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Wynonna Earp: Limited Dating Options Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Waverly's life had always been complicated. She wasn't like normal girls. Sure, she had played the part for a long time now so she could pass for that girl with a crazy sister, but it wasn't that simple. Because that sister wasn't crazy. Their town really was full of Demons out to get them for what Wyatt Earp had done to them, and the Earp sisters were doing everything in their power to stop them. For Wynonna that meant hunting them down and shooting them in the head. For Waverly that meant research. Hours and hours of research every day of her life, most of which had been confiscated by Wynonna's seemingly ungrateful boss and left Waverly feeling like a fish out of water in the one place she didn't want to be.

See, all of that wasn't the most complicated part of her life. The most complicated part was she had been in love with her own sister her entire life, and now they were finally together Waverly found her mind drifting to a certain redhead, who was of course waiting outside Dolls' office when she was unceremoniously dismissed. She was even smiling that wonderful smile of hers and, yep, Waverly was blushing again. At least Wynonna was still getting a lecture from Dolls, although the fact that her sister/lover was just on the other side of the door just made Waverly feel even more guilty, even though she hadn't technically done anything. Yet. This time.

"Yeah Waverly, can we go somewhere and talk." Nicole asked softly.

"Sure." Waverly replied without hesitation.

Giving her one of those knee weakening smiles Nicole turned her back to her and Waverly followed, getting quite a few steps before she even questioned whether this was a good idea. On the one hand if she was going to talk to Nicole, or anyone else, the further she got away from Wynonna the better. On the other hand, after what happened last time they were kind of alone together... well, Waverly was already guilty enough over what happened so probably the last thing she should be is alone with this woman who intrigued her the way only one other had before. Yet she couldn't help herself, following Nicole into an empty room and only slightly flinching when she shut the door behind them.

There was a brief pause and then Nicole let out a tiny little laugh, "You must think I'm a total stalker by now, but-"

"No, no, no." Waverly shook her head, "Believe me, I've had plenty of guys who couldn't take a hint, and they weren't nearly is nice as you."

"I believe that." Nicole said softly, and a little bitterly.

"Not that ya can't take a hint, because it isn't like that." Waverly said quickly, "I know I've been sending you mixed messages and all. I don't mean too, just-"

"You've spent your whole life trying to please others, but haven't figured out what you want?" Nicole offered unknowingly.

"No." Waverly said quickly, "Well yeah to the trying to please other people part, and I still do, but... I've always known what I really wanted. It's just... scary, and I kind of thought it would never happen. Maybe part of me was hoping it wouldn't. But it did. I have everything I have ever wanted... and it's even more scary. It's fucking terrifying, for so many reasons... and... and I think this whole thing started between us because it was scary, but... not as scary. And more... acceptable? Maybe not by much in this town, but... yeah... I'm, I'm sorry. I'm rambling. I always do that. Nervous habit. Anyway, I know I kissed you and all, but I really just want to be friends. Okay?"

A long silence fell over them in which it became obvious that Nicole was trying to figure something out, frowning intently at Waverly and probably analysing the word vomit the brunette had just thrown up all over her. This was bad. This was really bad. Oh why couldn't this be any other detective in this building. Other than maybe Dolls every other Officer in here seemed lazy at best, and incompetent at worst, and while Dolls might have figured out what Waverly was saying he probably wouldn't care. But Nicole Haught definitely cared, perhaps too much, and Waverly was suddenly terrified it was going to lead to her being outed as a sister fucking deviant.

"Who exactly are you dating?" Nicole asked.

As if fate or God or whatever was trying to punish Waverly, Wynonna opened the door at that moment and stared at them, an unmistakable look of anger crossing her face before she turned to her little sister and asked, "Ready to go Waves?"

"Erm, sure." Waverly nodded, awkwardly walking over to Wynonna and then turned back to Nicole, "I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean to lead you on, I just... erm... sorry. I hope we can still be friends."

That should have been it. Nicole knew she should have just let the Earp sisters go and left her stupid theories to herself. But she just couldn't resist blurting out, albeit in a soft tone, "Are you dating each other?"

There was a deafening silence, then Waverly turned back around again and without really thinking it through softly murmured, "Please don't tell."

"WAVERLY!" Wynonna exclaimed, before grabbing her siblings hand and dragging her out of the room, and eventually the station.

Wynonna angrily ignored Waverly's protests, which earned her more than a few funny looks. Luckily most of the cops were too lazy, or figured it was just a family matter, and didn't bother them. More importantly there was no one around to hear them get outed. At least not in hearing distance. Although that may not matter if Officer Haught freaked out and told anyone about that little exchange. Or if Waverly had another attack of madness. Luckily she didn't say anything too bad, which for now was pretty much just 'I'm sorry' and Wynonna's name over and over again, which was annoying but Wynonna could handle it. At least until they got to her car. At which point she whirled around and yelled at her sister.

"WAVERLY!" Wynonna yelled, quickly calming herself with a deep breath before continuing, "We will discuss this at home."

"But-" Waverly began.

"I will not tell you again." Wynonna growled in warning.

Thankfully after that Waverly kept quiet, giving Wynonna a chance to calm down and think. Some part of her knew she shouldn't be too angry with Waverly. She was only human, and made a mistake. A big mistake, but how many of those had Wynonna made? Too many to count, chief of all killing their Daddy, and that was still by far the top of the list of the Earp sisters' sins. Wynonna allowing Waverly to seduce her was right below that, because she was the older of the two and shouldn't have been so selfish to allow Waverly to sully herself like that. But even knowing all that couldn't cool Wynonna's anger, so the two sisters sat in a very uncomfortable and tense silence throughout the car ride home until they were safely locked behind the door of their home.

That was when Wynonna finally let Waverly have it, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKIN'?"

There was a brief silence and then as calmly as she could Waverly replied, "I'm sorry-"

"STOP SAYIN' YA SORRY!" Wynonna yelled, taking a deep breath and sighed, "I'm sorry Wav, I just-"

"I know." Waverly said softly, "I fucked up. And I'm... you know. But I don't think it's as bad as ya think."

"Not as bad as I think?" Wynonna parroted in disbelief, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Nicole's smart." Waverly pointed out, "She's real good at her job, and she pays attention to me. She would have figured it out sooner or later. And I'm not sure there was anything either of us could have said to convince her she was wrong when I blurted out, what I did."

There was another brief silence and then Wynonna bitterly replied, "Nicole? I didn't realise you were on a first name basis."

"Well-" Waverly began bashfully.

"And 'she's sooooo smart, and good at her job, and pays so much attention to me'." Wynonna parroted mockingly, unable to stop herself, "What she is, is a stalker. Just as bad as all the rest, if not more."

"See, it doesn't exactly help that you get jealous every time someone so much as talks to me." Waverly snapped, quickly adding, "I mean, I like you being all protective, but there is a difference between sisterly protectiveness and 'get away from my girlfriend', and if you keep crossing the line people are gonna start gettin' suspicious."

"Oh I'm so sorry for trying to protect you." Wynonna mocked, "Oh wait, that's what I've been doing my whole life."

"Except when you left me for 3 years." Waverly replied bitterly without thinking, instantly regretting it as Wynonna stared at her in disbelief.

Then Wynonna turned and stomped away with a bitter, "Whatever."

"That's right, runaway when things get tough. That's what you always do." Waverly yelled out at her sister bitterly, and then because she just wanted her to turn around yelled, "If you're this determined to push me away maybe I should go back to kissing Nicole."

Wynonna was halfway up the stairs when she heard that, then quickly turned around, "What?"

"Me and Nicole. We kissed, while you were still blind drunk in the back of her car. I'm surprised you didn't see it." Waverly said, and then just to twist the knife added, "You missed quite the show. It was good. Really, really good."

"Well if it was so good, maybe you should go for it then." Wynonna said bitterly.

"Maybe I will." Waverly snapped, "At least then I'll have a girlfriend who isn't ashamed of me, and thinks what we have is something ugly."

"Good." Wynonna snapped back, half crying and half laughing as she added, "I'm so glad that Waverly Earp's dating options aren't so limited that she has to keep dating her sister. And I'm happy for you to, I really am. Provided 'Nicole' doesn't mind the public shame of dating a sister fucker."

"No, there'd be no shaming, cause she wouldn't tell anyone about us. She's not like that. She's-" Waverly began before getting interrupted.

"What? Smarter than you? Or just able to keep her big mouth shut?" Wynonna snapped, "For God sakes Waverly, you barely know the woman. How can you trust her?"

"I just do." Waverly said softly.

"And you're supposed to be the smart one." Wynonna laughed, "Well riddle me this smart girl, if your precious Nicole is so smart, why hasn't she figured out this town is full of Demons? Huh?"

"I don't know, maybe because not everybody's been attacked by the supernatural. Maybe because most folks agree it doesn't exist. Maybe because everyone looked at us like we were crazy every time we brought it up." Waverly pointed out.

"That's the thing Waverly, no ones supposed to look at you like that, cause you're not supposed to believe in this stuff. You're supposed to be the most normal one, and not caught up with me and my weird shit. And you sure as hell shouldn't be dating me." Wynonna snapped.

"I can't help it, I love you." Waverly snapped back on the verge of tears.

"Then why are you kissing other people? Huh? Snuggling up with them? Outing us?" Wynonna questioned.

There was a brief pause and then Waverly softly said, "I don't know."

"Well, maybe you better think about it. Cause it sure sounds like to me that you're tryin' to sabotage this relationship." Wynonna said bitterly, turning to walk back up the stairs.

"Funny, I was just thinkin' the same thing about you." Waverly said bitterly.

Wynonna stopped for a second, took a calming breath and then said without looking at her sister, "Don't leave the house. I'm not in the mood to rescue you right now."

With that Wynonna stomped the rest of the way up the stairs to her room, locked it behind her and then started crying like a little girl. She hated herself for it, but she just couldn't stop. All she could do was break into her collection of hard liquor, starting off with a big bottle of Jack Daniels and then working her way through the spirits until she was so hammered she couldn't have defended herself from an angry toddler, let alone a Revenant. The entire time she cried pathetically and thought about how much she hated pretty much everything. The things she had said, the things Waverly had said, the danger Waverly had put them both in, Waverly's precious 'Nicole' and most of all herself. But not Waverly. Never Waverly.

Wynonna could never hate Waverly, even if she tried. And oh, how she had tried. It would have been so much easier if she could, but she couldn't. Waverly was just too perfect. Wynonna had always loved her too God damn much, and she just couldn't stop. If Wynonna had any guts she'd press Peacemaker to her head, pull the trigger and leave Waverly in peace to be happy with her beloved Nicole. But instead Wynonna spent another entire day of her life drinking and then lay awake all night because apparently she'd becomes so pathetic she couldn't even sleep unless her little sister was snuggled in her arms. In the end she only managed to get a few hours because she deliriously cuddled the pillow and pretended it was her kid sister.

Waverly could never hate Wynonna, even if she tried. And oh, how she had tried. It would have been so much easier if she could, but she couldn't. Wynonna was so very flawed, and yet Waverly had always loved her far too much, and she just couldn't stop. Maybe she should have taken this as a sign that this admittedly unhealthy addition to their sisterly relationship should just end and she should just date Nicole, Waverly having no doubt that Nicole would have her even if she was a no good sister fucker. But instead she spent the entire day thinking how she could make things right between herself and her sister/lover. She spent all night too, because she just couldn't sleep any more without her big sister's strong arms around her.

She got even longer as Wynonna got up far earlier than she'd ever got up before and then left a note downstairs for Waverly to find about going to the station early and again not to leave the house. Waverly was tempted to leave just out of spite, or drink some of the alcohol that Wynonna had hidden away in places she thought Waverly didn't know about, but instead she practised over and over again what she would say and do when her big sister returned. After a lot of second-guessing that involved stripping herself naked and then positioning herself on her knees in Wynonna's bed room facing the door, the look on her older sibling's face almost worth their first fight.

While Wynonna was still stunned Waverly piped up, "I'm sorry. For all of it. I really am. And, and I don't want to fight."

"Clearly." Wynonna said dryly, unable to stop herself from looking her sister up and down before trying to add, "But-"

"We got issues." Waverly interrupted, "All couples do. That's natural. So's fightin'. But let's concentrate on the real issue here. I fucked up and basically told Nicole about us. We're gonna have to deal with that one, unless you've already done it. Have you?"

"No." Wynonna admitted bitterly, "I've been avoiding her all day."

"That's what I figured." Waverly said softly, "But there's been no angry mobs at my end, and I'm guessing none on yours, so we can go talk to her tomorrow and make her promise not to tell anyone. Tonight, let's just concentrate on punishing me."

"Punishing you?" Wynonna parroted, and then folded her arms after Waverly just nodded in response, "And how exactly do you suggest we do that?"

"With a spanking." Waverly said simply, and then when her sister's eyes went wide simply added, "What? All that staring at my ass, and you're sayin' ya never thought about it? Come on Wynonna."

"I never said I didn't." Wynonna admitted with more than a little undercurrent of lust, "I just don't see how this can solve our issues, is all."

"It won't, but it will put a Band-Aid on it. Maybe let me sleep in your arms tonight." Waverly said, pausing as the two sisters stared at each other before continuing, "And at least this way you can take your frustrations out on me, and I can show you just how sorry I am for fucking up so bad."

There was a long pause, and then Wynonna began, "Waverly-"

"Don't give me the speech again!" Waverly interrupted angrily, "Don't tell me how I can do better and this thing between us is wrong, it's getting repetitive and exhausting. I want you. You want me. So stop making excuses and just fuckin' enjoy it."

There was another pause and then Wynonna laughed bitterly and stomped over to her bed while telling Waverly, "You know what? Fine! Get your pretty little ass over here Wav. And remember, you asked for this."

As soon as Wynonna parked her butt down on the bed Waverly crawled over to her and positioned herself over her knee. Wynonna was barely done yapping by then, and it looked like she was going to say something else, but she instantly forgot whatever it was when she was presented with her favourite part of Waverly's body. Something she had made extra clear ever since popping Waverly's anal cherry, although Waverly new way before then as Wynonna did a terrible job at hiding her fascination with her sister's butt, which was why Waverly had taken to showing it off so much in tightfitting jeans, pants, skirts, etc. It was also why if anything ever happened between them Waverly suspected that at some point she would get spanked, so it might as well be for a good cause.

Somewhat surprisingly, given that Waverly was pretty sure this was something Wynonna had always wanted and she was now very angry with her, Wynonna didn't start the spanking right away. Although it wasn't that much of a surprise, as Wynonna simply took a few moments to stare at Waverly's ass and then reached down with one hand and start to caress and squeeze it gently. That wasn't surprising at all given Waverly was very used to this treatment. However for once she didn't really enjoy it, because instead of just happening during making out it was right before she was going to get a butt whooping, and the waiting was just making her more nervous.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity to her younger sister, Wynonna raised her hand while softly repeating herself, "Remember Waves, you asked for this."

Wynonna then brought her hand down as hard as she could on Waverly's cute little ass, resulting in a smacking sound which was almost as loud as the cry her kid sister let out. She then waited a few long seconds to see if Waverly would tell her to stop, then when she didn't Wynonna repeated the process, except this time she only used a fraction of her strength yet immediately followed up with a blow just like it. Then another, and another, and another until Wynonna had established a steady rhythm, making sure to maintain the kind of strength behind her strokes which wouldn't be out of place on one of those softcore movies they showed for free late at night on certain channels.

When this didn't result in any objection from Waverly the strength behind the blows were gradually increased, although Wynonna made sure to reintroduce a pause in between each strike when she got close to using her full strength and Waverly started crying out with every blow. After that Wynonna tried to listen out for any potential protests, she really did, but Waverly's ass was just so spank-able. It jiggled ever so slightly with every blow, each strike may such a wonderful sound and the continuous spanking caused that full flesh to slowly turn pink and then red, particularly that last thing far more erotic to Wynonna than it should be.

This was another of Wynonna's secret fantasies, and easily the highest on her to do list that she hadn't yet done with Waverly. She had even considered suggesting it a few times, but decided against it as Waverly had already openly suggested so much herself, and maybe if Wynonna waited Waverly would suggest it herself. And even if she didn't maybe Wynonna should be content with everything her baby sister was already doing for her. But here they were, and Wynonna was struggling to control herself, as she was just enjoying herself so much, even though her heart was breaking at the sound of Waverly's cries, part of her silently begging Waverly to tell her to stop.

Then Wynonna realised something, Waverly was wet. Her little pussy was now so wet it had soaked through Wynonna's jeans, and the only reason that Wynonna hadn't realised sooner was because she was just so engrossed in the spanking. Armed with this information Wynonna smiled wickedly for a moment, and then allowed her frustration over this whole thing to wash over her. All her frustration, anger, and inner pain filled her to start giving Waverly everything she'd got, until she was brutally beating Waverly's rapidly bruising butt. Which was very therapeutic, and while Wynonna felt a little guilty for it Waverly continued not offering up any real protest.

Waverly seriously considered it as the pain became almost unbearable, but it was just as therapeutic for her as she guessed it was for Wynonna. After all, while Wynonna had played her part in their fight Waverly couldn't help feel that she should shoulder most of the blame. See, she had got everything she ever wanted. The one person she desired over anything. Even literally prayed to be with, no matter how 'wrong' it was. And could she just be grateful? No, in mere weeks of getting what she wanted she kissed someone else, and lied about it. Then she used it to hurt Wynonna during their fight. And reminded Wynonna that she had abandoned her, Waverly hitting her sister right where it hurt.

So yeah, she deserved this. And more importantly if it meant she got to keep Wynonna and their unconventional relationship Waverly would happily bend over to take a butt beating like this every day. She would do anything for Wynonna. She just loved her so damn much, and she had selfishly risked what they had, and right now Waverly didn't even really know why. Well, she did, but in that moment it didn't seem worth it. It didn't feel like anything could be worth it to risk the greatest happiness she had ever known, this agony easily worth the pure bliss of being in Wynonna's strong arms or the ecstasy of being fucked by her big sister.

Also while Waverly had expected she might kind of enjoy a spanking as long as it was not too hard she hadn't been prepared for just how wet Wynonna punishing her would make her. Part of her was deeply ashamed for it, Waverly particularly blushing when at the beginning the cry she let out clearly came with an undertone of pleasure which she just couldn't prevent. Even now Wynonna was brutally beating her ass Waverly still enjoyed the fact that this made her feel so submissive, a feeling she'd had throughout the spanking, which seemingly confirmed she was not only a natural bottom but a sub too. She, she was a pain slut. Fuck, Waverly Earp, who everybody in Purgatory thought was sweet and innocent, was the type of perverted slut who got off on pain, that revelation making Waverly whimper pathetically.

Despite all that Waverly was relieved when Wynonna finally stopped, giving the younger of the two sisters some much-needed time to recover and process what just happened. It was only then Waverly realised she was crying. She wasn't sure when it started exactly, but because her eyes were flooded and tears were running right down her cheeks it couldn't have been that recent, and yet Wynonna had obviously been so mad that she had ignored them or simply not heard them. The latter was most likely given how loudly the sound of each strike and Waverly's squeals had been, and the way Wynonna pulled her up into her arms and started frantically apologising.

"I'm sorry Waves, I'm so sorry." Wynonna more or less repeated a few times as poor little Waverly whimpered and cried into her arms while Wynonna did her best to hold her little sister while caressing her butt. Just to soothe Waverly, or at least that was what Wynonna told herself, before she softly asked, "Was that too much?"

To Wynonna's surprise Waverly replied, "No."

Wynonna frowned, "Are you sure?"

"I deserved it." Waverly said firmly, pulling back slightly so she could look at her big sister, before blushing, "I, I enjoyed it. Couldn't you tell?"

"Well, yeah..." Wynonna grinned, reaching down with one hand and rubbing Waverly's still extremely wet cunt, causing her kid sister to gasp. Then Wynonna added guiltily, "But at the end there-"

"I deserved it." Waverly said even more firmly than before, and then softening her tone as she added, "And I'm sorry for before."

"Me too." Wynonna said softly, pulling her hand away from her little sister's snatch for this important conversation, "God Waverly, I'm so sorry. For everything."

"It's okay." Waverly said softly, before smiling, "It's actually kind of nice."

Wynonna raised an eyebrow, "How do you figure?"

"That was our first fight as a couple." Waverly smiled, "An important milestone in any relationship."

Wynonna scoffed, "That was not our first fight. We've fought plenty of times, before and after we started banging each other."

"I mean first real fight." Waverly pointed out, before adding coyly, "It's just a pity that we made up before we could have hate sex. I hear it's really hot."

"Oh it is." Wynonna grinned, standing up while still holding Waverly tight, "But we don't have too be mad to have hate sex."

It was Waverly's turned to raise an eyebrow, "Don't we?"

"Na, we can fake it." Wynonna shrugged, "Or I can just be rough with ya."

"Well, ya do know how much I like it rough." Waverly said in a husky voice, lowering her gaze to her sister's lips and then leaning in.

"In that case." Wynonna grinned, dropping Waverly on the bed and playfully ordering her, "You can kiss my ass. Literally."

Wynonna turned around while giving that command, then undid her belt and pulled her jeans and panties down to just below her ass. The purpose of this seemed quite obvious, but Waverly seemed to delight in making Wynonna feel like a fool as she stood there with her ass hanging out. Wynonna had always been self-conscious of her ass, partly because one of Waverly's old friends Stephanie Jones had once told her she should think about getting a butt-lift, but mostly because Waverly Earp was her sister, and Waverly had the best backside in the history of existence as far as Wynonna was concerned, so she had always felt inferior in that department. Well, especially that department. Waverly was better than her in every way really. Wynonna would never know how a total screw-up like her got to be the heir over the perfection which was Waverly Earp.

Before Wynonna could get too caught up in her self-deprecating thoughts she felt something soft press against her butt. It had been so long, or at least felt like it, that Wynonna wasn't actually sure what it was at first and she frowned in confusion. She then almost lashed out before realisation hit and a smirk crossed her face. She then just enjoyed the feeling for a few more kisses, and then because she just couldn't resist she looked over her shoulder. Wynonna Earp looked over her shoulder to see the perfection which was her sister Waverly Earp literally kissing her ass, which was just so wonderful the older brunette just couldn't resist providing some verbal commentary.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Wav, pucker up and kiss my ass. Literally become my ass kisser! Oh fuck yeah, oooooooh shit, kiss it." Wynonna taunted while gently reaching back and beginning to stroke Waverly's hair, "Really prove your sorry for our fight by covering my butt in kisses you little bitch. That's it, mmmmmm, that feels good. But do you know what would feel even better? A rim job. Ohhhhhhh yeah Waves, I want you to spread my cheeks and lick my ass hole. Oh yes, come on sis, lick my shit hole! Yeahhhhhhhh, I want my baby sister to lick my fucking butt hole! Oh fuck Waverly! That feels soooooooooo goooooooodddddddd mmmmmmmm!"

Quickly obeying Waverly pulled her big sister's butt cheeks wide apart so she could start eagerly lapping at her back hole, causing Wynonna to let out a loud moan of pleasure. Wynonna then continued moaning in pleasure as she momentarily forgot all about taunting Waverly in favour of just enjoying this rare act for her. One the two sisters had never done together, no less. At least not with this configuration. Wynonna now rimmed Waverly on a daily basis, because Wynonna was a big believer in using natural lubricant and was more than happy to dish out a rim job to prepare an ass for a fucking, especially Waverly's poor little butt which Wynonna had been relentlessly reaming ever since she popped her kid sister's anal cherry.

Because of how frequently she dish them out Wynonna had never seen receiving a rim job as a dominant thing. She had met plenty of women who did though, and even though she would never truly see it in the same way as she just loved eating ass too much to give it up, Wynonna had to admit there was a certain thrill to having another girl kneeling behind her and tonguing her forbidden hole. Especially because it was Waverly doing it. Everything was really thrilling when it was with Waverly, but seeing that face she had always thought was sweet and innocent buried in between her cheeks and licking her ass hole, oh that was just so good. And it wasn't that long before Wynonna felt the need to point that out.

"Ohhhhhhh fuck, oh Waverly, you look so good with your face buried in my butt!" Wynonna moaned, "Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, you look so pretty with your face pressed in between my cheeks and licking my little back hole like your life depended on it. Yes, that's it baby girl. Lick me. Lick my ass. Oooooooh Wav, who knew you would be such a great butt licker? Mmmmmmm fuck, that feel so good. Eat my ass just like that Waves, OH FUCK! Mmmmmmm yessssssss, tongue that little shit hole you filthy little bitch! Tongue it! Oh my God yes, stick it in me! Fucking stick your tongue up my ass baby girl, mmmmmm, stick your tongue up your big sister's butt you dirty slut, oh fuck."

Waverly mostly ignored her sister. Not because she didn't like what she was saying, because although it might make her blush a little it also turned her on. No, she ignored Wynonna because Waverly wanted to concentrate on fulfilling her purpose in life and sexually please her big sister Wynonna Earp. Which was normally easy because Waverly had gotten plenty of practice lately eating pussy, and getting her fuck holes filled with dildos and the occasional fist, but she had never given a rim job before. She'd received plenty given that it was Wynonna's favourite way to prepare Waverly for her frequent ass fuckings, but this was truly a first for them, and Waverly didn't want to screw it up.

So it helped a lot that everything out of Wynonna's mouth was very positive, but it was also a little annoying that she didn't give her more detailed instructions, meaning that Waverly was left to remember what had been done to her, which wasn't easy when she was under pressure. Also it didn't help that she was getting a up close personal look at Wynonna's ass, which despite her big sister's insistence to the contrary was top shelf in Waverly's opinion. It certainly tasted good to Waverly, although she had been regularly kissing Wynonna after her big sister rimmed her, amongst other kinky things, so someone more 'normal' might not agree, but Waverly had never put too much stock in normal, and was trying to not care about what other people thought of her. Other than Wynonna of course.

Which was why she initially tried to pull away to ask Wynonna whether she wanted Waverly to stick of her tongue up her ass, but before she could get a word out her loving big sister tightened her grip on her hair and shoved her face back in between her cheeks. She didn't even pause to acknowledge it. No, Wynonna just kept talking dirty for a few long seconds she smothered poor Waverly in her ass, then allowed her a second to catch her breath before pushing her back again, this time with her face a centimetre away from her target so she could go back to licking her sister's butt. So Waverly decided just to go for it, partly as a punishment.

Of course, kinky slut that she was, Wynonna loved it even more and urge Waverly to continue. So Waverly did. Or at least she tried. Wynonna hadn't been getting butt banged on a daily basis, and given her enthusiasm for dishing out an ass fucking it was likely that Wynonna still had her anal virginity, so Waverly couldn't get her tongue that far into her big sister's butt. She got further than she thought she would, but definitely not as far as Wynonna had got up her ass. So she went back to licking and swirling her tongue around Wynonna's ass hole, and occasionally kissing her butt, for a little break and then tried again. This didn't improve matters much, but the variety made it more fun for her. And Wynonna, from the sounds of it.

"Oooooooh, that's it, tongue fuck my ass! Mmmmmm, fuck it, lick it, kiss it." Wynonna encouraged with delight as she gently grinded herself back against Waverly's tongue, "Oh Waverly, that's it. That's how you please your big sister. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you've always been good at that Waverly. Yessssss, you were born to make me happy, mmmmmmm, in a second I'm going to make you very, very happy. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss Wav, in a second I'm going to make you very, very happy by giving you a nice hard butt pounding, but for now you just concentrate on showing just how sorry you are with a nice long rimming you ass kissing little bitch. Mmmmmmm fuck."

Wynonna was close. Hell, she was so close to an orgasm she could practically taste it, and a big part of her wanted Waverly to taste it. Oh yes, Wynonna wanted to turn around and make Waverly switch holes, the older of the two sisters forcing the younger ones pretty little face into her cunt so she could make her cum. Waverly was so good at making her cum, especially with that hot little mouth and talented little tongue of hers. And it seemed insane for Wynonna to deny herself pleasure just because of a stupid fights they had now got past. And yet stupid was practically Wynonna's middle name, because she couldn't shake the idea of denying Waverly drinking her cum, which she knew her kid sister love to do.

For a few long minutes Wynonna considered getting herself off. It wouldn't take much with Waverly still worshipping her ass. She probably wouldn't even need to stick a finger into her cunt, just a few careful rubs to her clit enough to send Wynonna over the edge. And God, she really wanted to at this point. However Wynonna just couldn't do it. She knew how much Waverly loved her cum, and to not only deny her it but force her to be so close to where it would be 'going to waste' would be just too much. So instead when she couldn't take anymore Wynonna turned around, grabbed Waverly's face and pulled her into a deep passionate kiss, moaning softly as for once she was tasting her ass on Waverly's lips instead of the other way around.

Then after a few minutes of passionate kissing Wynonna broke the kiss, looked Waverly in the eye and told her, "That was great, but now I'm in the mood to fuck some hot Waverly Earp ass. So get that pretty little pooper up in the air and ready for me to fuck it."

Ever the eager little ass slut Waverly smiled wickedly, jumped onto the bed and crawled into the centre of it before pressing her face down to the bed sheets. She even wiggled her cute little bubble butt, practically making Wynonna drool. God, it was so wrong, but she loved that ass. Especially when it was being presented to her as a sacrifice for the Earp sisters mutual pleasure. Hell, she loved it so much Wynonna couldn't help staring at it for a few long seconds. Even when she retrieved her favourite toy Wynonna made sure to move backwards slowly, only looking away briefly to make sure she wasn't about to trip over something and make a fool of herself. Other than that she retrieved her strap-on, secured it around her waist and then lubed it up all while staring at the perfection which was her baby sister's butt.

Despite the fact that Wynonna tried her best to hurry this process felt an eternity. It always did. Just like when she finally got back to Waverly it felt like she could breathe again. It was worse whenever they were truly apart, much worse, but Wynonna didn't want to concentrate on that right now. No, she wanted to focus on doing her favourite thing in the world, violate her kid sister's ass. Only this time it would be different from all the others, Wynonna trying to push Waverly like never before, partly in the name of punishment, but mostly in the name of further exploring just how twisted they were. Unfortunately that meant no licking Waverly's ass hole, because Wynonna didn't want to have to wait too long to bury her dick up her baby sister's ass. Well, maybe just a quick taste.

Waverly gasped loudly and then moaned as Wynonna pulled her ass cheeks apart and began frantically licking her ass hole. Wynonna must be in the mood for some serious ass pounding, because she normally took her time and savoured Waverly's ass, sometimes eating it out for what felt like hours, Waverly often begging her big sister to hurry up and fuck her before her relentless teasing kill them both, one way or a another. If Waverly had gone an entire 24 hours without being butt fucked she might have welcomed something like this, but now she was worried that Wynonna was so mad at her that she wouldn't prepare her properly.

She should have known better than to think something like that, Wynonna proving her concerns unfounded by not only spending a few long minutes enthusiastically tonguing her back hole but then further loosening it up by sliding first one and then two fingers into her ass. Then a third. And then a fourth, which was unprecedented, once Wynonna gleefully telling Waverly that she wouldn't want her little sister's ass to be too loose when she fucked it. Maybe this was some kind of punishment for what happened before? If that was the case it was a lousy punishment, because it felt good. Uncomfortable, but good. More accurately, Wynonna had thoroughly lubed up her fingres so they slid in easily, and while it felt weird and uncomfortable to have her back hole so widely stretched it also appealed to her slutty side.

Then after a few minutes of fucking Waverly with four fingers Wynonna softly said, "I'm going to need you to relax, okay baby girl?"

Waverly frowned, "Why?"

Instead of answering verbally Wynonna decided to show not tell, which in this case meant gently but firmly pushing forwards until Waverly could feel her ass hole being stretched even wider. Specifically by her big sister's knuckles, including the fifth which meant Wynonna had sneaked her thumb in just before pushing forwards, something Waverly became even more aware of when the slow but steady pressure to her back door caused the older brunette's entire hand to slide inside her backside. Oh fuck, Wynonna's hand was inside her butt! Her big sister's hand was buried up to the wrist inside her bottom, both Earp sisters taking almost a full minute before reacting to that incredibly perverted revelation.

"Fuck Wav!" Wynonna murmured breathlessly, "Fuck."

"You..." Waverly croaked, although she was unsure what she was going to say until she actually said it, "You could have warned me."

"I thought it would be easier this way." Wynonna said, still staring intensely at where Waverly's ass hole was wrapped around her wrist. Then after a few long seconds she asked, "How does it feel?"

It took Waverly a few minutes to answer, mostly because she was still trying to figure out who this was supposed to be easier on. And if she was mad at Wynonna or not. Ultimately she decided no, and there was no easy way to do this, so she could give Wynonna honest answer. Which actually didn't take her long. At least not when it came to deciding what to do. It took her a bit longer to gain the strength to reply, because while her ass had been stretched deeper than was natural, and certainly deeper than this, this was the first time she was being stretched quite this wide, and in this way, so it was a bit overwhelming. A lot overwhelming actually.

"Good." Waverly finally replied weakly, "Kinda like when you fist my pussy, but different."

"Well duh." Wynonna grinned, then after a brief pause added, "But I figured a total ass whore like you, who was born to take big things up her butt, would like it."

"You were right." Waverly grinned sheepishly, and blushed a little, "Well, aren't ya goin' to, you know... keep goin'?"

"Just waitin' for the green light baby girl." Wynonna said with a wicked smile.

"You have it." Waverly said softly, before exclaiming, "OH FUCK!"

Wynonna grinned again as she started slowly sliding her hand around inside Waverly's ass, first turning it clockwise and then anticlockwise to help loosen her kid sister's rectum for what was to come. After that got positive moans out of her little sister Wynonna pushed her fist a little deeper into Waverly's guts, causing her younger sibling to cry out loudly and squirm. As though sounds were mostly of discomfort Wynonna pulled back and stayed perfectly still for a few seconds before beginning to turn her hand again, and a little awkwardly clenching and then clenching her fist inside of her baby sister's wonderfully tight little bottom.

It was kind of surprising to Wynonna just how tight that Waverly still was considering how relentlessly she had butt fucked her poor baby girl ever since she popped her little sister's anal cherry. Sometimes she wondered if it was a superpower, or if Waverly's perfect little ass had literally been created with her perverted desires in mind. No matter the reason Wynonna was very glad for it now, the older sibling practically drooling as she once again found a new way to violate the younger sibling she was supposed to be protecting from deviance like her. Because God forgive her, Wynonna couldn't get enough of her kid sister's ass, and the feeling of Waverly's butt quivering around her hand made Wynonna feel like she was going to cum on the spot.

As Waverly's ass slowly relaxed and remembered that it's purpose was to be fucked by Wynonna slowly but surely Waverly's moans of pleasure became louder and more frequent, prompting Wynonna thrusting deeper again. When that was a success Wynonna tried pulling her face back, just a little at first, but to stretch Waverly's ass hole. Like she fisted her cunt this drove Waverly crazy, so Wynonna did it again and again and again until she was brutally pounding her baby sister's butt, pulling out to the knuckles and then shoving it deep with every thrust while Waverly screamed in pleasure and writhed underneath her.

For a while Waverly simply whimpered things like, 'yes', 'more' and 'oh God', and her sister's name of course, but it was not long before she was on the edge of orgasm and screaming at the top of her lungs, "OH MY GOD YES, YES, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH GOOOOODDDDDDDD! FIST ME! FIST FUCK MY SLUTTY LITTTLE SHITTER! OH MY GOD WYNONNA, I'M GONNA CUM! MAKE ME CUM! PLEASE MAKE ME CUM WYNONNA, PLEASE OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, DESTROY MY FUCKING BUTT, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!"

Poor little Waverly clearly tried to say more, but everything else out of her mouth was incoherent screams and swear words as Wynonna did what she did best, make her own sister cum for her. This time it was on her fist, Waverly's ass clenching down on it even harder than her pussy, so much so Wynonna thought for a few seconds that it would break her hand. She almost wouldn't mind if it wasn't her drinking hand, and more importantly her shooting hand, because it would make her poor little sister blush in embarrassment every time she saw her hand in a cast. Instead Wynonna had to settle for just squeezing a few incredibly powerful climaxes out of her kid sister, Wynonna pulling out before Waverly could be in danger of passing out as there was no way she wasn't going to strap-on fuck that perfect little butt.

Then Wynonna ordered, "Roll over baby girl. I want to look at your pretty little face while I stuff your little ass full of cock."

Waverly gasped and then whimpered when Wynonna pulled her fist out of her ass. In a way it was nice. It gave her ass some relief from the abuse, and the ecstasy, it had taken. However it was also horrible, because it left her butt feeling empty and unloved. Something she should have known wouldn't be for long, Waverly eagerly flipping over onto her back and lifting her legs up and apart as soon as Wynonna told her too before giving her big sister a bashful smile. Wynonna briefly returned it, before looking down to grab hold of her cock and press it against Waverly's still slightly open ass hole before looking up into her eyes again.

There was then a few long seconds were the Earp sisters just stared into each other's eyes, both anticipating what was to come and silently telling each other how much they loved each other. Or at least that was what Waverly was doing. She was about as sure she could be that Wynonna was thinking the same thing, but even now Waverly sadly couldn't be positive that her sister wasn't hating herself for a variety of reasons. Luckily neither sister got a chance to dwell on that too much as it wasn't that long before Wynonna slowly but firmly pushed forwards, forcing the head of her cock into Waverly's back hole and then deep into her back passage.

The entry was much easier than usual so the cry Waverly let out was of pure pleasure, and likewise Wynonna didn't say anything irritatingly obvious like relax. She barely even cooed in encouragement when Waverly let out a cry of slight pain as the dildo inevitably went deeper than Wynonna's fist had gone, although Wynonna had been sodomising Waverly so frequently that it wasn't that painful, and it certainly wasn't long before the younger of the two sisters was completely impaled on the oldest's dick. Although then Wynonna paused for almost a full minute, which certainly wasn't necessary for Waverly's well-being but she enjoyed the chance to savour the moment, which she guessed was what Wynonna was doing.

Wynonna then smiled softly and said, "I love you Waverly."

Waverly returned the smile and the gesture, "I love you too Wynonna."

That was when Wynonna finally pulled her hips backwards, causing a few inches of her big dick to slide out of Waverly's ass hole before she pushed them back in and then repeated the process, officially beginning to once again fuck Waverly in the ass. To Waverly's surprise Wynonna not only started out slowly but then continued to gently fuck her ass. Not that she was complaining. In fact she was not complaining quite loudly. It was just that after shoving a whole fist up her ass Waverly had expected an anal pounding pretty much right from the get go. Especially as this was supposed to be a punishment. Instead this felt like a reward, or maybe an apology, as Wynonna was doing Waverly's favourite thing ever, namely staring into her eyes while she made love to her ass.

Wanting to reward her sister in turn Waverly moaned, "Oh God, mmmmmm, take me Wynonna. Take my tight little ass. Take it and make love to it. Remind me that it's yours. Oooooooh fuck."

Wynonna actually blushed a little at hearing this. It was ridiculous. She knew it was. But she loved the idea of making love to Waverly's cute little ass. Which was why she now did it every single day. Oh yes, Wynonna gently laid Waverly down on one of their beds, or just about any other surface, and spent literally hours gently sodomising her kid sister until Waverly was literally crying for a harder butt fucking. Of course being the loving big sister that she was Wynonna would always give Waverly what she wanted. Eventually. But not before showing this perfect little ass just how much she adored it, intensely pleasuring both Earp sisters in the process.

Sometimes Wynonna would make love to Waverly's ass in other positions. They both particularly like doggy style, as it played into their respective roles as top and bottom and the idea that Waverly was Wynonna's bitch, although Wynonna also loved it because there was no better way to appreciate her baby sister's perfect little butt. Which was also true of hard ass poundings in that position too, but it gave them more chance to enjoy it. But missionary was their favourite position as it allowed them both to stare lovingly into each other's eyes like they did throughout the anal penetration and the beginning of the ass fucking.

Of course they weren't staring into each other's eyes the entire time. No, Wynonna just couldn't resist admiring Waverly's other charms, like those perky tits which bounced every so often with every thrust, her sister's wet little pussy and below that the tight little ass hole that was taking her cock so well. Then there was that beautiful face which was right now awash with pleasure, and would look even more incredible than it now did when Waverly inevitably came for her. And those pretty little lips constantly parting to let out gasps, whimpers and moans of pure pleasure as Waverly's ass was once again reminded it was made for fucking. Made to be fucked by Wynonna. Just like that mouth was made for eating Wynonna's pussy. And her ass. And something else which made the love making even better.

"Wrap your legs around me baby girl." Wynonna ordered softly.

Ever the obedient little bottom Waverly quickly wrapped her legs around her top, happily embracing Wynonna as she leaned down so their breasts were pressed against each other and their faces were inches apart. Waverly then closed her eyes, obviously anticipating the kiss. This caused Wynonna to smile softly, although she quickly wiped it off by the time Waverly opened her eyes again to stare nervously up at her. Then after giving Waverly a couple of seconds to worry about it Wynonna kissed her little sister deep and hard while starting to sodomise her sibling ever so slightly harder than before, causing Waverly to whimper and gasp with delight into her mouth.

Waverly continued whimpering and gasping, and of course moaning and groaning, in pure pleasure as she massaged Wynonna's tongue with her own and her butt hole with the full length of her big sister's cock with every thrust. She had been making those sounds for quite a while now, but even with Wynonna's lips firmly sealed to her own Waverly got louder and louder as any initial discomfort from having her ass stretched became a distant memory and all she felt was the pure ecstasy that she always got when being sodomised by her sister. Well, that and the inevitable frustration when Wynonna didn't make her cum right away.

Honestly Waverly didn't really mind, because it just meant her inevitable orgasms would be that much stronger and more importantly she could enjoy the pure heaven that was being butt fucked by her big sister. Especially now when it couldn't be more clear that Wynonna was making love to her ass, the thought of it making her heart flutter. Okay, maybe she was a bit annoyed that after a little initial harder thrusting Wynonna slowed down, but it was worth it for what felt like a few more hours of her older sister gently taking her ass while either gently kissing her or staring lovingly into her eyes. Of course there was a limit to how much Waverly could take of all this teasing, and inevitably she begged for more.

So when Wynonna broke the latest kiss Waverly looked up at her with her best puppy dog expression and then asked in her best little girl's voice, "Please Wynonna, harder. Fuck me harder. Butt fuck your baby girl nice and hard and make her cum for you. Please? I need it so bad. I need my big sister to fuck my queer little ass and make me cum."

Wynonna smiled, leaned in and whispered, "You want it baby girl?"

"Yes." Waverly whimpered, "More than anything."

"Then you do it." Wynonna said before suddenly flipping them over, "Ride me baby girl. Ride me with your cute little butt hole, mmmmmmm, and try to look me in the eye when you cum for the first time."

The change in positions was so fast Waverly almost didn't have time to unlock her legs from around Wynonna's waist. Luckily this wasn't the first time Wynonna had done this. Far from it, Wynonna loved it when her baby girl bounced on her big dick, especially during butt sex, so at the very least Waverly's body was ready for it, her legs quickly moving into the correct position and then waiting for permission to start bouncing her up and down like the well-trained bitch she had become. And sure enough when she had that permission Waverly started bouncing herself up and down, causing the dildo to slide in and out of her ass hole, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed as Wynonna grabbed hold of her hips to keep her steady. And to remind the younger sibling who was still in charge, that little touch making Waverly tremble with desire.

Because she knew Wynonna loved it, and she secretly did too, Waverly began talking dirty, saying whatever she could think of to make sure they both got off, "Oh my God I'm gonna cum, fuckkkkkkkk, it feels so good. I love it. I love your big dick in my ass. Oh Wynonna, ohhhhhhhh fuck, I love your dick. I love my big sister's dick in my tiny little ass hole, mmmmmmm, pounding me hard and deep in the butt, oooooooh, reminding me who that hole belongs too. Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd Wynonna, it's yours! My ass is yours! Ah shit, it's your personal property, mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, just like every other part of me. I'm your bitch! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, you made your own sister your bitch! And I love you for it. Ooooooooh, I love you, I'm yours, I love you, I'm yours, I love you, I'm yours, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssssss, I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum I'm gonna cum aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It didn't take long for Waverly to start hammering her own butt hole up and down that big strap-on with every ounce of her strength, the wonderfully hard anal sex, the dirty talk and the love she saw in the eyes of her own sister as they broke so many taboos quickly had Waverly going over the edge of an incredibly hard and overwhelming climax. The type of which was hard to imagine anyone except her sister giving her during anal. Of course it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Waverly continued ravaging her own ass hole, and when she couldn't keep going her loving big sister tightened her grip on her waist and started bouncing her up and down like a little puppet on her fake prick.

Wynonna came too. She didn't want to, at least not in that moment, but she couldn't help it. The combination of Waverly bouncing up and down before her, violating her own butt hole on Wynonna's dick, the stimulator bashing against her clit and the look in her baby sister's eyes as she came was all just too much for Wynonna and she came wonderfully hard. Not quite so much as Waverly, who's cum was currently squirting out of her cunt and onto Wynonna's stomach, but still pretty hard and it wasn't long before she was cumming again. So it was hardly surprising that Wynonna didn't want to stop just because Waverly was tired, and until Waverly beg for mercy Wynonna was going to keep ass fucking her little sister for as long as she damn well pleased.

That's why in addition to pushing Waverly up and down Wynonna started thrusting her hips up and down, timing it so that she pounded up the same time she pulled Waverly down and vice versa so the big dildo went as deep and as hard into her kid sister's ass as possible with every thrust. When that wasn't enough for her Wynonna grabbed Waverly firmly, flipped them over again so her kid sister was on her back, pushed Waverly's legs onto her shoulders and then restarted the butt fucking. She initially butt fucked her baby sister slowly to give Waverly a little time to get used to the change of positions, but it wasn't long before Wynonna started increasing the pace, eventually beginning to bang Waverly's butt harder than ever before. Or at least the hardest she'd ass fucked her tonight

The ass fucking became particularly brutal when Wynonna leaned down so she was practically bending Waverly in half and started showing her little sister's poor butt hole absolutely no mercy, pounding it hard and deep with every ounce of her strength until Waverly's screams were so deafening Wynonna wouldn't be surprised of the whole town heard it. And she kind of wanted them too. It was so wrong on so many levels, and she would probably be thrown in jail or another psych ward if she was found brutalising her baby sister's ass hole like this, but in that moment Wynonna desperately wanted the whole world to know Waverly Earp belonged to her big sister. Perhaps more importantly for that particular moment Waverly Earp's butt hole was the property of Wynonna Earp, Wynonna's to use however she pleased.


Despite how wrong and twisted those words were they only made the two sisters cum harder, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. Well, technically it was all bad because they shouldn't be receiving so much pleasure from such an unspeakable act as Wynonna slamming Waverly's ass hole with a big strap-on dildo, but at least in that moment the Earp sisters were in silent agreement it was a bad thing because as much as they both wanted too they couldn't keep this up. More to the point Wynonna couldn't keep this up, Wynonna once again feeling like a failure, and more importantly like she failed Waverly, as she was forced to stop. Although at least Wynonna had the presence of mind to push Waverly's legs to the side and Waverly to her side so she could snuggle up behind her baby sister and then slowly bring them both down from their highs by gently pumping into Waverly's pooper from behind, even making those cheeks jiggle a little from the slow and steady impact.

"You okay?" Wynonna whispered nervously into her little sister's ear.

"I'm so beyond okay." Waverly smiled blissfully, although her voice was really croaky from screaming, "That was amazing."

"Yeah it was." Wynonna grinned with relief and wicked delight, "And you know what I want now, right?"

"Uh-huh." Waverly moaned happily.

Waverly then whimpered as Wynonna pulled the dildo out of her ass, leaving her feeling so horribly empty she could cry. She also blushed in embarrassment, because it felt like her ass hole was so opened that Wynonna could have seen into her stomach even without Waverly spreading her cheeks. But not only did Waverly spread her cheeks but she got off on shaky legs and presented her well fucked butt to her big sister, allowing Wynonna to get a good look at her handiwork. And take a picture. Because it wasn't enough humiliation for either of them unless Wynonna could show her a picture later, Waverly's submissive heart fluttering as Wynonna retrieved her phone and snapped a couple of pics for their collection.

Then Wynonna simply said, "Good, now suck it."

Without hesitation Waverly let go of her cheeks, turned around, opened her mouth wide and closed it around the head of her big sister's dick. Then she moaned. She moaned in pleasure from tasting her own butt like the twisted little ATM slut she had turned out to be. That it hadn't taken long to discover that she was, Wynonna timidly suggesting it after the second time she butt fucked her and then Waverly taking to it like a duck to water. It was the same thing with displaying her gaping butt hole, both of which had become part of their routine for the Earp sisters, along with a healthy dose of encouragement from Wynonna while doing it.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it Wav, suck my dick." Wynonna moaned as she began stroking Waverly's hair, "Suck it clean of your own ass juice you perverted little bitch. Ooooooh yeah, that's so hot. I love watching my little sister sucking my big dick after I've just fucked her up the ass. Oh God yes, take it down your throat! Take every single inch down your throat so you can give it a proper spit shine! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh Waves, suck it good. Get every drop of your own butt cream you twisted little ATM whore! Oh fuck Waverly, I love you so much. Too much. Oh fuck yeah, deep throat my cock sis, deep throat my fucking cock! Oh fuck!"

Despite how much Wynonna got into this Waverly rarely made her cum from this alone, unfortunately. Although it wasn't unprecedented, and it was not out of the question that Wynonna was receiving some after-shocks which were more powerful given what Waverly was doing. Maybe even powerful enough to be called a mini-orgasm. Waverly felt like she was having one as she greedily sucked her sister's ass flavoured cock, quickly switching from just sucking on the head to bobbing up and down the shaft and then eventually taking every single inch down her throat with practised ease. Practice that she was happy to admit was mostly from sucking Wynonna's cock.

Of course once the cock was clean Waverly didn't stop. Oh no, she always kept bobbing up and down until Wynonna told her otherwise, and was more than happy to use what little energy she had left being her sister's good little cock sucker if that's what Wynonna wanted. Thankfully it wasn't, because as much as Waverly adored proving just how submissive she was to Wynonna it was cuddle time, and her loving big sister didn't disappoint, gently but firmly pulling Waverly up and into her arms where she could rest her weary head. After a little making out of course, as nearly always the Earp sisters lazily making out at the end of their latest fucking session.

When Wynonna did finally break the kiss Waverly snuggled into her sister's embrace, smiled in blissful happiness and whispered, let's never fight again, okay?"

"Okay." Wynonna agreed, even though she knew it was a promise they were unlikely to keep.


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