X-Men: The Good Samaritan (MF)
by Cajun Rayne

Logan watched the grass, fields and trees go by as he rode his Harley north
of New York City towards Canada.

The rhythm of a song kept pace with the passing of the scenery. He was caught
up in the moment and didn't see the woman walking on the side of the road
until he was upon her. He looked in his side mirror as he passed her. She
looked tired so he turned his ride around and drove back to her. "Need a

The woman looked at him coyly but kept walking.

Logan kept pace with her slow stride and said, "I only ask once darlin'."

At that she stopped and took a deep breath, "I suppose I could ride with you
to the nearest town."

Wolverine didn't recall seeing an abandoned vehicle from where he came from
and she was walking in the same direction as he was traveling. He pulled out
a cigar stump and lit the end, "Where ya headin' darlin'?"

She mounted his hog, "Less talk and more action please."

He huffed, spun the tires in the gravel and off they went down the road. It
was a quiet and long journey to the next town. The song came back to his mind
as he again watched the scenery move around him. She had her arms wrapped
around his waist and quietly watched the same scenery. They both felt the
warmth of the summer air caress their bodies and the dip and sway of the road
beneath them. The lights of a town shone as the dusk gave way to evening. It
was a small place. The kind that you'd miss if you sneezed going by. On one
side of the road was a gas station and convenience store with a auto body
shop next door. The other side had a 10 room hotel and bar located
conveniently next door.

There were many different types of vehicles parked in front of the bar. The
sign on the bar indicated that it served food as well, although there was
something unappetizing about the name, the Lucky Hare. "Buy ya some dinner?"
Wolverine set the kickstand and settled his bike down for the night.

"Sure, thanks," she brushed her fingers through her tussled hair and brushed
the dust off her clothes.

They wordlessly walked into the bar/restaurant and sat down at a booth.
Presently a jovial teenage girl bounced up to the table and asked what they'd
have. "Should you be working' at a bar darlin'?" Logan was surprised that the
owner would allow someone under aged to work the place.

The girl smiled broadly, "My dad owns the place. I've worked here since I
could walk."

Wolverine nodded, "I'll have whatever beer you've got on tap." He looked to
his female companion.

She pursed her lips in thought a moment then said, "Just water, please."

"I'm buyin' darlin', have whatever you want."

"Ok, I'll have a slice of lime to go with my water then," she grinned at both
Logan and the waitress.

The girl bounced off to get their drinks.

Logan pulled a fresh cigar out of his shirt pocket and lit it. The smoke
curled up around his head like a drunken wreath. He looked over at the woman
over his hand, "You got a name darlin'?"

"Yes, I do," She smiled coyly, "And your name is?"

"Logan," He didn't like games and he sure didn't like cocky women. He
wondered if she was hiding something from him intentionally. Though, he
didn't know her, and a woman out on her own would have to be cautious. He
shrugged the annoyance off.

"Well Logan, it's a pleasure to meet you," She offered her hand, "It's not
everyday that I meet a genuine good Samaritan. It's nice to know that you
still exist."

Wolverine huffed, "I've been called many things darlin', but I wouldn't
exactly call me a good Samaritan."

"Angelique," Logan nodded his understanding as the waitress returned with
his beer and her water. The water had a lemon slice on the top.

The girl looked at Angelique apologetically, "Sorry ma'am, we didn't have a
lime. I hope this lemon is ok?"

"It is fine, thank you."

The girl smiled, "Are ya ready ta order?"

Logan said he only wanted beer. Angelique made her request, "I haven't had a
tuna salad in a long time."

After the girl left with their orders Logan and Angelique just scanned the
other patrons in the room. There were a couple of groups of people laughing
at old jokes and stories of fun times past. A few men were sitting alone
nursing heavy hearts with drink after drink. Some couples smiling at one
another just enjoying some time out together. The music consisted of various

There were animals of all kinds, peering at the patrons from the walls and
one armadillo lying on it's back guzzling a beer. Angelique shifted in her
seat to get a better look at one animal. It was a deer. The head was on one
side of the wall and the tail was on the other side. She raised her eyebrows
and took a drink of her water. Logan finished off his beer and watched as
the girl busied herself with the other tables. It looked like she was the
only waitress working and he though she was doing a great job of seeing to
everyone. As his eyes followed the busy teen he noted that Angelique was
watching him. He looked into her eyes and wondered what she was up to. She
smiled and took another drink of water. The waitress brought her salad and
she ate it quietly. Wolverine watched her with his curiosity piquing. She
didn't have any bags with her, not even a purse. He didn't see any vehicle
that was abandoned. Where did she come from and where was she going? Too
much didn't make sense.

And here she was just drinking water and having a salad? Wasn't she hungrier
than that? She looked very tired when he picked her up and she hadn't eaten
or drank anything until now. He shook his head and tried to forget the
questions that were rambling through his mind. Angelique finished her salad
and took one last drink of water. She smiled at Logan and brushed the napkin
across her lips, "Thank you very much. I was starving!"

Logan scoffed, "What do ya eat for a snack?"

She laughed and slid out of the booth, "I'm very tired, so I'm going to get
a room next door." Angelique cocked her head and looked at Logan, "If I don't
see you again I want to thank you now for your help. I really appreciate it."

She started off but Logan cleared his throat and she turned around. "It's
none a my business but, how are ya gonna pay for a room? You don't look like
you have any money on you."

"Oh, don't worry about that Mr. Logan. I'll get along just fine."

`Mr. Logan?' He didn't know weather to be annoyed or amused. He watched as
she turned and walked out of the place. The waitress came back over and he
ordered another beer. After five more beers and not much of a buzz, Logan
paid the tab and walked over to get his own room.

A grey haired man shambled out of a side room when Wolverine entered the
office, "Yer lucky young fella, I only have one room left. Fridays are always
our busiest nights you know."

Wolverine was curious, "Did you give a room to a woman a little while ago?
About five foot six with auburn hair and green eyes?"

The man rubbed his chin, "I don't recollect seein' anyone of that

"Nevermind, it's not important," Logan paid for his room up front, grabbed
his room key and left the office. He scanned the area for any signs of
Angelique. He sniffed the air then realized that he hadn't gotten her scent
before. `She didn't have a smell? What's goin' on here?' He entered his room
and was surprised at how tidy and clean it was. Not the dive he thought it
would be. After a trip to the bathroom he turned the lights off and flopped
on the bed. He awoke with a start and saw Angelique standing at the foot of
his bed, "What do ya want?" He was getting angry at this game, "I'd give ya
some money to get yer own room, but this was the last one."

"I know it is."

"Sorry darlin', I sleep alone tonight," He wasn't about to share his bed with
this woman. There was something strange going on and he didn't like it.

"I wasn't planning on sleeping here."

Wolverine was pissed now, "What the flamin' hell do ya want then?"

She shrugged and smiled at him, "You."

He narrowed his eyes, "Me, huh?" What did she want with him? Who sent her?
Was she an assassin? A mutant? That would explain the lack of a vehicle or
apparel, "Who do you work for?"

"No one," Angelique stood stock still and just stared at Logan. That made him
feel more uneasy. She seemed too confident. Too in control.

Logan huffed, "Get out."

She shook her head no, "Not until I get what I came for."

Wolverine growled, sat up and popped his claws, "You really want some of

She just stood there and smiled, "Not exactly."

Exasperated, he climbed out of bed and faced her, "Don't make me throw you

Angelique laughed and continued to smile at him, "Your so cute when your

Logan set his jaw, sheathed his claws and gathered up his clothes, "Fine, you
don't wanna leave, I will."

She shook her head no again, "You don't have to do that. I'll go. If you
really want me to." He gave her a look like she had grown 3 heads and
Angelique laughed again, "I love you Wolverine. I have since the first time
I saw you."

Logan felt like he had been gut punched by Sabretooth. He tried to recall
any memory of her and came up with nothing. How would she know him? Was she
following him? "Are you a mutant."

"Not exactly."

"I'm sick of these games. Start talkin' or get out. I'm not up ta company,"
He growled and tossed his things on a chair.

"No game, really. I just wanted a fuck from you is all," She said still
smiling, "But if you'd rather not, I can go away. It's up to you."

Wolverine could not believe this woman. A groupie? He had groupies??? He
snorted, found a cigar and sat down on the bed, "Let me get this straight.
You placed yourself somehow out on that road knowing that I would be coming
by, in hopes that I would pick you up and fuck you?"

"Basically, yes."

Logan didn't know what to say. He just started at her in utter amazement.

"Well?" She said, still standing in the same place and still smiling.

"Hell, why not," He patted the bed and she moved over and stood in front of
his legs.

Angelique reached around behind her and unfastened her bra. The garment
slipped slowly to the floor. Next she slowly bend over and began kissing his
head, forehead, eyes then brushed her lips softly against his. Before he
could kiss her back she moved down his neck kissing here and there. Kissed
his chest and around the nipples. Wolverine slid his hands up under her shirt
and massaged her breast. She moaned a little and continued to kiss him. She
followed his love trail down to his boxers then nuzzled his growing hard on
with her face, "Mmmmmmmmm, I've wanted this for a long time."

Logan pulled her up to him and kissed her hard. He could smell her want for
him now and the heady aroma spurred him on. As he kissed her and moved his
tongue inside her mouth she brushed over his balls and cock making him groan.

Her green eyes flashed as she pushed away from him slightly. Her hands
shifted his boxers and exposed his dancing dick. She nuzzled it with her
nose, circled the head with her lips then flicked his shaft with the tip of
her tongue, lightly back and forth. Wolverine was still cautious and wasn't
sure if it was a good idea to let this strange woman have access to his boys,
so he tried to pull her back up away from them again.

"It's alright, Logan," She smiled, "I won't hurt you." Angelique languidly
pulled her shirt over her head exposing her breast before him. Then she stood
and removed her pants, "See, I have nothing to hide from you. Trust me now?"

"No," Wolverine was shaken. Here was this nut trying to get him to make love
to her and here he was letting her. None of it made any sense.

She smiled at him and pushed him back against the bed, "Your thinking too
much Logan, just relax and let it happen."

Her mouth found his cock again and she continued to happily lick and suck it
as she gently massaged his balls. `What the hell,' Logan thought, `Nothin'
wrong with a casual fuck on the road, I guess.' He relaxed then and the waves
of pleasure engulfed him and he moaned a little.

She crawled up on the bed, straddled his hips and slid his hard on back and
forth over her soft moist box, "There now, feeling better?"

"Almost," He growled and pushed her gently over on her back.

He was on top then and now he was feeling the hunger for sex. Logan pinned
her arms down and kissed her hard. She responded by pushing her groin against
his and moaning. He let her arms go, flipped her over, pulled her hips up and
mounted her, ramming his now fully erect penis deep inside her. Angelique
cried out and bucked her hips back against his forceful thrusts. They
continued to fuck and moan for a while then Logan pulled out and knocked her
over on her back. She wrapped her legs up around his waist and he shoved
himself back inside her. His back arched and tensed with every forceful
stroke as he neared orgasm. She pulled him tightly to her as hers approached
as well. She grabbed his butt and pulled hard making him come deep inside
her. He grunted as his seed was expelled and she dug her fingers tighter into
his firm flesh as she came. They both sighed with the release and she looked
at him with a smile, "So Mr. Logan. Is it true what I've heard about your
healing factor?"

"Every bit of it's true, darlin'," He said with a wink as his dick began to
harden again.

After the ensuing nightlong fuck fest, they both showered and clothed. As
they walked outside she gave him a kiss and smiled, "Thank you, Logan. That
was more than I ever dreamed it would be."

"No problem, darlin'," He said as he walked to his bike, "Need a lift

"No," She said as a pair of white feathered wings seemed to appear from

"Thought you said you weren't a mutant."

"I'm not, exactly," Angelique smiled coyly again.

"An angel?" Logan scoffed.

"Not exactly," She said then pumped her wings and rose off the ground,
"Thanks again." She blew him a kiss and flew off back the way they had come.

Logan watched her fly away and wondered about what had just happened, "Oh
well," He mumbled as he mounted his bike, kicked it off the stand and drove
off down the road. A familiar song entered his mind as he watched the scenery
around him.

The End


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