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By the way, this story takes place about midway between the series
of X-Files that took place before the movie, X-Files : Fight The Future.

X-Files : GrandMaster

Part 2/4

9:54 AM.

Cancer Man walked into the convenience store and walked straight
to the counter, ignoring all the other products in favor of those behind
the counter and up out of reach of children.
"Two packets of Morleys," he muttered, not saying please. He
hadn't bothered with social niceties in years.
The storekeeper turned and grabbed the packs from their small
plastic canisters. Turning about he frowned when he saw that Cancer
Man's wallet - held in his hands - was empty.
"I'll be damned," muttered The Cancer Man,"Could have sworn I
had a couple of twenties in there."
He pulled out one of the credit cards, it was under another name
and was untraceable back to him. Usually he didn't use it for such small
purchases as this, but he'd obviously spent his readily available cash
and had no choice.
The storekeeper took the card and put through the data.
Cancer Man was eyeing the Pall Mall's nervously, he needed a
cigarette now, he lifted on hand slightly and the storekeeper absently
placed his own hand on them. This wasn't a particularly rough part of
town, but you couldn't take any chances nowadays.
"Sorry sir," said the Storekeeper,"There's a problem with your
"What?" muttered The Cancer Man, not really hearing, just thinking
about the smooth taste of the nicotine, the warmth of the smoke in his
"Your card, sir," replied the storekeeper,"It has been declined,
insufficient funds."
"Try again," muttered The Cancer Man.
"If you do not have cash," replied the storekeeper,"I will have
to ask you to leave my store."
"What are you talking about?" grumbled Cancer Man, then his eyes
widened when he saw the Morleys getting taken from the counter and
placed back in their inaccessible, plastic tubes,"Hey, those are mine!"
"NO!" snapped the storekeeper angrily, throwing the credit card
into Cancer Man's startled hands,"They are mine! You pay, they are yours!
You no pay, they are mine!"
Cancer Man glared into the storekeepers eyes, but when
his 'opponent' wasn't aware of his enormous power, he was hardly any sort
of imposing, threatening figure. He was just another aging, overweight
single loser with an addiction to cigarettes.
He dropped his eyes, slammed his hands into the counter then
turned and stormed out of the conveniance store.
The storekeeper watched through narrowed eyes until Cancer Man
was in his car and driving away. He took down the license plate number
then picked up his phone from behind the counter and speed-dialed a
prepared number.
"Hello, Police? I would like to report a stolen credit card."

7:25 PM.

All day long they'd sifted through the massive piles of documents,
the two of them reading line after line of classified information. It was
daunting in it's immensity, the task before them.
Many of the documents made reference to keywords which obviously
had meaning to whoever was supposed to be reading them. Mulder refused
to give up hope, claiming that they'd probably find some kind of index
or key to all these keywords. Also, despite this, there was also a hell
alot of information there they had only dreamed of having access to before
now. There was a detailed order of how The D.O.D, The FBI, CIA and other
groups ranked in 'covert missions and/or assignments conducted for the
greater good of the nation and the global community'. Some government
officials were clearly named or described as being part of this conspiracy,
there were listings of 'research facilities' and 'testing stations'
placed far out in the desert, as well as several mentions of organic
merchandise and cargo which Mulder insisted had to be some kind
of extra-terrestrial lifeform. He seemed to have forgotten that he'd
stopped actively believing in E.T's.
"Check this one out, Scully," said Mulder with a grin, holding
up a thick folder,"This one claims that the secret factions of World
Governments are working together to create an antidote to some kind of
alien, mind-controlling virus introduced by Extra-Terrestrials intent on
colonizing the planet for themselves."
He snorted,"Yeah right, that ones a bit too bizarre, even for me!"
Scully smiled and they continued to look through the documents.

8:15 PM

Cancer Man sat down in his patchy EZ-Chair and swallowed some of
the cool beer, then put the cigarette into his mouth and inhaled deeply,
savoring the smooth, familiar taste.
There was a knock at the door.
His eyes narrowed slightly, no one ever came to his house, officially
he didn't even exist and no one had been here since Mulder broke in and
tried to threaten him.
"Probably those fucking Jehovah's Witnessís again," he muttered,
then with a groan pulled himself out of his chair and moved over the
threadbare, cheap carpet to the door.
"Who is it?" he called out.
"Open the door please, sir," replied a voice.
"I don't know you," he called back,"Who are you."
"Police," called back the voice, now angry,"Open the door now,
Mr. Roberts, or we'll break it in."
Cancer Man's eyes widened, Mr. Roberts? That was the name of one of
his false identities, the name in fact on the credit card he'd tried to
use earlier.
"Just a moment," he said, reaching for the coat on the doorknob
to his bedroom, his gun was in the coat.
Before he got a chance, the door burst open and several officers
charged in.
Gunshots went off, three blasts in quick succession and then they
were wrestling him to the ground, pulling the gun from him.
But he had never grabbed his gun, he'd reached for it, yes, but
never gotten to it.
And the gunshots had come from his gun, somehow in his hand.
As if from thin air.

11:27 PM

Scully's head was getting heavier, her eyelids closing for longer
and longer periods of time, the words on the folders in front of her were
becoming blurred.
Eventually, despite her best efforts and strong coffee, she leaned
forward, rested her head against her desk and fell asleep.
"Scully," started Mulder, then looked up and saw she was asleep.
He smiled, stood up and took his coat from the rack in the corner, then
placed it over her back to keep her warm.
Sitting down, he went back to his search for the keyword index.


Scully stood in a long, darkened corridor, it seemed to stretch
down to a narrow rectangle of light, but when she stretched out her hand
she was able to touch the rectangle, the whole view of the corridor was
nothing but a cardboard cut-out, a matte painting, a backdrop.
"What is this?" she said and her voice sounded strange, distorted
somehow, in fact, it actually seemed to echo back at her,"Where am I?"
She whirled about, in front of her stood Mulder, standing in
blackness but somehow highlighted and glowing with light.
He was naked.
"Mulder?" she said, her eyes lowered towards his groin and then
jerking back up to his face.
"Scully," he repeated, then smiled,"It's time."
"Time for what?" she asked, trying to avoid looking at what she
was sure was a steadily rising hardon.
Suddenly Mulder looked confused himself, but when he spoke she
realized it was for a different reason.
"Scully, you're the one who asked me here."
"What?" she asked, even more confused now.
"You said you want this," he said,"You said to meet you here."
She suddenly realized they were in her apartment, were in fact in
her bedroom.
"No," she said, shaking her head,"I never said...."
Then she realized that she was naked herself, she was standing
in her bedroom with her partner and they were both naked.
"Mulder," she said, and then she was staring up at him, the
firm mattress yielding slightly beneath her. They were in bed together!
"Oh Scully!" he whispered lightly, and then before she could say
anything more he was leaning forward and kissing her.
Her eyes widened as she felt his tongue enter her mouth and what
had to be his hard cock pressing against her inner thigh, only a few
inches below her vagina.
She opened her mouth, perhaps to speak, maybe to protest at what
was happening, but what actually happened was her own tongue snaked out
and into his mouth. At that point in mind's protestations were cut short
and she just shared in a passionate kiss with her partner.
They kissed, their tongues slipping in and out of each other's
mouth, both of them moaning as they gazed into each other's eyes. Scully
felt Mulder's large cock pulsing against her belly and couldn't resist
reaching down and fingering his knob. His meat was hot and hard, throbbing
with anticipation. Then she slid her hands up past his hips and gripped
onto his muscular asscheeks, then she began to squeeze his buttocks
together as they continued to kiss, his hot weight on top of her, pressing
her down into the mattress.
She couldn't believe she was doing this, she had no clue how
she'd gotten back to her flat, or why the two of them were naked, but
right now she didn't really care. She eagerly sucked on his tongue as it
slid in and out of her mouth, sucking the spit from his tongue and making
light, moaning noises around it.
They lay firmly against each other, these two FBI partners that
had been thrown together unwillingly years ago, their hot, writhing bodies
pressed firmly against each other, his hard cock throbbing against her
smooth, white belly. Her pussy seemed to be on fire, burning with her
long repressed sexual needs. She moaned and cooed as she humped up against
Mulder, grinding her red-haired pussy up into his thighs, his balls, any
surface that provided some sort of friction for the horny redhead.
"Oh shit, Mulder!" she moaned, breaking their kiss,"I want you,
I want you so bad!"
"Oh Scully," moaned Mulder,"I want you to, I've wanted you for so
long now."
He slid down her body, his cock pressed down between her sexy,
silky smooth thighs and he was unable to stop from fucking thighs for a
few seconds. But a few moments later she spread her legs eagerly and
he moved up, pressing the knob of his dick against the entrance to her
He didn't push in straight away, but instead leaned back down to
kiss her on the mouth, a kiss that she quickly returned, sliding her
arms around his back and holding him to her as she writhed against the
mattress, her legs spread, her nude body undulating about, and then he
pushed his hips forward and pushed deep up into her.
"UGGGH!" she grunted in shock as she felt every inch of his
meat cram deep into her pussy and full her up.
"UH YES!" he cried,"At last!"
With that proclamation, he slowly started to hump in and out of
her, a few inches at a time, deeper and deeper with each stroke of his
cock into her tight, juicy pussy.
Scully's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned loudly in
happiness, clinging to his back and lifting her ass up and trying to get
more and more of his cock into her as she could.
Juices began to trickle out of Scully's cock-stuffed pussy,
running down her ass-crack and soaking into the sheets of her bed
as Mulder fucked her. His cock-shaft slid against her clit, rubbing against
the erect lovebutton and driving her wild as his long, slow strokes now
pushed all the way into her before pulling out to the point of exit, then
pushing back in. Her inner cuntlips sucked greedily on his cock, pulling
out each time he pulled back and being pushed back in every time he
re-entered her hot cunt.
The sensations were more than she could handle, she ground her pussy
up against his pubic bone and pressed her large breasts into his chest,
feeling erotic sensation overwhelm her and drive her past the point of
no return.
"Ohhhhhh shit!!!" she groaned loudly, her eyes wide as if in shock,
then she began to rock her loins back and forward faster and faster, forcing
Mulder to increase the speed of his fucking thrusts into her. She cried out
with each slice of his long, thick cock into her pussy, every stroke and
thrust bringing her closer and closer to the inevitable orgasm she sought.
Mulder was moaning and grunting with every thrust, crying out as
he plunged his cock deep into her cunt deeper and faster, harder and better.
Scully's asscheeks squeezed together as she lifted her butt up,
stuffing all of his meat deep into her and squashing her tits against his
muscular chest, rubbing the hot, erect nipples against him.
His belly smacked against her belly, so deeply he was fucking her,
his hips hit her hips, his pubic bone ground against her clit, driving
the red headed FBI Agent wild in desire. She squealed out as jolts of
electric, erotic energy slammed through her.
She wrapped her legs around his waist, digging her heels below his
asscheeks and tried to get more of his cock inside of her. His cock was
sluicing in and out of her juicy pussy, making a squelching, slurping
noise with each and every thrust inside of her.
They moved together naturally, sex synchronized as the partners
finally became partners. With every ram of his meat inside of her, every
deep, delicious penetration of his cock into her cunt was sending Scully's
body into deep throes of ecstasy. She felt as if she was cumming, even
though she wasn't orgasming, it had been so long since she'd been fucked
that just being fucked seemed more than enough.
For now.
"Ahhh fuck, Scully!" cried Mulder,"I can't hold it any longer!"
His eyes rolled back in his head and his back arched, locked in
place for a few seconds and then began to shudder as his control was
finally broken and he burst.
His cock jerked and flexed inside of her cunt and then he was
shooting his sperm, she could feel it, his jism shooting up deep into her
cunt and driving her wild.
Scully's eyes were glazed over, her thinking mind relegated to
the background for the moment as she too prepared to cum. She could
feel her orgasm building within her, building and building and building
towards a hot, hard crescendo of screams, joy and juices.
"OOOOOHHHH YES!!!!" she squealed at last and it broke free at
last, her cunt exploding with orgasmic fury, her pussylips gripping down
hungrily on Mulder's spent cock. Her body jerked and thrust
about underneath him, her ass, wet with the mixture of sweat and pussyjuices
that had run down from her cunt, writhing about on the bed. She clung
to his back and thrust her hips up against his, tears of joy and pleasure
streaking down her cheeks.
She arched her back beneath him, her hips bucking against his as
her cunt gripping down on his hard member, squeezing his long shaft and
refusing to release it.
Mulder continued to ram up into her cunt, his cum gone but his
meat still hard and willing to fuck her tight cunt. His body was basically
on auto-pilot, reveling in a kind post-orgasmic numbness and mindlessly
fucking her tight, gripping snatch.
"Oh Mulder," she moaned as her orgasm wound down,"I....

"... Mulder?"
He was staring at her with concern in his eyes, still dress
as was she. They were in 'The Basement' which stored The X-Files, going
over the classified documents which had somehow found their way down there.
"Sorry to wake you, Scully," he said with an apologetic smile,"But
it sounded like you were having a nightmare."
"A nightmare?" she asked.
"Yeah, you were groaning and tossing from side to side, I was
a little worried."
Her confused mind had finally gotten everything straight in her
head, she'd been dreaming again, but this time about Mulder. How strange,
she certainly wasn't aware of any hidden feelings for Mulder, why would
she be dreaming of having sex with him?
- Although many dream therapists claim that dreams of sex may
not indicate actual sexual desire for the object of that dream, - she
thought to herself, - But an issue stemming from emotional feelings. It's
possible that my growing friendship and closeness to Mulder is being
expressed via a dream of sex, which is regarded as the ultimate symbol
of togetherness and oneness. -
Still, that didn't mean she'd tell Mulder she'd had an erotic
dream about him. She went to stand up and felt her panties move against
her crotch. They were riding up her asscrack and also being pulled up
into her pussy, which was very wet. She couldn't pull them loose without
Mulder seeing so she left them as they were, as she stood up and began
to walk about the room in order to stretch her legs, she could feel the
material pressing into her cunt and against her ass, and it wasn't an
altogether unpleasant experience.
"Any luck finding the index?" she asked him sleepily.
"I've found two," he replied,"Both pertain to different documents,
so I'm separating all these folders into three piles. Two piles for the
two indexes, and one for the documents that fit with neither index, I'm
guessing that their's another index in there somewhere."
"Maybe you should get some sleep?" she said,"What time is it?"
"Three in the morning," he said,"I'll be fine, I wouldn't be able
to sleep anyway, knowing that what I've been looking for for all these
years could be sitting in these piles," he paused,"You can go back to your
home if you want, I don't mind burning the candle at both ends, but I
won't force you to."
Suddenly Scully's eyes widened.
"What is it?" Mulder asked, concerned.
"I just remembered, that idiot in the monkey suit!"
"Don't worry," she said, grabbing her coat,"I do have to go, but
I'll be back early tomorrow, try and get some sleep."
Then she was out the door.
Mulder smiled slightly, shook his head and turned back to the
documents, three orderly piles next to the large, messy pile on his
desk. With a sigh he got back to work.

13 February, 1998
3:57 AM.

"Okay Roberts!" snapped a harsh voice,"Your lawyer is here!"
Cancer Man didn't respond, he sat on the bunk, knees drawn up
with his arms wrapped up around them, head lowered.
"ROBERTS!" growled the man.
Remembering that that was his 'name' Cancer Man looked up at
the idiot police guard whose unfortunate duty it was to watch prisoners
during the night.
"My lawyer?" he asked,"I didn't call for a lawyer."
He'd made his one phonecall, ringing a judge who should have
been able to get him out of there within fifteen minutes. But instead
of a sour old judge answering, a young man had. Harsh, loud music had
been playing in the background and there were many other voices as well.
When he'd asked for the judge the voice on the other end had just laughed
and asked him if he had Prince Albert in a can, then hung up.
"Oh, you didn't call a lawyer," replied the guard with a grin,"I'm
so sorry to have bothered you, your majesty, I'll tell him to go away."
"No, no!" cried Cancer Man,"Send him in!"
The guard chuckled and moved away.
Soon his lawyer arrived.
"You!" gasped Cancer Man.
"Yep," laughed the man who had, just four days ago, been driving
down the highway, singing an old Monkees song and minding his own business
before being waylaid by Cancer Man's men,"Me."

3:58 AM.

The officer sounded tired, for which Scully really couldn't
blame him, considering the time of morning it was.
"Okay, ma'am," he said over the phone, stifling a yawn,"You didn't
recognize him?"
"No," she replied, constraining her irritation,"He was in a
gorilla suit."
"What I mean," he replied, and she sensed he was hiding his own
irritation,"Is, has anybody been watching you before? Or maybe you know
someone over in the building across from you who might be interested?"
"No one I can think off," she replied.
"Okay, and why didn't you report this till now, at four in the
morning?" it was practically an accusation that she'd waited till now
just to spite him.
"I'm an FBI Agent," she said,"My partner called me at the same
time and called me in on an extremely important and urgent matter, I
decided to go to the FBI Building, sort out what was going on and ring
in a complaint, but I got distracted and forgot about it till now."
"Okay, Ms. Scully," he said with a sigh,"We'll send a patrol
car around tomorrow morn... um, this morning and see if anybody saw
She thanked him and hung up, then sat down on her bed and wondered
if it was worth going to bed and sleeping for three hours before having
to go back to work.
In the end her own drowsiness defeated any great desire to watch
early morning television, and she went to sleep.

3:59 AM.

"Just who are you?" snapped Cancer Man,"What do you want from me?"
"Listen to you," replied the man with a contemptuous smile,"You
sound just like the plebs you've manipulated for the last forty or more
"You're the one, aren't you?" asked Cancer Man,"The one who
stole our files? What'd you do with them?"
"Shut up," replied the man, sounding bored,"You're not in charge
now, you don't make me tell you everything and reveal nothing of yourself."
"Oh I see," said Cancer Man with an arrogant smile,"So you're
hear to try and force me to answer your questions, well that's too bad,
my friend, you'll be telling me everything soon enough."
The man just laughed,"You think there's anything you can tell
me I don't already know?" he leaned forward so that his face was only
inches from the bars of the cell that Cancer Man sat in alone. The other
holding cells were also empty, and Cancer Man had no illusions that the
cameras in the corner would be filming this, if the man was as good as
he'd so far made himself out to be, the cameras would be showing looped
information or just be cut entirely,"I'm not here for answers from you,
you're not an important person to me, you don't rate."
"Then why are you here?" asked Cancer Man, still keeping up
the arrogant facade.
"Because of two things," replied the man, whose name was still
unknown,"Firstly, I wanted to tell you that I was willing to let you
continue your silly little games as long as you didn't involve me, but
you made the mistake of trying to run my life too, and for that I'm gonna
bring it all down on top of you, expose your dirty little operations to
the world."
"You can't," replied Cancer Man simply,"You'll be fighting the
world and you can't win, just ask Agent Mulder."
The man just laughed,"Actually, Mulder is going to be one of my
weapons, who do you think I sent that information I appropriated too?"
Cancer Man's eyes widened.
"Are you mad! Mulder can't be given that kind of information..."
"Shut up," replied the man, sounding bored, and Cancer Man did. He
did not do so voluntarily, he simply found he couldn't speak, no matter
how hard he tried.
"The second reason I'm here," said the man,"Is because
I'm fascinated, not by you, but by your addiction," he reached into his
pocket,"People like you just fascinate me, you know that cigarettes give
you cancer, you know that they're addictive and drain your money, and
you just keep smoking them anyway."
He pulled a packet of Pall Mall's out of his pocket and put them
on the connecting rod between the bars, as well as a lighter.
"This is an ordinary packet of Morleys," he said to Cancer
Man, who was staring at the cigarette packet with undisguised hunger,"Except
for one thing, one of the cigarette's inside is poisonous, or should I say
more poisonous than normal cigarettes. If you smoke it, it will kill you
within five minutes."
He turned and walked away, then stopped and turned to face Cancer
Man with a smile on his face,"I wonder if that will stop you smoking
them, though?"
He knocked on the door and a few moments later it was opened and
he was let out, leaving Cancer Man behind, staring in morbid fascination
at the packet of Pall Mall's lying there.

End Part 2/4

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