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By the way, this story takes place about midway between the series
of X-Files that took place before the movie, X-Files : Fight The Future.

X-Files : GrandMaster

Part 1/4

15 December, 1997.
11:57 PM - Somewhere in The State Of Wisconsin.

The dark road was suddenly flooded with light as the lancing
beams of the cars headlights crested the hill.
The man inside the car was silently moving to the beat of the
music playing on his car-radio - DayDream Believer by The Monkees - a
cigarette dangled loosely from his lower lip as he waited for the lighter
to pop out.
Suddenly, out of nowhere lights filled his windscreen.
"What the fuck!?!" he muttered, shielding his eyes with his
forearm. He slowed the car to a halt and waited for the blindness in
his eyes to fade, eventually the light reducing to twin orbs only ten
yards from his vehicle.
It was another car.
"What is this shit?" he muttered, the cigarette had dropped down
between his thighs, it was lucky for him that it hadn't been lit. He
wound down the window of his car and shoved his head out through the
window, now that his momentary fear and confusion had passed he was
"What the fuck is the matter with you?" he yelled,"Driving without
your fucking headlights!"
The doors to the car opened and four men stepped out, they were
dressed in black suits and, incredibly for this time of night, were wearing
"Just what the fuck is this?" he muttered,"A Will Smith movie?"
The foremost of the men stepped up to the side of his car and
glanced down at him.
"Step out of the car, sir," he said, no emotion apparent in his
voice or his face.
"What the fuck are you talking about, step out of the fucking
car? What are you doing parked in the middle of the fucking road with
your lights off."
"Step out of the car now, sir," repeated the man, his tone still
even and emotionless.
"You're fucking right I'll step out of the car," snapped the
man and threw the door open. He leaped out and slammed the door shut,
then stepped towards the man in sunglasses angrily.
The other three men stepped up around their companion.
"Oh it's like that?" snorted the man,"This how you boys get your
Sudden, bright light sprang up behind him, he twisted about and
held his forearm up in front of his eyes, saw that another car was behind
his own.
"What the fuck?" he muttered,"Where the fuck did they come from?"
Suddenly the four men behind him were grabbed him and jostling
him back towards their car. He struggled but was outnumbered, and they
soon had him shoved into the back seat, flanked on either side by the large,
silent men.
"What is this shit!" he yelled,"Where are we going!"
No one answered him, the driver just started the car up and then
turned them around, driving on down the road.

The Cancer Man finished his fifth cigarette, stubbing it out
next to the others on the schooldesk, leaving scars that the janitor or
the poor kid who sat there would get blamed for.
He'd appropriated the school for this little meeting, it was a
good place, hardly the kind of place anyone would suspect a meeting of
this type to take place in.
Lights appear in the window and the sound of a car moving over
the school courtyards, driving right up to the building.
He smiled, they were right on time, as usual.
He lit up another cigarette.

The man had calmed down somewhat, he walked down the school hallway,
flanked on all sides by the four men.
"What's going on?" he said, smiling now.
There was no reply.
"You look familiar," he said to the man on his left,"I think
I might have fucked your mother last night."
No response, no reaction, no change in expression.
"Man, you guys are spooks all right," he said with a grin, shaking
his head,"But I bet I can get a reaction out of you."
Light was spilling into the darkened corridor ahead, an open door
and a lit classroom awaited. They arrived and turned into the class,
immediately facing the sole occupant.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," The Cancer Man said, sucking
more of the deadly poison from his cigarette into his lungs,"I've been
looking forward to this for quite some time."
The man just grinned, shook his head and then opened his mouth as
if to speak.
And then he was gone.
The Cancer Man's cigarette fell out of his open mouth, dropped
to the desk and lay there, burning a long mark into the material.
The four men stood staring in dull shock at the space where the
man had been, emotion finally registering on their faces.
Finally The Cancer Man broke the silence, bursting out of his
seat and screaming out in anger at the four men.
"Don't just stand there! FIND HIM!"
The men looked for most of the rest of the night, but they found
no trace of him anywhere.
He'd vanished into thin air.


12 February, 1998.
7:00 AM.

Scully's eyes flicked open suddenly, as if something had grabbed
her attention. But it wasn't wakeful alertness that had opened those ideas,
it was 7 in the morning and she'd just awoken.
She sucked in a huge gust of air, feeling her chest expand, her
breasts strain against the cotton material of her pajamas. Finally she
released her breath and her body visibly relaxed, for the first time she
realized her body had been locked up totally.
What had she been dreaming about?
Something had had her tossing and turning all night, she could
recall vivid colors and strange feelings, what had it been all about?
After the initial shock of snapping into full blown wakefulness,
her body had relaxed and now she just lay calmly on the bed, her body
relaxed and rested, feeling a strange buzz running throughout her entire
body, from head to toes, limbs to limbs.
With a soft sigh and yawn, she raised her arms up to her head and
ran her hands through her red, silken hair. Dropping them down she slid
them past her breasts with a sleepy smile on her face and pressed them
under the elastic waistband of her pajama bottoms, pushing her hands down
between her thighs and against her vaginal mound.
She suddenly stopped, her entire body freezing and her eyes taking
on a perplexed look.
"What am I doing?" she whispered.
She didn't have any strong feelings against masturbation. Although
her strong Catholic upbringing proclaimed it a sin, as an educated,
scientifically minded woman, she knew it was a necessary part of relieving
stress and sexual tension. This dichotomy didn't bother her, as a Medical
Doctor with a strong Catholic upbringing she encountered them nearly every
With that in mind, she wasn't the kind of person who masturbated
daily, or even weekly. The need to self-stimulate herself rarely came
upon her, she was usually too busy to have to worry about that kind of
thing, but recently she'd been doing it more often, usually when she was
tired or still drowsy from having just awoken. It didn't bother her that
she was doing it, but she didn't like that she was doing it unconsciously.
And then she noticed it again, while she'd been thinking about
this she'd continued to masturbate, stroking one finger between the pink,
shaven flesh of her cuntlips and occasionally sliding it up to the first
knuckle of her finger.
- No point stopping now, - she thought to herself, still sleepy
and a little out it.
Special FBI Agent Dana Scully moaned low in the back of her throat
as she slid her hand down between her thighs and cupped her cuntmound,
pressing her fingers between the pink slit of her cuntlips and stroking
it up and down. She let it happen nice and slow, when she did masturbate
she liked to build her pleasure up to a nice, hot orgasm. She ran her
finger up and down between her lips, then parted them and pressed her
finger up into her cunt, sliding the digit up to the second knuckle,
then after a pause slid it fully in. Her pussy clamped down on her
finger and almost seemed to suck on the digit, not wanting to release
Despite her initial misgivings, Scully now had a dreamy smile
on her face as she slid her other hand under the now sweat dampened
material of her pajamas, then over her narrow, flat waist. She cupped
one of her large, firm breasts over the material of her bra and slid a
finger beneath it, playing with her nipple, rubbing the distended nub
between her fingers and building up her pleasure with the increased
The sexy red head's eye's were half closed and her mouth open in
sexual satisfaction as she pressed her shaven cuntlips open and slid her
finger increasingly faster in and out of her steaming, juicing twat.
Moans and groans of happiness slid from her mouth as she began
to buck her hips up into her frigging hand. She quickly slid another finger
in to join the one that was currently pumping in and out of her snatch.
She threw her head back into the pillow and let out a little laugh
as she jerked herself off, pressing her thumb against her clitoris and
grinding into the erect little lovebutton. Her fingers slammed in and
out of her juicy cunt as she pumped her ass up and down, slamming it
repeatedly back into the firm mattress.
The hot pressure and friction in her lap was building up, building
up and driving her wild as she fucked herself hard. Without realizing
it the usually proper young woman was screaming out obscenities as she
frigged her cunt mercilessly.
"FUCK! YES! OH SHIT YES! DO IT! DO IT, MULDER!" she squealed out
If she realized that she'd just screamed out the name of her
partner she gave no sign, she certainly didn't slow down the now three
juicy fingers slicing in and out of her clasping, eagerly grasping cunt.
She could feel the orgasm building to it's inevitable conclusion,
she was ready to blow, to let the sensations she usually kept so repressed
burst out both figuratively and literally. She slammed her fingers in and
out of her tightly clasping snatch, her fingers pulling free of her cunt
with a slurping, sucking noise and then plunging deeply back in with
a squelching noise as she cried out in building pleasure, wanting more, more
The red headed babe furiously pumped her fingers in and out of
her tight cunt, the breast not being massaged by her free hand was bouncing
up and down slightly in her bra, begging to be freed from the tight
constraints. She slammed her ass back and forth into the mattress as she
wanked herself eagerly, fucking her fingers deep into her pussy. Her hot
body was shaking and twisting about as she frigged herself in her bed,
wanking faster and faster, masturbating her juicy snatch and moaning and
groaning eagerly.
"OH FUCK!!!" she squealed,"OH MY... OH SHIT!"
She came powerfully, her body sending out hard waves of sensation
and pleasure, orgasmic ecstasy slamming throughout her entire body as her
juices exploded from her cunt, flooding out over her fingers, the hot
juices warming her fingers as they slammed in and out of her tight, sucking
cuntwalls which firmly squeezed down on them.
She squealed out in pleasure, her eyes squeezed firmly shut and
her mouth hung open as she let out a long, low moan of satisfaction,
continuing to slowly hump her ass up and push her half buried fingers
into her pussy. Then, finally, she pulled her dripping fingers slowly
out of her dripping snatch and ran them up over her now exposed waist,
over her breasts and up to her mouth, where she slowly licked the juices
from her fingers.
She stopped for a second, her satisfied, sated look replaced for
a moment with confusion again. Why had she just licked her own juices
from her fingers, she'd never done anything like that before.
Any further thought was removed when the incessant buzz of her
alarm started, breaking her from her revelry and reminding her that she
had to get to work.
With a sigh she slammed one sticky finger against the alarm,
then rolled out of bed. She took her clothes off, standing in front of
the mirror and giving her body a critical look.
Her skin was a magnificent pale white, making her skin look like
ivory or alabaster. Her breasts weren't as large as her bras made them
look, they sagged very slightly at top, making them rest against her
ribcage, firm and round with fairly large nipples. Her waist was flat
and toned leading down to curved hips and firm, fit thighs, running
down to her feet, she had extremely sexy legs. She shaved her pussylips
for health reasons (at least that was what she told herself) and trimmed
her pubic hair to a neat little rectangle above her pussylips. She did
that because she didn't want a bikini-line, although it was very rare
that she ever went to the beach anymore.
She smiled, she knew she was attractive, she'd seen the looks from
other agents at the FBI when she walked down the corridors.
- Although he doesn't pay any attention to me, - she thought
She paused, tilted her head quizzically.
"He? Who's he?" she asked herself.
She shook her head and then stepped into the bathroom, turning
on the shower and getting the water ready.
Ten minutes later she was shampooing her hair when she heard the
phone ring.
"Dammit," she muttered,"Always when I'm in the shower!"
She rinsed her hair out, then turned the water off and stepped
out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around her body and another over
her wet hair she stepped out into the hallway and picked up the phone,
she was right next to the window, leaning over slightly to get at the
"Hello?" she asked.
"Scully," came Mulder's unmistakable voice, although now it was
so shaky he was hard to understand, he was practically yelling.
"Mulder?" she asked with a sigh, pressing her arm under her
breasts to keep the towel from falling away,"Mulder it's 7:30 in the
"Forget that, Scully," Mulder said, then he actually laughed,"You've
got to get down here, you have to see this!"
"What is it?" she asked, realizing his voice was shaking with
excitement,"Mulder, what's going on?"
"It's... Scully.... I can't explain over the phone, you've just
got to get down here!"
He hung up.
"Mulder? MULDER!" she snapped, then shook her head and hung up
the phone. Standing up she turned and had a momentary glimpse out the
window. She let out a shriek and stepped back, her towel dropping down
to her feet.
In the window across from her building she could see a man in a
gorilla suit staring at her. As her eyes opened wide he lifted a Polaroid
camera and took several photos.
"HEY!" she yelled and bent down, grabbing the towel and lifting
it back up to cover her naked body.
The gorilla bent down to pick up the Polaroid’s, then did a little
dance, jumping from foot to foot and swinging his arms, then he turned
and took off out of her line of sight.
She shook her head and swore under her breath. Mulder wouldn't
have called her if it wasn't important, and from the way his voice had
sounded, so excited and happy, she could put this off.
But once she'd dealt with whatever Mulder had come up with this
time she fully intended to call the police and get the asshole in the
gorilla suit dealt to.

FBI Building.
8.17 AM.

Scully entered 'The Basement', the place where The X-Files were
housed. An X-File was basically thought of as a case that was unsolved
or had very little information about it, it was stored away with an X in
front of it's serial numbers. To others in The FBI, The X-Files was an
in-joke, a punishment assignment given to agents who fucked up or put
their noses in where they didn't belong. X-Files usually consisted of
bizarre, unlikely cases like alien abduction, Bigfoot, mass disappearances,
crop circles and the like.
Scully was looked upon as someone to be pitied by most members of
The FBI, she hadn't been given The X-Files because of a screw-up or by
offending some higher up. She'd been given The X-Files so as to 'nurse
maid' Agent Fox Mulder, to present scientific evidence that either supported
or dismissed his crazy claims.
Mulder had been a bright light in The Bureau, a brilliant profiler
and Field Agent who had 'lost it' and become infatuated with the bizarre
X-Files, touting wild theories about alien abductions and vast Government
This time when Scully entered The Basement, she found that Mulder's
desk had disappeared beneath huge piles of documents and files piled up
so high any three people could have hidden behind them. They can't have
been X-Files because those were still in their normal places, stacked
up in corners or locked away in filing cabinets.
"Mulder?" she asked.
"Scully?" came the muffled reply and then with grunts and grinding
noises more documents were pushed aside from behind the desk and Mulder
He was a tall man, well built with a handsome, even face. His
face usually looked sour or grumpy, but now he seemed flushed with joy
and excitement, like a small child on Christmas.
"Mulder," said Scully, looking about at the vast piles
of documents,"What is this?"
"What is it," repeated Mulder with a grin, he turned and gestured
grandly at his desk,"Scully, what it is, is the truth."


The room was dark and crowded, several of the occupants, in total
and unthinking violation of the non-smoking laws, had cigarettes or
cigars lit. None of them feared fines or threats of expulsion from the
extremely private club, they all considered themselves above the law,
they were probably right.
Finally the last of them arrived, the so-called Well Manicured
Man stepped into the room and looked at the others with that same look
of distaste and disapproval they'd all grown used to. He was a willing
member of The Group, but only by necessity.
"Well?" he muttered,"Where is he?"
"I am here," replied The Cancer Man from one of the darker corners
of the room, where the early morning sun did not yet penetrate. Next to
him his ashtray was filled with cigarette butts, even for him this was
abnormal consumption, he was obviously nervous, which made the others
nervous as well. They'd never liked working with him, but they couldn't
deny his effectiveness, it took a lot to unnerve him.
"Well?" snapped The Well Manicured Man,"Speak up!"
The Cancer Man leaned forward, made sure that he had everyone’s
attention before speaking.
"The worst has happened," he said,"It's possible that somebody
has access to our archives."
There was a collective muttering amongst them, finally they were
interrupted by the man who most envied The Cancer Man, a fat industrialist
type from one of the seedier sides of New York, Boston or Brooklyn perhaps.
"How much access?" he asked,"And how?"
"Don't try and shift the blame onto me," replied The Cancer Man
smoothly, he was still putting out the pretense of confidence at least,"As
for how much access, he has total access.... total."
The Well Manicured Man closed his eyes and lowered his head with
a groan, the others were mumbling and grumbling amongst themselves again.
"Quiet!" he snapped at last, then looked up at Cancer Man,"Where
does he stand? Can he be brought? Can we get to him? Kill him?"
The Cancer Man hesitated, as if not wanting to tell them something,
then he smiled and spoke,"He won't be brought, he has no known family or
friends we can use to get at him and it will be very, very difficult to
have him killed."
"For your sake," said the fat man,"This problem had better go
away, and soon."
The Cancer Man nodded with a smile, as if this was the easiest
thing in the world, he leaned back in his chair and began smoking again,
allowing the others to talk amongst themselves.
But The Well Manicured Man noticed that before the first bit of
sunlight arrived in his section of the room, Cancer Man went through over
half a packet of cigarettes.


"Mulder," muttered Scully,"Do you realize what this document
"Yes!" hissed Mulder fiercely, his teeth clenched in a frightening
grimace that might have been a grin of vindication or the lunatic gaze
of a madman,"The truth!"
"Mulder," she said, holding the folder loosely in her hand,"This
is a D.O.D Classified File, it's Department Of Defense!"
"That's nothing," chuckled Mulder, turning about to face the piles
of documents,"There are top secret FBI Files, CIA Files, NSA, Department
of Tobacco and Firearms... hell Scully, there's even some KGB files in
here, although I can't read them."
"Mulder, we can't read any of them," she replied, her face was
stern,"They're classified files, no one can read them without the right
clearance, how the hell did they even get here? Who brought these in?"
Mulder looked disappointed and a little hurt, as if her failure
to share his enthusiasm was a personal insult,"I don't know," he said at
last,"When I got in this morning they were here, just piled up on my
He grinned weakly.
"At first I thought it was some kind of sick joke, a whole heap
of 'new' X-Files some wit had brought in. But then I saw the covers, and
when I opened them...."
"Mulder!" cried Scully,"You opened some of these documents?"
"What? Scully, I think you're missing the point...."
"NO!" she snapped and he seemed taken aback by her anger, an anger
of course which was masking her desire to panic,"You don't get the point
Mulder, those are top secret files that have somehow - probably illegally -
been brought down here and left for anyone to get hold off. Reading these
documents is a federal crime, you could be put away for life, I could be
put away for ten years!"
"Scu..." he started.
"And maybe that's what they want," she overrode him,"Mulder, did
you ever consider that this was some kind of setup, a elaborate frame
created by the people that have been interfering with our investigations."
"But what?" she snapped,"What else do you think, Mulder? Do you
think that maybe some kind soul just went round to all the Intelligence
Gathering Agencies in the world and picked up these highly classified files,
then wandered on down here and left them for you? Do you really think that?"
"No," he said, looking gloomy and sad, she suddenly felt like a
parent chastising a child who had done something stupid.
"Oh Mulder, I'm sorry," she said,"But after all we've been through
do you expect me to just believe that such good fortune has fallen into
our laps."
"Scully," he said,"If you could just read what's in these files,
the information in here, it's creating an image, a definite image of the
truth. I know that if I look through more of these I can find it out."
"What?" she asked,"Find out what?"
"Everything," he replied, turning and looking at the documents
and folders,"Scully, everything is in here, everything. The truth behind
my sister's abduction. The truth behind my father's death. The truth
behind the supposed alien assassins and clones we've encountered, the
truth behind all of it, the truth behind The X-Files."
He turned to look at her,"Scully, the truth about your abduction
could be in here."
"I wasn't abducted," she replied.
He blanched,"Fine, the truth behind your disappearance and memory
loss. Scully, how can you not take this opportunity to find out the
answers we've been denied for so long."
She hesitated, then moaned.
"Dammit, I'm already in the room, that makes me just as subject
to litigation as if I'd opened those files myself."
Mulder smiled and threw her another folder.
"I'll brew some coffee," he said with a grin.

End Part 1/4

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