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Wynonna Earp: Limited Dating Options Part 3
by MTL ([email protected])

"Home sweet home." Wynonna announced out loud, after swinging the door open to Shorty's.

"Wynonna." Waverly scolded with a soft hiss.

"Relax, I'm joking." Wynonna soothed, before admitting, "Sort of."

Waverly sighed, "Let's just get this over with."

"Awww, relax Waves." Wynonna said, putting her arm around her sister's shoulders and leaning in and what was probably mistaken as a friendly gesture, then whispered in her ear, "I'm just buyin' my girl a drink is all."

Desperately trying to hide her blush Waverly pointed out, "That's not why we're really here."

"It's part of it, I promise." Wynonna swore, kissing the side of Waverly's head before pulling away.

Wynonna then scanned the bar, unable to shake the feeling of paranoia that she was being watched. She was right, but predictably most people had gone back to their own business after giving her a dirty look the second she walked in, and the only people looking now were a few mostly drunk men who were leering at them and obviously hoping that they do get lucky with one of them tonight. They wouldn't, something she made very clear with a stony glare that made them turn their attention back to their drinks or drinking buddies while Wynonna took hold of Waverly's hand and guided her through the bar, which was pretty packed given it was a small town and it was Friday night, which was the reason they had come out. It was less likely they would stand out.

Of course they had always been touchy-feely, so no one even gave a second look even though they spent the next few hours sitting very close or holding hands. Then as the night wore on they got closer and closer, until it was almost physically painful for Wynonna not to close the short distance between them and kissed those pretty lips of Waverly's. Of course Wynonna had no idea how she'd been able to resist them for as long as she did. And God, that body, Wynonna unable to stop herself from biting her lip when Waverly briefly left her to go to the bathroom, giving the older sibling a perfect view of that perfect little ass of hers, which left her in a daze of lust until Waverly returned and did something which shocked her out of her thoughts, namely sitting on her lap.

"Waverly!" Wynonna exclaimed softly after blinking a few times, "What are you doin'?"

"Relax." Waverly replied, and then when Wynonna glared at her she sighed, "It isn't like this is the first time."

"Yeah... but it's the first time since, you know..." Wynonna blushed.

Waverly sighed, leaned in and whispered, "It's only weird if you make it weird."

Wynonna wasn't sure that was true, but looking around no one was paying any attention to them. Which possibly said a lot about the way they had acted before, but it felt good to be in this position in public and Wynonna certainly didn't regret it, because fuck, was it nice to have Waverly sitting on her lap. It made Wynonna feel like a man with his woman. More accurately she was a butch with her bitch. And Wynonna knew it wasn't right to think of Waverly as her bitch, but she couldn't help it, Wynonna so lost in inappropriate thoughts again that the world around her cease to exist. She even forgot about her latest bottle of beer, although she clutched it tightly in one hand while using the other to stroke up and down Waverly's back.

Then Wynonna was once again shocked out of her daze when someone cheerfully greeted her sister, "Hey Waverly."

"Oh, hey Officer Haught." Waverly greeted cheerily.

"Waverly please, I told you, it's Nicole." Nicole insisted.

"Sorry, it's just you're always in that uniform, which looks really, really good on you by the way, and..." Waverly blushed, then realise she was rambling and quickly tried to calm herself down, "I mean, it won't happen again."

"It's fine." Nicole dismissed, and then after taking a calming breath added, "Actually, I was hoping to buy you a drink. And maybe talk a little. In private."

Wynonna really didn't like the way the redhead raised an eyebrow at her at that last part, but she could take a hint, "It's fine. I was just goin' ta the bar anyway. You two talk. I promise I'll bring ya back somethin'."

With that Wynonna quickly downed her drink, unceremoniously pushed Waverly off her lap and stumbled over to the bar. She then 'negotiated' herself a seat and despite her earlier promise stayed there for the next 10 minutes or so, mostly doing shots to make sure she was well and truly hammered. Although that was in between looking behind her, Wynonna trying to limit the amount of times she did so but she was pretty sure she failed and just ended up staring angrily as her sister and the cop flirted with each other, Wynonna nearly breaking whatever was in her hand whenever Officer Haught made Waverly laugh or touched her knee. Fuck, in all her life she had never felt so jealous.

* * *

Waverly was very, very aware of Wynonna's eyes on her the entire time she was talking to Officer Haught. Nicole! She kept having to remind herself of that, especially because Officer Haught was so much more appropriate. Because wow, was she hot, and Waverly had totally had a crush on her since they met, but that had only been since... wow, just a few weeks ago now. It felt like much longer, but still, a crush couldn't compare to years of pining for Wynonna. Which she shouldn't need to tell Wynonna, but that didn't stop her big sister from staring at them the entire time 'they were alone together', with the only saving grace being of anyone noticed they probably assumed that Wynonna was just being overprotective of her sister. Or at worst jealous of her, and not Nicole.


Waking herself out of her thoughts to notice a now broken-hearted looking Nicole Waverly nervously asked, "What?"

"I... I was wondering if you'd like to get a drink on a less busy night." Nicole asked hesitantly.

"Oh, you mean like a date?" Waverly asked, and then when Nicole gave her an expectant look, "That's so sweet, but I... I..."

"No explanation needed." Nicole interrupted softly, "I know a brushoff when I get it."

"No, I'm not brushing you off." Waverly said quickly without thinking, and then realising what she was implying quickly added, "I'd like too, but it's just that I'm kind of seeing someone right now."

"Oh." Nicole said, overwhelmed with bitter disappointment, "It's not Chad is it? Because I'm sorry Waverly, but he just doesn't deserve you."

"No! God no, that's never happening again. Honestly I was only with him because of limited dating options." Waverly said quickly.

"Thank God." Nicole smiled softly, then against her better judgement asked, "So who's the lucky guy? Or girl?"

Waverly tried not to smile at the hopeful tone at the last part, and then she briefly glanced in her sister's direction again and exclaimed, "Wynonna!"

Nicole frowned, "Wynonna?"

"What?" Waverly frowned, looking back at the redhead, "I... I... I mean no, of course not. I... it's just... it was really nice to see you again Nicole. And I'm sorry. I really am. But I have to go."

No sooner had those words left her mouth than Wynonna threw a punch, knocking a guy twice her size unconscious, and then yelled, "Yeah, that's right! That's what you fuckin' get for talkin' about my sister."

"WYNONNA!" Waverly exclaimed, "What do you think you're doin'?"

"Putting this fuckin' ass hole in his place." Wynonna said unrepentantly, before announcing, "And I'll be happy to do it again for any one of you."

"Wynonna." Waverly scolded.

Ignoring her Wynonna continued, "You think I don't see the way you look at her? Don't hear you talk about her? Don't know what you're all thinking? Huh? Well don't bother. You what, you think you're good enough for her? Well you're not, and you're never gonna be. So fuckin' back off! Ya hear?"

"Alright everybody, let's just all calm down!" Nicole announced.

"You fuckin' calm down, Officer Hottie." Wynonna snapped.

"Wynonna, seriously, I think we should leave. You don't look so good." Waverly insisted.

"I'm fine." Wynonna grumbled, "I just need another drink."

The bartender then called, "No more for you tonight Wynonna. Go home."

"Make me!" Wynonna snapped.

"Wynonna, please." Waverly said softly.

After staring at her sibling for a few seconds Wynonna slumped, suddenly feeling very weak, "Fine. I've got perfectly good beer at home."

Wynonna then took a few steps, stumbling a little, which led to Waverly quickly slipping one of her big sister's arms around her, "Whoa there, let me help you."

"Me too." Nicole said, quickly copying Waverly's actions.

"I don't need anyone's help." Wynonna whined unconvincingly as she was helped out of the bar.

Then, because she was an unbelievable sweetheart, Nicole offered, "Let's take her to my car and I'll drive you home."

"No, we couldn't possibly make you go to all that trouble." Waverly said.

"Oh, it's no trouble at all." Nicole said quickly, "Sides, I'm the law and all, and you two have been drinking. It's my duty to get you home safe."

Waverly opened her mouth to protest, then smiled, "Alrighty Officer. I'll just have to think of a way to repay you."

"Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something." Nicole grinned.

* * *

The next few minutes were pretty much in total silence as Waverly and Nicole loaded Wynonna into the back of Nicole's police car and strapped her in before doing the same for themselves in the front of the vehicle. Waverly kind of wanted to sit in the back to make sure Wynonna was all right, but as she couldn't trust Wynonna not to touch her inappropriately in this current state she was forced to sit up front with Nicole. Also, if she was being honest with herself, despite her feelings for Wynonna, which regardless of what had just happened were as strong as ever, Waverly found herself wanting to be close to Nicole, who seemed only too happy to act as her knight in shining armour.

Which made Waverly wonder whether she had made the right choice. Which was saying a lot, because Waverly couldn't imagined she'd ever second-guess being with Wynonna. For as long as she could remember it was all she ever wanted, but Wynonna was a broken human being who had spent most of her life trying to drink her problems away. And even now she had mostly accepted their relationship there were moments Waverly caught her being guilty over the things they had done, which was unfathomable to the younger Earp sister. Meanwhile Nicole didn't seem to have any Demons, figuratively or literally, and dating her wouldn't be quite so scandalous than if anyone ever found out the relationship between herself and Wynonna was anything other than sisterly.

"We're here." Nicole announced, once again awaking Waverly from her thoughts.

Turning to the redhead Waverly smiled softly, "Thanks Nicole... for everything."

Waverly then leaned in and pressed a kiss to the officer's cheek, only for Nicole to gently grab her and hold her in place. Nicole then slowly turned her head so she was looking directly at her and then the two women stared at each other for a long couple of seconds. Then Nicole close the distance between them and gave Waverly the kind of kiss which took her breath away. She wanted to pull away, she needed to pull away, but she couldn't. All she could do was pray that Wynonna remain just as passed out in the back seat as she had been the last time she had checked on her, which was about five seconds ago.

When she finally had the strength to pull away Waverly whimpered, "I'm sorry, I can't."

"I know." Nicole said softly, "But... if your bo doesn't treat you right, even for a second, come and find me, okay?"

"Okay." Waverly whispered.

"I mean for anything. I'm here for you Waverly. No matter what." Nicole said softly, unable to contain how she truly felt.

"Waverly, let's go!" Wynonna announced angrily from the back of the car before opening the door and practically falling on her face.

Waverly cringed, and called out, "Coming."

Getting out after the two sisters Nicole offered, "Here, let me help."

"You've done enough." Wynonna snapped, "You're just like all the rest, lusting after my baby sister."

There was a moment where the two supposed peacekeepers stared at each other, and then Waverly interrupted them, "It might be for the best. Wynonna tends to get handsy when she's drunk."

"Doesn't sound too bad to me." Nicole joked without thinking.

"Yeahhhhh, you'd like that wouldn't you." Wynonna said as Waverly slipped in around her, holding her steady.

"Well, yeah. A threesome with the Earp sisters? Sign me up." Nicole grinned, hoping she sounded playful and not serious as she didn't want to offend the two sisters, especially not Waverly.

"I'll remember you said that." Wynonna grumbled as she and Waverly slowly stumbled towards their home.

"Good night Officer Nicole Haught. Thanks for everything." Waverly called over her shoulder.

"You're welcome Waverly Earp." Nicole called back, watching as the two sisters stumbled into their house and then with only a brief hesitation drove away into the night.

* * *

Wynonna was angry. Also drunk, but after having a few minutes to sleep it off and awaking to find someone making the moves on her girl quickly sobered her up. Okay, she wasn't exactly 100% sober, but she was pretty sure she could have made it to the house without any help. She had just wanted Waverly to help her is all, and for Officer Haught to fuck off. And really that was the ultimate sign she was feeling better, because as much as she wanted to yell at the pretty redhead, or even try and punch her lights out, that risk exposing the truth about her relationship with Waverly, and Wynonna would do anything to avoid that. No matter how angry she got.

It helped that as angry as she was with Officer Haught she was at least 10 times angrier at herself, and Wynonna knew she should be brainstorming how she could make it up to Waverly for her behaviour tonight, but all she could think about was Officer Haught flirting shamelessly with Waverly, and how close the redhead had been to her little sister when she woke from her little catnap. Plus whenever Wynonna was angry at the world her first instinct was to lash out, and she could only hold back for so long, so once they were back in the privacy of their own home Wynonna snapped at the only person available, her dear sweet little sister.

"What the fuck was that Waverly?" Wynonna exclaimed, pushing Waverly off her none too gently, "You nearly let her kiss you!"

"I know, I'm sorry, I..." Waverly began, then cocked her head, "What?"

"You and Officer Hot-stuff. You were practically making out in the front seat when I woke up." Wynonna snapped, and then when Waverly opened her mouth snapped again, "Don't fuckin' deny it!"

"I'm not." Waverly gulped softly, briefly considering her options before reluctantly adding, "And I'm sorry, but..."

"But what?" Wynonna snapped, "Ya don't think I don't know you could do better? That I'm livin' on borrowed time? Huh? Well don't bother. If you want to be with her don't let me stand in your way."

"I-" Waverly began.

"Ya what, don't want her?" Wynonna laughed, "Go ahead. Say it! Tell me you don't want her?"

Waverly took a calming breath and then firmly said, "Wynonna, listen to me. NO! You keep that big mouth of yours shut and let me talk. Good, now look at me. Look at me Wynonna! I love you. I'm in love with you. I'm in love with my sister. I shouldn't be, but I am. I've been in love with you for as long as I can remember, and I can't imagine ever not being. No matter what happens. So there's absolutely nobody I want more than you. There couldn't be. Is Officer Haught... well, hot? Yeah, and if things were different, maybe I'd go for it, but they're not. I'm with you. I'm in love with you. I. Am. In. Love. With. You. Only you. And I ain't ever gonna leave you for Officer Haught, and certainly not for none of those drunk losers at Shorty's. Or anyone."

There was a long silence and then Wynonna mumbled, "Prove it."

With only a brief hesitation Waverly close the distance between them, flung her arms around Wynonna's neck and kissed her sister hard on the mouth. Wynonna was quick to wrap her arms around Waverly's waist and kiss back, the two sisters becoming lost in each other's arms for a few long minutes. Then without another word Wynonna took Waverly by the hand and guided her upstairs and into her bedroom. She then laid her on the bed, got on top of her and resumed the passionate kiss which almost returned the euphoria Wynonna had felt before she passed the drunk phase of the night. Now if she could only avoid ruining the night further and not throw up. Given her years of dedication to alcoholism Wynonna was confident that she could achieve that goal, at least until the morning.

It helped whenever she had a warm body to distract her, and Waverly was so much more than just a warm body to her. She was everything to her. The only good thing in her life. The only good thing she'd ever had in her life. So excuse her if she wanted to be selfish and keep this one truly good thing all to herself. Of course if she wanted to do that Wynonna needed to start treating Waverly better. And she would. Tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow she would apologise for her part in tonight, and try and make it up to Waverly. But tonight she needed to reaffirm her claim on her little sister, and Wynonna started by pushing a hand into Waverly's tightfitting jeans. Not counting the deep kissing, which she continued, of course.

Waverly gasped into Wynonna's mouth as she felt her big sister's hand slip into her jeans and started gently rubbing her pussy through her already ruined panties. Wynonna really didn't have to do much to make Waverly wet, and their kiss would have easily been enough. However she was wet slightly as before that, which make Waverly feel guilty all over again for not just kissing someone else but lying to Wynonna about it. Well, not immediately offering her that information, which was just as bad, and only got worse as time went by. But Waverly just couldn't tell her right now, so she allowed Wynonna to distract her in the best possible way.

Of course that way got even better when Wynonna pushed those panties aside and Waverly got to enjoy the wonderful sensation of skin on skin, quickly followed by the best sensation of all, that being having her sister inside her of course. Because oh, absolutely nothing beat having Wynonna inside her in some way. Well, licking Wynonna's pussy came pretty close, especially when she got to tongue fuck her sister and therefore actually got to be inside Wynonna, but selfishly Waverly preferred to be the one being fucked. Luckily for her Wynonna definitely preferred being the fucker, which was one of the reasons they worked so well together, Wynonna once again proving herself the top to Waverly's bottom as she pushed her finger as deep as it would go into the younger girl's welcoming cunt and then began to thrust it in and out.

As usual Wynonna started out slow but gradually worked her way up and then eventually added a second finger. Only this time instead of increasing the pace even more Wynonna added a third finger, and then a fourth, stretching Waverly wider than ever before. On a few occasions Wynonna had managed to fit a third finger into her, normally as a way to push her over the edge of orgasm, but this was almost too much and Waverly actually broke the kiss, which she didn't really want to do, just so she could cry out in a mixture of surprise, pain and yet mostly pleasure. She then cried out again as Wynonna slipped her thumb in, prompting Waverly to give her sibling a worried look.

"Wynonna... wha, what'cha doin'?" Waverly asked nervously.

"Yer mine Waves!" Wynonna growled, "Every little bit of you is mine, but especially this hot little cunt of yours. Officer Hottie can't have it. And since we're provin' it and all, what better way than to stick my whole hand inside you?"

Waverly's eyes went wide, "But.. but... that'll tear me open!"

"Yeah, but you'll like it." Wynonna grinned, and then when Waverly still looked apprehensive pointed out, "Come on Wav, our bodies are designed to push babies out of them. You really don't think you can take my dainty little hand? After how hard I've been poundin' that pussy of yours? Come on baby girl. You're supposed to be the smart one in the family."

There was a brief pause and then Waverly nervously mumbled, "Okay."

"That's the spirit." Wynonna smiled, leaning down to kiss Waverly's cheek before whispering in her ear, "Just be brave for me and relax baby girl. I've done this before, and I know it hurts at first, but it's going to feel so good."

"Just do it." Waverly whimpered, quickly adding, "I, I want all of you inside me. Oh my God! Stick it in, ooooooh yes, stick your whole hand inside me, ah fuck! Ah fuck, ah fuck, ah fuck, yes do it, I want it all! Oh shit! Oh, oh God. Wynonna! Wynonna fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!"

While the prospect of this was initially scary the more Waverly thought about it the more she liked it, and she would do anything to please Wynonna, especially after tonight, so she did her best to relax and let it happen, even encouraging Wynonna as she slowly pushed forward. For a few minutes she thought it wouldn't fit, Wynonna's hand feeling anything but dainty in that moment, despite the fact Waverly knew it wwasn't that big. Then her cunt stretched wider than ever before, which was equally painful as it was pleasurable, and then she felt nothing but relief and pleasure as all of a sudden her own sister was wrest deep inside her, which was so overwhelming Waverly literally found herself crying.

Taking that negatively Wynonna quickly whispered, "It's okay, it's okay, I got you. Just relax sweetie, okay? I swear, it will start feeling good in just a few more seconds."

"It's not that. It feels really good. You always make everything feel really good." Waverly whimpered after a few long seconds, before trying to confess her sins, "Oh Wynonna, I don't deserve you. I, I... I.."

"Shhhhhhh, just relax and enjoy baby girl." Wynonna whispered, "I'm about to make you cum so hard."

Wynonna then gently kissed Waverly, as her dear sweet baby sister just didn't seem to be getting the message and a kiss always worked with her. This was no exception and for a few blissful minutes the Earp sisters kissed passionately while one of them had her fist buried in the other's pussy. Then as slowly and cautiously as she could Wynonna pulled her face back a little, just enough to start to stretch Waverly's cunt again before pushing her hand completely back into that tight passage. This of course caused Waverly to cry out and almost break the kiss, but Wynonna stopped her, forcibly grabbing her head with her free hand to keep her in place while resting her full body weight down on the smaller brunette.

If Waverly had continued to protest, either now, before or any time in the future Wynonna would have stopped. No matter how drunk with jealousy, or alcohol, she got Wynonna would never force herself upon her kid sister. She just wanted to make sure Waverly relaxed properly and gave this a fair chance. Although unfortunately Wynonna couldn't deny there was something extra-hot about holding Waverly down and taking her, and like each time before her little sister melted into her arms and let Wynonna have her way with her. Hopefully Waverly would confirm, once again, that she enjoyed this treatment afterwards, as that always soothed Wynonna's guilty conscience. At least somewhat.

Another thing which helped soothe her conscience was when Waverly started obviously getting into it, pumping her little hips back and forth and even begging for more, which Wynonna allowed her to do by breaking the kiss, the younger brunette then immediately whimpering, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Oooooooh Gooooodddddd Wynonna, it feels so good. Soooooooo gooooooddddddddd, oh God fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck my cunt harder with your whole fucking fist! Oh God Wynonna, I can't believe you have your whole hand inside me. And it feels good. Oh my God! I'm gonna cum! Yes harder, ohhhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd, harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, harder aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

Happy to oblige Wynonna slowly but surely increased the pace until Waverly was an incoherent little mess. An adorable, wonderful, incoherent little mess who Wynonna just couldn't seem to fuck hard enough. Although somehow she avoided it. Mostly for Waverly's benefit, as this was her first time taking a fisting and she didn't want to overwhelm her, but there was also a selfish part of her which held back because there was a least one other thing Wynonna really, really wanted to do tonight. At the very least she wanted to get off herself, but that wouldn't take much given how much she was enjoying this and honestly Wynonna would have rather finished herself off if it meant a few more seconds of fucking her little sister in this way.

It was just so intoxicating to have Waverly quivering and clenching around her hand, which was especially true when she effortlessly made Waverly cum on her hand. In fact Waverly clampdown on her so hard that she had to pause the fisting and just watch, and listen, as her sweet baby girl came for her. Then she started fist fucking her again until Waverly received another orgasm, Wynonna repeating this as many times as she thought she could get away with without causing her sibling to pass out. Then she slowly and gently pulled her fist from her kid sister's cunt, admire just how much cum and pussy there was now on her hand and then started to thoroughly lick and suck it clean.

Waverly whimpered as Wynonna shamelessly lapped at her hand and then took each finger and turn into her mouth while shamelessly staring at her. In the process she quivered quite a few times, although she wasn't sure whether that was a result of after-shocks to the amazing orgasms she'd just received or completely new arousal. It was probably a combination of both, as was the moment that Wynonna leaned down, and Waverly leaned up, so the two sisters could once again kiss and caress their still fully clothed bodies. Which was weird, as Wynonna normally made sure they were naked first, and Waverly definitely wanted them to be so she could return the favour.

It seemed that Wynonna wanted the same thing as when she finally broke the kiss she ordered, "Strip."

In what felt like seconds both sisters were naked and Waverly was frowning as Wynonna left the bed, only for her to whimper when she saw why, "Wynonna, no! My cunt needs a rest after that. Besides, it's your turn."

"Oh, I'm good with this being my turn." Wynonna smirked as she stepped into her harness, pulled it up her thighs and then firmly strapped it around her waist, "But don't worry, I'm not interested in your cunt right now. No... I want that pretty little ass of yours."

Waverly blushed, and then after a few seconds replied, "Okay."

"Huh? I... I thought that would take a lot more convincing." Wynonna murmured in disbelief as Waverly flipped over onto all fours and wiggled that cute little ass of hers in the air. Then Wynonna had a sickening thought, "Wait, you didn't let anybody else touch your ass, right?"

"No!" Waverly quickly exclaimed, looking behind her at her sibling, "I would never."

"Then why..." Wynonna began, unsure what to say.

"Why am I not surprised you want to fuck me in the ass?" Waverly scoffed, "Come on Wynonna, you think I don't know about your obsession with my ass? Why do you think I where all these tight jeans and pants?"

"Cause you've got a perfect ass and love to show it off?" Wynonna offered as she began rubbing lubricant into the dildo.

"Well that, and I've been waiting my entire life for you to make a move on me. And now ya have, there's nothin' I want to do more than to please you." Waverly said softly, quickly adding, "Don't get me wrong, I'm terrified it's gonna hurt and be weird, but I thought that about fisting and then you made me cum so hard. And from the way you've been staring at my ass for about 10 years made me think this was inevitable, and well, it got me thinkin' maybe I'd like it. So, you want my ass, it's yours. Every little part of me is yours. It always has been. The very least I could do was save you the cherry you clearly want the most."

There was a long pause and then Wynonna practically growled, "You are the perfect woman."

For a moment Waverly opened her mouth to quip whether Wynonna meant she was the perfect sister, only to think better of it. Wynonna didn't need to be reminded that they were family right now, as while it was mostly a turn on for them both it also tended to make Wynonna all pouty and grumble that Waverly deserved better. As if Waverly could ever want anyone else. Because sure, she got butterflies around a certain redhead, who looked really, really good in her uniform, but Waverly would never love her or anyone like she loved Wynonna. Which was why as scary as it was giving up her anal cherry to Wynonna was a no-brainer. Cause there was no one else Waverly would ever trust, or ever want, to take it.

That trust and dedication looked like it wasn't going to be rewarded for a few horrible seconds as Wynonna practically charged at her like a bull seeing a red flag, Waverly imagining Wynonna literally shoving every inch of that dildo up her ass without any preparation. Of course deep down she knew Wynonna would never do that to her, which was why Waverly didn't move a muscle. That and a little fear, but mostly the trusting. Trust which was rewarded with a kiss, and this time it wasn't to her lips but to her ass. Wynonna got down behind her and literally kissed her ass, Waverly giggling with delighted at this unexpected and honestly weird act.

"God Wav, you're the perfect woman." Wynonna groaned after half a dozen kisses, "With a perfect little ass which was made to be fucked."

This of course made Waverly blushed, but not as much as when her big sister pulled apart her butt cheeks and began to lick her forbidden hole. Which was honestly something she had been expecting given how kinky Wynonna was. Honestly it was even something she had been hoping for. Something she had fantasised about. But to actually experience such a taboo, on top of another taboo, was overwhelming. So much so that all Waverly could really do for the next few minutes was gasp, moan and whimper as she got her first ever rim job as she tried to contain her nervousness over the other first she would soon be experiencing.

Wynonna tried to take her time and give Waverly's little ass hole a nice, thorough rimming, both for Waverly's sake and her own. After all, this was the stuff of her darkest wet dreams, and she never thought she'd want to rush this if she ever actually got the chance to worship this amazing ass. But it was almost understandable considering she was seconds away from fulfilling her ultimate fantasy. Because sure, technically she should be happy with getting to fuck the woman of her dreams in any way, but there was just something about Waverly's ass which drove her crazy. Wynonna swore it was the most perfect thing in the entire world, and she wanted to do very, very bad things to it.

Licking and kissing it was just the tip of the iceberg, something she made crystal clear when after only a few minutes of frantic lapping Wynonna pulled her mouth away from Waverly's butt and pressed the index finger on her right hand against that beautiful butt hole. Fortunately that finger, and her others, were still covered in the lube she'd gotten when she had retrieved the dildo, which meant she didn't need to waste precious seconds sucking her fingers or something. No, she could just push her finger straight into her little sister's bottom, Wynonna barely able to make herself go slowly she was so consumed by her anal lust. Although she was glad she did, as it gave her the opportunity to savour the most incredible tightness she'd ever felt.

"Oh Waverly, oh God." Wynonna whimpered, "You're so tight. Sooooooo fuckin' tight!"

She might have said more. Honestly she didn't care. All Wynonna could was concentrate on the tightest ass she'd ever felt, which was really saying something considering all the anal cherries she had popped. See, Wynonna had a thing for college girls. If they had so much as a passing resemblance to her own sister she made it her mission to take their ass cherries, or at least give them the ass fucking of their lives. Which was normally pretty easy for her, after she was done teaching them about the joys of eating pussy. But all those sluts had been just substitutes for who she really wanted. Practice for the big game. And now Wynonna was at the big game she was taking home something much more precious than a championship ring. She would be taking home Waverly's anal ring, which after tonight would be hers.

"Oh Wynonna." Waverly moaned, awaking her sibling from her thoughts.

"Shhhhhh, just relax and give me that ass." Wynonna cooed softly, using her free hand toward Waverly's back.

"It's yours." Waverly sighed, "Always yours."

The moan Waverly then let out was undeniably of pure pleasure, which had Wynonna grinning wickedly. This was going better than she'd ever dared to hope. Her body had switch to autopilot while she had been lost in fond memories and she began to pump her finger in and out of Waverly's back hole, loosening that tight hole up enough so that the other girl could relax and really start to enjoy getting her butt fingered. From the sound of it Waverly continued to enjoy it as Wynonna cautiously added a second finger. That was all that Wynonna could take. She needed to really fuck this perfect virgin ass and make it truly hers.

"Time for me to take what's mine." Wynonna announced as she pulled her fingers out of Waverly and grabbed hold of her dildo. Waverly just whimpered in reply, which had Wynonna hesitating momentarily, but as she had previous permission she couldn't stop herself very long.

Waverly whimpered as she felt the tip of the strap-on pressing against her virgin ass hole, Wynonna teasing her for a few long seconds before pushing forward enough to make Waverly's forbidden hole start to stretch. This caused Waverly to gasp and then grit her teeth, trying to be brave and let Wynonna do whatever she wanted. However she couldn't help but cry out when her anal ring stretched wide enough for the dildo to slip through it and into her butt, officially meaning that Wynonna had just popped her ass cherry. Wynonna, her own sister, had just taken her anal virginity, and no matter how much it hurt Waverly couldn't help but like it because it was just so wonderfully naughty.

It also helped that Wynonna stroked her back and cooed, "Shhhhh, baby girl. It's okay. It's okay. Just relax. You can do this. Just give me that cute little ass of yours. Oh God yes, mmmmmmm yes, good girl."

For a few long minutes Wynonna continued whispering soft words of encouragement, making Waverly feel so safe and loved, and allowing her to relax. Then Wynonna pushed an inch or two into her butt, and then stopped and repeated the process over and over again, gradually stuffing every single inch of that big dildo up Waverly's tailpipe. Waverly grimaced, grunted and whimpered softly throughout the anal penetration, but when Wynonna's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing the entire length of the strap-on cock was now buried in her bowels, Waverly felt a sense of pride. And relief of course, but mostly pride.

Again the things Wynonna was telling her helped a lot, especially as she completed the anal penetration, "That's it, almost there. You're doing so well baby girl. I'm so proud of you. Oh my God.... oh my God... oh my God... SHIT! Every inch! Every. Single. Fucking. Inch. Is right up your little shit pipe! Mmmmmm fuck baby girl, I've never been this proud of you. Now just hold on a little longer okay? I'm going to start fucking your sweet little ass, and it will feel so weird, but then it's going to feel so good you won't believe it. I swear baby girl, just relax and I'll take you to heaven."

Waverly already felt like she was in heaven. Sure, it was incredibly uncomfortable to have that dildo inside her rectum, and embarrassing as it felt like she needed to use the bathroom really badly, but she could hear the lust dripping from Wynonna's voice, and that was all that mattered to her. Waverly Earp's purpose in life was to please Wynonna Earp, and as long as she was doing that Waverly didn't care how she felt. And again, the fact that what they were doing was so naughty and forbidden was more than enough to make this way more enjoyable than she would have ever thought it would be, and it ever could be with someone other than her big sister.

Then after some more soft encouragement, and hands sliding over her body, Waverly felt Wynonna grab a firm hold of her waist and then her big sister slowly pulled her cock out of her. Her cock. Her big sister's cock. Sure, it wasn't technically flesh and blood, but in that moment it might as well have been, because in Waverly's mind it was part of Wynonna. Oh yes, it was part of her big sister, allowing her big sister to be inside her. That thought more than anything else made her moan as Wynonna pushed her cock back inside her, although there was an undeniable and surprising feeling of pleasure coming from her ass too.

Wynonna was dumbstruck by the moan Waverly let out. Because sure, it wasn't of pure pleasure. In fact there was a lot of pain mixed in. But she had never heard a woman moan from the first thrust up her ass before. Hell, she hadn't heard another woman let out any sound of pleasure at the beginning of anal sex, and the fact that Waverly seemed to enjoy this more than actual whores drove Wynonna crazy. Of course it could have been just a fluke, Wynonna eventually testing out that theory by giving Waverly's ass a few gentle thrusts, only to be once again left dumbstruck as her baby sister kept on moaning in mostly pleasure as her older sibling started to sodomise her.

She remained so dumbstruck by Waverly's reaction, and the simple joy of finally getting to fuck her little sister's perfect ass, that Wynonna could barely think, her body kicking into autopilot, muscle memory from ass fucking pretty much every slutty woman she ever picked up in a bar allowing her to continuing to stretch her kid sister's ass until Waverly's moans became of pure pleasure. That was when Wynonna came back to her senses, and smiled wickedly. Because it was never more clear to her that Waverly was designed for butt sex, and loving big sister that she was Wynonna was determined to prove that to her baby sister.

So she resisted the urge to do anything more than gently butt fuck Waverly for as long as she could to make sure her rectum was relaxed and as loose as possible for what came next. She also gritted her teeth and did her best not to say anything, because the desire to taunt and/or to possessively call Waverly hers slowly but surely became overwhelming, and Wynonna wanted to at least wait until Waverly was too delirious with pleasure to know any better. Still she could only wait so long before doing something. In this case it was pausing the sodomy to grab a firm hold of Waverly's hair and slowly but firmly lift her upper body up until her kid sister's back was pressed against her front, which allowed Wynonna to speak directly into Waverly's ear.

"This pretty little mouth is mine!" Wynonna growled into Waverly's ear as she slid a finger around the younger girl's lips to emphasise her point. She then slowly slid a finger down Waverly's body until she reached her little sister's pussy, at which point Wynonna whispered, "This hot little cunt is mine..."

At which point Wynonna lost her train of thought because Waverly was just so God damn wet. Her baby sister was soaking down there, Wynonna intending to only slide her finger up and down Waverly's pussy lips but she was soon swapping to cupping her kid sister's cunt and slowly but surely to rub it. Which made the most wonderful sounds come out of Waverly's mouth and her body tremble, Wynonna pushing her little sister as close to orgasm as she dared that way before pulling her hand away and grinning wickedly as Waverly whimpered in disappointment. Then she tugged on her hair again to make sure she had her attention for this next part.

"And this tight little ass is mine!" Wynonna firmly told Waverly, before gently smacking her ass, "Say it!"

"My ass is yours!" Waverly quickly whimpered.

"What else?" Wynonna pushed.

"My mouth! My mouth is yours. My cunt is yours. I'm yours." Waverly whimpered, trying desperately to think what her sister wanted to hear, "Oh God, my pussy, mouth and ass are yours Wynonna! I swear, they're all yours. All of me is yours. I am all yours."

Waverly was then unceremoniously shoved back down so she was on all fours again and then Wynonna started sodomising her again, this time a lot more roughly than before. Ironically though it wasn't enough for Waverly. No, the incredible discomfort she had felt during the anal penetration and the first few minutes of the butt sex was a distant memory now and all Waverly could remember was agonisingly unsatisfying pleasure. Her rectum was loose and aching for a hard pounding, and while this was an improvement of what came before she still wanted more. Unfortunately she had been too embarrassed to ask for it initially, and now she was feeling so overwhelmed Waverly wasn't sure she could say anything coherently.

Luckily for her she didn't have too, as shortly after pushing her back down again Wynonna rapidly increase the pace of the butt fucking until it felt like more of an ass pounding, Waverly feeling like she was being spanked from how roughly Wynonna's thighs was slamming into her backside. Also the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as loud as the squeals coming out of her mouth as she finally got what she wanted. What she had never known she had wanted. No, needed. Yes, Waverly never knew that she needed her ass fucked, but she did. She needed daily ass fuckings, and she wanted them from only one person, her big sister Wynonna, who was proving herself to be a total butt buster.

That was confirmed when Waverly looked back at her big sister and saw how powerful she looked. How dominant. How determined to pound her butt. Oh yes, Wynonna was a natural top/ass fucker, and Waverly was honoured to be her bottom/ass slut. That fact, the look in her big sister's eyes and that big dildo jack-hammering in and out of her ass hole all caught up with Waverly and she went over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Wynonna rode her like the most skilled cowboy, or in this case cowgirl, who ever lived. Even when Waverly started slamming herself back and forth Wynonna didn't miss a stroke and make sure that their thrusts were in sync so the anal pounding became more of a rectum wrecking.

Even if this ended with a mortifying embarrassing trip to the doctors Waverly would beg Wynonna to fuck her ass this hard again. She would do anything, no matter how painful and/or humiliating to feel this kind of ecstasy again, and Waverly was convinced that the only way she could feel it was if Wynonna totally dominated her just like this again. And she would get it again, because life wasn't worth living if she couldn't get butt fucked by her big sister. Not now she had a taste of how amazing it could be. Which was the last thought which went through Waverly's head before her mind seemed to literally melt and she became nothing but an animal in heat that was desperately trying to impale itself on her mate's cock.

Wynonna was even more determined that this had to happen again. There would be no debating it. Or at least none that wouldn't be ended quickly, and at least none within herself. The time she could have saved Waverly from her wicked desires had come and gone, and now the best Waverly could hope for was that Wynonna would leave her alone long enough for her ass hole to somewhat recover. Or at least not be quite as gaping and sore as it was going to be when Wynonna had momentarily had her fill of it. Although at the moment that seemed impossible, as Wynonna didn't say how she could ever get enough of this perfect ass and was pretty much ready to make a deal with the devil himself of she could keep fucking Waverly forever.

That was before Wynonna came, and when the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of taking her baby sister's perfect little bubble butt became just too much for her Wynonna experienced the most amazing climax of her life. Okay, it wasn't quite as strong as when Waverly had been eating her out, but the mental high meant it was just as satisfying as that previous orgasm, and the ones that followed. After all this was her greatest and most forbidden fantasy come true, not only was she cumming but she was now making Waverly's cum squirt out of her cunt. How could anything possibly be better?

Ironically the answer that was if Waverly looked back at her, which she did a few times throughout the sodomy, each time allowing Wynonna to see in Waverly's eyes just how much she was enjoying this. It was all over her face too, but the eyes were the windows to the soul, and more than anything else they told Wynonna that Waverly had realised what the older of the two brunettes had known for years, that Waverly's ass was made for fucking. It also told Wynonna that her little sister had just realised the same thing she had, Waverly's ass was made for Wynonna to fuck. Waverly was born to be Wynonna's bitch, every hole on her body designed to pleasure the older sister with her sweet little ass hole destined to become Wynonna's favourite fuck hole. Hers to use whenever, wherever and however she wanted.

Suddenly desperate to drive that point home Wynonna became a wild animal relentlessly pounding into her mate, pounding Waverly's virgin ass more brutally than any other ass she had ever fucked until she had use every ounce of energy that she had and collapsed down in exhaustion onto her little sister's body. They then laid there in a sweaty heap, desperately panting for a few long seconds, before Wynonna rolled over onto their sides so she could spoon her baby sister. She knew she should pull her cock out of Waverly's ass, that leaving it in would do even more damage, but Wynonna didn't have the energy even for that. More importantly it was a sign of her laying claim to always hers. What was always rightfully hers. Besides, would only be for a few minutes. Or hours. However long it took her to get her strength back.


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