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X-Men: Fun And Games
by Uncanny X-Writer

Storm's cry echoed for a moment in the danger room as the rubber ball bounced
just under the ruby energy beam, off the wall, and hit the floor.

"My advantage, Scott. One more point and I win the game."

"I'll believe that when I see it, Ororo," said Cyclops. "So far, neither of
us has ever been more than a point ahead of the other." He sat on the floor
resting, the hour's practice catching up with him. "Ohhh, brother..."

"Tired?" asked Storm, as she bent to pick p the ball off the ground.

Cyclops smiled and caught it as she tossed it. "Exhausted. You look pretty
bushed yourself."

Storm laughed. "Playing is hard work. But I've still strength enough to beat

"Enough to try, at any rate," said Cyclops, and without warning launched the
ball into the air again with an optic blast.

For over an hour, the two had been playing and training in the gym with a
game made up by Wolverine, loosely based on handball. The match continued as
both players continued to hit the ball across the room with their powers.
Cyclops spotted the opening he had been looking for. A split second apart,
Cyclops fired a pair of optic blasts in a semingly random pattern across
the room. One flashed right in front of Storm, easily missing the ball,
momentarily diorienting her. Before she could recover, the second beam had
hit the ball. Under his breath, Cyclops cursed silently. He had been
distracted for a moment, and hit the ball at the wrong angle. The ball
bounced of the force beam, hit a wall, and slammed back into Storm. Both fell
to the ground. Storm landed atop Cyclops, the ball following closely and
bouncing off the top of her head. On hands and knees, she looked down into
the face of Scott Summers and smiled. "Your point. We're tied once more.
That was a nice... and nasty... move, Scott."

She made ready to stand.

"Wolverine would have been pround of you." Scott was acutely aware of the
beutiful, scantily clad form lying atop him. "Consider it my swansong. I'm

Storm looked into his eyes, almost totally hidden behind the ruby quartz. "I
too. Shall we call it a draw?"

"The latest in a series. C'mon, let's hit the showers."

Neither spoke for a moment.

"Umm," began Cyclops, "maybe we should get up."

Ororo smiled coyly. "To be honest, I think I like it here. She reached down
and stroked his cheek. "Unless you want me to move?"

Cyclops was unsure how to answer. He lifted his arms and took hold of his
co-leader around the waist.

"That's what I thought," said Storm.

Still lying atop of him, she reached down and pushed the clasp at his belt.
The X swung open, and she casually reached her hand into the tights beyond.

"You know," she said, "I think we can entertain ourselves here for a bit

Cyclops reached a hand into the golden ring holding the top and bottom of
Stom's uniform together and unclipped it. Storm's large breats swung loose.
"I thought you were tired," he said.

Storm didn't answer. She lowered her head and kissed him passionatly on the
mouth, pulling down the rest of the uniform, leaving the top but pulling the
lower half down to his knees.

Cyclops moved one hand to gently cup her breast, the other moving Storm's own
uniform out of the way. He looked her in the eyes for a moment more, and then
she moved herself onto him. Both gasped as they experienced the other. Storm,
on top, raised herself a few inches, and slowly pushed back down, moaning.
She repeated this, as Scott pushed up, slowly establishing a rhythm.

"Oh, Goddess," he moaned, sitting up and rocking herself back and forth
slowly, rubbing her clitoris against Scott's pelvis. She began to shake her
head from side to side as Cyclops responded, pushing back harder, groaning
at the sentation of being inside of her. They slammed into each other, harder
and harder, until both came simultaneously, their juices intermingling. Storm
hung for a moment, then lowered herself and rested on Scott's chest.

"How about that shower?" asked Storm.

Cyclops smiled. "Maybe we should practice a bit more first."

The End


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