X-Files: Dana Scully XXX Part 3 (Ff,fist,viol)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana walked to the bathroom smelling of sex, her pussy was still very tender.
Right behind her Lisa followed. Dana made the shower hot and stood under the
water, she felt the hands of Lisa washing her back. Lisa washed all down to
Dana`s ass, which Lisa was squeezing and pulling her ass cheeks apart
watching the soap wash down into her asshole. Lisa had a wicked thought.
Lisa took the hand held shower head off and shot water up Dana`s ass. Dana
jumped. Lisa sprayed more water into her ass and then applyied two fingers
into Dana`s asshole opening up her ass more. Then she put a third and to her
amazement a fourth. Dana ass was being fucked by this girl, and her pussy was
leaking juice, too. Lisa then pushed her whole hand up Dana`s ass.

"OHH God!" she moaned. Dana was being fisted.

Lisa`s soapy hand moved back and forth. Dana was rubbing her clit til she had
came for a second time. Her knees were weak and she barely could stand. Lisa
positioned herself where she could fuck and suck Dana. Dana couldn`t believe
this girl, her pussy quaked as Lisa`s tongue danced around her pussy drinking
Dana`s juice. Dana pleaded with Lisa to stop.

"Don't you like it?" she said. Lisa pulled her fist out of Dana`s ass.

"I have never came so much," Dana said. "Just let me rest."

"Okay," Lisa said letting Dana finish her shower.

Dana was in her room drying her hair, she had on a t-shirt and panties,
when her cell phone rang. It was Fox. He told Dana to get out of the house.
Someone had tipped off some body to get the girl. Dana grabbed her gun, when
she heard a crash from the door. Dana rolled and shot the first person clean
through. Lisa screamed. Dana told her to run.

Dana shot another man, but then she took a bullet. A tall man stood over her
pointing the gun at her head. Daan closed her eyes and heard a shot, but she
opened her eyes. Walter Skinner and Fox stood at the door. Lisa ran to Dana,
who cringed in pain from the bullet.

A few days later Dana laying in a hospital bed and felt soft lips kiss her
and the cover being pulled off. Her gown was being raised and those same lips
began sucking on her pussy driving Dana up the wall til she had came.

"I had to come and see you for one last time," Lisa said. She and her father
were going under the protection program. An all new life and make over, too.
So Lisa gave Dana a video. "I had this made while we..." and she left.

Fox walked in just as Dana pulled the cover over her body. He sat on the bed
holding her hand.

The End?


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