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Doppelganger 1/3 (X-Files romance, mild mf)

Part 1

Cathedral Hill, North Carolina is the quaint home of the
famous, and infamous, Wallens University. This lofty bastion of
higher education is world-famous for its prestigious Department
of Psychology; and equally infamous for its decrepit, and not so
prestigious, Department of Parapsychology, one of only two such
departments still in existence in the academic world of the
nineties, the other being at the University of Edinburgh.

Agent Mulder was spellbound as he stood in front of the grungy
door to the department office. Just seeing the words
"Parapsychology Department" gave him a thrill. A hand slipping
through his arm jolted him out of his fantasy of another life
that might have been.

"Let's go, Mulder." Scully pulled impatiently on his arm. "I
don't think they're taking applications today for Professor of

"No, Scully." Mulder answered seriously, not moving from the
spot. "Parapsychology has nothing to do with UFOs...or Bigfoot,
or vampires, or any of that kind of paranormal phenomena. It is
really a branch of psychology that focuses on the interaction of
mind, matter, and time. It is..."

Scully interrupted him, impatience spilling out over her words.
"Mulder, you can audition for this job some other day. Right
now we have to get to the lecture hall." She tugged harder on
his arm, managing this time to get him to turn around.

Mulder had caught sight of the word "Parapsychology" as he and
Scully had been racing to get to the Fredrich Heimes Lecture
Hall in the Psychological Sciences Building. The two were in
Cathedral Hill attending, at Skinner's orders, a Forensic
Psychology convention hosted by the University, and they were
ten minutes late for a mini-class on profiling serial killers.
Scully considered this convention to be a gigantic waste of
time; after all, she and Mulder could teach the class. But that
was neither here nor there, she thought, as she dragged her
partner down the corridor, into the huge room, and plopped him
into a seat. It was only the first of three days and he was
already being a pain in the butt.

"No snoring, please." she whispered to Mulder.

"No problem." he answered, stone-faced. "I'm not really here,
anyway. This is only my emergency holographic program you're
seeing. The real Mulder is back in his hotel room taking a
bubble bath."

Scully leaned back in the uncomfortable lecture-hall chair and
sighed. It was going to be a very long, boring, three days.


An hour later Mulder woke up to a sharp jab in his side,
delivered with painful precision by his partner.

"It's over, Mulder. You can come back to the land of the living

"If there's a quiz tomorrow can I sit next to you again and
cheat off your paper?" Mulder tried to remember if he had been
dreaming about anything interesting, but Scully's elbow had
erased the memories.

As they walked out of the lecture hall with the hundred other
suits, Scully pointed to the Ladies Room and left Mulder to
fend for himself for a few minutes. Sauntering over to the
water fountain, he walked directly into two agents who he
recognized as friends of Scully's; the ones he called (only to
himself) Agent Dickless and Agent Asshole.

"Hello, Mulder. What brings you here?" Agent Asshole grinned
obnoxiously at him.

"Same reason as you. I'm here attending the convention with my
partner, Dana Scully."

The illusion of polite conversation faded quickly. Dickless
and Asshole had no use for Mulder except as a target of their
puerile scorn.

"Why would anyone want to work with you?" Agent Dickless put
his hands up to Mulder's face and went "boogie, boogie, boogie."

Mulder couldn't resist. With a straight face he retorted,
"Did it every occur to either of you that being my partner might
carry excellent fringe benefits?" He waited as the implication
sunk in. He knew if his remark ever got back to Scully she
would whip him senseless with one of his own ties, but it was
impossible for him to let such a golden opportunity go unused.

Agent Asshole and Agent Dickless, unfortunately, were not
biting. "Yah, right!" Agent Asshole replied, looking Mulder up
and down with a sneer. "In your dreams, Spooky." The two
walked away laughing, leaving Mulder standing in disgrace, his
sense of manhood melting off him into a pool of humiliation
around his feet. Mulder was genuinely insulted. He enjoyed,
in a semi-misanthropic way, being considered a weirdo, a pariah,
but it hurt him that others might doubt he was a genuine stud
and a great fuck.

"Oh well, it's lunchtime." he muttered to himself, looking
around for Scully.


Scully had just fallen asleep when a knock at the door woke her.
Fumbling around in the dark with her hand on the unfamiliar
hotel nighttable, she finally managed to bring the clock up to
her face. It was midnight. "The Witching Hour" she thought to
herself, a sleepy grimace making its way across her face as she
hastily tossed a robe over her nightgown and walked in a drowsy,
unhurried pace towards the door. The knock repeated, louder this

"Just a minute. Who is it?"

"It's me, Scully." It was Mulder's voice.

"MULDER! What the hell..."

She threw open the door and glared at her partner. He was
standing by the door to her room dressed in only a pair of
jogging shorts. Rather tight jogging shorts, Scully couldn't
help noticing. His naked chest was heaving as if he was out of
breath. He leaned against the left side of the door frame and
stared down at Scully with a look she had never seen before and
couldn't interpret. His right hand came to rest gently on her

Scully was in no mood for whatever Mulder had in mind. "Just
back from a little midnight run in the park, Mulder?" She
was teasing him but allowed a hint of annoyance to color her

"Sorry to wake you, Scully," he said almost panting. "but I
couldn't sleep. I need something to help me sleep."

Scully was wondering what the punchline was going to be. She
looked aglance at his hand on her shoulder but made no attempt
to dislodge it. She could play his silly game for a few minutes.

"What do you want, Mulder? Some milk and cookies?"

He bent over her and moved his hand from her shoulder to her
waist, gripping her tightly with one arm.

"No, Scully. I want you."

She looked up at him, wiggling a little against his grip, the
full impact of his statement not yet registering in her foggy

"Mulder, it's late. I'm tired. Quit joking. I can get you a

He interrupted her mid-sentence by pulling her even closer to
him; the pressure of his body causing her loosely tied robe to
open. Mulder took advantage of the situation to cup her left
breast with his free hand as a grunt of sexual excitement
escaped from his lips. Scully's instantaneous medical
assessment told her Mulder was neither drunk nor drugged, but as
she felt the curves and bulges of his body against hers, she was
taken completely off-guard.

"It's no joke, Scully." he said, still fondling her as the
swelling in his shorts became more pronounced. "I'm
serious. Just this once. Just tonight."

He pushed himself through the doorway, still gripping her around
the waist and carrying her along. A kick from his bare foot
slammed the door shut. Scully made no attempt to free herself;
she was in shock, not sure what to do. She had seen and
experienced Mulder in many strange moods, but this was the
strangest. All she could manage at that moment was a return
stare and a frantic question.

"MULDER," she shouted at him. "for God's sake, are you losing
your mind? What ARE you talking about?"

He bent his head down to her neck and kissed it gently, licking
her with his tongue and moving his mouth up to her ear. Scully
repressed the autonomic shiver and jolt of arousal that she felt
as he nibbled at her lobe and whispered to her with obvious

"You KNOW what I'm talking about. I promise you, tomorrow it
will be forgotten. I'll never mention what we do tonight. It
will be like it never happened."

She pushed him away and closed her robe in a furious huff.

"You're DAMN right about that, Mulder, because it's NEVER going
TO happen. GOODNIGHT, Mulder."

She tried to open the door and push him out at the same time but
he grabbed her arm and twisted it around his waist as he wedged
her between himself and the wall and held her captive with his
seething body.

"Please, Scully. I need something...some comforting. Please
don't make me beg."

Scully was finding it increasingly difficult to resist a man
pressing her with a hard-on the size of the Eiffel Tower. Her
secret suspicions about Mulder were confirmed; he was hung.

"Mulder, this is insane. I can't...." She never finished the

Mulder hoisted Scully up into his arms, lifting her as if she
were a mere paper doll, and carried her to the bed. Scully made
no more protests, no more objections. As he set her down gently
on the bed and placed his hand between her legs, something
inside Scully snapped. She gave herself over to her deepest,
most intimate, fantasy desire; her never-mentioned, not even to
herself, searing lust for her partner. He moved her nightgown
out of the way and pulled off her underwear, giving his fingers
access to her already throbbing clit. Her flowing juices
signaled the end of the battle. In one more swift movement he
was out of his jogging shorts and up on his knees, his hands
preparing to part her thighs all the way.

Scully had a brief flash of practical caution.

"Wait Mulder, not like this."

"Scully, it's taken care of." He placed her hand on his rigid
cock and Scully could feel the condom already in place. She had
no idea how it got there; she didn't notice him put one on. In
any case, she didn't particularly care at that moment. Neither
did she care about foreplay, or kissing, or pretend romance. She
was a bitch in heat and she wanted him more than she had ever
wanted any man.

"Do it, Mulder. Do it now." she commanded him breathlessly.

And he did; spreading her legs and penetrating her with an
almost vicious passion. It was not what she had expected; not
what she had fantasized it would be like to have sex with her
partner. He was a wild animal, an untamed beast, like something
from a wanton nightmare. Scully responded to him with equal
savageness; feeling the orgasm in her building rapidly. His
intense ramming was throwing her so forcefully against the
headboard of the bed that Scully thought during one solitary
moment of clarity that she would definitely need a spine
adjustment in the morning.

Suddenly, he stopped, giving her time to breathe. Scully was
panting and holding Mulder tight around his buttocks as if
trying to prevent him from pulling out. He leaned over and
kissed her eyes and asked softly in her ear.

"Are you close, Scully? I'm ready but I'll wait for you."

Scully let out a deep groan. She was more than close and she
wanted more of him. "Oh God, Mulder, don't stop now."

He started moving inside her again, intensifying the pulses of
pleasure that spread all the way to the tips of her fingers.
The first few thrusts were slow but quickly built to the same
brutal pace as before, and then, without warning, without
interrupting his rhythm, he bent over and bit her neck. His
teeth still in her, Scully flailed her arms over her head,
reaching back to grab the headpost, and with a loud scream,
"MULDER", she exploded with him into a thousand pieces and fell
instantly asleep.

-End Part 1-


Doppelganger 2/3 (X-Files romance, mild mf)

Part 2


"Good morning, Miss Scully. This is the front desk with your
wake-up call. It's seven o'clock. Have a nice day."

Scully slammed down the receiver and groaned. She had been in a
deep sleep when the phone rang and now she had a splitting
morning headache. As she lay back on the pillow, the events of
last night starting to flood back. She took a quick look around.
No Mulder. She wondered, had it been a dream? A nightmare?
Something she ate? Trying to wake herself up, she took another
look around the bed and around the floor. No condom. No stains
on the bed except for what appeared to be her own secretions
although her underwear was still on (or back on). It must have
been an insane dream, she thought to herself, feeling relieved
but strangely disappointed.

Walking into the bathroom she glanced at her morning self in the

"Yuuucch!" she said out loud to her image. "I look like I
haven't slept in weeks. Where'd these bags under my eyes come

And then she saw her neck and her heart went into her throat.
Reflecting back at her from the glass were faint teeth marks
where Mulder had given her the climactic love bite. It had NOT
been a dream.


The eight-thirty knock was Mulder, coming to collect her for
breakfast. Scully, uncertain how to act or what to say,
hesitated for a minute before slowly opening the door.

"Morning, Mulder." she said with no emotion in her voice and
unable to look directly at his face.

"Morning, Scully. Let's get going. I'm absolutely STARVING and
we have one of those delightful seminars at ten."

Scully looked down at her feet and didn't move. She was
suddenly gripped by an embarrassing nervousness.

"Something wrong with your shoes, Scully?" Mulder was grinning
but Scully didn't notice. She kept her head down as she spoke.

"Mulder, I'm not sure I want to go to breakfast with you. You're
making me feel very...awkward."

"What...? Did I forget my deodorant?" He lifted up one arm
and took a playful sniff. "No, I'm baby-powder fresh." He
teased her with mock seriousness. "What's the problem, Scully?
What did I do? Am I wearing the wrong color socks? Is my tie
too gauche?"

She looked up at him. "I remember, Mulder. I remember and it's
making me uncomfortable, in spite of the fact that you said it
would be like it didn't happen. I not as good as you at

"Well, Scully. Whatever the hell you're talking about, and I
assure you I have no clue, would you like to be less cryptic
so maybe I can be in on the fun we're having right now?"

"Mulder, I'm talking about last night. How can you say you
don't remember last night?"

"I DIDN'T say I didn't REMEMBER last night."

She nodded. "See...I knew it wouldn't be so easy to forget. It
was a mistake, Mulder."

He looked her straight in the eyes. "I watched television. I
ordered room service around midnight. I fell asleep. I woke up.
Not the stuff that exciting memories are made of, Scully. You
obviously had a more eventful evening, but, alas, I wasn't in on
it," he gave her a jesting glance, "except maybe in your wicked

One look from Scully told Mulder that he better shut up fast.

"OK, FINE," Scully scolded him. "have it your way. Go down to
the dining room; get a table; I'll meet you in ten minutes."
She slammed the door in his face.

Scully waited until she was sure he was gone before making the
call to room service. She had to know; she had to check. The
voice on the other end of the line confirmed Mulder's story.
Mulder had signed for a room service delivery at approximately
12:30 a.m. last night. He had told her the truth and Scully was
at a loss to explain what had happened. "It must have been a
vampire." she thought to herself as she finally sat down to
breakfast with the man who was almost her lover.


The second day of the conference passed uneventfully, as boring
and as useless as the first day. Scully was silent and moody
through all the seminars and classes, and Mulder could find no
way to cheer her up. He sensed that whatever was bothering her
was not something she wanted to discuss with him. At dinner he
finally got up the nerve to question her.

"Are you EVER going to tell me what I did to get you so pissed

"Mulder, just forget it. OK? I'm tired and I want to get to bed
early. I didn't sleep well last night."

She studied him for any reaction to that remark, but seeing
none, she decided to drop the subject and get back to her
hotel room. At the door to her room they exchanged polite
good-nights and soon after Scully was in her bed, in a deep

She was still fast asleep at midnight when a gentle knocking at
the door woke her up in a sweaty panic.

"Who is it?" she screamed from her bed, already certain of the

"It's me, Scully." Mulder said through the door. "Please let me

"Or you'll huff and you'll puff and you'll blow the door down?"
Scully yelled back, sweating bullets of fear.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean? It's me, Scully. Come
on, just open the door. I promise I won't bite."

Something about Mulder's voice made her relax and calm down.
It sounded like the real Mulder, the Mulder she knew and
trusted. The Mulder she wanted to let in; into her room and into
her body. Not bothering to cover herself, she opened the door.
Mulder walked in smiling and wearing a bathrobe. Scully,
instantly inflamed by desire for her handsome partner, smiled
back as she closed the door and faced him.

"Still looking for milk and cookies, Mulder?"

"No..." he said, opening his robe and pulling her to his naked
body, "still looking for YOU." Before she could say a word, he
bent down and kissed her so lovingly that she liquefied like
sugar from his hot, sweet kiss, and dripped into his arms.

Breaking out of the kiss, she braced herself against the wall
and ran her hands down his chest to his stiff, demanding cock.
"YES, OH YES..." she sighed, "I was hoping you'd come back
tonight. God, Mulder, I want you again. Let's not pretend

In a passionate fit of lust, she tried to both push him down and
work her way up the wall, searching for an angle that would
allow her to impale herself on his hard penis. She was in too
much of a hurry to take the time to get to the bed; what drove
her at that moment was only to get him inside; to get him to
fuck her again.

Mulder stopped her maneuvering with a hug, a laugh, and a few
words of caution. "I think you're too short for what you're
attempting, Scully. Why don't we start a little lower?"

In an instant he was down on his knees and between her legs with
his mouth, sucking and licking at her quivering mound. Scully
closed her eyes and groaned as Mulder's skillful tongue quickly
finished her off. "Now it's my turn." he said to the happy
Scully-face, as he stood up and carried her, still smoldering,
to the bed.

Leaning over her on the bed, he pulled a condom out of the
pocket of his bathrobe. "And as you can see, just like a good
Boy Scout, I am always prepared."

Scully unexpectedly grabbed the condom from his hands and said,
"Wait, Mulder. Let me do this."

"Be my guest. What are you going to do?" Mulder could tell
from Scully's face that whatever it was, he was going to enjoy
it immensely.

"You'll see...a little trick I learned. Just stay still, and
stay HARD."

"No problem either way." he answered, letting out a moan of

Scully hadn't tried this stunt in quite some time but she was
confident she could do it. There were two points in her favor
for accomplishing the task: Mulder's erection was rock-solid
and there was no loose foreskin to get in the way.

She unwrapped the condom and placed it in her mouth, held face-
out but with her teeth safely behind the rubber. Mulder was
watching with fascination. He had never had a woman put a
condom on him with her mouth. Scully, slowly and ever so
gently, used her tongue and lips to unroll the condom over
Mulder's penis. By the time she got it all the way down, he was
ready to come in her mouth or fling himself into her wet cunt.
But Scully thwarted him, temporarily, by removing her mouth and
pushing herself away to admire her handiwork.

"Are you impressed?" she whispered to him, cuddling next to his
body and fingering the forgotten watch on his wrist.

"I'm VERY impressed, Scully! Did you learn to do that in
medical school?"

"Actually, I did." She grinned at him. "Wanna see what else I
learned?" She leaped on top of him.


A few minutes later she was still on top of a panting,
satisfied Mulder. She leaned over and took a good, long,
look into his gorgeous, half-closed, hazel eyes. Doubts were
flooding back into Scully's Ice-Queen mind. She decided to go
for proof. Taking advantage of Mulder's post-orgasmic semi-
conscious state, she slipped off his watch and threw it
surreptitiously under the bed.

"Are you really here, Mulder?" she asked in a pleading tone.

"I think so. If I'm not here, I'd like to know who you just did
that to, cause it sure felt like it happened to me. What do you

"I think I need some ice. I'll be right back."

Scully jumped out of bed, grabbed the ice bucket, threw on a
robe, and headed for the door.

"Ice?" Mulder called after her quizzically, lifting his head
He thought for a second, smiled, and put his head back down.
"Nevermind. I guess you'll show me later."

Scully wasn't really on a mission for ice; she was on a mission
for proof. Once in the hallway she walked slowly to Mulder's
room and knocked softly. There was no answer. Scully thought to
herself that if Mulder was in there he could be fast asleep, but
she couldn't knock any louder since Mulder's room was right next
to hers. Luckily, at that instant, the couple who had the room
on the other side of Mulder's showed up and prepared to open
their door. Scully took advantage of the situation and accosted
the astonished husband and wife.

"Excuse me. My name is Dana Scully, AGENT Dana Scully, FBI."
Scully knew that `agent' stuff always impressed people. "I need
some help. Would you please allow me to use the phone in your
room? I'll explain later."

The couple, of course, agreed to let Scully use their phone,
not even bothering to ask why a woman in a bathroom in the
middle of the night would be standing around waiting to use
someone else's phone. She WAS, afterall, an FBI agent.

Scully checked the time on the clock, one-thirty, and dialed
Mulder's room, letting it ring almost 15 times. There was no
answer. He was not in his room. She had the proof she needed
and happily returned, without the ice, to Mulder's waiting arms.

-End Part 2-
Doppelganger 3/3 (X-Files romance, mild mf)

Part 3


Scully awoke at seven o'clock with the call from the main desk.
It was a repeat of the previous morning - no Mulder, no condom,
nothing, except...THE WATCH! She reached under the bed and
there it was, her proof. When Mulder showed up for breakfast
she would have something with which to confront him.

Eight-thirty on the button Mulder was at her door, pleading
starvation. Scully walked into the hallway, beamed at him and
chirped "Morning, Mulder. By the way, I have your watch." She
fingered it in her pocket but didn't show it to him as she
waited for a response.

"My watch! Thanks Scully. Where'd you find it? I lost it last
night in the bar."

"IN THE BAR? You lost it last night IN THE BAR? When were you
in the hotel bar?

He looked down at her with a puzzled expression. "What's the big
deal? Last night I had trouble sleeping. I went down to the
bar around midnight and stayed till almost two in the morning.
Actually, I think the bartender had to throw me out. But that's
where I lost my watch. Still can't figure out why I took it
off. I must have been punchy."


"AH HA! THAT'S what this is about!" He teasingly shook his head
and slapped his forehead. "Did I do IT again?"

"Mulder, this isn't funny. Where were you?"

He took her by the shoulders and stared intently into her
moistening eyes. "Scully, read my lips. I had insomnia and
couldn't sleep. I went for a walk and stopped at the hotel
bar. I talked to the bartender until he threw me out around
two in the morning. THAT'S ALL."

"Mulder, you can't keep doing this to me." Scully was almost
in tears from frustration.

He leaned forward and put his face right up against hers. For
an instant Scully thought he might grab her and kiss her there
in the hallway. "I'm sorry I did IT again. What the hell did I
do, Scully? I assure you, what I'm imagining is probably a lot
worse, or better, depending on your point of view, than what
actually happened."

"Mulder," she pulled out the watch and held it up to him like a
bloody knife, "this is your watch, isn't it?"

"WAIT!" he almost shouted, "I'm surprised at you, Scully,
you're a professional. You have to be careful with something
removed from a crime scene."

Mulder took out a handkerchief and grabbed hold of the end of
the watch strap by the tips of two fingers wrapped in the cloth.
He dangled it in front of his eyes as if it were a valuable
piece of forensic evidence.

"This is incredible, Scully. Yes, This is MY watch. On the
basis of such irrefutable evidence, people less guilty than me
have been sent to the electric chair." He placed the watch back
onto his wrist and smirked at her. "Except that, since I don't
know what I did, and haven't known for the past two days, would
you at least tell me what I'm guilty of so I can apologize
before I'm executed...and then can we get some breakfast,
because I'm ready to pass out from hunger."

"OK, OK. I give up." Scully was completely worn down. "But if
you don't mind I'd like to check out your story with the

"No problem. I'll bring you there myself after lunch. He
probably doesn't show up until the afternoon. But Scully,
I've got to tell you that you're starting to worry me."

"I know, Mulder. I worry myself."

Later that afternoon, after the obligatory boring sessions,
Mulder brought Scully to the bar and introduced her to the

"Sir," Scully began, "do you know this man standing next to me?
Have you ever seen him before?" She felt completely ridiculous
asking questions like this but it was necessary.

"Sure." the bartender replied, "He was yapping and jawing at me
for hours last night until about 2 a.m. when I told him to go
to bed. You shouldn't let your friend drink alone, Lady."

"Thank you, Sir." Scully's voice was so low the bartender could
hardly hear her. She turned and gave Mulder a look of total
defeat and was beginning to walk away when the bartender spoke
up again.

"And by the way, Mister. You left your watch here on the
counter, but for some reason, I can't find it now. Sorry, I
just don't know what happened to it."

"That's OK," Mulder replied as he put his arm sympathetically
around Scully. "I found it."

"Mulder," Scully said in a whisper, head down. "I really want
to go to my room and rest. I think I'm having a nervous
breakdown. Just make apologies for me at the afternoon
sessions. I can't take anymore."

"Of course." Mulder said with a concerned voice and walked her
back to her room.


The plate on the door read "Ivan Feder, Chairman, Department of
Parapsychology". As Scully knocked gently she thought to
herself that the name was a rather odd mix and wondered if he
was perhaps a Russian Jew who had found his way into American
Academia through the back roads. Her musings were interrupted
when the door opened and Santa Claus smiled at her. The man she
faced looked more like her childhood vision of Saint Nick than
any store Santa whose lap she had graced as a tot. Staring at
the fluffy white hair and beard, big belly, and red suspenders,
she almost said, "Merry Christmas, Santa," as she put out her
hand to greet him.

"Doctor Feder?" He nodded and shook her hand. "I'm Dana
Scully...Agent Scully, FBI." She flashed her ID. "May I speak
to you for a few minutes?"

"Did I do something naughty?" He laughed and motioned her into
a seat by his desk. Scully could find no trace of an accent in
his voice, other than perhaps the merest hint of Bensonhurst or

"No, actually, this is an unofficial visit. Please disregard
the fact that I'm an FBI agent; I'm here to ask you a few
questions for personal reasons. I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all." he was still smiling and obviously very intrigued
by a pretty redhead coming to him for advice. "Ask away; I don't
get too many visitors these days."

Scully sat down, took a breath and a second to decide how to ask
this man her question. Although she was sure Doctor Feder was
accustomed to hearing weird tales, she wasn't comfortable just
blurting out that she had been getting delightfully screwed for
the past two nights by a man who was apparently someplace else
while he was fucking her. Scully had to admit it sounded crazy
just trying to form the concept in her mind. It was out of
total desperation that she decided to consult Doctor Feder,
knowing that Mulder was at the afternoon conference sessions and
would never know she had been here. She took another deep breath
and got to the point.

"Doctor Feder," she began, using her most professional FBI
voice, "Is it possible for a person to be in two places at the
same time...from a parapsychological point of view?"

She looked him straight in the eyes and hoped he would take her

He more than took her seriously, he knew exactly what had
happened. Doctor Feder hadn't gotten to the age he was, or
acquired the reputation he had, without developing a keen
understanding of human nature. He could read Scully like a
open romance novel.

He put his face a bit closer to hers and absentmindedly stroked
his beard. "Are you trying to tell me you've had an experience
with a Doppelganger?"

Scully moved back slightly in her chair, astonished and
confused. "A Doppel...what?"

"A Doppelganger, Miss Scully." Doctor Feder chuckled a bit.
"I think you're about to tell me a story about meeting a
Doppelganger." He noticed her confused look and patted her
hand. "A Doppelganger is a `double'. A duplicate of a person
that is more than an apparition, much more than an astral
projection. It is a true flesh and blood copy of a human and
can do everything the original can do, even wear their actual
clothing. So, the answer to your question is - yes, a person
can be in two places at the same time, sort of."

Scully was still amazed. "Sort of...?"

"Well, the term Doppelganger was coined in the last century by
German parapsychologists investigating appearances of what we
might call `wraith-like' doubles. Doubles that have a little
something extra thrown in, a bit more chutzpah or balls."

The Doctor paused and gave Scully a tiny, knowing, wink which
caused her to break out in an uncontrollable blush. He nodded
sympathetically before continuing his explanation.

"Doppelgangers often do extraordinary things that their
originals only dream about. In the literature there is evidence
of them robbing banks, committing murders, performing feats of
bravery, and so on. What happened with the Doppelganger you

Doctor Feder grinned at Scully. He knew without her saying a
word exactly what the Doppelganger had done; and Scully knew he

She stood up quickly, knocking over her chair. Feeling sorry
for causing her embarrassment, Doctor Feder also stood up and
took Scully by the hands in a fatherly, Santa Claus, manner.

"Young lady, I'm sorry if I caused you any distress. I have a
sense of humor that runs on the bizarre side."

"I'm familiar with that," Scully said, smiling back and nodding
her head, thinking of Mulder.

"You don't have to give me any details about what happened. I
just want to tell you that Doppelgangers never hang around for
very long. probably be gone
very soon. Enjoy it while you can." He winked at her again and
Scully felt an absolutely irrepressible urge to get out of his
office as fast as possible.

"Thank you very much, Doctor Feder." She said, practically
running out the door and down the corridor.

"You're very welcome, m'dear." He shouted after her, waving his


It was midnight of the third evening and Scully had been pacing
back and forth in the hotel room, waiting and wondering. Would
he show up? Would he NOT show up? Part of her wanted to be
with him again but part of her knew it was really not Mulder.

It was some crazy double of Mulder; a Mulder with more of
`Mulderness' mixed in. She stopped pacing for a second and
considered what this all meant. "Actually," she said to
herself, smiling and raising her eyebrows, "the Doppelganger
is doing what Mulder only dares to DREAM about." She laughed
out loud. "So that's what Mulder dreams about. Will I ever
let him know that I know?" She laughed even louder. "What an
X-File this would make on Skinner's desk."

There was a knock at the door. Scully's heart skipped a beat.
Should she let him in? Should she give in to one more glorious
night of fucking a pretend Mulder or should she acknowledge the
truth and make the Doppelganger go away?

She walked over and opened the door. The Doppelganger was
standing in her doorway fully clothed in one of Mulder's suits
and wearing one of his more outlandish ties. The bulge from a
powerful erection was already straining the fabric of the
trousers pants and almost made Scully swoon. She could feel a
hot moistness flow between her legs as she touched that huge,
burgeoning, lump in his pants. Pulling down his zipper, she
reached in and clutched the taut and swollen penis and massaged
it deftly.

"OOOOOH, Scully," the Doppelganger moaned as she worked on him.
"Why are you also still dressed? I figured one of us would have
had the sense to get out of our suits. Looks like we shared the
same lazy mind tonight."

She said nothing as she withdrew her hand and threw off her
jacket. The Mulder copy dragged her closer and began undressing
her, rubbing and pressing her body and making her emit sounds of
quickened passion. He bent over and kissed her with an open
mouth, propelling his tongue against hers. Then, suddenly, she
broke away. It was time to end the charade.

"Mulder, I left my clothes on because tonight I think we should
go to YOUR hotel room. Is that OK?"

He caught his breath and answered as he zipped up, "Fine with
me. One room is as good as another to boff your brains out."
He gave her such a sizzling smile that she almost forgot her
sense of purpose. This was not going to be easy.

Scully knew that the Doppelganger and Mulder could not be in
the same place at the same time. One of them would have to
disappear and she was counting on that one being the

When they reached the door of his hotel room, he unlocked it and
let her cross the threshold first. She stood inside the dark
room for a few seconds until she realized something was wrong.
Turning around, she saw that he was gone. The Doppelganger had
not followed her inside. She peered out the door and down the
hall in both directions. No Mulder, or rather, no Doppelganger.
He had not walked past her and no one else had entered the room,
of that she was certain. Only one piece of investigative work
remained to be done.

She walked over to the bed and gazed at the sleeping form,
aiming her flashlight at the body, but not directly at the face.
It was Mulder, fast asleep, half in the blanket, half out. The
part that was out displayed some very obvious signs of sexual
arousal through the boxer shorts. She wondered if Mulder was
dreaming about her and smiled as she put away the flashlight.
Very carefully and quietly, so as not to waken him, she pulled
the blanket discreetly over his body. Scully wasn't interested
in embarrassing her partner, she just wanted to sit on the side
of the bed and whisper to him until he woke up.

"Mulder, Mulder, are you OK?" She touched him lightly on the
shoulder, restraining herself from running her hand over his
chest. She was eager for him, her desire for him unabated.
This was no wraith-like double; this was the real Mulder;
`her' Mulder.

"Whaaaa?" He stirred in sleepy confusion.

"It's me, Mulder. It's Scully. I heard some suspicious noises
through the wall and came to investigate. For some reason your
door wasn't locked. Very careless of you. Were you having
one of your nightmares?"

He jumped up and grabbed the blanket, suddenly aware of his

"I'm fine. I was asleep. Whatever you heard was probably from
some wild dream, but it wasn't a nightmare. I just don't
remember." He put his head into his hands for a minute.
"Too bad we always forget the good ones." Scully cocked her
head and gave him a questioning glance. Mulder sighed
mysteriously and lay back onto the bed, "Never mine, it's over

She continued staring for a few seconds. Every nerve and fiber
wanted to lick his luscious lips. She loved his pouty lips.
She wanted to draw back the blanket and stroke him between the
legs. She loved what he had between his legs. Instead, she
shut her eyes and took a deep breath, a mental cold shower.
The world had returned to normal. She wouldn't touch him.

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Yes, I guess it's over."




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