X-Files: Dana Scully XXX Part 1 (mF)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana Scully was working on a case with Fox Mulder at a private school fo
really rich kids. Dana was left there so Fox could check on a lead, Dana was
dressed in a pair of dark pants, black blouse and pumps. Dana was in the
library, she was looking something up on a computer when in walked a young
kid about fourteen. He looked over her shoulder, she felt his breath on her
neck and he was taken in by her perfume, too.

Dana stopped what she was doing and looked at the kid. He had freckles, red
hair with wire framed glasses. "May I help you?" she said.

"Oh, no," he said with a grin, "I'm just curious why you are here."

"Looking up the school's history," Dana said, "I'm working on a case which
is none of your business."

"The Bradford girl attended here," he said, "I can show you her room if you

Dana was taken wih him cause he seemed to know that the girl was Susan
Bradford. Dana walked with him asking the usaul questions and got the usual
answers. They arrived at her room.

Dana walked in and saw a typical girl's room. She bent down and then she felt
a hand across her ass.

"Very nice," the kid said, "Quite firm, too. You work out?"

Dana just stood there. "Please leave," she said, "I do have work to do."

Dana once again turned and felt the hand on her ass squeezing her buns. Dana
was getting mad and then also turned on.

"You do like your ass touched don't you?" he said. "Why don't you just bend
over so I can get a real good look at it."

Dana bent over like this she said, her legs were spread apart. Her pants
strechted tight. He could see her underwear. He traced the out line of them
with his finger. He ran his finger down her ass crack and up to her pussy.
Dana was so turned on, her panties was getting wet. The kid took two fingers
and was rubbing her pussy.

"You do like that?" he said.

Dana just knodded. She took her shoes off.

"Yes," the kid said, "Let see more."

Dana put her holster and cuffs on the bed and stood with her ass to him.
Dana undid he pants and slowy pulled them down. She wore black hose and a
sports underwear high cut thong.

"Oh, WOW!" he said as he sat on the bed watching her do her strip tease.

Dana was soon naked her nipples nice and hard. Her pussy was well trimed.
She ran a finger along her wet slit and then stuck a finger in and pulled it
out licking it. "Want a taste?" she smiled.

The kid knoded yes. Dana put her finger deep into her pussy, pulled it out
and it was covered with her juices. She offered it to the kid who stuck his
tongue out and tasted her.

Dana soon knelt in front of him undid his pants and pulled out what seemed to
be a very nice cock. Dana took it in her mouth just the head ran her tongue
around the head sticking her tongue into his pisshole. The kid just laid back
and let Dana take over. She stripped him of his clothes and kissing him all
up and down his body. She soon got back to his hard cock and was now taking
it deep in her mouth and throat.

"OHH! I'm going to cum," he said.

Dana stopped and said, "Go ahead," and went back to sucking him. She used
her tongue under his cockhead going deep into her mouth. Dana's nose was
touching his red pubic hair and she came back up. She laid on the bed. "Come
FUCK ME!" she commanded openning her legs and pussy, too.

He got between her legs while Dana guided his cock into her wet pussy. The
kid went slowly into her. "OOHH, yes!" she said. She has alwayed loved young
cock. "Take it out and rub my clit," she showed him holding his cock rubbing
her clit. Her juices were all over her clit now.

He went back into her waiting pussy. He soon was picking up the pace, "OHHHH
GOOOODD!!!" he said.

As Dana clamped down on his cock with her pussy, Dana arched up trying to
force more of his cock deeper into her. "YEESSS!!! Harder, faster!" she
moaned. "I'm just about ready!" she said.

Sweat was comming off the kids forehead, but he kept on fucking her harder.
That's what Dana liked about young kids, they can go for a long time. She
gripped and released his cock with each stroke til he just lost his mind and
shot a huge load deep into Dana's pussy. He fell atop of her breathing hard.
Dana was still cuming as he moved around.

"Let me suck you now," she smiled.

He pulled out, sat on her chest and she took his cock in her mouth. She began
to clean it up but it soon became hard again. Dana just smiled.



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