X-Files: Agent Dana "Knockout" Scully (FF,bond,catfight,humil,viol)
by Tobias ([email protected])

Scully stalked the assassin till she reached a seedy bar on the outskirts of
downtown. She knew that if she wanted to bust Helga Svelgen once and for all,
this would be the place. Scully walked into the bar and carefully let her
trained eye follow the super assassin mingle with her buddies.

The redheaded agent sat non descript at a nearby booth. The waitress came up
to her and asked her what she would like. Scully smiled politely and ordered
a virgin bloody mary. She was not going to drink on the job. The waitress
left a bit concerned. No one came to this bar and ordered non alcoholic
stuff. Scully sat down paying close attention to what was going on at Helga's
booth. Helga mingled with her friends. All of them were women. One of them
seemed very familiar. Scully searched her mind for that voice.

As the waitress poured the drink, she realized that the redhead she could be
serving could be a cop, or worse!! With all the drug dealers all around, that
could not be a good thing. She did'nt know what to do. She quickly searched
the drawer under the counter she was preparing the drink. She could find no
drugs to knock the agent out. She decided her tray would have to do the

The waitress put the drink down. Scully thanked her. "Would you like a smoke
or something?" asked the waitress trying to get some sort of conversation

Scully realized that she must look out of place and said she would indeed
like some Morley's if possible. The waitress pulled a pack out of her apron
and offered Scully a smoke. Scully pulled the cigarette out with her teeth,
her attention focussed on Helga's table. As the waitress lit the cigarette.
She realized that Scully was looking at Helga's table. She quickly grabbed
the tray from the corner and swung it in an arc toward Scully's face.

THUNK! went the tray as it's corner made contact with Scully's jaw. Scully
moaned in pain as her lips lost grip on the cigarette and her mind with her
senses. Her eyes shut as her head hit the table lifelessly. The bloody mary
spilled on the table due to the force her lifeless head made contact with
the table.

Scully's head rested on the table. This was the first time she was knocked
out on this case. It wasnt unusual for her to get KO'ed though. The waitress
put her hand on Scully's shoulder and pushed her over onto her side. The
cigarette still hanging from Scully's slack lips, the waitress saw the gun
in Scully's vest. She reached for it looked at it. She then reached for
Scully's wallet. The undercover part of Scully's assignment had ended.

The waitress took the gun and wallet to Helga who was her old friend. "She's
the fed thats been tailing you!" she said to Helga.

Helga smiled almost maniacally. She got up off her booth and walked to the
unconscious Scully. She pulled her up by the hair and looked at her bloody
mary soaked face. "She's a pretty bitch is'nt she?" she asked.

Helga wanted to take care of this. She pulled Scully by the hair and dragged
her to the floor. Scully fell to the dirty floor with no resistance. Helga
tied Scully's arms behind her. She pulled her up to a bar stool and let her
sit. She then tore open the special agent's shirt just enough to reveal her
bra and cleavage.

"She'll come around," she said to the waitress. Helga lit a cigarette. She
smoked it and pondered what she would do the the agent when she came around.
On finishing the cigarette, she stubbed it and let it rest in Scully's
cleavage. Scully was slowly drifting into the land of the awake.

She opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was Helga in front of her.
She tried to move but felt her hands tied behind her.

"Scully! you're awake!" said Helga after reading her name off the wallet.

Scully swallowed her saliva. She was a bit scared. "Let me go you bitch!"
said Scully. "You don't know how much trouble you're in!" she said.

"Trouble? Hahah!" responded Helga. "Look at you bitch, you're in my
territory. I'm in no trouble whatsoever!!" she said back to Scully.
"In fact, I want to decide who should fuck you and how!" said Helga
and pointed to her squad of butch lesbians who she was talking to.
Scully recognized one of them as Agent Reyes. She had infiltrated the
gang in a much better way than Scully. It hurt her pride.

"What do we do with her?" said Helga. Scully looked panicky. Agent Reyes
had an idea. She lit a stogie and walked up to Scully. She ran her nose
along Scully's cleavage. Scully was confused but greatly aroused. As
Reyes kept undercover, she turned around and said aloud what she had
thought since she had met Scully.

"This chick is so damn slutty. Is that her name? Slutty?" she laughed. She
chomped on the stogie. Scully silently looked on at her captors.

The other lesbians came and felt Scully up. One of them walked up to Scully
and put her hands on Scully's small and firm breats. Scully had nowhere to
look but up. She moaned in pleasure but tried to fight it off. Helga laughed
aloud and screamed, "Slut!"

Everyone laughed. Reyes was afraid that they were going to knock Scully out
and do something nasty to her. She walked up behind Scully and put the stogie
burning end up in Scully's fingers. She then said, "Smoke that you slut!" to

Scully's face suddenly lit up. She used the stogie to burn away the rope
as she was being groped. No one noticed the smell as it was hidden in the
various stenches that the bar had.

"Everyone out! I want to deal with her in my own way" screamed Helga.

As everyone was leaving. Scully put on her most stern expression. Helga sat
down on Scully's lap with her legs open. She faced the super agent and pulled
her hair. She pulled till Scully's faced skyward. She then licked Scully's
pouty full lips. Scully used her might and tore the ropes open at that very
time and pushed Helga away. Helga crashed onto the floor surprised. Scully
quickly got up and kicked Helga in the ribs. Helga groaned in pain and then
smiled. She loved good old catfights.

Scully quickly scanned the room for her gun. It was nowhere in sight. Scully
hated catfights. There were hardly any fights in memory she remembered that
she had ended up on top. She quickly picked up a beer bottle that she saw and
broke it on the bar. Scully thne pointed that at Helga.

Helga got up off the ground. "What you want me to be scared?" she asked.
She then rushed Scully. The bottle was still well in Scully's grip as she
fell to the floor with Helga on top of her. As Helga was on top of her, she
cut Helga in the arm. Helga screamed and slapped Scully in the face. Scully
gyrated her hip violently. The movement threw Helga off of Scully. Scully
reached for whatever was on top of the table. She found a plastic pitcher.
She grabbed it and rushed Helga.

Helga looked a little concerned. Scully swung the pitcher at Helga's face.
Helga fell to her back in pain. Scully wielded the pitcher. She swung it
again at Helga's temple. It made contact again. Helga grunted and fell
silent. Scully couldnt believe she had knocked out one of the strongest

She reached for her hand cuffs. She put them on one of Helga's hands. Helga
was lying on her stomach when she quickly rolled over before Scully could
cuff the other hand. She then got up and swung the loose end of the cuff at
Scully. It hit Scully in the lip and opened a cut. Scully kicked Helga in
the stomach. Helga bent over then swung the cuff at Scully's crotch. It hit
and Scully fell down to the floor in pain. Just then Agent Reyes broke in.
She saw Scully on the floor and Helga's ass facing her. She quickly jumped
Helga. Helga fell to the floor. Reyes punched the assassin in the back of
her neck. That was too much for Helga and she went limp.

There was silence in the room for a second. Reyes pulled the inert assassin's
arms behind her and closed the cuff.

Scully panted and looked at Reyes and then the fallen assassin. "What about
the others?" asked Scully.

"They're getting rounded up right now," responded Reyes.

* * *

Reyes radioed in the remote unit. They would be there in 20 minutes or so.
"You want to button up your shirt Scully?" she said to the special agent.
Scully looked at her shirt. "Agent Reyes, you could be a little more
respectful!" said Scully.

"When did you start smoking?" asked Reyes to Scully alluding to the cigarette
she found in the slack lips of the agent after she had been knocked out.

"What's it to you?" said Scully. Reyes had enough of Scully.

She threw Scully's wallet to her. "Here!" she said.

Scully bent over to pick it up. Reyes looked at her watch. The team still had
a good few minutes left before they showed up. They would show up and Scully
would get all the accolades again. Reyes didn't like what would happen. She
reached for the tray that had sent Scully into slumber the last time.

Scully buttoned up her shirt as Reyes walked up behind her and smashed the
tray on her neck. Scully's eyes squinted in pain and her knees buckled. She
crashed to the dirty floor unconcsious. The tray had a few cigarettes on it
from after when Scully was sent to unconsciousness before. They all scattered
around the fallen super agent. Two of them wedged themselves in her cleavage.
Reyes looked at her small tits and laughed as she lit a smoke.

"The boys can fuck her till the morning," laughed Reyes and kicked Scully
over onto her ass. She tit hoisted Scully and threw her in the corner of a
booth. Scully fell in with no resistance. Her head rested against the wall.
Reyes pointed her head toward the ceiling. Scully's unresisting arms rested
by her sides. She tore up her blouse a little more and then emptied every
ashtray in the vicinity in her cleavage.

The remote team showed up a few minutes later. They picked up Helga. She
would have a hard time in jail. Reyes ordered the captain of that team to
take care of Scully. The captain showed up at the booth and didn't know how
to react. "She get knocked out again?" she asked Reyes.

Reyes nodded again. "They used the slut as an ashtray. Fifteen lesbians and
pretty much everyone in the bar has seen this bitch naked." she told the

The captain shook her head. "Wonder why she's such a fucking legend!"

She stepped aside to find something to wrap Scully in before the rest of the
unit saw her. She wrapped the redheaded legend in an FBI blanket and carried
her in her arms to the nearest FBI vehicle.

Reyes got in the truck that was to transport the assassin. The captain
decided that she would have some fun. The captain put her hand through all
the cigarette butts and felt Scully's nice round breasts. Scully moaned in
pleasure. The captain felt up Scully and video taped it with the FBI camera
in the back of her car.

Scully began to stir. The captain immediately stopped.

"Wha..what happened?" asked Scully.

"It's a long story," said the captain as she offered the super agent a smoke.

"You got knocked out!" she told Scully.

"Again?" asked Scully.

"Yeah, but you'll be fine. No one knows that you were out." assured the

* * *

As the captain drove Scully home, she called her subordinates and told them
that they should lose all respect for the agent because she was one of the
horniest sluts that she had ever met. She had a tape to prove how easily
Scully was aroused.


Scully was given an award by higher ups for capturing Helga but her peers
and juniors just thought of her as a knockout sex machine. Scully's time at
the FBI just kept getting harder by the minute.


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