Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. It is made for entertainment purposes
only. If you are offended by sexual content, sci fi scenarios, slight bondage
or non-consensual sex read no further. Also, the author does not support
non-consensual sex in real life at all. This story was a fantasy I had when
I was a teenager and it's about time I let the fantasy out.

Codes: FFfg, ncon, sci fi, bond (slight)

X-Men: Nightmare Darkness
by Dragon333 İMarch 21st, 2006

Tasha was a very smart young black girl. She was always interested in
learning and knowing more. Her world history teacher taught her and the class
the basics of reading hieroglyphics and she figured out how to read most of
it on her own. She was reading about an ancient sorcerer summoning a demon
and including in the chapter of her book was a picture of the sorcerer and
the scripture that the sorcerer read from. By figuring out and reading the
ancient scripture out loud, Tasha then realized the candles in her room lost
all of its fire and she felt a cold breeze through her room. From her book a
big transparent blue muscular figure came out and looked at Tasha.

"Thank you for freeing me. It has been 5,000 years and I think after that
long, I deserve some freedom and playtime."

"Be gone! I hate you! Go away stupid!" Tasha yelled out in anger, but with
her sexy cute voice. The spirit of the demon's anger grew high.

"What's this? I give you a thank you and you hate me, and call me names?
I'll teach you to talk bad to the great Obelisk! Tasha, I banish you from
Earth and into MY world! Welcome to the Nightmare Darkness!"

Tasha then felt herself spinning around and around, until she finally stopped
and looked around turning her head. She knew that she was no longer in earth
and now a different world. She felt something on her arms, and then that's
when she realized, she was tied up standing up on a pull up bar. She couldn't
move her arms or legs.

"Damn we captured a hot ass girl this time!" said Storm (the 1990's cartoon
version with the long white hair and perfectly round tits).

"Yeah, you're so right, Storm! She's black, with big tits, and a cute face.
How old are you, slave?" Rogue asked. She recognized them. They were ALL from
the 1990's version of X-Men, with Jubilee as the 15 year old.

"She looks even younger than me, expect her boobs are bigger!" said Jubilee
with her loose red shirt under her yellow jacket.

"I'm 12! Now put me down!" Tasha demanded.

"Damn! She's only 12 with tits like that! Good thing you're naked! Damn you
have nice big nipples! Hey, Storm, look at her bra, and tell us what size she
is." Rogue told her.

"She's a 32D!" Storm exclaimed in pleasant astonishment.

"Damn, only 12 with tits like that, I'm so jealous." said Jubilee. "I'm only
a 36C."

"She looks so delicious, I just can't wait! Good thing our master took away
my absorbing powers!" Rogue said as he took a mouthful of the black girl's
huge tit and sucked on It.

"Hey, she's closer to MY age, I deserve to suck her tits!" Jubilee argued.
Rogue took Tasha's tit out of her mouth to reply to Jubilee's statement.

"She has two tits, sugar! We can BOTH suck on one! I'll suck this one, and
you can suck the other one! That way, we BOTH get to suck her tits at the
same time!" Then Rogue stuck Tasha's huge black 12 year old tit back in her
mouth and sucked. Now Rogue and Jubilee were sucking on Tasha's tits, one a
piece. They sucked harder and harder feasting on the young big tittied girls
big boobs.

"I bet her real human tits taste really good, doesn't it?" Storm asked them
as she massaged her own breasts with her hands. Jubilee moaned as a yes, and
Rogue followed with the same reply. Storm floated herself with her own wind
powers gliding over Jubilee, and spit in Tasha's face. Then she spit again,
this time gathering up a grip of saliva in her throat, and then spitting it
in her eye.

"Bitch! Don't spit in my eye!" Tasha yelled out to Storm. Storm then took an
even bigger gather of saliva in her throat and spit her in her other eye. The
spit in her eye was so much that she couldn't see nothing but the blur from
the spit in that eye. And with her arms tied to the pull up bar, she couldn't
wipe it off.

"Being the nice beautiful, gorgeous, sexy girl that I am, let me help you out
with that, Tasha!" Storm said as she glided up to Tasha's face, and took her
naked big black round tit, and used her beautiful dark brown nipple to wipe
the spit from Tasha's eye with the nipple on her big black cartoon tits!
After Rogue and Jubilee were done sucking on the soon to be teenaged girl's
tits, they pressed and caressed Tasha's wonderful tits with their hands, and
were amazed at how incredibly soft they were. Rogue then got behind Tasha,
held up her face, opened her mouth, sustained it open with her hands, and
Jubilee removed her upper body clothing revealing her sexy 15 year old tits.
Storm picked her up and lifted her, and Jubilee stuck her beautiful 34C tit
in Tasha's 12 year old mouth. Jubilee was wiping her tit on Tasha's tongue,
making sure she'd taste her sweet pink nipples.

"Oh yeah, that's it! Suck it!" Rogue encouraged. "Not that you have a
choice!" Tasha found herself sucking harder and harder on the 15 year old
mutant's nice white boob. Tasha was sucking so hard that she felt some
saliva from her mouth drip down from her lips, down her cheeks and fell to
the floor. Rogue then slowly licked the trail of Tasha's saliva from her
face back to her mouth, and swallowed the young girl's saliva juices in her

"Mmm! Tasty!" she said wiping her mouth off with her left hand.

Mystique then came by them and scolded the three mutants.

"Why aren't you three finding the pieces to the triforce of power for me?!"
Mystique said with rage. Mystique was the one who planted triangle green
marks on their head to control their desires and put them on her side to
have them do whatever she wants. But even then, sometimes the master, needed
to remind them. The three mutants were now slaves of Mystique.

"Sorry, Mystique." All three mutants said at the same time.

"What do we have here? A trespasser to our world! Looks like you three have
already welcomed her. I'm impressed by her huge tits attached to her young
face. Take her to a basement room. Without knowing how to get out of this
world, she'll never get out anyways. She needs a place to stay, so let's
give her one. Storm, I'm putting you in charge of making sure this young
black girl gets in one of the basement rooms. I'll bring her dinner soon

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