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By the way, this story takes place about midway between the series
of X-Files that took place before the movie, X-Files : Fight The Future.

X-Files : GrandMaster

Part 3/4

Scully leaned against the wall, resting her sore feet.
She'd been walking all day, the high heels were murder after any
more than half an hour of walking, especially with the tight red, leather
mini skirt she was wearing, which constricted her movement.
Her name was Dana Scully, she was in social worker's terms a
sex worker, or prostitute. In street terms she was a whore, a ho, a slut,
a fuck-bitch. She was a little over thirty years old, an age when most
prostitutes were either forced into retirement or slid their way down into
the cheaper sections of town where they either ended up as junkies or
fuckmeat for the junkies, when they weren't so fucked up or strapped for
cash from buying their heroin.
But she still had the magic, she still had a freshness about her
that seemed to appeal to the men who picked her up.
Still, she hadn't had much luck today, and if she didn't get some
more cash soon, Pepe - her pimp - would probably give her a beating.
As she ruminated on this, and thought about heading uptown and
hanging around outside some of the businessmen clubs, a car pulled up and
the electronic window lowered.
The man who poked his head out was around her age, he was obviously
tall considering how far his car-seat was back, and he was pretty good
looking, although his face seemed to be cast in an eternally somber mood.
"Hey there," she said with a smile,"Looking for a good time?"
"Sure am," he said with a small smile that only dented his dour
expression momentarily,"Are you a good time?"
She chuckled, as if he'd made a brilliant joke,"I've never had
any complaints before, you got a place we can go party?"
"Hop on in," he said to her, patting the seat next to him,"We'll
party all night long."
- Sure, I've heard that before, - she thought, then flashed a
grin and shook her head.
"Money up front, hotshot."
He took out his wallet and opened it, revealing a large collection
of notes, she reached out and he snapped it shut.
"Uh uh, I never pay for my house until I've seen it, if you know
what I mean?"
"Sure do," she replied, hiding a sigh,"But all real estate agents
require a down payment before they give the keys away."
Mulder smiled, then reached for his wallet again.

They stood in the small motel room, they'd booked in as Mr. and
Mrs. Smith and Mulder had insisted on going through the unbelievable
and embarrassing pretense of being married. The clerk hadn't really
cared, but seemed to find the whole thing quite amusing.
"Anything in particular you're looking for?" she asked him,
getting ready to strip her clothes off.
"Uhh, yeah," he murmured, looking embarassed,"Do you... uh, do
you mind..... you know, um..... do you mind roleplaying?"
She giggled,"It's you money, honey, I'll do anything you ask. If
you want to do my mouth, it's yours, if you want my cunt it yours, if you
want my ass, it's yours. Hell, if you want my armpits they're yours, for
tonight at least. I'll do anything and be anything you want, I can be the
postlady, I can be a nurse, I can be a policewoman, the girl next door,
your sister, your mother, whatever you want."
"I have a partner at my work," he said, a little more confident
now but still blushing,"She... she doesn't know how I feel about her and
even if she did, she wouldn't be interested. I picked you up because you
look like her, her name is Diana, Diana Scorley."
"Okay," said Dana, not noting the similarity between their two
names,"And you want me to be her? This Diana?"
"Yeah, but I always call her by her last name, Scorley, and she
always calls me by mine, Mulde...."
"Shhh," she said, putting her finger up to his lips,"No first
names, no last names. I'm Diana Scorley, you're my partner, that's all I
need to know."
"Last thing is, I want to do you.... her, up the ass."
She smiled,"It's extra, but it's worth it, I guarantee."
She began to strip off her clothes, revealing her smooth, firm
breasts but stopping at her panties.
"That covers your down payment, if you want to get a viewing of
the house, it'll be half up front."
Mulder eagerly paid up.

Scully had prepared herself with the KY Jelly she always brought
along on tricks with her. She'd rubbed it all over her hands and given
Mulder a quick handjob so that when he fucked her, it would go in easier.
- Don't most prostitutes use condoms? - the thought flashed through
her head unannounced, and she stopped to quiz over it for a second, then
her professionalism took over and she went back to rubbing the lubrication
into her asshole and anal passage, getting it ready for penetration.
Mulder had also stripped down and carefully draped his clothes over
a chair in the corner, making sure there would be no tell-tale creases
in the material. Now he turned and his eyes widened as he saw her on the
bed, on all fours and staring back at him, a wicked grin on her face.
"Ready, partner?"
"Oh, Scorley," he whispered, then was clambering up onto the bed,
gripping his cock in hand and getting into position.
He pressed his cock up against her ass, and the resistance of her
tight butthole was only momentary before the lubrication did it's work and
her sphincter muscles parted. With a happy moan, Mulder pressed his cock
forward and it slid down into her rectum.
"At last," he moaned,"Oh Scorley, I've wanted to drill your butt
for so long now!"
Once in he had to push hard to get the next couple of inches of
his cock up into her snug little asshole. He had his cockhead and just
over an inch of his meat inside her anus and it felt so hot, so tight,
just as he'd always known it would.
"Ooooh yes!" he gasped out,"Your tight ass, you hot, tight ass!"
Scully's face was lowered down into the pillow, her eyes squeezing
shut, mouth wide open and breathing hard as she got used to the feel of
his long, thick cockshaft inside of her asshole.
The feel of his (supposed) partners tight little asshole around
his member was absolutely incredible, the tightness making it feel to
Mulder like her ass was squeezing onto his cock, tighter and tighter, making
his dick throb with pleasure.
He gripped onto her curved hips and began to pull her back towards
him, pulling her ass back against him and allowing more and more of his
cock to get into her, inch after inch of his shaft down past the slowly
parting walls of her rectum. He pushed and pushed and pushed, hearing
the moans coming from Scully and interpreting them as pleasure or pain,
she didn't know, but obviously getting off on the sound anyway.
"Come on!" she moaned finally when she felt his hips come to rest
against her smooth, curved asscheeks, his balls resting hotly against
her clitoris,"You're in, but it ain't over yet, fuck me partner! fuck my
tight little butt!"
His grip on her hips tightened as he began to pull back, his hips
moving back as he pried inch after inch of his glistening cockshaft from
her tight, gripping anus. Her sphincter clamped down so tightly on his
cock that it was struggle to get every inch out, and at the end when just
his cockhead was left inside of her butt, her ass gripped all the tighter,
refusing to let him leave, as if he'd ever try!
Sweat ran down Scully's body, her flesh glistening, her pink
asshole stretched around the head of his fuckmeat, just the sight of
his cock inside of her asshole nearly drove him over the edge.
Scully moaned as Mulder shoved back forward, his cock plunging
deep into her ass, cramming all of his cock into her hot little asshole.
Then he began to repeat his thrusts, his thick meat penetrating her butthole
again and again, slamming into her ass, shoving his cock in and out, in and
out. He fucked her hot, puckered butt hard and fast, fucking her ass,
fucking her anus.
He loved the magnificent sensation of her rectum as it gripped down
tightly on his cock, sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his entire
system as he fucked her harder and harder, pushing her face into the
pillow as he screwed her ass.
"IMMM! YEAH!" squealed Scully, thrusting her ass back to meet his
thrusts, actually getting off on the feel of his cock up her butt and his
balls slapping against her clitoris.
Her tits dragged up and down along the cheap sheets, her nipples
grinding along the rough material and driving her wild. If she didn't
know better she'd think she was actually enjoying this, that she might
not have to fake her orgasm.
Her asshole had begun to clamp down hard around his cock
involuntarily, squeezing his meat in a viselike grip, her anal passage
was sucking onto his ass even tighter than before.
- I don't believe! - her mind cried out.
"UHHHH!" she squealed and then she was cumming, driven to orgasm
by a sad ass accountant (she figured) fucking her up the ass,"I'm cumming!"
Her juices flooded out of her cunt, splashing out over his balls
and running down his and her thighs onto the cheap sheets of the scummy
little Motel 6. As she came her asshole tightened even more and it was
all that Mulder could take, with a grunt he slammed every inch into her
sucking butthole and ground his hips against her asscheeks, and then he
He blew his load, shooting streams of cum deep into Scully's
butt. He pulled his ass back and then slammed his ass forward, burying
every inch into her asshole, grinding against her smooth, white asscheeks.
"Oooh yeah, Scorley!" he groaned, falling forward over her, his
chest pressing against her back, his cock buried in her ass.
"Oh Scorley, I... the morning, I'm Bill McNe....."
Scully's eyes fluttered open as her radio alarm went off, set
to a music station whose morning host grated on her nerves, guaranteeing
that she would wake up.
She ran her eyes down her body, at some point during the night
she'd kicked her sheets off and plunged her hands underneath her panties,
frigging herself mercilessly during her sleep and cumming at least twice,
maybe more.
It had been a strange dream, had she been a hooker? And who had
been the strange man who'd picked her up, she'd felt she'd known him
but now his face seemed a blur to her.
"And anal sex," she muttered,"I've never even thought about that
But when she stood up and moved towards the shower, her asshole
felt a little stretched, just a little stretched, as if something had
been up there, say perhaps a thumb or maybe a couple of fingers?

8:35 AM

Mulder jerked awake, spilling the last, cold remnants of his coffee
to the floor.
"Shit," he muttered, smacking his lips a few times to try and get
the saliva back into his mouth. He'd fallen asleep, perhaps around five
or six in the morning, and now he felt seedy and dirty, he needed a shower.
But on the desk in front of him only a tiny pile of folders
remained, the rest had been sorted into three orderly piles. He grinned
in satisfaction and picked up one of the remaining folders, opening it
up and perusing the first page.
"My oh my," he muttered. Here was a description of facilities
dotted across the Nation that held so-called Para-Normal Individuals,
some contained the failed results of cloning experiments, others people
with psychic abilities, there were even individuals capable of pyrotechnic
feats. Some of the people mentioned had been captured by Mulder and Scully
themselves, including a pyrotechnic apparently capable of recovering from
any burn, no matter how bad. There were references to the late Toomes, a
psychotic predator that had murdered dozens over the period of ninety
years, maybe even longer. There were references to the 'Eves', the failed
and totally psychotic remnants of the cloning projects as well as references
to Sasquatches and inbred mutants.
"The reason for the collection and cataloging of these
para-normals," read Mulder,"Is threefold, one, to better understand the
mysteries of genetics, two, to investigate Dr. Hiderbald's theory on
spontaneous evolution as a result of both natural selection and also
exposure to artificial variables, and three, to provide a first line of
defense against The Colonists."
"The colonists," he muttered to himself,"Just who are they? Could
they really be aliens?"
"A good question," said an unexpected voice, Mulder's head jerked
up as he found himself face to face with a stranger. The door to 'The
Basement' remained closed, Mulder would have heard it open, but there
had been no noise.
It was as if he'd appeared from thin air.

9:07 AM

Cancer Man sucked the last dregs of smoke that he could from
the cigarette and then pressed the filter into the bar, stubbing it
"Ahhh," he sighed.
So far he'd smoked seven cigarettes, over a period of several
hours this was real starvation treatment for him. He'd smoked the first
on the premise that he had a one in 12 chance of getting the poison one
and an 11 in 12 chance of getting an ordinary one. So far the odds had
been steadily dropping, but he kept smoking the cigarettes.
In fact, right about now he could really use one.

9:15 AM

Scully stepped into The Basement.
"Sorry I'm late, Mulder, I had to deal with some...." she trailed
Mulder was sitting in his chair, but his table was gone, moved
away and placed upside down on top of hers. The precious documents that
Mulder had been poring over all night long had been formed into a huge
tower, much like those made with cards. Standing between the stunned
looking Mulder and the document tower was a man she'd never met before.
He was just over average height, dressed in jeans and cowboy
boots with a flannel shirt open at the top three buttons, exposing the
top of what looked to be a fairly muscular chest. He wasn't overly
muscular, but his sleeves were rolled up to just above his elbows, which
exposed large, toned arms. His face was genial, a good natured look to
it, his eyes were kind but slightly aloof. His hair was scruffy and short,
a chestnut brown that, along with his face, made him look younger than he
probably was.
He just screamed good ol' boy, which made Scully wonder just what
the hell he was doing here.
"Scully," said Mulder, seeming to notice her for the first time,
he grinned,"This is Lucas Earl."
"Okay," she said,"Do I know you, Mr. Earl?"
"No, Ms. Scully, although I know you," he grinned, and despite
the good natured look of his face, she couldn't help but feel he was
laughing at her.
"Mr. Earl here..."
"Please," he said with a grin,"Call me Lucas."
"Okay, Lucas here is the guy who brought us these documents."
"You're the one?" asked Scully, finding it hard to reconcile the
idea that this rather naive looking man had gotten access to the top
secret documents of the Nation's Intelligence Gathering Agencies,"Do you
mind if I ask how?"
"The same way I put Agent Mulder's desk on top of yours," he
said, and again Scully got the feeling he was making fun of her,"And I
made these folders and documents into a tower."
"And that is?" she asked, trying to hide her hostility and disbelief
towards him.
"Via my telepathic and telekinetic abilities," with a tone of
voice similar to that of someone who'd just announced that the mail had
"Oh?" she said,"I see."
"She's so hostile!" laughed Lucas, turning to look at Mulder and
waggling his eyebrows,"I can see why they chose her to be the Professor
to your Gilligan."
"Thanks for the analogy," muttered Mulder.
"It's true, Ms. Scully," Lucas said,"My mother was inbred, my
father was a serious drug addict that gave my mother LSD and plenty of
other hallucinogens during her pregnancy. When I was born the Doctor's
were quite frankly shocked to see that I was normal, although they were
wrong, my differences were on the inside."
He leaned back against the wall, if he'd had a hat on she wouldn't
have been surprised to see him tilt it over his eyes to protect them
from sunlight and start chewing on a piece of grass.
"When I hit puberty I began to exhibit mental powers, the ability
to read the minds of others in times of high emotion and also the ability
to move objects with the power of my mind.
My mother wasn't too bright, but she was smart enough to know
that the Government would soon start to take an unhealthy interest in me.
She hooked up with some old friends of my father from back in the sixties
and got us onto an underground railroad. I spent the majority of my
formative years moving from place to place in Southern America, I saw all
the great states, Texas, Tennessee and all that. My powers continued to
grow, my telepathy got so strong that I had to actively start shielding
out the thoughts of others. That stopped being a problem when
my telekinesis kicked into high gear and things started flying about
or being moved without any active thought from me. I began to have to
concentrate on containing my t.k powers, and that actually diverted a
great deal of my telepathy, so that my mind stopped being a radio receiver
for other people's thoughts. With it under control, I began to learn how
to control it, soon I was capable of doing more and more things without
worrying about losing control, and it was soon after that that they found
me and came after me."
"The men in black," he said,"The spooks working for the Group that
really runs this country. There's a guy that smokes about a billion
cigarettes a day...."
Mulder's eyes narrowed slightly.
"...there's another one whose a real fat bastard, another one
who is the epitome of English Class you know, he could play a Butler on
t.v if he wanted."
"So they came for you," said Scully,"How did you get away?"
"I used my telepathy to make them think they couldn't see me,
that allowed me to follow them back to their base, I follow them for
a few weeks, saw access codes, facilities and documents in places you
wouldn't believe. I even saw one or two bona fide spaceships and a couple
more they'd set up as fakes to make people not believe in them. Then I
gathered up all the files I could and brought them here after their Group
spent a whole session chatting about the two of you."
"About us?" asked Scully,"I didn't think we rated that highly
in their attention, if those documents you pilfered are any indication."
"Yes," laughed Lucas,"There's a huge debate over whether or not
to kill you," he chuckled,"Not because they're afraid of you, there are
some in the Group who feel that putting you out of the picture would
weaken The Cancer Man's position, others are genuinely concerned you could
get to close to the truth and jeopardize their position."
"Pawns," muttered Mulder, so low that Scully barely heard him,"We're
nothing but pawns to them."
"But now," Lucas said, his eyes staring deeply in Scully's, keeping
her entranced, she was hanging off his every word,"Now you have the chance
to fight back, now you have access to everything they've had access to,
now the tables are turned."
"Yes," whispered Scully, unable to pull her gaze from his,"Yes,
we're close now, thanks to you."
"Except," muttered Mulder, this time louder,"None of it is true."
Lucas blinked, several times in quick succession and that was enough
for Scully to break their locked gazes. She shook her head, she felt a
little dizzy and strangely confused, extremely similar to how she'd been
feeling after her recent dreams.
"What?" asked Lucas, turning to face Mulder,"What do you mean?"
"All this," said Mulder, gesturing at the document tower in front
of him,"It's all lies."
Lucas' smile slipped slightly, then returned full force, but now
they could both see it didn't extend to his eyes.
"I don't understand," he said,"Fox, just what are you saying?"
"Call me Mulder," he replied, rather snappishly,"And I'm saying
that I refuse to believe that after close to fifty years or maybe more
of intense surveillance and jealous guardings of their secrets, you just
got in and got it all, and then just handed it over to me."
"Believe it, Fo... Mulder, you can believe it because it's true."
"It's crap is what it is," snapped Mulder,"Just another play
to make me and Scully jump through hoops while your people pull off another
"That's not...."
"Maybe you're in on it, maybe you're not, but believe me when I
say it's just another scheme, a plot that'll keep the scent of the prize
in my nostrils but keep it just out of sight, just over the next rise."
"Now just a minu...."
"I refuse to be a pawn any longer, the truth can be a subjective
thing, often a lie can be percieved as the truth when it contains elements
of the truth," he pointed at the document tower,"There's probably a good
deal of truth in there, but without the third index the information is
useless, and it's not in there."
"What third....."
"You don't get it yet, do you, they planned for a situation like
this, their third index is hidden away somewhere safe, it may even only
exist in their own minds. You're just playing out yet another one of
their schemes, wittingly of unwittingly, you're just as much of a pawn
as we are."
Mulder sighed, then continued.
"The truth is fragile, without all the facts it can't be maintained,
and it will collapse."
And with these words he kicked his foot out and dislodged the
base of the document tower, making it collapse in an untidy pile on the
"Oh very dramatic!" snapped Lucas, angry now, whether because he'd
been found out, wasn't being believed or at the idea of being a pawn, it
was unclear,"I go out of my way to help you two, I risk my own cover to
help you and you respond like this!?!? Like I'm the bad guy for trying
to complete your life's work!?!"
"What do you want from us?" asked Scully, slightly irritated
herself,"To fall on our knees and thank you, to kiss your boots and
tell you how great you are? We didn't ask for this, and now that you
find out that after supposedly living a life of freedom from manipulation
and control you're being played like a pawn you get mad at us!"
"FUCKING PLEBES!" he roared, and Scully was taken aback by the
sudden fury, such a violent mood swing could be indicative of a psychotic
And like that he was gone from The Basement, him and the documents
As if he'd vanished into thin air.

End Part 3/4

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