X-Files: Dark Desires Part 2 - Dana's Desires (MF,FF,Fb,Fg,grope,exhib)
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

Dana Scully was at her desk in the Washington FBI bulding. She was working a
case by herself. The phone rang, "Hello?"

There was no voice for a few seconds.

"Dana, do you have a desire to show your body to complete strangers?" the
voice said.

Dana hung up the phone and went back to work.

It rang again.

"Hello?" she said. Once again the voice came across. Dana pushed a button to
run a trace. The line went dead. She went to check to see if anything came
up. Nothing.

She was going to lunch. It was a nice day, so she found a cafe and sat
outside. Drinking her ice tea her cell phone rang. "Dana," she said.

The voice said, "Why are you outside?"

"Who is this? I am a federal agent."

The voice said, "What does that matter. You sit there in your pressed blouse
and skrit knowing you want pepole to notice you. Do you wear a bra? Of coruse
you do," it laughed.

Dana hung up her phone and went back to work until she got off. No other
calls came the rest of the day. As she drove to her apartment she tossed
her jacket across the seat. She unbuttoned a couple of buttons around her
collar. Cool air touched her skin.

She arrived home plopped down with her mail checked her answering machine.

"Why did you unbutton your blouse," the voice came across. "Did it make you
feel sexy, hoping some would stop take a look?"

Dana went fixed her some dinner went over some file she brought home. She
finished and went to take a shower. She walked the mirror, which hadn't
fogged over yet and took a glimpse at herself. She showered and went to bed.
She laid in bed but all she could do was toss and turn.

She sat up in her t-shirt and panties. Dana got dressed, a button shirt and
jeans, and went for a drive. She found herself downtown. She parked her car
and when walking around.

She bumped into a wino, who asked her for a couple of bucks. She gave it to
him. Without any reason she asked him to follow her. They walked to a alley,
she licked her lips, raised her hands to her shirt and opened it up. She wore
no bra. The wino blinked.

"Go on," she said. She waited for him to touch her breast.

His finger touched her nipple. It sent a wave through her. She stood there
while he sucked and licked her nipples. She buttoned her shirt up gave him a
twenty, walked back to her car and drove home.

She took her jeans off and seen her panties were soaking wet. She showered
once again and fell asleep.

When she woke her coffee was made. She laid out her clothes, a dark pullover
and skirt, and her black pumps. She dressed went to work. The phone rang.


"Dana you aren't wearing a bra today," the voice said. "How did it feel to
have yourself bare last night?"

She said nothing, but knew it made her feel so dirty and horny, cause her
panties were wet.

"It's okay," the voice said.

Someone came up to her desk and dropped a file off. The voice was gone.

Dana went to follow up on a lead. It was a park with kids playing. Dana was
walkng around where the murder took place. A girl's voice asked, "What you

Dana looked and seen a young negro standing close by, "I'm a FBI agent."
She bent over. Her nipples touching her pullover became hard. "Why aren't
you in school?" Dana asked.

"Teachers' confrence," the girl said.

Dana continued to pick up stuff, she was by some bushes. The girl followed
her. Dana stood waiting for her. The girl stood there without a word. Dana
once again exsposed herself. This time to a minor.

"Want to touch them?" Dana asked.

The girl walked close, reached out and began to feel her breast. The girl
held both of them squezzing them rolling her hard nipples in her fingers.
Dana heard a noise, pulled her shirt down and walked away. She made her way
back to her car.

There was the girl. Dana got in, so did the girl. They drove until she
stopped. The girl told her to raise her skirt. Dana got in the back seat
and pulled her skirt up. She wore no panties. Her sheer panty hose was
wet though. Her pull over was up once again.

This young girl was sucking and fingering her pussy. Dana had never came
like that before. The girl took her pants off. Dana saw her young pussy.
The girl sat on Dana's face. Dana's tongue was fucking the girl's pussy.
Her car smelled of sex. She went home and cleaned up some of the stains.

The next few weeks Dana had sex with men, women, boys and girls. Dana was in
an elevator with a woman. Her blouse was loose fitting, of coruse, no bra.
Dana looked at the woman. They began to talk. Dana's finger ran across her
nipple making it hard and easy for the woman to see. Dana could see the want
in the woman's eyes. They both got off, not on the floors they were suppose

They found a ladies rest room. Dana stood in the middle of the room and took
her clothes off. Taking the other woman's clothes off, they embraced. Dana
felt fingers going up her wet pussy. She knelt and went to work on her pussy.
Her tongue was buried deep in her pussy with her nose pressed against the
womans belly. Sucking, moans filled the room.

They washed, kissed and got dressed. The woman left first. Dana fixed her
face and clothes. As she looked into the mirror, she finally knew who the
voice was. Hers.


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