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X-Men: Jealousy (MF,inter)
by Nikia Johnson

"You were not going to say good-bye," Ororo accused from the door.

Logan cursed under his breath as he threw a pair of jeans into his duffel
bag. He should have smelled her coming, but having just left her bed, her
scent was still clinging to him. "I know how you feel about her 'Ro, but
Viper needs my help," he replied as he turned to face her.

"And what about me me, Logan?" Storm walked further into the room shutting
the door behind her. "How do you think I feel watching you run to her every
time she calls?"

Logan rubbed his hand down his face wishing that he could put this argument
off until he returned. "What do you want me to do, Storm? I'm married to
her." Logan watched as the fight drained from her.

"You are right, Logan. You should go to help your wife." She turned and
opened the door. "But do not expect me to be here when you return."

"Just what in the hell's that suppose to mean?" Logan questioned as he
grabbed her arm and turned her around to face him.

Ororo struggled to keep her emotions under control knowing that a savage
storm raged within her. "I love you, Logan. And I would do anything for
you, but I will not continue to share you with her," Storm replied through
clinched teeth. "You must make a decision."

* * *

"A penny for your thoughts," Jean offered one week later as she sat down
besides her best friend.

Ororo turned and gave her a weary smile. "I am afraid that they are not worth
that much."

"Oh, I don't know. Whatever you're thinking must be pretty important for you
to be up this early."

Jean stifled a yawn. "So do you want to talk about it?"

Ororo sighed deeply. "Logan and I had an argument."

"About Viper?" Jean questioned. Ororo turned back to watch the rising sun and
nodded her head slowly. "Do you love him?" Jean asked quietly.

"With all my heart," Storm replied without hesitation.

"Then fight for him. Don't let Viper take him from you."

"That maybe a little difficult seeing that he is already married to her,"
Storm mummered.

"He maybe married to her, but he loves you," Jean insisted.

"Jean,..." Ororo started.

"Ororo, listen to me and stop being so damn stubborn. Logan loves you, not
Viper. He only married her because of a promise that he made. His marriage is
preventing a war over the leadership of Madripoor."

Ororo stood up and began to pace around the kitchen. "So what am I suppose to
do, Jean? Just sit back and watch him run to her every time she calls."

"You fight fire with fire." Jean simply stated.

Ororo stopped pacing and turned to regard her friend. "And how do I do that?"

"Seduce him. Make it as hard as possible for him to leave. And when he does
have to leave, make him want to rush back home to you."

"He is due back home this afternoon," Ororo said more to herself than to

Jean smiled naughtily as she telepathically read Storm's thoughts.

* * *

"Then you had better get busy." Logan stalked impatiently around his room. He
had been home for over three hours and he still hadn't talked to Storm. Not
for lack of trying, but after questioning everyone in the mansion, he still
didn't know where she was. The only thing he did know was that she hadn't
left him as she'd promised unless she'd left without taking anything with
her. With a growl, he grabbed his uniform and headed for the Danger Room.
He'd give her one more hour to get back to the mansion before he'd go and
bring her back himself.

Exactly one hour later, Logan found himself before Storm's bedroom door.
After his workout in the Danger Room, he had found a note requesting his
presence in her room. And now like some nervous teen-ager, he stood outside
her room afraid of what awaited him. At the moment, he would rather be facing
the combined forces of Sabretooth, Omega Red, and Magneto than to face the
prospect of her leaving him. However, never one to run from his fears, Logan
raised his hand and knocked. The door slowly opened and Logan stepped inside.
A lazy stretch of fog filled the room creating a mysterious atmosphere with
the only light coming from several candles placed around the room. A
seductive melody filled the air and the familiar yet bewitching scent of
sandalwood drifted over to greet him as he shut the door and walked further
into the room.

"Hello, Logan," Storm said as she emerged from the shadows and mist. She was
dressed in a silky blue harem's outfit that clung to all her curves and her
long, white hair was pilled into an elegant chignon.

Logan felt the breath rush from his lungs as she walked enticingly towards
him. And although she was only a few feet from him, her steps were slow
enough to have him panting softly with anticipation by the time she reached

"I've been so lonely without you," she commented as she began to unbutton his

"Lonely enough not to leave," Logan muttered trying not to show his relief
that she was not leaving him.

Ororo smiled shyly. "I'm sorry I behaved so badly. But I promise to make it
up to you," she whispered as she pushed his shirt off his shoulders and began
to caress his powerful shoulders and back.

She leaned in to kiss him causing her soft lips to press intimately against
his. Logan forced down a groan of pleasure when her lips opened to allow him
full access of her mouth. The sweetness within was like nectar from the gods.
He reached for her to draw her closer, but she pulled slightly from his

"Tonight is for you," she reminded him huskily. She drew him closer and began
to alternate between kissing and licking his chest enjoying the manly smell
and taste of him. Running her hands down his chest, she followed the path of
hair that bisected his chest and abdomen until her fingers reached the
waistline of his jeans. Grabbing him by his belt buckle, she allowed the palm
of her hand to press firmly against the growing bulge in his jeans as she ran
her tongue over one of the nipples on his chest.

He pulled her teasing mouth from his chest and hungrily reclaimed it with his
own. He fumbled with the ties of her outfit and watched with satisfication as
the silky material fell from her to the floor in a heap. He then pulled the
pins from her hair causing the white locks to fall down her back.

"God, you're beautiful," he growled as he swung her into his arms. With
impatient steps, he carried her over to the large bed.

"Logan, tonight is suppose to be about me making up with you," Ororo
complained as he sat her on the bed.

Logan smiled. "Darling, you know that patience ain't one of my strong

He straddled her hips and leaned down to kiss her - effectively cutting off
the rest of her argument. He caressed her body knowing my memory which areas
turned her on he most.

His calloused fingers brushed across the her dark nipples causing them to
harden with desire. His other hand continued its descent down her body to the
white triangle of hair between legs. "Tell me what you want?" He ordered.

"I want...," Ororo breathlessly said, "

One finger entered her finding her already wet with need. With unhurried
caresses, Logan stroked her feminine core causing her body to shudder with
hunger and desire. Each stroke brought her closer to release, but each time
Logan would pull back. His warm mouth closed on one of her breasts and his
tongue wrapped around her nipple sucking slightly. Storm, for her part,
raised her hips meeting the teasing hand stroke for stroke. And Logan,
sensing her urgency, inserted a second finger sending her over.

He held her as the last ripples of her organism subsided attempting to fight
the animal in him that demanded for him to take her. The scent of her body
was playing havoc with his senses.

"Logan?" Ororo questioned feeling the waves of tension assualting his body.

Logan pushed himself up with his arms and stared down into Ororo's face. Her
beautiful hair was spread over the pillow and her lips were slightly bruised
from his kisses. "I need to be inside of you," he growled.

Ororo smiled knowingly and reached for the button of his jeans. However, the
need to bury himself deep inside her was too strong. Logan rolled off of her
kicking off his boots before his feet touched the floor, and with a yank, he
pulled off his jeans and briefs at the same time.

He reached for her and pulled her into his arms. He backed her into the wall
causing Ororo to wrap her legs around his hips. He invaded her hot, wet
softness with one smooth thrust. Ororo bit back a cry of rapture as Logan
began to set a pace. Tighten her legs around him, she pulled him closer and
began to mimic his motions. Ororo was the first to come with Logan coming
minutes behind her. He pulled slightly away from her and began to laugh.

"I thought you didn't like quickies," he teased.

"I don't," Ororo panted, "but my brute of a lover was in a hurry."

"Brute?" Logan questioned.

Instead of answering, Ororo began to laugh.

"Brute?" He asked again Ororo only laughed harder unable to speak. Logan
swung her over his shoulder and carried her back to the bed.

"Logan, what are you doing?" Ororo asked as he dumped her onto the bed and
drop on top of her trapping her with his body.

"Showing you how much of a brute I can be." He began to lick her body slowly
starting with her neck and shoulders. He licked across her nipples pausing
only to close his wandering mouth over each one. He the moved down her where
he dipped his tongue into her naval causing Ororo to moan with increasing
need. He continued further down lavishing her body and when his tongue
flicked into the center of her femininity, Ororo screamed for release.

She reached for his shoulders, "Logan, please!" She begged.

Logan raised his head and slid up the length of her body. Her thighs parted
further and he settled between them. He slowly entered her filling her with
his entire length setting the pace to be as slow and as filling as possible.
Both attempted to keep the pace slow; however, as the minutes past, the pace
began to increase. Soon they were both racing each other to fulfillment only
to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy together. Logan pushed himself up with his
arms relieving some of his weight from Ororo.

"Ororo, about last week..." he started.

Ororo reached up and placed a finger on his lips. "I was selfishly placing my
wants before the entire population of Madripoor. They are more important than
my foolish pride."

Logan took her hand from his mouth and kissed it. "I love you Ororo, and if
you want me to end my marriage to Viper..."

Ororo shook her head. "And I love you, beloved - even enough to put up with
your marriage. Besides you maybe married to Viper, but you belong to me."

Logan raised his brow. "That's pretty big talk, 'Ro. Sure you can handle it?"

Ororo smiled and wrapped her arms around him and drew him down to her. "Well,
I have the rest of our lives to prove it."

The End


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