Not to be read by anyone under 18. This is a work of fiction with graphic
descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. Hypnosis does not
work this way. Don't try this at home. If you feel like it, seek help.

To borrow from Rod Serling, this edition of HypnoTV is somewhat unique and
calls for a different style of introduction. First of all, thanks for being
patient during my absence. I know it's been a while since my last addition,
but it couldn't be helped. In keeping with the theme of the show presented,
nothing is certain. Nothing is obvious. Trust no one.

HypnoTV: The X-Files (m/f,mc)
by MAW

Not to be read by anyone under 18. This is a work of fiction with graphic
descriptions of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. Hypnosis does not
work this way. Don't try this at home. If you feel like it, seek help.

To borrow from Rod Serling, this edition of HypnoTV is somewhat unique and
calls for a different style of introduction. First of all, thanks for being
patient during my absence. I know it's been a while since my last addition,
but it couldn't be helped. In keeping with the theme of the show presented,
nothing is certain. Nothing is obvious. Trust no one.

"Are they ready?"

"I'd prefer more time with them."

"We're running out of time. Are they ready?"

"I suppose so. Keywords and instructions installed."

"Tonight. Mulder first. Then Scully."

"Got it."

The office was quiet when Fox Mulder got in. Of course, the office was always
quiet. Being located in the basement of the FBI building in Washington
guaranteed a bit of privacy. Mulder liked it. It gave him time to think, away
from all the skeptics and doubters above him. Today, he had another reason
for his privacy. Her name was Dana Scully.

It had hit Mulder in the middle of the night, shortly after he'd woken up to
a wrong number. Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, he had come to the
conclusion that he wanted Scully. Bad. It had taken a while for the
attraction to come to this point, but Mulder knew he had to have Scully. The
problem was how.

He had to see if Scully wanted the same thing. But Mulder's self-esteem was
low to say the least. Coming right out and asking Scully if she loved him
wasn't the best way to approach the situation. At the same time, he couldn't
just take her and rape her on the desk. So, with the quirky intelligence that
made him such a good investigator, Mulder came up with an acceptable
compromise. Like many of his theories, it was pretty wild, but it made
perfect sense to him.

He looked up as she came into the room. Mulder used to think it was
impossible for a woman to be sexy dressed in a business suit, but Dana Scully
managed it. The gray suit contrasted perfectly with her beautiful face and
short red hair. Those green eyes focused on him and gave him the same thrill
they always did. "So, what's on the hit parade this morning?" she asked in
her cool professional tone.

Mulder smiled as he leaned back in his chair. "Skinner's sending us an
assignment later," he said. "In the meantime, Forhike gave me a birthday
present to give you."

Scully rolled her eyes. "I swear to God, if he superimposed my head on naked
women again..."

"I had to promise him I'd show it to you," Mulder said. He pulled out a disk
and slipped it into a nearby computer bank. "Now close your eyes."

Scully gazed at him doubtfully. Then, somehow suspecting she was going to
regret this, she complied. His grin broader, Mulder opened the disk and hit a
few keys. "Okay, now open them."

Scully opened her eyes to a dazzling multi-colored wheel spinning on the
screen. Instantly captivated, she watched as the wheel turned, the spiral
keeping up the pace. Any doubts she had slowly vanished as she continued to
watch the wheel turn, the colors shifting at every rotation, flying into her
eyes. Waves of light poured from the screen and onto her face.

Mulder had gotten his inspiration from a case in the past. He knew that
Scully was resistant to voluntary hypnosis and would probably had stood up to
a normal induction method of Mulder's. A year before, Scully had inadvertely
become a victim of a brainwashing scheme using subminimal messages hidden in
TV signals. A hypnotic effect had caused her to believe Mulder was the enemy
and had almost killed him. Now, a variation of that program was working
before her.

For the first time in his life outside of a crime scene, Mulder was glad he
couldn't see red. His red-green color blindness had protected him from the
signals in the tapes and now made him resistant to the wheel. Scully, with
her regular eyesight, was easy prey. Mulder could see her facial muscles
relax and her mind open to the subminimal messages that he had programmed
into the disk.

*Sleep. Sleep. Obey. Sleep and obey. Mulder. Sleep and obey Mulder. Sleep.
Obey. Sleep and obey Mulder. Sleep. Obey. Mulder.*

Scully's eyes shut as her head slumped forward. Mulder paused, uncertain for
a moment. Then, a calm overtook him as he realized it had worked. Scully was
under. Mulder shut off the computer, removing the disk. He slowly moved his
chair across from Scully. "Dana?" he asked quietly. "Can you hear me?"

"...Yes..." Scully said.

"Dana, will you trust me?"


"Dana, will you obey me?"


"Dana, how do you feel about Fox Mulder?"

"...Friend...He's my partner...I...I love him."

Mulder closed his eyes, trying not to cry out in joy. His suspicions
confirmed, he could proceed with a much lighter load on his conscience.
"Dana, do you dream of Mulder?"


"What does he do in your dreams? What would you like to have him do to you?"

"...I want eat me out...Eat my pussy and squeeze my tits."

*Damn, I never knew she had it in her* Mulder thought in surprise. He looked
at that gorgeous face and decided to make Scully's dreams reality. "Lift up
your skirt, Dana, and dream of Mulder. Relax and dream."

Scully slowly hitched up the hem of her suit. Mulder got onto his knees and
moved forward. He looked up Scully's skirt, seeing her dark panties. He moved
in, his head vanishing in her dress. There was enough light for Mulder to see
the hairs of Scully's pussy peeking out from her panties. *What do you know?
She really is a natural redhead* He moved in, fingering aside the satin
fabric and smelling Scully's lips. He took a quick stab with his tongue,
tasting Scully's nectar, hearing her moan in reply. He began licking in
earnest, his tongue lovingly massaging her clit. He licked harder and faster,
his tongue absorbing the sweet taste of her juices. His hands moved up her
body, onto her breasts. Squeezing the mounds, he used them as a handhold as
he continued his licking frenzy.

Scully was moaning softly by now, her voice audible down the hall, if anyone
had been there. Her breathing became more heavy as Mulder continued. Her
entire body tensed as she released her juices onto Mulder's face, bringing a
cry from both of them.

Mulder quickly pulled his head out, wiping Scully's juices away. He used the
same handkerchief to clean Scully and hurriedly rearranged her clothes. He
sat back down in his seat. "Dana, in a moment, I will snap my fingers and you
will wake up. You will not remember anything that has occurred since you
entered this office. You will not be able to recall anything. You will feel
refreshed and relaxed. And your feelings for Fox Mulder will intensify.
Remember that, but nothing else." Settling back in his chair, Mulder snapped
his fingers.

Scully's eyes blinked open and focused on Mulder. "Sorry, Mulder, I must've
blanked out for a minute. What did you say?"

Praying that his look of thanks wasn't evident, Mulder got up. "Skinner wants
us upstairs for an assignment. Maybe we'll go somewhere dry this time."

"I hope so. Cutting up bodies is tougher when they've been soaking in a

"But doesn't that take the fun out of it, Scully?"

Before she could reply, the phone rang. Mulder picked it up. He stood for a
moment, then closed his eyes and opened them. He hung up without a word. "Who
was that?" Scully asked.

"Hm? Oh, I don't know. They hung up as soon as I answered. Sounds kind of

"Mulder, you're suspicious of your own shadow."

"Yes, you notice how it's always following me?"

"How'd it go?"

"His memory's been erased. Ready for Stage Two."

"Tonight. You know where."

The duo's latest case was less intense than some others. They were
investigating a series of abductions in Minnesota. Four teenage girls had
been taken from their homes in the same night. All four were found lying in
the middle of a field the next morning. Mulder, naturally, leapt to the
conclusion of alien involvement. Scully, naturally, rolled her eyes and tried
looking for a more straightforward explanation.

The afternoon was filled with interviews with the abductees. At Mulder's
insistence, each one was hypnotized but could offer no other information to
shed light. It was as if their minds had completely shut off during their
missing time.

It was late when the two finally got back to their hotel room, exhausted
after a long day. Because of overbooking, the two had to get a room together,
with twin beds. It was a little tough, but they managed. Mulder immediately
collapsed onto his bed, fully clothed. Although he could go without sleep for
irregular periods of time, he was still human. Plus, he had driven the hour
long trip from the airport to the town. He was overly exhausted, something
his quiet snoring soon confirmed.

Scully was shifting through some reports when her gaze fell upon her partner.
She stared at him, his handsome features quiet in sleep and bit her lip. For
some time now, Scully had become aware that she harbored a major feeling for
Mulder. It wasn't just sex, although god knew Scully needed that as well. She
truly loved the man, but wasn't sure the feeling was mutual.

As Scully stared at her sleeping partner, an idea occurred to her. At first
she shook it off as too insane. But it stuck with her, refusing to go away.
Scully wasn't sure if what she was planning would even work, but before she
could talk herself out of it, she was close to Mulder's ear. "Mulder, can you
hear me?"

A small grunt answered her. Mulder was in a state under sleep, where his
subconscious was open to suggestion. It was that part Scully spoke to.
"Mulder, you are feeling very relaxed now." Scully wasn't sure if she was
doing this right but she had seen enough hypnotic regression sessions to wing
it. "Very relaxed. Your mind is open to me and you can trust me. You can
always trust me. How do you feel about me, Mulder?"

Mulder's brow wrinkled, his eyes moving beneath their lids. "Scully... I love

Scully leaned back and closed her eyes. Oh, god, he did love her. Now what?
She moved her eyes down Mulder's body, an eyebrow coming up as she saw the
slight bulge in Mulder's pants. Scully hesitated only for a moment before
deciding. She moved forward, unzipping Mulder's pants, pulling them down. She
quickly pulled down Mulder's skivvies, allowing his cock to pop out. She
stared for a long moment at it, then slipped off her panties.

"Relax, Mulder. Just relax and let yourself go. Let yourself grow more
relaxed and aroused. Just think of your favorite erotic dream and let
yourself go." With a sigh, Scully sat herself onto Mulder's cock. She slowly
began shifting, moving herself along the erect rod. Mulder began to answer
her, shifting his pelvis to match. The two moved slowly, Scully managing to
pump Mulder's cock into pleasure. The two could feel the tension rise, even
though Scully was the only one aware of it. Scully pushed herself harder,
trying to continue the rhythm. The ecstasy in her grew and was finally
released when she felt Mulder shoot his wad into her.

Scully was still for a moment, still not believing what had occurred. She
disengaged herself from Mulder, juices dripping. She quickly wiped off
Mulder's cock with a towel from the bathroom and replaced his shorts and
pants. She sat next to him. "Mulder, listen to me. Go back to sleep. A nice,
restful sleep. When you wake up, you will not remember this occurring. It was
simply a dream. Sleep now." Mulder seemed to sink deeper into the pillows as
he obeyed. Scully hopped back onto her bed and shook her head. What the hell
had gotten into her?

Before she could answer the personal question, the room's phone rang. Scully
picked it up. She listened for a moment and shut her eyes. She put the phone
back on the hook and sunk onto her bed, fast asleep.

"Phase Two successful. No memory for her."

"Should we go on to the final stage?"

"Go for it."

The next day held disappointment for Mulder. The agents learned that the
girls had been abducted by the local oddball, a handyman who had chloroformed
them and kept them in a state of unconsciousness while raping them.
Videotapes found at the man's home showed his crimes and he was all too
willing to confess, seemingly proud of what he had done. Mulder and Scully
had met a lot of despicable characters throughout their careers, but this man
ranked among the worst.

Once again, it was late as the two came back to the hotel. They silently
packed for the morning flight to DC. Mulder was quieter than usual, a sign
that he was deep in thought. Scully sat down on the bed next to him. "You
really thought you had it this time, didn't you?" she said softly.

"I always hope," came Mulder's reply.

Scully bit her lip as she looked at her partner. "Do you ever worry that you
won't find it?"

Mulder shook his head. "I always believe I'll find it, Scully. I just wish
it'd be soon."

Scully nodded. "It's a lonely life, isn't it? Giving up everything to satisfy
your quest."

"You make me sound like I'm on the Holy Crusades."

"Well, in a way you are. You have no friends, no contacts, no hobbies,
nothing outside your search."

Mulder looked at her. "I have you, Scully."

An uncomfortable silence was broken by Mulder. "I've made sacrifices, sure.
But so have you. And I appreciate that."

"You do?"

"Scully, you had a good career going when you got assigned to observing me.
You could have refused the assignment, you could've asked for transfer after
a few months. But you didn't. You've stuck with me. That means a lot to me.
It's been a long time since anyone trusted me like that."

"Well, it's cost a lot. My social life is almost on a par with yours. But I
don't regret it. You need someone to keep your head on straight and bail you

Mulder chuckled. "We're a couple of loners, aren't we?"

Scully stared at him. "No one should be alone, Mulder."

He looked up at her, at those green eyes that carried so much beauty,
intelligence, pain, happiness and more. Now he saw something in them he'd
never seen before: Love.

He took her gently by the neck, pulled her in close and kissed her. She
responded passionately, her tongue wrapping around his. Four years of desire
came loose in seconds as they pressed against each other. Slowly, they sank
onto the bed, still kissing. Eyes closed, her lips locked on Mulder's, Scully
quickly disengaged Mulder's belt and began pulling down his pants.
Simultaneously, Mulder started unsnapping the buttons on Scully's suit.
"Scully, are you sure..?" Mulder got out of his mouth.

"Mulder, shut up and make love," was the reply.

Pants, jackets, shirts, holsters, cell phones and underwear fell to a growing
pile on the floor. Naked, they embraced each other harder, Mulder feeling
Scully's breasts pressed against his chest. He buried his head between them,
lovingly kissing the nipples, an action that delighted Scully. After suckling
the luscious mounds, Mulder moved again to kiss Scully. He couldn't get
enough of her taste, her passion, her love. She felt the same way as she felt
her tongue slip around his lips and mouth, touching his chin. She groaned as
she felt Mulder enter her.

Contrary to opinion, there is a definite difference between having sex and
making love. The few times Mulder and Scully had sex with other partners, it
was energetic but somehow lacking. This wasn't. The two were consummating a
relationship, letting their feelings out. Sex was secondary that night. Love
was foremost.

Mulder pressed into Scully, moving his hips to form a rhythm. Scully quickly
matched it as the two began building themselves up. Mulder arched his back
as he pumped, feeling the juices in his erect cock grow. Scully grasped a
handful of bedsheets as she felt her own juices drip around Mulder's cock,
arousal on full blast. Mulder finally released himself into her, bringing out
a cry in Scully. Mulder, spent, collapsed onto her. The two held each other
as the aftermath hit them. It was a position they would hold when they
finally drifted off to sleep... three hours later.

In a nondescript van across the street from the motel, five people were
toasting each other. They were a mydraid group. One had a dark beard and a
business suit. Another had long blond hair, glasses and a torn T-Shirt. One
also wore glasses, with a short haircut and a somewhat grungy outfit. One was
a man in his fifties, with glasses and a balding plate. The last one was a
dark-haired, attractive women in her mid-forties.

"I have to hand it to you guys," Walter Skinner said. "You came through all
the way."

"It wasn't that difficult," the Lone Gunmen known as Byers said. "Simple
subminimal messages piped into their bedrooms while they slept set up the
initial code keys."

"The hypnotic triggers worked great too," Forhike added. "Implanted the
suggestions then removed all trace of their actions from their memories."

"Thanks again for setting up that training seminar," Langly put in. "It was
a great way to test and streamline the implanted suggestions."

"All the credit can't go to me," Skinner stated. "This whole plan was due to
the lady of the hour."

They all turned to Margaret Scully, who blushed. "Well, the two of them
obviously belonged together. Dana's always been stubborn about things like
that, so a little push was required."

"And now that they are together," Skinner said. "We can actually get on and
get some lives of our own."

"Amen," four voices answered.

As one, they turned to a monitor inside the van. On the screen, transmitted
via a special miniature camera, was Mulder and Scully, sleeping quietly.

I was actually going to use a different type of MC, but the author of the
"Incubus" story beat me to it. Besides, you have to admit the ending is nice.


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