Disclaimer: The X-Files belongs to Chris Carter, 10-13 Productions and 20th
Century Fox. This story is not-for-profit, but I own it.

Date: 08/28/2005

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Storng language, female/female sex, graphic violence

Category: Slash

Pairing: Scully/f

Other Notes: This story is an answer to PEJA's Fantasy Challenge. The date
August 9 just happens to be the birthdate of Gillian Anderson, who was born
on August 9th, 1968.

Summary: Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene of a homicide, where he begins to suspect that it was the work of a creature that feeds on energy.

Dedication: Happy Belated Birthday to Gillian Anderson! -- ATK 2005

X-Files: Immortal
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It had all happened on the Nineth day of August, which was when one of
the FBI's very own special agents named Dana Scully has arrived at the
organization's Washington, DC headquarters and proceeded to the basement,
where she and her partner, Fox Mulder had set-up their office.

It was also the place where the skeptical agent has no other choice, but to
help her partner go over the only files within the FBI's very own archives
that happen to deal with the unexplained and the supernatural... and those
files happen to be filed under 'X'.

Anyway, after she had walked into the office and was about to sit herself in
her chair, a small-smiling Fox had walked into the room with one of the 'X'
files in his hands, placed the file on Scully's desk and said, "I hope that
you wouldn't allow yourself to be too comfortable, Scully. I've just came
from Skinner's office and he wants us to head out to Chicago, Illinois to
help the local cops with a homicide."

"Well, Mulder. I'm also glad that the deputy director is still having faith
in our abilities," said a confused Dana, while she was scratching the back
of her head. "But what I don't understand is that why are the local police
unable to handle a simple homicide like this."

"That's just it, Scully. This is not a simple homicide," answered Fox, after
he had opened the file and showed its contents to his partner. "It had all
began in 1969. On that very year, two young males and three young females had
suddenly disappeared without a trace for three whole weeks."

"Okay, it was a missing persons case that no one else has been able to
solve so far," said a still-puzzeled Dana, after she had taken a quick glace
through the file and took a deep breath. "I still don't understand why this
has been considered to be an 'X' file."

"Oh, they were found three weeks later. Only when they were found, the local
police had made the shocking discovery of finding those five missing people
in a mummified state," answered a very convinced Fox, after he had sat
himself down on his desk. "And according to a medical examiner named David
Stevenson, who has been a trainee at the time, there were also some burn
marks all over their bodies, which has suggested that they had been sucked
dry by a creature that feeds on pure energy."

"Oh, come on, Mulder. Everyone who still has a good amount of common sense
knows full well that such a creature is just like Bram Stoker's very own
Count Dracula," said a skeptical Dana, after she had walked over to her
partner and gave him a good hard stare. "In short, Mulder. Such a creature
does not exsist."

"Well then, I guess that there's only one way to find out for sure," said
Fox, after he had taken a deep breath, got off his desk and walked over to
the door. "Care to join me for a trip to the Windy City, Scully?"

Just then, after they had arrived in Chicago, Illinois, the two special
agents had driven themselves over to the scene of the latest homicide, a
popular night-owl hang-out known as The Black Cat Lounge, which was where
they were able to meet the detective in charge of the case, Lt. Brian Nelson
of the Chicago Police Department.

"Lt. Nelson, I'm Agent Mulder of the FBI. This is my partner, Agent Scully,"
said Fox, after he and Dana had shown Brian their FBI badges. "I do believe
that you were expecting us to help you with your latest case."

"Oh yes, that's right. Deputy Director Walter Skinner has called and told me
to expect you guys," said Brian, while he was giving each of the agents a
friendly handshake. "As you could plainly notice, we had interviewed all of
the witnesses inside this place -- which included the entire staff -- and the
ones who had spotted the whole thing were way too scared out of their minds
to give us any further information on how such a thing has happened."

"Well, if you were to ask me, I would like to say that I've got a theory,"
said Fox, after he had taken a look around the scene and took a deep breath.
"But I've got a feeling that you're just like Scully -- that you would be
unable to believe it. Is Doctor David Stevenson still around? We just want
to ask him a few questions."

"You better believe that he's still around, Agent Mulder," answered Brian,
while the three of them were walking towards the exit. "As a matter of fact,
he's about to do an autopsy on our latest John Q. Stiff right now."

And then, just as he was about to walk over to their car, Fox had turned
his head towards Dana and said, "Look, Scully. Why don't I go see Doctor
Stevenson? Maybe, that'll give you the right amount of time to snoop around
the neighborhood and find out if anyone else has spotted the incident."

After she had heard what he had suggested, an upset Dana had turned herself
towards Fox and was about to object to his idea, only to her realize with
him out of the way, it would be better for her to gain a far more scientific
theory into what happened at the scene of the crime.

"Okay, Mulder. I'll see what I could find out from here," said a reluctant
Dana, after she has placed her friendly hand on Fox's arm. "Just please do me
a favor and don't do anything that would embarressing. Okay?"

But then, after Fox had left the scene to go see the medical examiner, Dana
has started looking around the area outside The Black Cat Lounge for any
signs of something that could've actually caused such a mummification to

But just as she was about to turn a corner, Dana had suddenly felt a
stranger's hand being placed on her shoulder, which had caused her to turn
quickly around and discover that a young and beautiful female with dark hair
was standing right in front of her with her hands raised over her head and
saying, "Whoa! I'm so very sorry for scaring you like that. I was just being
curious, that's all. Oh, by the way. My name is Pamela Bingham. May I ask
what your name is?"

"Well, since I'm glad that you're someone who happens to be harmless," said
a relieved Dana, while she was showing her FBI badge to Pamela. "My name is
Dana Scully. I'm a special agent for the FBI working on a case. You know, may
be you could help me with this case."

"Yes, Dana. Maybe I could help you. Or better yet, we could help each other,"
said a small-smiling Pamela, after she had moved herself closer towards a
confused Dana.

And then, just as she was about to ask Pamela what the fucking hell was she
talking about, Pamela has placed her hand on Dana's cheek, which has suddenly
caused Dana to feel that some of her energy was being drained away.

"Oooohhhh, have no fear, Dana. I don't wish to destroy a beautiful orchid
such as you," said Pamela, after she has placed Dana's hand on her cheek and
allowed Dana to have some of her energy. "As a matter of fact, I had suddenly
realized that you look like someone whose fantasy is to make hot, passionate
love with another woman. And as you could see, I'm the one woman who is
willing to oblige. Please let it happen, Dana, for I'll be your fantasy."

And even though she was trying real hard to resist, poor Dana has no choice,
but to give in to such temptations of pure erotica and kissed Pamela ever so
passionately on the lips, just before Pamela had lifted the both of them off
the ground and flew them all the way over to an apartment with an open

And after they had entered the apartment through the open window and placed
their feet on the bedroom floor, the energy victim and her newfound victim
had removed all of their clothes and placed their nude bodies on the bed.

"Aaaahhhh! No, Pamela! Please don't do this! I don't want it! Stop it!
Oooohhhh! Please, Pamela! Don't stop!" said a teary-eyed Dana, after Pamela
has started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down to her pussy
and carressing her breasts and she has placed her hands on Pamela's bare
shoulders. "Yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Pamela! Touch me! Touch me there!
Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!"

And then, at that exact moment, Dana has suddenly realized that even though
she was being forced to have hot, passionate sex with an energy vampire
against her will, she was experiencing something that she has never
experienced with another woman before, for she was experiencing pure and
untamed erotica... and enjoying every minute of it.

Meanwhile, inside the city morgue, a curious Fox Mulder was watching Doctor
David Stevenson perform an autopsy on the creature's first victim, who was
once a handsome young male with quite a problem with alcoholism.

"Excuse me for asking you this one question, Doctor Stevenson. But it really
is important," said a curious Fox, while David was still examining the young
man's remains. "Why do I have the feeling that the cause of death for this
guy was not due to the fact that he was an alcoholic?"

"Believe me, Agent Mulder. The cause of death for this poor piece-of-shit was
certainly not alcohol," answered David, after he had looked at the face of
the corpse and took a deep breath. "Because I really do doubt that alcoholism
is a key factor in causing something like this to happen."

That -- of course -- was enough for Fox, who had taken his cell phone and
tried to contact Dana, only to have him realize -- much to his shock -- that
she was suddenly unable to answer her cell phone.

Just then, back at Pamela's apartment, after she had placed herself in
front of Dana and started rubbing their pussies against each other, a
sexually-energized Pamela has placed one of her hands on her own tits and
the other hand on Dana's silky naked thigh and yelled, "AAAAHHHH, YES!

And then, after they had started moving harder and faster and their
lovemaking has reached its final path towards the Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame
And Museum, the two newfound lesbian lovers had came and collapsed due to

Then, after they were both finally able to catch their breath and Pamela has
placed her head on Dana's chest, a curious Dana has placed her gentle hand on
Pamela's head and asked, "Why, Pamela? Why did you wish to make love to me?"

"The answer to that question is quite simple, Dana. Believe it or not, you're
the exact image of a lover that I had lost a few centuries ago to a group of
angry villagers, who had blamed us for a disease that was killing all of
their young people," answered a smiling Pamela, after she had gently placed
her hand on Dana's bare shoulder. "And now, my darling Dana. You shall no
longer fear the spectre of death reaching out to grapse you within his cold
hand, for you are now as immortal as I am."

And then, after Pamela has snuggled-up to Dana and fell asleep within her
naked arms, a wide-eyed Dana has suddenly realized that her partner was right
about the truth being out there, because she had now became a part of that

Meanwhile, back at the Black Cat Lounge, a concerned Fox has returned to
the scene and started looking for his missing partner, only to bump into a
curious Brian, who has just asked, "Well, Agent Mulder? What did David say
about the cause of death?"

"Well, he said that the cause of death has nothing to do with alcoholism.
That much is for sure," answered Fox, while he was scratching the back of his
head. "Do you know where I might be able to find my partner?"

And then, after he had taken a deep breath, a puzzeled Brian had scratched
the back of his head and answered, "Now that you had mentioned it, Agent
Mulder. I was also looking for Agent Scully."

But then, after they had started looking for Dana in the area outside the
night-spot, only to have him discover a card on the ground with a name and
phone number on it.

"Who is this 'Pamela Bingham'? Is she a friend of yours?" asked a curious
Fox, just before he had handed the card to Brian, who had looked at it and
answered, "As a matter of fact, Agent Mulder. I do know Pamela Bingham. She
was one of the witnesses that we had asked about what happened at the scene
of the crime."

Just then, after they had gotten the address from the Department of Motor
Vehicles, both Fox and Brian had driven themselves over to that exact
apartment complex, where they had ran up the stairs to Pamela Bingham's
place of residence and discover that the door was opened, which had only
meant that they were expected.

"Okay, I'm going to go inside and look for my partner," said Fox, after he
had turned his head towards Brian. "All I want you to do is stay out here
and make sure that no one else comes in here. Okay?"

And then, after Brian has slowly nodded his head in response to the question,
Fox has taken out his gun, slowly stepped into the apartment and started
looking for his missing partner, only to have the door slam itself shut
behind him.

Then, after he had suddenly heard the sound of a woman laughing behind
his back, Fox had turned quickly around and aimed his gun at Pamela, who
was sitting on a large piano with a sinister smile on her face and a
partly-opened bathrobe on her body and saying, "Well, Agent Mulder! It's
so good of you to accept my invitation to our little party!"

"I'm not here for your fucking party, bitch! I'm here for my partner!" said
Fox, who was looking at Pamela with a cold stare in his eyes. "Now, where the
fucking hell is she?!"

"Oooohhhh, that's right!I'm so sorry about that, Fox!I must've been such a
terrible hostess!" said a devilishly-gleeful Pamela, just before she had
turned towards the door of the master bedroom. "You could come out now, Dana!
Your first meal has just arrived!"

And then, after the bedroom door has opened, a totally nude Dana had stepped
out of the room and turned her head towards the man who was once her FBI

"Go ahead, my darling Dana," said a smiling Pamela, after she had ran her
gentle hand on Dana's cheek. "Go ahead and suck him dry, for he's like the
rest of humanity... and they're all your food now."

But then, while she was walking towards him with a pair of glowing hands, a
hopeful Fox has looked at the expression of inner pain on Dana's face and
said, "Scully, I know that it's you in there! I just want you to know that
if you were to do this, you'll no longer be a real human being ever again!"

"Oooohhhh, please! Since when is she still able to listen to you!" said
an evil-smiling Pamela. "Face it, you stupid piece-of-shit!Dana Scully is
dead... and so are you... FOREVER!!"

But then, after she had let out a devilish belly laugh, Dana had slowly
moved her glowing hands towards Fox's face, only to stop herself by one
inch, turned her red glowing eyes towards Pamela and flipped the piano
over, causing it to fall really hard on Dana's former mistress.

And after she had grabbed hold of one of the piano legs and ripped it from
the rest of the piano, an angry Dana had aimed it at Pamela's chest and

And then, after she had slammed the whole piano leg right into the energy
vampire's chest, a saddened Pamela had looked at Dana, slowly raised-up her
hand and whispered, "I... still love you,... my darling... Dana."

And after the body of Pamela Bingham, the energy vampire has finally desolved
into dust, the only thing that poor Dana has done was drop down to her knees,
place her hands over her eyes and start to cry.

"Scully, you don't have to cry. You're free. You had destroyed the creature,"
said Fox, after he had placed the gun back inside its holster, walked over to
Dana and placed his friendly hands on her shoulders. "You're now able to be
FBI Special Agent Dana Scully again."

But after she had heard that, a frustrated Dana has moved herself away from
Fox, turned her tear-filled eyes towards him and said, "No, Mulder! You don't
understand! She was right! Dana Scully is dead! Just please don't try to
reach out to me and continue with your work on the 'X' files! I also want you
to know that it really was an honor to work with someone like you, Fox... and
I really do hope that you'll be able to find your sister someday! Goodbye!"

And then, after she had started glowing so bright that he has no other
choice, but to close his eyes, a concerned Fox was finally able to open his
eyes again, only to discover that not only was the bright glow gone from the
scene, but his former partner, Dana Scully as well.

Just then, back at the FBI's Washington DC headquarters, Fox has just walked
into the office of Deputy Director Walter Skinner and handed to him the
report on the case.

And after he had read the report and taken a deep breath, Walter had looked
up at Fox and asked, "Well, Mulder. If what you had written down on this
report is true, all I could ask is where is Agent Scully now?"

"That's just it. I have no idea where she is," answered Fox, after he had
shrugged his shoulders. "But I do know that she's still out there... and
ready to feed."

Meanwhile, at a bar within the outskirts of Montana, a handsome young truck
driver has stepped into the bar, sat himself down and ordered a beer, just
before he had noticed a hot-looking babe sitting at the end of the bar.

That discovery has caused him to move himself closer to the babe, clear his
throat and say, "Excuse me, miss. I'm wondering if I might be able to help
you with something."

And after she had turned her head towards the handsome driver, the
hot-looking babe who was actually known as Dana Scully had looked at him
with a small smile on her lips and said, "Actually, I was hoping that we
would help each other out."



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