X-Files: Dana Scully XXX Part 2 (Ff)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana loved her job and she loved all the different places they went to. From
big cities to backwood places. Lately, Dana was having sex with young boys,
but something happen on one case that just blew Dana away.

Dana had to guard a daughter of a federal man, so Dana arrived at the ranch
house, which they secured. There she met Lisa a thirteen year old. Dana was
shocked to see how this girl looked. Her breasts were almost the size of
hers and she had a very tight and cute ass.

Mulder laughed, "Good luck keeping the boys away from her."

Dana just looked at him. Dana walked up to Lisa, "Hello, I'm Dana," and they
shook hands.

Lisa asked Dana if she liked horses. "Sure," she said.

Lisa took Dana's hand and they went to the stables. Lisa sat on a rail, Dana
was looking right at her crotch. She could see her pussy bulge.

"We can go riding tomorrow, if you like," Lisa smiled.

"Sure," Dana said.

They heard all the cars pull away. It was just them two at the ranch house.
Dana found a room next to Lisa's and she unpacked her clothes. Lisa walked in
and saw some of Dana's under things.

"Hey, those are real sexy," holding up a lacy bra and panties. Lisa saw the
look on Dana's face. "Ohhh, I'm sorry, if I embrassed you."

Dana put her things away and had on a pair of shorts and t-shirt. Her nipples
were hard. Dana went to the kitchen and looked to see what was there. When
she turned around Lisa stood in front of her in Dana's bra and panties.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. They are just too sexy," she smiled at

Dana thought she filled them out very well. "So what do you want to eat?"
Dana asked.

Without a word Lisa walked up to her and held her face and kissed her. "YOU,"
Lisa said touching Dana's nipples, "I want to taste every inch of you."

Lisa's hands went under Dana's shirt her soft hands rubbing Dana's hard
nipples. The other hand rubbed Dana's pussy through her shorts til Lisa felt
a wet spot. "OH MY you are getting so wet."

Lisa knelt and pulled Dana's shorts down. She saw Dana's well trimmed pussy,
plus Dana had a nice tan too going. Lisa just ran her finger along Dana's wet
pussy. It slipped in and Dana gasped. Lisa put her mouth up to her pussy and
began to lick her clit, that was sending Dana to the roof. She grabbed Lisa's
head pushing her face into her pussy.

"OOOOOHHHH YEEEESS!" Dana moaned with pleasure, "Lick my hot pussy. Make me

Lisa did just that, too. Dana shook as she came. This young girl was drinking
her cum. Lisa stood up and kissed Dana. Dana tasted her own juices on Lisa's

Dana picked Lisa up sat her on a counter took her panties off, she too had a
nice pussy. Dana spread her lips apart letting the cool air hit inside Lisa's
pussy. Dana was blowing on Lisa's clit. It made Lisa so wet and hot. Dana's
tongue danced all around Lisa's tender clit. Dana kised Lisa's inner thighs
and then took her tongue and licked Lisa's pussy like a popcicle.

Lisa almost jumped off the counter. Dana flicked her tongue all over Lisa's
wet pussy. Dana opened Lisa's pussy, made her tongue hard and began to fuck
Lisa's pussy. Moving her tongue like a cock, Lisa held Dana's head. Dana
wiggled her tongue deep into her pussy. This drove lisa nuts. She was
screaming, "OOOOHHHH GODD! I'm going to cum," and Lisa did just that.

Dana was drinking all her pussy juice. Some ran down her chin. Lisa laid on
the counter, she shook as Dana licked her clit again and then kissed her
letting her taste herself. Their tongues danced. They soon went to take a
shower and that started another episode.

To Be Continued


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