X-Files: Alien Invasion (MF,mc,ncon)
by CoStarRed ([email protected])

"It'll be a good time. This is the event we've been waiting for."

Scully let out an exasperated breath. Mulder's words still echoed in her head
as she struggled to climb out of the mud bog she had stumbled into. The air
around her was stagnant and the trees were bare and cold. It had been over
five minutes since she last saw Mulder and she had not heard a friendly noise
since. Her flashlight had died and her overcoat was back in the car. She had
tried to convince herself that high heel boots would probably not be the best
apparel for a stroll through the woods for supposed alien spaceships, and now
she was even more won over as she continued to have trouble crawling over
fallen timbers and through soft earth. The truth was she had been rushed and
did not have time to change. That was obvious from her skirt and blouse,
which were even less appropriate for the conditions and climate. They were
her work clothes, not suitable for field investigation through swamplands
trying to find E.T.

"It'll be a good time Scully, it'll be a good time." She continued to mumble
the words over and over as she wandered aimlessly through the trees, her
green eyes surveying the foreign land.

This was the last way she wanted to spend a Friday night, even if it was with
Mulder. Her relationship with him was strange, to best describe it, but it
seemed as though there was some form of chemistry there. Sometimes she wished
she could just come out to him, explain how she felt for him, but she was too
afraid. Afraid of how he might react. Afraid of what would happen with their
relationship. Afraid of what would happen with her job. But it had been so
long since she had been with someone. So long since she felt romantic with
someone and they felt it back. So long since she felt someone inside of her.

"Knock it off, Dana." She said to herself. "This is the last place you should
be thinking about sexual gratification. You should be thi-."

She suddenly tumbled forward, tripping over a fallen branch and into a puddle
from the rain the previous night. The water seemed to have a weird feel about
it, and an almost chemical smell. But she ignored it in place of the other
problem. She was completely drenched to the bone. The thin material of her
blouse had been losing the battle with the cold all night, and now it was
completely defeated as it clung to her bra and skin like a dense fog.
Goosebumps formed unyieldingly across her flesh and she blushed as she felt
her nipples harden. She recovered and got back to her feet, and she found she
was now barefoot. Her heels must have fallen off during the fall, but it was
impossible to tell in the dark. She did not have time for such trivial
matters. She could buy new heels. She brushed the mud and twigs off her
skirt, and then off her chest, but that just seemed to stoke the rising fires
of her almost dormant sexuality. Any feel or touch seemed to release a
feeling of ecstasy. She felt light headed, but shook out of it.

"Jesus, Dana, get yourself together." Her voice was shaky, as if she did not
even trust her own words. And why should she? Her body had already betrayed
her, reacting completely inappropriate when she fell in the puddle...that
strange puddle. She took a deep breath and crept on.

She had barely cared about finding the flying saucer or the little green men
Mulder was looking for, and now she did not care at all. She just wanted to
be home, take a shower and go to bed. That was when she decided that as soon
as she found Mulder she was putting her foot down and leaving that instant,
aliens or no aliens. But as she moved forward, the cold air against her wet
skin and clothes seemed to poison her mind, completely drowning any logical
thought. She could not even think straight. It was a feeling of a blissful
high; she could not scientifically explain it. She hated that.

She could barely keep her balance, so she supported herself against a nearby
tree. All she wanted was to recover her breath, but she got something much
more. She felt her left hand rub her stomach gently, and then move up to her
chest. It was strange however; it felt like a completely foreign hand. But
sure enough it was hers, her own hand deceiving her. Acting seemingly at its
own accord. At its own will. It rubbed both breasts through the fabric of her
blouse and bra, but seeming to not find enough satisfaction, it snuck inside
her shirt. Her eyes were gently closed, and a soft exhale escaped her lips.
It rubbed the bare flesh of her damp breasts above the bra, and gave them
both a less than gentle squeeze.

She let out a coo, a moan, and did not stop.

A button popped off her blouse, leaving a hole in the front of her shirt. For
part of her, it was just more access to the hidden fruits of her body. But
for another part of her it was like a signal going off in her head. With her
right hand she struggled to pry her left hand off of herself. She ripped her
eyes open, barely remembering anything that had just occurred.

"What is happening?" Her thought rang out, a cloud from her breath escaping
into the cold air around her. "Think back Dana, think!"

She retraced her steps in her mind. Leaning against the tree. Groping through
the brush. Falling in that bizarre puddle-. That weird puddle made up of the
strange composites. It felt almost like a gel, not water. It must be the
reason for his less than normal behavior. She had to find that puddle again.

"The puddle has must have had chemicals that triggered my pheromones. I'm a
doctor. I know these thingsssss.". The thought was foggy in her head and the
words sounded wrong and slurred. But she stumbled back the way she came.

She had no real recollection of the way she had come, but any chance of
finding her way was cut off when a bright light suddenly exploded in the sky
before her. It hovered directly overhead, silently. She sheltered her eyes
from the intensity, and realized that its power was so great it had knocked
her on her butt. She felt hazy again. Lightheaded. She felt as though she
could pass out. Suddenly a thought entered her head. It wasn't hers. It came
from somewhere else. Someone else. But for some reason, her thought or not,
she listened to it. And she did what it told her.

Be at Peace.

Already on the ground, she laid back, arms at her sides, completely
vulnerable. She was exhausted and the soft grass felt relaxing and inviting.
She could have drifted off into an intoxicating slumber.

Then she saw it. A foot. It came up slowly, accompanied by a second. It had
only three toes and it was unfamiliar shade of gray; an unsettling shade of
gray. But she was not afraid. She was told not to be afraid in her mind. And
once more she obeyed the command.


It was an alien. The thoughts in her mind were that of this alien. It was
speaking with her. Communicating. She gazed up at it, standing only 4 feet
high, long gray arms with long appendages. Its large head had two black
eyes, which made a suction sound when it blinked. It had a small slit for
a mouth, which never moved. Everything was telepathic.

It in fact was not an "it," but rather a he. She realized that when she saw
the organ hanging from between his legs. And for the first time in awhile,
she felt uncomfortable.


Another message invaded her mind, coating it with fake hope. Nonetheless,
she listened. Her arms returned to her sides and her head rested back on the
ground. The alien kneeled next to her, examining her from head to toe. He
extended one of his long arms out, his hand grazing the side of her face,
rubbing her cheek sensually. He tilted his head, running a finger across her
lips, on her chin and caressed her neck gently. A shudder ran through Scully,
her whole body quivering. A message pried itself into the depths of her
psyche. It seemed slightly annoyed. She felt her body shut down again, a calm
draining it of any resistance to this alien.

Give up.

The alien's touch seemed more distant, but she knew as his hand lowered down
to her chest. With an outstretched finger it encircled her left nipple, which
poked sharply through her clothes. He groped it, and made the motions of
rubbing it. A moan escaped Dana's lips.

Don't resist.

He related the message, harshly. The alien further corrected her. It squeezed
hard on her breast. He seemed aggravated with her "rebellious" behavior, and
even more aggravated with her clothes. His head tilted, his eyes blinking,
echoing the suction noise quietly. He leaned forward, only a foot away from
her face. She could hear it softly take air in and exhale it, the same
moments as her lungs did. Their bodies seemed to be on rhythm with each
other. It was a sort of harmony. Maybe even a trance.

His finger ran back up her neck, shaping itself along her jaw before pressing
against her lips. It intruded her mouth, where it met her tongue, which
curled about his long appendage willingly. She did not understand why or how
she did it, but her tongue acted without tolerance from her mind. But
somewhere deep down, she knew something was wrong, something in the depths of
her subconscious informed her. The message just took longer to receive than
normal. Her eyes slipped open, seeing the alien only inches away. She was
startled, and bit down accidentally on his finger. The alien lurched back, a
bizarre scream rupturing from its lungs.


He stared down at her appalled, his thin chest heaving violently. His hand
shook and returned to his side. His head swayed from side to side, eyes
narrowing. A noise came from his mouth, a clicking sound, and before she
knew it he leapt on top of her, straddling her at the waist. She struggled
against him, but the scrawny alien easily overpowered her in her weakened
state. Her head pounded with foreign thoughts and chemicals. Her muscles
were tired. He pressed both of her arms against the ground above her head.
She tried to look away from his face, which was just inches from her own,
but a thought invaded her head.

Give yourself up.

Her actions slowed, and her resistance lessened. Her body was losing the
battle. After a lapse of time he released his ironclad grip of her wrist,
which ached above her head. She was free again. Nonetheless, her arms
remained stationary. There was a paralysis in them, her mind telling her
they were as heavy as lead. Realizing this, the alien now focused his
attention further down. Both hands swept across her torso, over the mounds
of her breasts and down to her flat stomach. He studied the fabric silently,
following it to where it was tucked into her skirt. He untucked it, but
seemed discontent with the lack of results. He made the clicking sounds with
his mouth again, which now seemed to express aggravation. His interest peaked
again when he found the spot where the button had popped off earlier. Exposed
skin peeked out seductively from hole. Slipping both hands inside the gap, he
split her blouse apart. Buttons flew in all directions, and the fabric was
flung to the sides. Cold air rushed at her now exposed skin, dancing like
needles across her exposed flesh. Fresh goose bumps formed and her nipples
and aureoles hardened to the point of pain. Every inch of her body felt
sensitive to the air around her as the cold and wet reacted with each other.
The alien tilted forward, a hand groping her left breast through the material
of the bra. The intricate pattern of flowers on the cup of the bra, designed
with high standards and appreciated by so many women, including Scully, went
completely unappreciated as the alien pulled the cup off her body without a
second glance. Her tit popped out, bouncing about softly in its new freedom.
The alien made another sound, different from the clicking sound made earlier.


The contemplation appeared before her through the fog in her mind. It sounded
right to her. Her head tilted back, and the alien began nuzzling her exposed
breast. He rubbed his cheek against the soft, perfect skin, until his mouth
met the nipple. The small slit for his mouth opened wide, nearly engulfing
her entire breast whole. His cheeks caved-in as he began sucking on her tit,
his narrow tongue dancing at the tip of her nipple, flicking it back and
forth. Scully felt a warming sensation beginning to arise in her face, a
flash of heat going through her head. The alien continued to suck at her
breast, groping the other with his elongated hand.


Scully arched her back as the warming sensation lowered itself down to her
chest, to her stomach, never leaving the places it had been. The alien sucked
harder and harder at her tit, her breast softening, and her nipple loosening.


Her whole body heaved upward, the warming sensation continuing to fill her
whole body. A feeling of bliss flourished in her. It grew rapidly. The heat
lowered further down her stomach and invaded her pelvis. She felt on fire.
The cold was completely absent around her. The alien continued to work on
her chest, his saliva glistening on her skin. His other hand had quietly
snuck under the other cup of her bra, and danced lightly across her nipple.
He seemed to be teasing her with excruciating skill. Her breasts felt ready
to explode. She couldn't take it much longer. She needed to be relinquished.
Released. She needed it now. She couldn't take it any longer!


The alien's thought roared through her mind as a wave of cool relief crashed
down upon her. It tore through her body, starting at her head and all the way
down to legs. It tingled her fingers and toes. She felt her breast suddenly
give way simultaneously, liquid rupturing from out of it. He had made her
lactate. He had sucked her tit until she gave milk. He had stolen something
from her. He had made her orgasm. All of it was against her will.

Scully gathered herself together, looking sheepishly up at the being on her.
He continued to slurp at her exposed breast, streams of white spread across
her chest, a shallow pool formed in the niche between her collarbones. Milk.
Her milk, extracted from her and taken for his pleasure. Her train of
thoughts was not complete or all there, but she started to slowly struggle
as she collected her wits. A pain returned to her temples and the cold become
relative to her again. So did the alien, and his displeasure was apparent.

Stop your struggle. It is in vain.

Her arms, which had begun to push him away, fell limp, as did all the muscles
in her body. Her breathing, which had been laboring, slowed to a near stop.
He had power over her again, and she had no say in what happened. The rush
that had empowered her before had vanished, taking her will with it.

Out of the corner of her eyes Scully saw the alien's head move back and
forth, up and down, savoring the juices it had attained. The tongue grazing
across her skin felt cold and distant. This activity continued for a few more
moments, before he seemed to finish. Then his head dipped out of her vision,
and she assumed it had lowered itself down. His fingertips dragged across her
flesh, her chest, breasts and stomach, leaving red marks as they continued
downward from her shoulders to her abdomen. She felt his weight press against
her legs and thighs, and a cold sweat broke out on her face. His hands began
arranging and rearranging the flaps of her skirt, his head tilting back and
forth inquisitively, much like he did with her blouse. Occasionally his hand
would graze her thigh, and a familiar shudder racked her body. A shaky exhale
escaped her. A thought entered her.

It's in vain.

Her head fell to the side and a familiar, yet unwanted warmth began to stir
in her deepest darkest depths. The alien meanwhile continued to ponder her
skirt. He lifted both her legs high into the air with one hand around her
ankles, causing the skirt to fall forward onto her stomach, exposing her
black panties. They had a complex flower design as well, matching her bra.
A clicking sound arose from the alien as he spread her legs apart. He rubbed
the back of his long hand against her inner thigh, back and forth, watching
her reaction, until arriving at the fabric of her panties. These he studied
for a moment, before snagging them with a long outstretched finger. He gave
a weak tug. They moved slightly. He tugged again, harder this time, and they
slipped a little further down. Red hair peaked innocently out from the top.
The clicking sound, done in an excited tone, and the alien tugged with both
hands on each side of the straps. Scully's panties slipped down to just above
her knees, a trimmed patch of red hair between her legs appeared proudly.
The skin around her pussy was wet and sparkled from the orgasm she had
experienced minutes before. Her legs moved up and down slightly from the
affects of the obtruding air, but were suppressed by the alien's mass as he
mounted atop her.

Meantime, Scully had felt this intrusion exciting. The heat she experienced
for the first time before began to stir in her stomach, like butterflies.
The cold air on the exposed folds of her pussy tingled and sent thrills and
prickles throughout her body, up and down her spine, through her arms and
legs. She felt lightheaded again, and a haze covered her eyes. Then she felt
it, a push. An invasion.

He had entered her.

It was harder than appropriate for the initial penetration, but the alien had
no concerns other than his own. His shaft had grown and hardened a great deal
from what she remembered it looking like before, and she felt every inch of
it. His breathing was more rapid than before, and its pace quickened with
every thrust. Scully sensed herself move along with his motions, up and down
with the pumps. She felt fingers pawing at her exposed breast, flicking the
nipple. It still throbbed from the experience it endured from before, but
cried out for more in her mind. She heaved her chest upward, a moan slipping
from her lips.

Not yet.

It was not angry, just commanding. Scully's obedience was in full effect, and
she heaved forward again. The hand fumbling with her tits grabbed a chunk of
flesh, twisting and pinching the soft meat of her breast. She gasped at the
feeling. The nipple ached. The warming sensation grew, burning in her loins.

Not yet.

The alien began clicking and making other noises, excitement building in
his frequency. Titillation filled Scully from her head to her tiptoes, her
nipples hardened and the hair on her neck stood. Heat enraptured her, a
pleasure so intense it had to be sinful. It was a rush she had not felt in
ages, if ever. No man could do this, she decided. A hand brushed at her
face, grabbing her red hair. He spread it everywhere, in her eyes and mouth,
flaring out like flames. Scully groaned, her breathing intense and rampant.

"Oh fuck." The words escaped in between gasps, and she found she had to bite
down on her finger to stop from slipping up again.


She could not take much more. The burning had reared its head in every inch
of her body, and boiled a ferocious tenacity between her legs. The friction
burned with every pump of the alien's organ into her. His head tilted back,
staring straight up into the sky. The clicking language was louder, more
frequent. She flung her head from side to side, her hair flailing everywhere.
Her eyes were pressed shut with intensity, her index finger being chewed on
by her teeth. He continued to ram with endless succession, heat building
further and further up. She was on fire, sweat dripping down her face and her
body, glistening in the moonlight. Her body sparkled with a feverish glow.

The alien suddenly threw his arms up in the air, his head tilted back and a
growl bubbled out of his throat.


The message came to Scully through the thickness and exploded in a shower
before her. She felt the built up pressure burst within her, fluids mixing
and absorbing. She felt the same crashing wave of liberation slam into her
again, and her body felt heavy again. The intensity from the friction began
to die down, and she slowly regained a sober consciousness. Eventually she
was able to lift her head up and look around at her surroundings. They were
the same woods she had been in for God knows how long, but they were quiet.
And they were cold. The light was gone, and so was the visitor. Exhaustion
caught up to her, and her body, nearly naked, fell back to the ground, where
she instantly met sleep.

The monotonous tone of her alarm clock stirred her from her sleep. Sunlight
poured in from a large window facing the east as Scully finally opened her
eyes. The sheets were pulled up to her shoulders. She rolled over and saw
the time: 6:30. She looked around slightly confused and began to laugh

"It was all a dream! A dream. thank God." She sighed, taking deep breaths.
She had to get up for work, but for just a brief moment she just wanted to
reflect. Work could wait. She swallowed heavily, and exhaled. She flipped
the covers aside and a sudden rush or horror greeted her, enveloping her
entire body.

She was covered in mud.


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