonna just to stick to that. But it was clear that her big sister wanted this, and more than anything else in the world Waverly wanted to please her sister.

So she didn't complain when Wynonna replaced her fingers with the head of her cock. Her cock! This was Wynonna's cock. It might not be flesh and blood, but in that moment it might as well have been as far as Waverly was concerned. The thought certainly comforted her as Wynonna slowly but firmly pushed forwards, stopping briefly when the dildo slipped inside of Waverly's cunt but started pushing again sooner than Waverly would have probably liked. It was just so big, Waverly kind of feeling like she was losing her virginity all over again. Which in itself was a wonderful thought, Waverly suddenly furious with herself for not saving every ounce of her body for Wynonna.

At least now she got the chance to make up for that mistake, Wynonna's cock slowly disappearing into her body which was eager to receive the big dildo. Sure, there was a feeling of uncomfortableness, and stretching, but it also felt really good, and that physical pleasure combined with the mental pleasure of having her big sister's cock inside her for the first time, and stretching her out like never before, was more than enough to make this experience mostly pleasurable. Then Wynonna finished penetrating her pussy, and Waverly's eyes rolled back in her head from the overwhelming joy of having her sister inside her.

Waverly also whimpered, "So big... so deep... inside me. You're... you're inside me."

"Shhhhhhh, relax baby girl." Wynonna cooed, gently stroking Waverly's face, "I know this must be hard for you, but trust me, in a second it's going to feel wonderful."

It felt wonderful now, in so many ways, which Waverly opened her mouth to tell the older brunette, but either Wynonna didn't pick up on that or she was worried that Waverly was about to object, because she captured the younger brunette's mouth with her own and started passionately kissing her. Or Wynonna just wanted to kiss her again. No matter the reason the kiss was very welcomed, Waverly returning it without hesitation, and sure enough, this display of love and affection from her big sister quickly allowed her to relax and let the uncomfortable stretching become a distant memory and all she felt was pleasure, even when Wynonna started to fuck her. No, scratch that, especially when Wynonna started to fuck her.

Wynonna waited some time to start the official fucking, which was excruciatingly hard for her, and she had never wanted to fuck anyone in any way as badly as she wanted to fuck her baby sister with that strap-on. She wanted to absolutely ravage Waverly, take her in every position imaginable, and every hole possible, and pound her into total submission to her. However just as badly as she wanted to do those things it was even more important to her not to hurt Waverly, and made sure she enjoyed every moment of this, her first proper fucking. Well, first proper fucking with a cock involved, cause given how much Waverly had cum last night she doubted very much that Waverly wouldn't have considered that a proper fucking, but this was to be a very special moment indeed. One she wanted both of them to treasure forever.

So Wynonna bided her time, first making sure she slid into Waverly as slowly as possible and then gave her plenty of time to relax. The latter of which was enjoyable enough as she got to make out with her sister, and Wynonna couldn't see herself getting tired of that anytime soon. Of course inevitably the urge to fuck her own sister just became too great, and while still kissing her Wynonna slowly pulled her hips back, causing a few inches of the strap-on to slide out of Waverly's pussy. To Wynonna's delight not only did Waverly whimper in disappointment as the dildo left her but she moaned in pure pleasure when Wynonna push back inside her. She also broke the kiss, but Wynonna was pretty sure that wasn't intentional.

Whether it was or wasn't Wynonna quickly kissed Waverly again so that all of her baby sister's moans went directly into her mouth as she began officially fucking her kid sister's tight little cunt, establishing a slow steady rhythm which had Waverly writhing underneath her. And God, Wynonna would probably never know what heaven was like, but it couldn't be much different than this. This was perfect. Just perfect. Well, actually Wynonna decided she would like to hear Waverly moan for her a little louder, so she broke the kiss and gave a few extra hard thrusts to get exactly what she wanted, followed by Waverly staring at her lustfully. Then Wynonna got a really, really wicked idea.

With a wicked grin crossing her face she leaned down until her mouth was level with Waverly's right ear and whispered, "Wrap your legs around me baby girl."

This made Waverly let out an adorable whimper. She then quickly did as she was told, Wynonna's eyelids fluttering as she felt Waverly begin to cling to her as they were fucking, which only intensified the feeling of intimacy between them. As a reward Wynonna took Waverly's ear lobe into her mouth and briefly nibbled on it before sliding her tongue along the lobe. This got some very positive gasps and moans out of Waverly, so Wynonna made a note to return to this later. Or during one of their many other fucking sessions, which Wynonna was now determined they would have. But for now she pressed her lips to Waverly's neck and began kissing up and down as she continued to gently fuck her little sister.

Waverly couldn't believe this was actually happening to her. She had dreamed about it for so long, and now she was finally getting it. Her sister was fucking her. And not just fingering her, but fucking her in the traditional way. In the way a husband takes his wife. And oh, how Waverly wanted to be Wynonna's wife. It would never happen, could never happen, but Waverly wanted to marry her sister. In a church and everything. The whole shebang. And then she wanted Wynonna to take her to bed, mount her just like this and pump her sperm into her so she could have her babies. Oh yes, Waverly wanted to have her sister's babies, and it broke her heart that thanks to the rules of society, and nature, she would not be able to have Wynonna's children.

Of course such fantasies would terrify Wynonna if Waverly ever mentioned them, but especially now that they had only just cross the line and become something more than just sisters. Besides, it was more than enough for today that she was fulfilling the fantasy of having her big sister's cock inside her. And yes, Waverly had known about Wynonna's cock. She had known about it ever since snooping through her sister's stuff shortly before Wynonna skipped town a few years ago, along with enough photos to confirm that the older brunette swung both ways. It was just that Wynonna had upgraded to a bigger model, and Waverly had been worried she would be unable to take it all the way. Luckily she had, and Waverly had never been more grateful to her body for accommodating her desires.

It was still a little weird at first to be stretched so wide and deep, but it was hard to really care when it felt so amazingly good, Wynonna fucking her slowly and gently for what felt like hours until the desire to beg for more was overwhelming. Waverly held back for as long as she could though, because she didn't want this to end too soon. After all this was everything she wanted, or at least very spacific part of it, which was made especially wonderful from Wynonna either staring lovingly into her eyes, or kissing her neck or lips the entire time. Of course everybody had their limits, and hers was when Wynonna bit down on her neck, literally marking her as hers.

After crying out Waverly whimpered, "Please, please Wynonna... please make me cum."

"You wanna cum, huh?" Wynonna purred into Waverly's ear, then when her sister frantically nodded she added, "You promised this little cunt is mine now?"

"Yes." Waverly whimpered.

Lifting herself up slightly so she could look directly into the other brunette's eyes again Wynonna traced Waverly's mouth and asked, "How about this pretty little mouth? Is that mine too?"

"Yes, yes my mouth is yours! My cunt is yours! I'm yours!" Waverly whimpered, staring into her sister's eyes as she desperately thought what her sibling wanted to hear, "I've always been yours! All yours. Yours and no one else's."

Wynonna just stared lustfully at her younger sibling for a few long seconds, then smiled, "Good girl. Now cum for me."

With that Wynonna increased the force and speed behind her thrusts ever so slightly, which was all it took to allow Waverly to obey her sister and receiving the kind of amazing climax as she could have only imagined receiving from her big sister. Of course once again reality was far better than the fantasy, and it easily blew away anything Waverly had experienced except the other things with Wynonna. Even then this may have been the best, because not only was Wynonna staring down at her with such love, lust and dominance in her eyes, but she was just so darn deep inside her, her sister touching places she never thought could be reached, those facts making each of the following orgasms just that much more intense.

Wynonna came too. It wasn't quite as fast as Waverly, and the first wasn't even at the same time as her sister, but oh, the second one was and it was glorious. So, so glorious. Of course Wynonna always came while fucking a chick with her strap-on cock. Her strap-on was awesome, the stimulator inside it always rubbing her clit just right to make her cream. Although the sheer joy of fucking a girl like this was always part of it, and this time it was extra special because it was the one girl she wanted over any other. Over any other girl, guy or thing in this world or the next. Her precious Waverly. Her sister. Her baby girl. Her everything.

Under the circumstances it was almost impossible for Wynonna to resist giving Waverly everything she had as soon as she started cumming. Somehow though she was able to resist, at least until she worked up to it. Even then she held back a bit, afraid of hurting Waverly, even though there wasn't even a hint of displeasure from her sweet baby girl. To be fair Wynonna didn't want this to be about hard fucking though. Not when this was the first time she was taking Waverly's little cunt with her cock. It was probably silly, but she wanted to this to be about love-making. Oh yes, Wynonna Earp wanted to make love to her sister, which was a little hard when her body was screaming at her to fuck the younger girl as hard as she could.

She liked to think she settled on a happy medium, and for good measure she went back to biting the same spot she'd been working on before, determined to leave a mark. To mark her sister as hers, Wynonna cumming again just from that thought. Waverly came hard at the same time, and Wynonna like to believe they were sharing the next few thoughts which crossed her mind. Thoughts like the scum that normally hit on Waverly seeing her neck like that and backing off because they would finally realise she was taken, and the other girls being jealous that Waverly had such a passionate lover, neither they or anyone else realising that lover was her own sister, the Earp sisters sharing a smile as they new they were keeping a secret from the rest of this stupid town.

Those thoughts drained the last of Wynonna's strength. Or more accurately the orgasms triggered by those thoughts drained Wynonna of the last of her strength, which was probably a good thing given how exhausted Waverly looked. So Wynonna gently slowed her speed until she came to a complete stop, eased the strap-on out of Waverly's well fucked cunt and gently rolled them over so she could pull the younger girl into her arms. Normally Wynonna was an ass hole who didn't like to cuddle, even if it was clear the other person wanted or even needed too, but Waverly had always been the exception to those type of rules, and she always would be no matter what happened.

Suddenly Waverly began to cry, and Wynonna panic, "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

"No, I..." Waverly said softly, snuggling into Wynonna's shoulder, "I'm just so happy."

Wynonna smiled softly, "Me too baby girl. Me too."


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