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By the way, this story takes place about midway between the series
of X-Files that took place before the movie, X-Files : Fight The Future.

X-Files : GrandMaster

Part 4/4

10:25 AM

Cancer Man stared at the last cigarette.
"Maybe there's no poison in there?" he murmured to himself,"Surely
there can't be any, how would he get it in?"
He actually knew several ways, but he was ignoring those in favor
of the idea that maybe he could smoke another cigarette.
He reached for it, and a hand grabbed his wrist, stopping him
from getting to it.
He looked up, found himself staring in Lucas Earl's face, he looked
extremely pissed off.
"You again," muttered Cancer Man,"I passed your test."
"Oh fuck up," muttered Lucas,"You're free to go, I've had the
charges cleared, you can leave."
"Why?" asked Cancer Man, trying to keep his voice calm, he'd
actually forgotten all about the charges, had forgotten he was even in
the lock-up. His every thought had been centered on those cigarettes.
"Because I can't think of any worse punishment for Mulder and Scully
than to have you free to hound them," snapped Lucas, then pulled the bars
open,"Now get the fuck out of here."
"One last thing," asked Cancer Man,"Was there really poison in
that cigarette?"
Lucas just shook his head with a slight smile, then was gone,
vanishing into thin air.
Cancer Man stepped out of the cell, moved towards the door,
hesitated, then turned around and grabbed the cigarette.
He was already halfway through it before he got outside of the

5:37 PM

Scully picked up the phone, she and Mulder had been ready to
leave when it rang.
"Agent Scully," she said, then listened for a minute to whoever
was on the other end, then she said,"Okay thanks, I'll be there soon."
"What was that about?" asked Mulder.
"A guy in a gorilla suit took photos of me yesterday just after
I got out of the shower, apparently a lady in the building across from mine
knows which apartment he lives in and the police are sending a guy over
there now, they want me over there."
"I'll come with you," he said,"I'd like to meet this monkey man."

6:07 PM

"Okay, Agent Scully," said Officer Hullman as he led her and
Mulder down the corridor, the Superintendent trailing behind,"The old
lady is staying at her daughters place in the building, her daughter is
on holiday but usually she'd be just finishing up her late shift at the
hospital at that point."
"So this guy in the suit didn't know, and figured that the apartment
was empty?" asked Mulder.
"Yeah," replied Hullman,"And the old lady saw him run into his
apartment at the same time as Agent Scully told us he'd run out of sight.
She just thought he was being stupid or maybe on drugs, then when we sent
a uniform around this morning it was just good luck he saw her first. I
figured you'd want to be here, you know, when we got him."
"I appreciate it," she said with a polite smile, although she
was more interested in getting those photos before anyone else could get
a look at them.
The officer came to a stop just outside the door marked 4A, then
motioned Mulder, Scully and the Superintendent to step back.
"Occupants name is Beauregard Baron, if you can believe that," said
Hullman,"He should be home, apparently he's unemployed."
"True," muttered the Super,"Don't know how he pays his rent, but
he's only been here a couple of months."
"Okay," said Hullman,"Here goes."
He knocked on the door, loud enough to wake anyone who might be
sleeping inside.
"Mr. Baron," he called out,"Mr Baron, open the door please."
No answer.
He knocked louder.
"Mr. Baron!" he called out,"This is the police, if you don't
open the door NOW, I will be forced to open it for you."
Still no answer.
"Open it," he said to the Super, who moved forward and placed his
masterkey into the lock.
The door opened and they got their first look in.
"Holy shit," muttered Hullman and the Super together.

All over the walls, plastered around the mirror and even along
the roof, were hundreds and hundreds of black and white photos of Scully,
some of her walking on the street, some of her entering her apartment,
others of her watching t.v, others of her getting food out of the fridge.
In the pictures she was dressed in clothes varying from her
usual heavy trenchcoat to casual track pants to panties and a baggy shirt,
all except for the photos plastered on the roof above the couch were photos
of her naked, staring in shock at the man taking pictures of her, her
breasts and pussy exposed.
"Shit," muttered the Super,"It's like the pictures you see of
serial killer's apartments."
The three of them entered the apartment, the Super having to wait
outside. Scully stepped up onto the couch and ripped the photos down,
placing them in an evidence bag she'd brought along and keeping them out
of view.
They looked around the living room, down by the t.v were a long
line of videos with the names of different celebrities on them. Picking
up one with Winona Ryder's name on it, Mulder placed it in the VCR and
turned on the t.v, he pushed play and his eyes widened as the picture
came into view.
Winona Ryder was on a couch, it looked like the one in this room,
but was in a different apartment. She was on all fours and getting fucked
by a very familiar looking person.
"That's Lucas Earl," gasped Scully.
"That's Winona Ryder," gasped Hullman.
"Yep," said Mulder.
"Is that really her?" asked Hullman,"Surely it can't really be
"It just might be," said Scully, since she wasn't male, her
entire attention wasn't riveted on Winona and she'd been looking around
the rest of the apartment. In Lucas' bedroom were dozens of books and
tapes detailing various methods of hypnosis and subliminal imaging, as
well as a checklist of female celebrities and dignitaries, most of them
with ticks beside them, some with two or three,"It appears that Mr. Earl
is a hypnotist, which just might explain how he pulled of some of the
tricks he's done for us, Mulder."
"Yeah," muttered Mulder, tearing his gaze from Winona's naked
body and gazing down at the rest of the video collection,"It seems he's
not just interested in celebrity porn, there must be a full collection
of Dukes Of Hazard videotapes here."
"Hehe, I loved that show," said Hullman, turning off the VCR,"Old
Beau and Luke Duke."
"Hmmm," muttered Scully,"Beauregard Baron and Lucas Earl, just
variations on the names of the Dukes."
"So you think he decided to help us because they went after him,
or because he's fixated on me?" asked Scully.
"At first he probably went after them because they went after him,
and he found out about us," said Mulder,"He tried to get to know us better
and that's when his fixation started," he grinned,"If we'd left it just
a month later your name might have been on one of these videos, Scully."
"That's not something I'd like to think about," she replied,
irritated and a little afraid that this guy had been targeting her.
"Check it out," said Mulder, reaching behind the videotapes,"It
seems that he's at least literate, some Dean Koontz novels... The Bad Place,
Dragon Tears."
"I've read those," said Scully,"In The Bad Place there's an inbred
family with special powers, including telepathy. In Dragon Tears the
villain has powers of telekinesis and also the ability to slow the flow
of time, apparently as the result of his mother's constant drug abuse
during her pregnancy," she paused, cocked an eyebrow at Mulder,"Sound
"Sure does," said Mulder, beside him Hullman was avidly watching
Winona getting screwed, he didn't seem to hear a word they were
saying,"Seems our friend Lucas, or whatever his real name is, was lying
to us right from the beginning, trying to play us."
"Too fucking right," snapped a new voice, the three of them twisted
around and found themselves facing Lucas Earl, standing in the doorway
and looking at them in livid, trembling anger.
And then the world went black.


Scully groaned as her eyes opened slightly and the world slowly
came back into focus.
Where was she?
It looked like a cheap apartment, dirty carpet, cheap couch with
yellowing walls. The place was drafty, causing her naked skin to goosebump
She realized she was on her knees, that she was naked and on her
knees in a strange apartment. Looking up she was Mulder sitting in a
chair a few feet from her, also naked.
"Scully?" he asked, sounding confused,"What's going on?"
"Mulder?" she said,"Is this a dream?"
"I... I think so," he replied,"I can't imagine what else we'd be
doing here?"
Her mind didn't seem to be working right, for some reason when
Mulder had told her they were having a dream it had made everything all
right, now she knew that she could do what she wanted, she could act without
having to live with the consequences of those actions.
She was free.
"Good," she said,"It's a dream, I'm glad."
She made her way forward until she was right up against his naked
legs, her breasts pressing against his knees.
"Shhh," she said with a grin, seeing that he was hard, and had
been leaning forward as if to hide that fact,"Just lie back and relax."
Then she leaned forward and took him into her mouth.
His eyes widened in surprise as she opened her mouth and took over
five inches of his cock into her warm oral orifice. This wasn't right, but
for some reason his mind wasn't working as it should, and the idea that this
was a dream had taken firm hold in his mind. If it was a dream, then this
was all right, wasn't it?
So he let his mind relax and just went with it, moaning happily as
Scully's hot, moist lips slid over his cock. She suckled on his knob for
a few moments, then slid her lips slowly up and down the length of his
cockshaft, swallowing his hard meat into her mouth and sucking on the rigid
cock of her partner.
She'd never given oral sex before, but seemed to have a natural
flair for it. After her initial five inches, she had some trouble getting
more of his cock into her mouth, her lips didn't want to stretch that
far, but her lust driven mind overpowered them and soon she was lowering
down further, taking inch after inch of Mulder's cock into her mouth, she
forced her lips to relax, then took in some more cock, relax, more cock,
relax, more cock. She rested after each inch and would slowly suck on
his cock for a bit before moving down again, the result of this was a long,
low groaning from Mulder as he reveled in the feeling of his partners
warm, wet mouth around his member.
His cock was so far down her mouth now that it was thumping
against the back of her throat, she had to adjust her angle so that it
was able to push deep down her throat, finally allowing her to get every
inch of his cock into her mouth, her beautiful mouth pressed hard against
the base of his cock. His pubic hair was tickling her nose and she had to
fight a need to sneeze, something she'd never read about in any dirty
story or seen in any porno movie.
After allowing her mouth to get used to having close to nine inches
of thick cock shoved down her throat, she began to make slow, wet strokes
of her mouth up and down Mulder's hot, throbbing shaft.
The FBI Agent moaned happily, loving the feeling and indeed the
very fact of having his hot, redheaded partner sucking on his dick, her
mouth sliding up and down over his dick like a cunt. He began lifting
his ass up, sliding his hips back and forth and meeting every downward
stroke of her mouth, facefucking the beautiful FBI Agent's wet mouth.
She had her lips wrapped tightly around his member, sliding her
tongue along the underside of his cock, creating an even hotter, tighter
fit and driving his crazy as he felt his cum boiling up within his balls,
ready to explode out of his dick and into her mouth.
"Oh Scully!" he moaned,"I'm gonna cum!"
Scully half-opened her eyes and smiled around the cock in her
mouth, loving the look on his face, the happy, half-satisfied look much
like that of a cat that had got into the cream... although she'd be the
one getting the cream. She pushed her face forward and sucked up every
last inch of his cock that she could, getting it deep into her mouth and
letting him fuck her mouth with his cock.
"OH YEAH!" grunted Mulder and shoved his hips up into her face,
pressing his pubes against her nose and all of his cock down her throat.
He shot his cum into her mouth with a grunt of satisfaction echoed by
a small voice in his head crying out AT LAST!
"Excellent," laughed Lucas, watching from the doorway, unseen
by the two FBI Agents whom he's hypnotized to not see him,"Teach you to
turn down my fucking help!"
He wished he could have filmed this scene, but he'd have to be
content to keep it in his mind. He also really wanted to fuck Scully,
but it would take him weeks to program her mind around allowing him to
fuck her, weeks he didn't have. His plan had to be to keep Mulder busy
with the evidence he'd been able to gather while he worked on Scully, he'd
known that a third index was needed, but even with his formidable hypnotic
talent he'd been unable to find it. Not that it had really bothered him,
his only interest had been to fuck Scully, he'd started to do this as he
always did, hypnotizing her to become more easily aroused, more susceptible
to sexual sensation. He'd made her have dreams of sex with a man that she
was attracted to - Mulder - and these dreams would eventually change to
star him, rather than Mulder. Soon he'd be able to get to her and fuck
her, taping it and adding it to his video collection of conquests, a
collection starring some of the most attractive and unattainable women in
the world. But he'd been knocked off-balance when Mulder revealed that
he was just being put through the motions of yet another conspiracy from
'The Group', his anger had forever blocked him from gaining their trust.
Now that The Group knew of his existence he'd have to go under
cover for awhile, he'd already sent his videotape collection (as well as
the photos of Scully, including those she'd put in an evidence bag and
hidden away) by FedEX to a safe location where no one would ever find
them without him.
Scully had finished sucking every last bit of sperm from Mulder's
dick that she could, and was now slumping down onto her gorgeous ass,
falling asleep as he'd programmed her to. Mulder had already nodded off,
sleeping peacefully in the chair. After they were both asleep Lucas set
about deprogramming them.
After getting them redressed, he created a new set of memories
for them for the last few days, a basic outline that they would fulfill
themselves. It was usually very difficult to remove someone’s memory and
replace it with a new one, but the events of the past few days were so
unbelievable that the human mind - always seeking order - would happily
replace an unusual memory with a more mundane one. That kind of thing
happened every day, repressed memories of sexual abuse at the hands of
family members and others was a good example.
He then sent them on their way, Mulder back to his lonely apartment,
Scully to hers. He returned the Super to his apartment, Hullman back to
his Station House where he would tell his peers (and himself) that the
apartment had been empty, as it would be very soon.
He took a moment to say goodbye to this latest in a long line of
homes, then opened the door to leave.
Cigarette smoke blew into his face.
"Hello there, Beauregard," said Cancer Man, that familiar, maddening,
smug smile on his face.
"You," growled Lucas,"How the hell did you find me?"
"Simplicity itself, you may be able to evade our detection, but
Agents Mulder and Scully are not. One of our men was trailing them and
called in when they came here together, unusual for them when they're not
on an Assignment. When they described you entering, I came at once."
"I don't have time to deal with you anymore," snapped Lucas,"I've
got places to go."
"You're not in charge here anymore," replied Cancer Man,"I..."
"Juggler," interrupted Lucas.
Instantly Cancer Man stopped talking, he went stock still and the
cigarette in his mouth hung loosely on his lip, held there by the dryness
of his mouth. His eyes were blank, unfocused, he'd fallen into a deep
hypnotic trance the moment Lucas spoke the prepared keyword.
"Listen up," he growled,"You'll go back to your precious group,
and if they ask about the security risk then you'll tell them it's taken
care off. If they press you, you'll tell them how you found me and say
that when it became clear I wouldn't be a willing pawn, you had no choice
but to kill me, understand?"
"Yes," said Cancer Man tonelessly,"I understand."
"Good," Lucas began to leave, then stopped,"And one last thing,
from now on, every time you smoke a cigarette it will taste faintly of
manure, and with every subsequent cigarette that taste will grow stronger
and stronger, understand?"
"Yes, I understand."
"Good bitch," chuckled Lucas and left the apartment.

He opened the door to the building and stepped out, turning to
look up at the window of Scully's apartment with a speculative gaze,
wondering what she would be doing right now.
The bullet hit the side of his head, just above his ear, and passed
directly through it. He slumped to the ground, that same speculative look
on his face.
The sniper, instructed to kill Lucas if he exited the building
without Cancer Man, quickly dismantled his rifle and put it away in a
suitcase. Standing up he straightened his tie and made his way out of
the building, looking just like every other middle aged accountant.
Cancer Man stepped out over the body of Lucas Earl, he looked
down at the dead body and smiled, then made his way off down the street,
nobody saw him, they were still hiding in case the gunman was still about.
As he walked he lit up a new cigarette, as he smoked it he noted
with some irritation that it tasted faintly of something bad.
Which still didn't stop him from still smoking more than two packs
a day, as he always had.

Scully heard the screams and, a few seconds later, the sirens as
the ambulance and police car approached.
She moved to her window and looked out, seeing the dead body
sprawled out on the stoop of the building across from hers. She thought
she better get down there and see what had happened, but also felt more
than a little irritation, she'd been getting ready to make some nice
lasagne up.
She pulled on her trenchcoat, placing her hand in her pocket she
felt some kind of paper, an envelope? Removing it she opened the white
envelope and took out a card. She smiled as she read the cover, then
the inside, she'd obviously been meant to find it tomorrow.
"Happy Valentines, Scully," she read,"From Mulder, P.S - sorry
there's no chocolates, but I promise I'll buy you a coffee."
She chuckled, how sweet of him. It was the closest she'd get to
a real Valentines card this year, she hadn't had a man in her life for a
long time now.
Her smile faded slightly as she opened the door to make her way
down to the street, reminded of the inherent dangers of living in the
city, it was getting badder and badder every day.
It was getting to be that a woman couldn't feel safe in her own
apartment anymore.


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