Yah, I know, I've read the "not tonight dear, I've got a headache" posts, but
I just couldn't resist... ;-)

Okay people, if you've read "X-otica" or "Back to Eden", you know what's
coming (so to speak...) Plenty of playful sex between the characters with
absolutely no violence, angst or even much of a plot to muddy things up...
you all know the drill... if you don't like this type of story, get out now!

I consider this story to be rated NC-17 (this is my final warning)

Legalese: All characters copyright of Ten Thirteen Productions and Chris
Carter... No infringement is intended... and so on and so forth... and
justice for all...

"Plot? We don't need no stinking plot!" -- The Dragon

X-Files: 31 Flavors (M/F)
by Rosie Passanisi

And to think that this all started over a simple bowl of ice cream... ;-)

* * *

Dana watched as Fox's tongue swirled invitingly over a spoonful of ice cream,
his eyes never leaving the TV set.

Here it was Friday night; it had been a long, hard week at work and here he
was in her apartment... just the two of them... watching television and
eating ice cream. Well, she thought, enough of this. Slowly sliding her arm
along the back of the couch behind him, she leaned over to whisper in his

The warmth of her breath on his neck caused him to shiver slightly, but
still he kept his eyes on the screen. As she began to talk softly, his eyes
widened, the spoonful of ice cream halfway to his mouth now completely

Her hand came off the back of the couch to weave its way through his hair
as she continued to relate in explicit detail just what she had in mind for
him. Fully focused on Dana's voice, Fox was completely oblivious as the ice
cream began dripping off the spoon and onto his upper thigh.

Dana drew back slightly, one side of her mouth quirked up in a small grin
which broke out in a full-fledged smile as she noticed the growing stain on
the front of his jeans. With a mischievous look, she reached down with a
finger and scooped up the ice cream, bringing it to her lips.

Mesmerised, Fox watched as she seductively licked it off her fingers, her
eyes dark with invitation.

Plucking the spoon from his nerveless fingers, she dropped it in the bowl
then took it from his hands to place it on the table in front of them.
Getting to her feet, she tugged once on his shirt, bringing him quickly up
to stand beside her. She slid her hands longingly down his arms to take his
hands in hers. "Come play with me," she whispered seductively, as she led
him to the bedroom.

As they entered the room, Dana turned to hug him, pressing her warm body
against his. She brought his head down to kiss him passionately, thrusting
her tongue into his mouth suggestively. As he returned her kiss, he pulled
her closer and she could feel his arousal pressing against her. Her hands
moved to the waistband of his pants to pull his shirt free, and deftly
undoing the buttons, slid it off his shoulders, letting it fall to the
floor. She rained small kisses across his chest, running her fingers over
the hardened peaks of his nipples, before moving behind him. Sliding her
hands around his waist, he gasped when she ran her tongue up his spine. As
she began to loosen his belt, she rose up on tiptoe to whisper in his ear,
"Time for my dessert."

Fox groaned with relief as Dana unzipped his pants, pulling them down along
with his boxer shorts. Walking around to face him again, she backed him up
against the bed, pushing him down as she knelt over him.

Removing the rest of his clothing, she drew back slightly to gaze down
hungrily at his body. Her hands began moving across his chest and down his
side touching his smooth, firm skin with confident familiarity. Reaching up
over him, she opened the drawer of the nightstand pulling out a silk tie,
smiling slighty at the gleam of anticipation that lit Fox's eyes. Tying his
hands to the bedpost with a loose knot, she watched as he effortlessly
pulled free, grinning at her. With a loud sigh, she tried again, making
sure that the knots were tighter this time, the silk snug against his skin.

Smiling at him, Dana stepped away from the bed, quickly undressing. Fox's
eyes glittered as he stared, watching her every move with unconcealed
delight. Pulling another tie from the drawer she expertly blindfolded him.
Moving back over him she leaned forward, taking his fingers one by one into
her mouth, licking and sucking; feeling him shudder beneath her.

Her lips moved down his arm, tasting the slight saltiness of his skin as
she nipped at the sensitive underside of his upper arm. Running her hands
over his body, she felt him jerk as she hit a particularly sensitive spot.
She stroked him possessively, almost purring her pleasure as his body moved
restlessly under her touch.

Brushing her mouth over his, she teasingly nibbled on his lower lip, the
little sound of excitement he made deep in the back of his throat all the
encouragement she needed. Her mouth covered his and her tongue swept inside
to taste, stroke and drive him wild. She kissed him with wild abandon,
holding nothing back and demanding the same of him.

Fox's body was on fire, every nerve in his body throbbing with desire. When
he felt Dana shift her body to curve down the length of him, pressing her
breasts against the hot skin of his chest, he moaned against her mouth.
Longing streaked through him as he buried his tongue in the softness of her
mouth just as he wanted to bury his body, hard and throbbing, into the
moist warmth of hers.

Dragging his lips from hers, he growled, "I want you!" His voice was almost
raw with need. "Take me inside."

Breathing hard, Dana pulled back to look at him. There was a fine sheen of
sweat covering his skin and as she watched, he took in a shuddering breath,
its strength vibrating through the entire length of his body. She felt her
own body echoing the tremors that shook his, wanting him just as much as he
wanted her.

Straddling his waist, she leaned forward to pull off the blindfold,
wanting... no, needing to see his eyes. The hot, hungry look she saw there
caused her breath to catch in her throat.

Her eyes never left his searing gaze as she slowly moved up and back,
lowering herself on top of him until he was fully embedded inside her. The
pleasure was exquisite as she squeezed her eyes shut and let out a low

Fox answered her with a groan of his own as he felt himself surrounded by
her. He moved his hips restlessly, but Dana pressed down on him, whispering
in a commanding voice, "Don't move."

She leaned forward and they both groaned in unison at the surge of pleasure
that her movement caused. "Not yet..." she breathed, tremors running through
her as she fought for control. As she stretched up over him to grip the
headboard, she heard a strangled growl come from beneath her. She meant to
tease him, rotating her pelvis slightly, but gasped loudly as the torturous
movement affected her as well.

Her breasts were level with his face and Fox took advantage of the situation
by lifting his head to take her nipple into his mouth.

Dana cried out as a jolt of pleasure shot through her. Her body jerked as
he sucked hard on the sensitive peak. She pulled back, saying breathlessly,
"No fair... you moved."

He looked up at her unapologetically, his eyes glittering intensely in the
light. In a voice rough with passion, he growled, "All's fair, Dana..." as
he thrust his hips up, fully embedding himself inside her once again.
Pressing his head back against the pillow, he closed his eyes moaning his
pleasure as he felt her squeeze around him, missing the devilish gleam that
suddenly appeared in Dana's eyes.

He moved against her, feeling himself build, but each time he came close to
the edge, she'd raise up, allowing him no release. He pulled against the
ties, his body writhing as she continued to taunt him with the power she
held over his body, which was now totally in her control.

Suddenly she lifted herself off him completely, moving back to kneel before
him. Eyes wide, Fox's mouth opened but no sound came out. Trying again, he
managed to croak out, "Dana, please."

"All's fair, Fox..." she whispered before reaching up to gently stroke his

Fox was too busy shuddering to think coherent thoughts. He had lost the
will to do more than move in response to what Dana was making him feel. Her
slow erotic movements were making him crazy. When she took him into her
mouth, he felt as though his heart had burst in his chest.

And still she kept him on the edge. Fox felt a hot rush of ecstasy as she
stroked him with her mouth, her tongue swirling over the tip in slow,
teasing motions until he actually started to believe that a person could
actually die from too much pleasure.

"Dana... now, now..." he whimpered; the frustration and desperation
apparent in his voice.

She relented, fastening her lips around him; sucking hard, causing him to
moan loudly. His moans grew louder until finally, with a cry he exploded in
her mouth.

Licking her lips, Dana raised her head. With a slightly cocky smile, she
waited patiently for Fox to recover, feeling quite pleased with herself.
She continued to watch him until he finally opened his eyes. Leaning
forward, she kissed him, stroking the side of his face lovingly.

"You moved." She said softly.

"So spank me," he said with a lopsided grin on his face. His smile faded as
he realized she was seriously contemplating his suggestion. Looking at her
warily, he watched as she moved purposely off to his side.

Putting a hand on his hip, Dana pulled hard flipping him onto his stomach.
Immediately she moved back over him to straddle his thighs, anchoring him
to the bed.

His face pressed into the pillow, she heard his muffled protest. "Hey, it's
my turn."

"Not yet."

Fox looked over his shoulder at her, trying to gauge her intentions. He
nervously licked his lips and cleared his throat as she silently watched
him. He tensed when she put a hand on his buttocks, but then relaxed as she
began to lightly caress him.

The stinging slap that came next took him by surprise and he jerked,
pulling hard on the ties.

Twisting his head back, he captured her eyes with a deep, intense stare.
Dana smiled impishly as she heard him say, "Oh... you're going to pay for
that one."

She ran her hands over his buttocks again, watching Fox's eyes narrow
suspiciously. They then moved slowly up his spine, the featherlight touches
of her fingertips teasing his skin, making him shiver. Her hands came to
rest on his shoulders as she leaned over him to whisper seductively into
his mouth, "Promises, promises..."

His eyes darkened as he watched her reach up to untie his hands before
moving to kneel beside him. Rolling over, Fox groaned as he brought his
arms down to unravel the ties from his wrists.

He looked up at Dana, her face calm, as she gazed steadily at him. He
returned her gaze with an intensity which made her shiver as he ran his
eyes possessively over her body. Reaching up, he drew the silken tie over
her lips and down over the smooth column of her throat, watching in
satisfaction as a tremor ran through her body. "Come here... kiss me...",
he demanded. "It's my turn now..."

"Who ever said you get a turn?" Dana suddenly grinned mischievously and
slid off the bed. Without another word, she picked up her bathrobe and
walked from the room.

Fox peeked around the corner, a predatory look on his face as he watched
her sit down on the couch and pick up a magazine from the table in front of
her. As he continued to watch her, an idea formed in his mind, bringing a
wicked smile to his face.

Watching for him out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly felt a hot, wet
kiss on her ankle. Peeking over the magazine, she saw a mop of brown hair
at her feet. As she watched, he slowly began to kiss his way up her leg.
Fox felt her shiver of pleasure as he kissed and licked behind her knee in
what he knew was, for her, an especially sensitive area. Her robe was tied
with a loose bow, and gripping it in his teeth, pulled it free with a quick
yank. He continued inching his way upward, his hands gently pulling the
robe open; stopping only briefly to take the magazine from her unresisting
hands and toss it carelessly aside. Sensuously sliding his hands over her
thighs, he slowly spread her legs apart.

Dana gazed down at the top of his head, a small smile touching her lips as
her gaze moved lower, admiring the lean, taut muscles of his back. She lay
back against the cushions with a soft sigh, delighting in his touch. Her
breath caught as his lips traced a path along her inner thigh, lightly
nipping the sensitive skin. Shifting restlessly in anticipation, she felt
his hands move to her hips to hold her still. When he suddenly pressed a
hot kiss on the very core of her, she gasped, arching her back in pleasure.
Her hands came down to tangle in his hair in an attempt to direct his

But he would have none of that. Reaching up, he pulled her hands away,
pinning them to her sides. She pressed her hips forward, deliberately
trying to get a little more of the sweet sensation. Pulling her hands
together in front of her, he deftly covered both wrists with one of his
hands; holding them tight as he turned around to pick up the bowl of
half-melted ice cream.

"Time for me to finish my dessert..."

Fox leisurely dribbled the ice cream between her breasts and down over her
stomach. She twitched at the cold, but he held her wrists firmly in her
lap, effectively holding her in place. "Now you don't move."

She flashed him a playful smile; searching his eyes. "Or what?"

"Or I'll be the one doing the spanking..."

Her wide grin turned into a loud gasp as he began licking his way down her
body. Fox felt her response in her trembling body, hearing her moan as her
eyes closed, the lids dropping suddenly at the flood of desire that coursed
through her body at his touch...

He relished his dessert; over and over dropping spoonfuls of the cold
creamy treat across her front and then savoring her reactions. Her body
squirmed as she tried to pull her hands free; the sensuous movements of her
hips making an urgent appeal to him.

"Fox..." She pleaded, a hint of desperation in her voice.

"Not yet." He told her softly, the moist warmth of his breath tantalizing
between her breasts. She suddenly realized that he was going to finish the
entire bowl of ice cream...

"Good things come to those who wait, Dana..." She glared down at him,
unamused as he continued to spread his dessert across her; following close
behind with his tongue.

With a delighted grin Fox licked the sticky sweetness from between her
breasts, kissing her stomach, playing with her nipples; flicking his tongue
in and around her navel... driving her crazy with his teasing playfulness.
He wanted to devour her, inch by delicious inch. He heard her cry out when
he suddenly dipped his head lower, the taste of her mixed with the ice
cream a heady aphrodesiac.

He continued to make love to her with his mouth as she moaned her pleasure,
thrusting and squirming against him. Unexpectedly, he pulled away; lifting
his head to look at her with a smirk of pure male satisfaction on his face.
Panting hard, her eyes glazed with passion, she looked down at him in

In a slightly hoarse voice he said, "Tit for tat, Dana."

Trembling, she swallowed hard. "If I apologise now," she whispered, "will
you continue?"

Without a word, he lowered his head once again., his tongue, warm and wet,
circling and flicking with deliberate strength over her. She cried out
against the sudden heat that exploded through her body; his mouth moving
hot and demanding against her softness as waves of sensation flowed through

Fox felt her build, her body tensing as she flew higher and higher, and
this time he took her to the edge... and then beyond. He heard her gasp and
cry out his name, her body shuddering with release as he continued to move
with her until she was completely spent.

Raising his head, his eyes alight with love and perhaps a bit of arrogant
satisfaction, Fox patiently waited for Dana to recover. At that moment, he
was feeling rather pleased with himself... and also wondering which flavor
to try next...

* * *

Dana tenderly looked down at Fox's sleeping head resting comfortably on her
chest as she lightly ran her fingers through his hair. She shifted slightly
on the couch, reaching down to pull her robe over the two of the them.

Catching sight of the empty bowl beside them, a small smile played on her
lips as the thought drifted through her mind that the creative uses for ice
cream were endless... especially when your partner was Fox Mulder. Stifling
a yawn, she closed her eyes, her mind and body wonderfully relaxed. Just
before she drifted off she thought she heard him mumble, "Mmm... 31
flavors... and it's still my turn..."

FIN :-)


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