The following piece of fiction contains strong sexual content and should be
read only by adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or if you are
offended by this type of material, please do not read any further.

Incubus - An Erotic X-Files Story (m/f,mast,mc)
by DG

Part 2

Trudi stared at the clock above the classroom door, willing the second hand
to click one more time. It had already been one of the longest days of her
life, spent trying to ignore the stares and giggles of the students who had
heard rumors about the incident at the Road Pantry and trying to figure out
what the hell she was going to say to Gene, and it was still only 2:59 pm.

There had been plenty of time to reflect on the incident during the past two
days, since she had been grounded - confined to her room with no phone
privileges. Her mother had even kept her out of school and stayed home from
work to keep an eye on her yesterday. Her face flushed with shame as she
remembered the horrified look on her mothers face when she had arrived to
pick her up late Saturday night at the police station. It had taken hours of
tearful screaming and yelling on Trudi's part before her mother had even
begun to consider the possibility that she had been put under some kind of
spell, and if the guy from the FBI hadn't called Trudi might still be in her

The funny thing was this: not all of her feelings about the incident were
negative. Not by a long shot. Whenever she tried to concentrate on what had
happened, the feelings of guilt were soon pushed aside by memories of the
incredible sexual feelings she had experienced. Although she clearly
remembered being sexually aroused, the specifics of what had happened were
fuzzy - she could only recall little bits and pieces, like tiny, vivid
flashbacks. Putting her lips around Vince's cock for the first time and
being startled by its warmth. The intense look of animal pleasure on Vince's
face while he was fucking her. The truth was, Trudi felt that a whole new
world had opened up for her, and she suspected that life was going to be a
lot more interesting from now on.

However, for now she still had to deal with the considerable negative
fallout. At the moment, her greatest concern was her boyfriend Gene. Her
mother hadn't even let her call him to let him know what had happened, so God
knows what he was thinking. A queasy knot formed in her stomach at the
thought of Gene hearing all the nasty rumors going around school. Just my
luck, she thought. I'm finally ready for sex, and my boyfriend is probably
going to dump me.

The clock performed its double click, and the bell signifying the end of
another school day at Hallville High rang out joyously, interrupting the
teacher's half-hearted attempt to explain the quadratic equation for what
seemed like the hundredth time that year.

Trudi grabbed her already-packed knapsack and headed for the door, ignoring
the shouted last-second homework instructions that she usually copied down
religiously. She had bigger problems to deal with than algebra homework, she
thought to herself as pushed her way out the door. Maybe Gene hadn't heard
the stories yet and she could do some damage control.

Figuring that looking her best wouldn't hurt, she was wearing a short green
skirt which accentuated her long, slender legs, and a tight white t-shirt
which showed off her high, round breasts. As she half- walked, half-ran down
the hall she was oblivious to the many admiring glances that came her way,
not all of them from students.

While she was standing in front of her locker, she suddenly heard Amy Archer
calling her name. She groaned inwardly - for once she didn't feel like
talking to her best friend.

"Trudiiiii..... I can't believe it! Where have you been all day! Oh my God,
is it true? You are such a slut! You are such a bad girl! I want to hear
everything, and I mean everything!" This was delivered in an urgent hiss.

Amy's cute, perfectly made-up face was suffused with a combination of delight
and awe. Nothing impressed her more than wanton sexual escapades, and she
had been diligently trying to impart this outlook on life to Trudi for
months. Now it seemed like all her work had paid off. At least she had the
sense to keep her voice down.

"Yes it's true, but it's not like it sounds. Oh God Amy, can we talk about
it later? I've got to find Gene - have you seen him?"

Although Amy thought that Gene was kind of boring, and that having a steady
boyfriend cramped ones style, she had the decency to look concerned.

"No, I haven't seen him today. Haven't you talked to him?"

"I think he's avoiding me," said Trudi. She slammed her locker shut and
headed for the exit, Amy in tow. "Maybe I can catch him in the parking lot."

Amy could see that her best friend was near to tears, and she felt a stab of
real sympathy. She and Trudi were extremely close, so close, in fact, that
Amy was starting to have some feelings for her that went beyond friendship.
Not that she was planning to say anything to Trudi about it, of course.

As they went out the side exit into the parking lot, Trudi saw Gene walking
toward his blue Camaro, which was parked in its usual spot at the back of the
lot. After promising Amy that she would call her as soon as she could, Trudi
ran after him, reaching the car just as he was about to get in.

"Gene, wait! I've got to talk to you...please..."

Gene stood with the open car door between them, a mixture of emotions
fighting for control of his face. He was a thin young man with a pale face
and thick black hair. Although he was actually rather good looking, he was
very quiet and reserved by nature, and he had spent his three years of high
school on the fringes of the social scene. Asking out a pretty and popular
girl like Trudi had been totally out of character for him, and he now had the
sneaking suspicion that he had been made a fool of.

"I was worried about you," he said finally.

"Thanks... I'm all right, I guess. Have you heard all the stories?"

"You might say that. Hard to believe, though." The expression on his face
said that he believed it all too well.

"Let's drive somewhere and talk about, OK? I know what you must be thinking,
but I really didn't cheat on you. I mean, I sort of did but I really

A gust of wind ruffled Genes hair as he stood motionless staring at Trudi.
Then a clap of thunder, very close, made them both flinch.

"Come on Gene - it's going to rain. Besides, don't you think I deserve the
chance to at least try and explain?"

Gene glanced up at the sky, which had grown ominously dark, and finally

"OK, get in."

Trudi quickly jumped into the passenger seat and tossed her knapsack into the
back of the Camaro. Gene turned the key and the car roared to life, emitting
a cloud of blue smoke from the tailpipe. After two deafening backfires, the
engine settled down to a angry, vibrating rumble.

"Car's running great, sweetie."

Gene grunted something about the carburetor as he pulled out of the lot. The
first drops of rain began spattering against the windshield as they headed
north, away from the center of town. Trudi collected her thoughts and was
about to speak when Gene broke the silence.

"Your mom called me yesterday and told me what happened. She said somebody
hypnotized you or something, and made you... do things with your boss right
there in the store. Is that what happened?"

"My MOM called you?"

"Yep. She said you were grounded but that she didn't want me to hear about
it from the kids at school. Pretty cool of her, actually."

Trudi felt a rush of gratitude towards her mother, who she would have gladly
strangled a few times during the past two days.

"I was hypnotized, Gene, I swear. It was the weirdest fucking thing that's
ever happened to me. I didn't want it to happen, but I couldn't stop

Gene looked over at her and his expression softened. "OK, I just wanted to
hear it from you. I believe you, Trudi. I just want to hear exactly what

Tears of relief came to Trudi's face. "I'll tell you everything I remember,
but it's all just jumbled up images. It's like waking up and trying to
remember a weird dream you were having."

As they drove through the increasingly heavy rain, Trudi related everything
she could remember about the incident. She was basically truthful, although
she didn't tell him how much she had enjoyed the sex.

When she finished, Gene looked over a her, but before he could speak a sheet
of heavy rain splattered against the windshield and drummed on the roof,
cutting the visibility down to almost zero. Gene pulled off the highway onto
a muddy dirt road and parked under a tree. They sat there for a few minutes
listening to the rain pounding on the car and watching the sheets of water
running down the windows.

"Just like being in the car wash," said Trudi.

Gene had a thoughtful look on his face. "So you and that guy Vince did all
the things we didn't do yet," he said with a rueful smile.

Trudi smiled back at him. He seemed to be taking this much better than she
had ever expected. She slid over next to him on the seat and kissed his

"But I hardly remember it, sweetie. And you believe me when I say that I
didn't do it on purpose, right?"

Instead of answering, Gene kissed her softly on the lips. Trudi closed her
eyes and returned the kiss, making it last. What started out as a kiss of
forgiveness slowly turned more passionate. Trudi opened her mouth and felt
Genes tongue meet hers, and she slid her hand around the back of his neck to
pull him even closer. She felt his warm hand rubbing her back, and she
twisted slightly, offering her breast.

As he cupped her breast she leaned forward, pressing it firmly into his hand,
and she felt her nipple harden and push against his palm through her bra and
thin t-shirt. Gene began rubbing his palm across her nipple, and she moaned
and bit his lower lip gently.

"That feels so good."

Gene looked at her searchingly. This was about as far as they had gone in
the past, and many a mild argument had started at this point. Trudi made a
sudden decision. Taking her hand from behind Genes neck, she slowly trailed
it down his chest and then let it settle in his lap. She immediately felt
the bulge of his incipient erection, and she gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Well, what have we here?"

"Someone I've been dying to have you meet."

Trudi giggled. "Is that right? Well maybe it's time I got acquainted with
the little fellow."

"Hey, watch who you call little."

She unzipped his fly and carefully worked his cock out of his jeans. It
increased in size before her eyes, like one of those time-lapse films of
plants growing.

"I think he likes you," said Gene.

"Mmmm, I think it's mutual." Trudi examined his cock closely. It was about
as long as Vince's, but not as thick. She ran her finger gently up and down
from the tip to the base, exploring its topography and texture. "Looks
yummy," she thought to herself. Gene shuddered and stifled a gasp.

"That tickles, Trude!"

"Aww, poor baby." Trudi was having fun now - this time she was in control.
She gripped the shaft more firmly in her fist and began working it around in
slow circles. Gene groaned appreciatively.

"That's more like it."

Trudi squirmed around on the seat without letting go, tucking one leg
underneath her and ending up so that they were almost face to face. As she
continued to play with his cock, Gene slid his hand under her shirt and
squeezed her breasts through her bra.

"It unhooks in front."

Gene didn't need any further encouragement. He opened the clasp with
creditable dexterity considering the circumstances, and lifted the bra
upwards, releasing her breasts. As he kneaded and stroked them hungrily,
Trudi noticed that his breathing had become noticeably heavier.

Trudi was rather proud of her breasts, and she was feeling sooo horny.
Impulsively, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and removed her bra. Gene
let out a long sigh of appreciation.

"God, Trude, those are beautiful. You're beautiful." He smiled at her.
"You look like a mermaid."

Trudi looked down at her green skirt and giggled. She rotated her torso back
and forth, causing her tits to swing back and forth in a gentle arc.

"Glad you like them."

Gene leaned his head forward and caught one of her breasts with his mouth.
He sucked gently, pulling in the nipple and then swirling around it with his

Trudi caught her breath. "Ohhhh, that feels good.... don't stop."

"I won't if you won't," came the muffled reply.

Trudi suddenly realized that she had been neglecting her new friend, and she
grabbed it again and gave it a healthy squeeze. Gene responded by gently
biting her nipple, which sent a jolt of pleasure shooting through her body.
She could feel her pussy opening up like a flower, and she knew her panties
must be getting damp.

After a few minutes, Gene groaned and lifted his head.

"Trude, I really think I'm gonna come... is that OK?"

Trudi looked down at his cock. The head had turned a darker red color, and
it glistened with a sheen of moisture, which had also coated her hand.

She lifted her hand to her mouth licked her palm. The taste was salty, and
not at all unpleasant. Suddenly, a vivid image of her kneeling in front of
Vince with his cock filling her mouth flashed into her mind. For a second,
she could actually feel every detail, down to the sensation of her bare knees
pressing on the cold linoleum floor, and then the image was gone.

"Trude, baby, all it would take is a little more stroking..." Genes voice had
a ragged note of desperation in it.

Trudi remembered what Amy had told her about men's needs, and she suddenly
felt sorry for him.

"I can do better than that," she whispered, looking into his eyes.

Before she could chicken out, she lowered her head down into his lap and
closed her mouth around the head of his cock. Gene groaned and bucked his
hips upward, driving himself all the way to the back of her throat and making
her gag. Amy had warned her about that, too.

"This is my first real blow job, Gene, so sit still."

"Oh God...I'll try."

Trudi returned to work, and after a few awkward moments she was able to
synchronize the bobbing of her head with Gene's hip movements. She could
hear animal groaning noises from Gene over the slick slurping sounds from her
own mouth, and she realized for the first time what a privilege it was to be
able to give someone so much pleasure. "I could definitely learn to enjoy
this," she thought to herself.


Suddenly she felt jets of thick fluid hitting the back off her throat, and
her mouth filled with a hot, salty taste. She gagged as she reflexively
swallowed some of it, but she managed to keep going until he was done. For a
few seconds they just sat there, breathing heavily and listening to the rain
beating on the roof of the car.

"I'm sorry Trude - I should have warned you when I was going to come."

Trudi giggled. "Nah, that would have just made me nervous. How was it - did
I do OK?" As if she didn't know.

Gene kissed her. "It was incredible."

"Good. You owe me one, then." She managed to wriggle out of her panties
without taking off her skirt, and then she climbed into his lap facing away
from him and spread her legs to either side of his. Taking one of his hands
in her own, she put it on her thigh and slid it upwards.

"Make me come," she whispered, leaning her head back on his shoulder and
closing her eyes.

A shudder ran through her body as Genes finger brushed tentatively against
her pussy. Slowly, he began to explore this foreign anatomical territory,
first rubbing his hand gently up and down her whole pussy and then finally
putting a fingertip into the wet, slippery slot between her pussy lips.
Trudi had done this to herself countless times, but Gene's fingers were
bigger and rougher, and somehow the experience was completely different. One
second it would start to feel good, and then the next second it would just
tickle, and she would have to stifle a giggle. Every time Gene's finger
bumped accidentally against her clit, Trudi felt a spasm in her upper thighs
which was a familiar precursor to an orgasm. However, Gene was too gentle
and tentative to bring her all the way to orgasm, and after a few minutes she
was getting a little frustrated.

"Rub right here," she said, guiding his middle finger to her clit.

Gene felt the little nub under his fingertip and figured out what to do
immediately. Soon Trudi was grinding her ass into Gene's lap and groaning as
Gene rubbed her little love button. After all the foreplay, Trudi felt like
a rubber band stretched to the limit. She felt the little tickle deep in her
groin that signaled an oncoming orgasm, and almost immediately the wave of
pleasure ripped its way through her body, more intense than she had ever felt

"OH GAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD....!" Was that her shrieking? Gene was so startled he
almost stopped, and she pressed her hand down on his, making him keep up the
stimulation. Aftershocks ran through her body for several more seconds and
then she collapsed limply back against her boyfriend.

"That's the magic spot, sweetie."

"Jeez, I guess so. Are you OK, Trude?"

"Mmmmmm, I'm great." She just wanted to sit here in his lap and sleep for
a few minutes. A she started to drift off, she wondered idly whether her
mother would be mad at her for being late. Suddenly her eyes flew open.

"Oh shit! I totally forgot! Two FBI agents are coming to our house to talk
to me about what happened. Can you take me home quick?"

"For you, anything."

She scrambled to put her clothes back on as Gene turned the car around and
headed back towards town.

* * *

Mulder and Scully cruised slowly along a quiet residential street lined with
small houses. "I think it must be that one," said Scully, pointing to a
small ranch. Mulder squinted through the rain-soaked window and was able to
verify the address.

He pulled into the gravel driveway behind an old Honda Civic and killed the
engine. The house was in need of a fresh coat of paint, but the yard was in
good condition and there were neatly-tended flower beds along the front and
on either side of the drive.

Avoiding the large puddles in he driveway, they went up to the front porch
and knocked on the door, and after a short wait a blonde woman in her late
30s answered.

"Mrs. Bowman? I'm Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI, and this is my partner, Dana
Scully. We spoke on the phone yesterday."

"Yes, of course - I was expecting you. Please come in."

She looked a bit embarrassed as she seated them on a well-worn couch in the
living room.

"I'm afraid Trudi isn't home yet... I don't know what's keeping her. She
should be here soon."

Dana smiled at her reassuringly. "That's all right, Mrs. Bowman. We're not
in any rush."

"Is that Trudi?" asked Mulder, indicating a large photograph over the mantle.
The picture was of a stunning young woman with long, brown hair and a
friendly smile, and it took him a few seconds to recognize the girl from the

"Yes, that's her school picture from last year, before she cut her hair and
started dressing like a tramp," replied Mrs. Bowman with a smile that took
the sting from her words. "She's still a good girl, though. An A student,
even with an after-school job."

"She's beautiful," said Dana truthfully. "How is she handling this whole

"Well, I think her main concern is with her boyfriend - she was worried about
trying to explain things to him today at school. When I was in high school
this sort of thing could ruin a girl's reputation, but Trudi assures me that
she's going to be seen as much 'cooler' now."

"Kids today are certainly more sexually active than they were," agreed
Mulder. "But we were under the impression that maybe in a conservative town
like Hallville there would be more of a backlash against her.

"Well, the parents may be conservative, but the kids apparently aren't."

Scully had the feeling they were missing something here. "Why do you say
that, Mrs. Bowman?"

She looked a bit surprised. "You haven't heard about the teenage pregnancy
problem here?"

"No, we haven't," replied Dana, feeling a twinge of excitement. "We just
arrived in Hallville today."

"Oh, I see. Well, there was a newspaper article in the local paper a few
weeks ago - the Hallville Courier - saying that the teenage pregnancy rate
had gone through the roof in the last six months. Nine girls from a high
school with only 600 students."

Mulder had an intent, tight-lipped expression. "So this is common knowledge
around town, then?"

"Oh yes, there was big uproar, calls for teachers to be fired, even a town
meeting Trudi and I went to. What a fiasco that was. Someone made the
suggestion that the police start patrolling the local make-out spots, and
then a guy from the Hallville police department got up and gave a
condescending speech about how kids would be kids, and that the only solution
was to make sure that they had condoms. I remember thinking that it could
never happen to Trudi," she added with a rather wistful smile.

Scully spoke for both of them. "We talked to the Hallville police earlier
today and they didn't say anything about this."

Mrs. Bowman shook her head in confusion. "I would think that this would be
relevant to your investigation, certainly. It occurred to me right away that
if someone forced Trudi to do things against her will, that maybe the same
thing happened to those other girls."

"We'll have another chat with Chief Schroeder first thing tomorrow," said
Mulder grimly.

"Maybe you could tell me more about what you think might have happened to
Trudi?" asked Mrs. Bowman.

Scully glanced at Mulder and then back at Mrs. Bowman. She got the
impression of an intelligent, stable woman.

"We are part of a small task force within the FBI whose purpose is to
investigate unexplained phenomena," she began. "The incident involving your
daughter matches a pattern of other reported incidents in our files. The
only reasonable explanation for these incidents is that a person or persons
is using some sort of mind control to make people act in ways that they
usually wouldn't."

She then summarized the incident at the Baltimore restaurant. When she was
finished, Mrs. Bowman looked doubtful.

"So you think that there might be someone with... unnatural powers attacking
people in Hallville? I know it explains what has been happening, but I
thought that psychic abilities like that had been disproven by science."

Mulder shook his head. "The lack of scientific evidence doesn't disprove
anything. Our experiences over the last three years have shown us that there
are plenty of things out there that science hasn't explained yet."

A loud bang caused them all to jump. Mrs. Bowman laughed.

"Trudi must be home. That was her boyfriends car backfiring."

A few seconds later Trudi came in, looking a bit disheveled but cheerful.

"Trudi, these are Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder."

Mulder sized up Trudi as he shook her hand. She had a bit of the colt-like
physical awkwardness that was common in teenagers, but she seemed remarkably
mature as she greeted him and Scully and took a seat across from them. And,
of course, she was very attractive. He had a hard time keeping his eyes from
straying to the front of her damp t-shirt where it clung to her firm young

Scully summarized their previous conversation for Trudi as she made her own
assessment of the girl. She too was impressed by Trudi's self-composure, but
what struck Scully was her beauty. If someone was preying on teenage girls,
it was no surprise that Trudi was a target.

"If you feel up to it, we would like to go through the incident again in as
much detail as you can remember," she said to Trudi. "I know it will be
difficult for you," she added apologetically.

Trudi was still giddy from having sex with Gene, and she was worried that
the FBI agents could somehow sense this. She looked over at them nervously,
trying to size them up. She had been expecting expressionless men in blue
suits and sunglasses who would interrogate her like she had done something
wrong. But these two seemed friendly and sympathetic, especially the woman.
And the man was actually very cute - was his name really Fox?

"At first I hardly remembered anything at all," she began, trying to collect
her thoughts. "But over the past few days I've been getting these weird
flashbacks, where I'll suddenly remember one little part of what happened
really clearly. But most of it is still just a blank."

"That's a very common symtom of someone who is recovering a repressed
memory," said Mulder. He was becoming more and more certain that they were
on the right track. "If you continue to work at it, you may eventually be
able to remember the whole incident."

"Do you remember how you felt when you were participating in the sexual
acts?" asked Scully. "Afraid, confused, guilty?"

Trudi bit her lip nervously. What would they think if she told them the
truth? Something in Agent Scully's eyes told her that she would understand.

"No, not really," she said. "I remember being very, uh, aroused, you know?
Like all of a sudden all I could think about was sex. And then when the guy
told me to do stuff with Vince, it was like I wanted to do it anyway and
there seemed no reason not to."

Mulder nodded. "It sounds like he somehow was able to focus in on your
libido and amplify your sexual urges." He thought for a few seconds. "I
know this is very personal, but were you attracted to Vince Lansing - did you
ever fantasize about having sex with him?"

"Yes," said Trudi, looking nervously at her mother. "But I wasn't going to
do anything about it."

Mrs. Bowman smiled at her daughter. "Of course not. Everyone is attracted
to certain people - it's very natural."

"That may explain how he picks his victims," said Mulder. "He senses the
underlying sexual attraction between people and then uses it to control

"Wouldn't that mean that Vince would have had to feel the same way about me?"
asked Trudi.

Mulder had a hard time keeping a straight face. "I think that's a likely
possibility," he said matter-of-factly.

Trudi was blushing - she knew how naive that had sounded as soon as it was
out of her mouth.

Scully changed the subject. "Have you been able to remember anything else
about the other man in convenience store?"

Trudi thought about it for a few seconds, her face scrunching up with
concentration. "I can't remember what he looked like. But I do remember
feeling that maybe he was someone I had seen before. That's all I can really

"Well, that's something," said Dana, smiling at her. "Here are our cell
phone numbers - if you remember anything else please call us right away."
She handed Trudi a card.

"I will."

As they were leaving, Mulder stopped to talk to Trudi. "One more thing to
keep in mind: If this guy were to try to control your mind again there is a
good chance that you would be able to resist. People can rarely be
hypnotized against their will, and I suspect the same principle holds here."

Trudi correctly guessed that this was mostly wishful thinking, but she
appreciated the gesture. "OK, that's good to know. I'll keep trying to
remember what happened."

Outside, it was starting to get dark, and the rain had turned into an
aggressive mist. As they drove back to the motel, the agents discussed the
case with a mixture of excitement and frustration. It was clear that someone
in Hallville was using mind control to prey on people. What was much less
clear was what they could do about it.

"How can you catch someone who gives their victims amnesia?" asked Scully.
"Apparently, most of the people don't even remember they were attacked, much
less who attacked them."

"I think Trudi is our best hope. She seems to be slowly recovering her
memory of the incident. Possibly some of the other victims will as well. If
nine girls got pregnant, who knows how many more were attacked."

"Right, and that brings us back to Hallville's finest. Why do you think they
neglected to tell us about the rash of pregnancies?"

Fox shook his head. "I have no idea. Maybe they really didn't see the
connection. We'll see what Chief Schroeder has to say for himself first
thing tomorrow."

Fox parked the car in front of their adjoining rooms at the Best Western. It
was fully dark out now, and the floodlights illuminating the motel gave the
thick mist in the air an eerie yellow glow. Neither of them got out of the
car for a few seconds, and Fox had a pleasant feeling of intimacy, sitting
there in a dark car with his partner, so far away from their normal routine
in Washington. Dana's pale face seemed to glow in the darkness as she stared
absently out of the window, and he felt a powerful urge to put his arm around
her and kiss her serious mouth until it softened.

She turned to him and smiled. "I think I'll take a shower. It always
relaxes me."

"Are you tense?"

"This case is giving me the creeps, Fox. I have a bad feeling about it."

He pondered her use of his first name, which was a bit unusual. Trying to
flesh out the hidden subtext of Dana's comments had become one of his
favorite pastimes. He decided to push it just a bit.

"I know what you mean. Why don't you come by after your shower and we can
watch TV for a while or something. I'll leave the connecting door unlocked."

"All right." Before he could say anything else, she opened the door,
flooding the interior of the car with light, and disappeared into her room.

"How am I supposed to interpret that?" he wondered to himself.

He went into his room and found a baseball game on the TV, and then made a
quick run to the ice machine. After pouring himself a whiskey on the rocks,
he stretched out on the bed to think things over.

* * *

Amy Archer pushed her bike under a hedge and walked quietly around the side
of the Bowman house to the back. The light in Trudi's room was still on, to
her relief. Trudi's room was on the opposite side of the house from her
mother's, and Trudi and Amy often snuck in and out of the house through the
bedroom window at night after Mrs. Bowman was in bed.

Trudi was lying on her bed in her pajamas thinking about her afternoon
escapade with Gene when she heard the tapping at the window. She bounced off
the bed, pulled open the curtains, and slid the window up quietly. Amy
climbed in nimbly over the sill and Trudi gave her a hug.

"I'm glad you came over, Ames - I can't even think about sleeping right now."

As she returned the hug, Amy could feel the swell of Trudi's breasts against
her chest, and she felt a surge of conflicting emotions.

"How did it go with Gene? I saw he at least gave you a ride."

Trudi giggled. "Shhhhh, my Moms not asleep yet. He gave me a ride all
right!" She turned on her portable stereo to a low volume and hopped back
onto the bed.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying, you slut?" asked Amy in a
half-whisper, sitting on the bed next to Trudi.

"I gave him a blow job - all the way until he came." said Trudi proudly.

"Oh my God - start at the beginning and tell me everything."

Amy and Trudi had been sharing every detail of their sex lives for a while
now. This usually meant either Amy telling Trudi about her own adventures or
mutual commiserating about how horny they were, and Trudi was glad to finally
have something to report other than masturbating. So she told Amy the whole
story, not leaving out a single juicy detail.

Amy laughed when Trudi told her about almost choking on Gene's come, and she
found herself getting turned on by Trudi's description of Gene fingering her
to orgasm. Trudi was sitting Indian-style on the bed, and Amy realized with
a guilty start that she could see right up her loose pajama shorts to the
edge of her pussy.

"...I swear Ames, I was so loud when I came that I thought Gene would be
freaked out. But he was just like, happy that he was able to get me off. I
don't know if he had ever done that before, but I didn't want to ask."

"Yeah, guys are sensitive about being inexperienced. So it was good, was

Trudi rolled her eyes upward. "It was awesome."

"Even better than phone sex with me?" Once Amy had gotten Trudi to talk
about masturbating, it had become a serious hobby for both of them. One of
their games was to start masturbating together over the phone to see who
could finish first. Amy was an expert at this, but she always held back to
give Trudi a chance. Or maybe it was to hear Trudi's heavy breathing and
those little high-pitched moans she made when she came.

Trudi squeezed Amy's knee playfully. "Nobody could replace you, Ames. You
taught me everything I know."

"Yep. And now you're getting it left and right and I'm the one who's horny
and desperate."

"Poor baby...what's it been, three days?"

"Four. And that was just a quickie with Steve."

"Is he the one who wants to do you up the ass?"

Amy laughed. "Oh my God, he never stops talking about it! I tried to put my
finger up my ass the other day while I was in the shower to see what it was
like, and it hurts like hell! If that's what a finger feels like, there's no
way I'm getting a cock jammed in there, even one as little as Steve's."

Trudi was laughing helplessly at this point. Amy was so sweet and so crude
at the same time that she hardly knew what to think.

"I thought you would try anything, Ames."

"Well, not that." What I would really like to try is you, she thought to
herself. They talked for another hour, with Trudi filling in Amy on the
original incident at the Road Pantry and the visit from the FBI. Finally,
Amy climbed back out the window after receiving another one of those
stimulating hugs.

What would she think if she knew I was getting turned on by hugging her, she
thought sadly as she pulled her bike out from the hedge and brushed off the
seat. Down the street, a man sat in the cab of a blue pickup truck, watching
her with interest. Amy didn't notice as the truck pulled out to follow her
as she began riding home.

* * *

Mulder heard the shower stop, and a few minutes later there was a knock at
the connecting door and Scully came in. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans
and her hair was still damp. Mulder was sitting on the bed with his back
against the headboard watching TV.

"Who's playing?" she asked him.

"Braves and the Cubbies. Two-all in the sixth. You want a drink?"

"Sure, thanks. I'll get it." Scully poured a little whiskey over a lot of
ice and sat next to Mulder on the bed. She was barefoot, and he was bemused
to see that she had pink nail polish on her toes. He found himself wondering
if she was wearing a bra under her loose t-shirt, and then tried to stifle
the thought. They talked baseball for a while with the easy familiarity of
old friends, but inevitably the conversation returned to the case.

"What do you think of Trudi Bowman?" asked Dana.

Mulder pondered for a second. "Attractive, well-mannered, mature for her
age. I had the feeling she was being very straightforward with us."

Scully nodded. "That was my general impression too."

"I hope for her sake that this incident doesn't cause her too much trouble."

"Well, I have a suspicion she was able to make it up to her boyfriend at

Mulder looked puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"Didn't you think she looked a little...disheveled?"

"You think...?" He sounded a bit shocked.

"Yes. She definitely had that look. Am I embarrassing you?" She was
looking at him with amusement.

"Of course not, Scully. I'm just a little surprised you picked up on that
and I didn't."

"Don't feel bad, Mulder. It's a woman thing."

"If you say so. So maybe Trudi isn't the angel I thought she was - do you
think it's possible she's lying after all?"

"Not really. You can't compare her having sex with her boyfriend to what
happened in the convenience store."

"I suppose not." A mental image of Trudi Bowman getting it on in her
boyfriend's car formed in his head, and he felt a stirring in his loins. "It
just makes me see her in a different light."

"I bet it does, Mulder." That came out sounding more harsh than she had
intended. "I'm sorry, that was uncalled for. I guess I'm just jealous that
a high school sophomore is having more fun than I am." Did she actually say
that? Now she was really putting her foot in her mouth.

"Why Scully, are you blushing?" teased Mulder. He was rather pleased at the
direction the conversation was taking.

"I shouldn't have said that," she said, smiling ruefully. "But yes, my
personal life leaves something to be desired."

Mulder put his hand on hers. "Dana, you can tell me anything." She was
looking down, not meeting his eyes, but she didn't take her hand away.

"I know that, Fox," she said finally. "It's just that some topics are a bit
awkward, especially in this situation." She gestured at the bed. "We're
professional partners who happen to be of the opposite sex."

"Working for an organization that frowns on any sort of romantic
relationships between its employees," he agreed. He was still holding her
hand. "But I think it's silly to keep pretending that we aren't attracted to
each other."

With no makeup and flushed cheeks, she looked younger than her age and
touchingly vulnerable. He put his other hand under her chin and tilted her
head up gently, and then he leaned forward and kissed her. She didn't
resist, and they held the kiss for several long seconds.

Dana finally pulled back and took a deep breath. "What are we doing?" She
wasn't angry or upset; it was an honest question.

"Just what we have both been thinking about for a long time."

She opened her mouth as if to object, and then just nodded. "I suppose
you're right. But that doesn't mean we should become involved." She
squeezed his hand and then withdrew hers. "It's getting late. We better
get some sleep."

Mulder didn't feel much like sleeping, but he didn't want to push it.

"Sweet dreams," he said, opening the connecting door for her and then quietly
shutting it behind her.

* * *

The man kept his distance as he followed the girl on the bike through the
dark streets of Hallville. There was almost no other traffic, and he didn't
want her to become suspicious. On the other hand, he was desperate to find
out what she and Trudi had talked about. He had been watching the house all
evening, parked a little ways down the street, and he had seen the FBI agents
come and go. He had a feeling that the situation in Hallville, which had
been going so well until a few days ago, was slipping out of his control, and
he desperately wanted to pump the girl for information. But trying to
control someone without a specific sexual attraction to focus in on was risky
- especially a female.

Letting the truck drift a little closer to the girl, he stared at her
intently, trying to read her emotional state. A satisfied smirk broke out on
his face.

"You little minx," he thought to himself. "You have a thing for Trudi
Bowman, don't you." He had pulled up right behind her now.

"Oh yes, you've got it bad," he whispered out loud. "You're going tell me
all about Trudi, aren't you."

As they approached a particularly dark stretch of street, the man pulled up
alongside the girl and reached out with his mind.

Amy had been daydreaming about Trudi, trying to imagine her having sex with
Gene and wondering whether this would change their own relationship.
Suddenly, she felt a surge of desire for her friend. Gliding to a stop, she
stood straddling her bicycle in the darkness, transfixed by a vivid mental
image of Trudi. She imagined herself hugging her tightly, and then kissing
her neck and her soft lips, sliding her tongue into her mouth.

"Thinking about Trudi Bowman?" Amy hadn't even noticed the pickup truck that
had stopped next to her. She should have been startled out of her shoes, but
she just turned her head and squinted through the darkness. All she could
see was a shadowy figure behind the wheel. Something very strange was going
on - she felt like she was half asleep, or drugged.

"Yes, thinking about Trudi." Her voice was slow and even, and seemed to come
from somewhere other than her own mouth.

"She's beautiful isn't she. Those full breasts, those long legs..." The
voice was offhand and reflective. "I bet she'd be great in the sack."

Amy nodded dumbly. A feeling of lust was spreading through her body, and she
had a sudden urge to masturbate. She put her hand between her legs and
massaged her crotch through her jeans.

"I bet you would like to sleep with Trudi, wouldn't you. I bet you'd like
to eat her pussy and make her come." Amy moaned and rubbed harder.

The man laughed quietly. "You better get your jeans out of the way if you're
going to do that right."

Amy wordlessly unzipped her jeans and pushed them and her panties down a few
inches to the crossbar of the bike. Now her fingers were able to dive into
the slick wetness between her legs, pushing, pulling, and spreading her
secret areas and sending waves of pleasure through her body. She thought
about Trudi sitting cross-legged on her bed with her loose pajamas revealing
her long, creamy thighs and the edge of her pussy, and she imagined gently
pushing Trudi back onto the bed, sliding the pajama bottoms off, spreading
her legs apart...

"That's enough for now. I have a few questions for you. Put both hands on
the handlebars." The mans voice was more insistent now, and she had to obey.

With a whimper, she reluctantly pulled her right hand out from between her
legs and put it on the handlebar grip. Her hand was slippery from her
juices, and the grip felt cold and alien after the warmth of her pussy. Her
body was still aching for release.

"What does Trudi remember about what happened at the Road Pantry the other

"Not very much, just that she, uh, had sex with the guy right there on the

"Why? Does she remember why she had sex with him?"

"No, not really. Well, yeah. There was this other man there who she thinks
made her do it."


Amy was squirming, trying to stimulate herself without taking her hands off
the handlebars, but the crossbar of the bike between her legs was preventing

"Um...hypnosis or something. The FBI guy told her that, I think." Amy's
voice was hoarse and throaty.

"Answer my questions and then you get to finish diddling yourself. Now, this
is extremely important. What does she remember about the other man in the

"Nothing... just that he was telling them what to do, and they couldn't help
themselves." A thought worked its way into her head. "It was you, wasn't
it? You're the guy who did it."

The man ignored this. "Does she remember anything about what the man looked

"No, not really. Except that she had a feeling that maybe she had seen him
somewhere before."

He had been afraid of that. The man thought it over for a few seconds.
Amy's hands were restlessly squeezing and turning the handlebar grips, and
she was making little whining sounds.

"Why are the FBI agents so interested in what happened?"

"They think that all those girls who got pregnant might have been hypnotized,
too. They were angry that the police didn't tell them about that. I think
they are going to talk to the police again tomorrow."

Shit. That was all he needed. He thought he had the police well taken care
of, but he didn't like the idea of the FBI going back and interrogating that
pathetic excuse for a police chief Schroeder again. It looked like he was
going to have to take matters into his own hands with the FBI.

He turned his attention back to the girl. "I'm leaving now, and you can play
with your little pussy all you want. You won't remember me or anything about
my questioning you." He gunned the engine and took off.

With a gasp of relief, Amy put both of her hands back between her legs, and
she soon had worked two fingers inside herself while she rubbed her clit with
her other hand. She came within a few seconds, a sharp wave of pleasure that
seemed to come out of nowhere, and the force of it seemed to clear her head.

She looked around, dazed. "Trudi....?

What the hell was she doing, masturbating in the middle of the street like
this? She wiped her fingers on her thigh and quickly pulled her jeans and
panties back up. Looking around, she saw she was alone on the dark street.
As she pedaled the rest of the way home she thought about Trudi, but she
never remembered the man in the blue pickup.

* * *

Scully drifted out of a deep sleep before her alarm sounded, and underwent a
few moments of disorientation as she looked around the unfamiliar motel room.
Then she remembered the events of the previous evening, specifically the
out-of-the-blue kiss from Fox, with a jolt that brought her fully awake.

She lay in bed thinking it over for a few minutes, watching the orange glow
from behind the thick curtains become brighter with the sunrise. It was
clear that Fox wanted to start a relationship. This was flattering, of
course, although she supposed she wasn't surprised. But the risks associated
with becoming involved with Fox were considerable. If the Bureau found out,
they would both be disciplined, and one of them, maybe both, would be
transferred. In fact, there was a good chance that the X-files
investigations would be shut down completely, since they were a
self-contained unit with only mixed support from the Bureau.

And what about the up side? She did have strong feelings for Fox - she
dreamed about him almost every night, for God's sake. Maybe they should just
quit the FBI and do something else. It wasn't unheard of for two FBI agents
to fall in love and leave the Bureau together; "eloping", it was called. But
when she thought about it analytically, she and Fox together didn't seem
quite right somehow. Fox was a bit too...out there. The 64-thousand dollar
question, she thought to herself, was did she really want to get involved
with someone who fully believed that his sister had been abducted by aliens?
The answer was a resounding maybe. In any event, they were in the middle of
a very sticky case and this was no time to be thinking about her love life.

With a sigh, she got out of bed and started getting ready for a long day.
When Fox knocked on the connecting door she was dressed and eating a granola

"Morning, Scully." He looked a uncertain, even a little nervous.

"Morning, Mulder. Ready to go?"

"Yes, I'm all set. Listen, about last night... I hope I wasn't too out of
line." He looked so earnest, she felt a little sorry for him.

"No, you weren't. And I'm sorry I ran out like that. Listen, Mulder, let's
not talk about this until we get back to Washington, OK? Maybe it's just
something they put in the water out here."

This brought a smile. "I doubt it, but that sounds like a good idea anyway."

Outside, it was shaping up to be a nice day - sunny and cool. "I think we
should drop in on Chief Schroeder first thing," said Mulder as they got in
the car. "See if we can catch him off guard."

"I agree. We might want to remind him that the Bureau doesn't take it kindly
when local authorities hold back on their agents."

"Right." It was still before 9 am when they parked in front of the police
station. Mulder put on a pair of sunglasses before they got out.

"Trying to look like a Bureau hardass, Mulder?"

"Yeah, I wish I could do it without the shades like you can."

Inside, the female dispatcher told them that Chief Schroeder was on his
morning rounds and wouldn't be in for a while.

"We'll wait," said Mulder grimly. They hovered menacingly near the entrance,
doing their best to make the dispatcher feel uncomfortable. After a few
minutes, they saw her get on the radio and say something about the FBI.

Schroeder came in about five minutes later. Judging from his expression, the
receptionist had mentioned that the agents didn't look too happy.

"Nice to see you folks again," he said with forced cheer. "If you had called
to let me know you were coming, I wouldn't have kept you waiting."

"If you have a few minutes, we would like to talk in your office," said
Mulder politely. Schroeder just nodded and led the way. He had clearly
taken stock of the situation, and he didn't waste any more time with small
talk. It occurred to Scully as they walked through the office area that
Schroeder actually seemed like a pretty competent cop.

Once they were seated, Mulder got right to the point. "We talked to Trudi
Bowman and her mother yesterday. They told us about the recent rash of
teenage pregnancies in Hallville. Apparently it's caused a lot of concern
around town, even to the extent of a town meeting a few weeks ago." He let
that hang in the air.

"That's right," said Schroeder. "It has caused a lot of concern. It's not
exactly a police matter, though."

"From what Mrs. Bowman told us, a lot of parents disagree," said Scully.
"But our real concern is that neither you or your deputy mentioned this when
we talked to you yesterday morning. It seems to indicate a rather serious
lack of cooperation."

Schroeder looked appropriately uncomfortable. "I guess that was an oversight
on our part."

"That may be," said Mulder. "But I should inform you that our working
hypothesis is that there is sexual predator currently active in Hallville,
and that it appears that a police cover-up may be part of the problem."

"Damn it." Schroeder was shaking his head. "This has gone on long enough."
He picked up the phone and dialed an internal extension.

"Alan, can you come into my office?"

They waited in silence until Deputy Alan Johnson came in and sat down. He
didn't look particularly surprised to see them.

"Alan, Agents Mulder and Scully are accusing us of holding back on the teen
pregnancy thing. I think we need to come clean." He seemed to be waiting
for Johnson to make the next move.

Johnson gave Schroeder a long look and then nodded. "All right. Chief
Schroeder and I have been investigating the teen pregnancy problem for
months. We suspected some kind of hypnosis was going on well before that
incident at the road pantry."

Mulder and Scully glanced at each other. This certainly wasn't what they had

"Why didn't you tell us this yesterday?" asked Mulder.

"I want to apologize to you folks for that," said Schroeder, looking
embarrassed. "It was poor judgment on our part. The fact is, we're close to
an arrest and we didn't want the FBI stealing our thunder, as it were."

The agents looked dumbfounded. "You have a suspect?" asked Scully.

Johnson nodded. "In fact, we're pretty sure we have our man. The problem is
proving it. We can place the guy at the reservoir on the nights when some of
the girls probably got pregnant. But no one remembers actually being
attacked. We seriously doubt that anyone would press charges."

"I see your point," said Mulder. "Listen, we aren't trying to steal anyone's
thunder. In fact, we prefer to keep a low profile. Our concern is catching
this guy and finding out what makes him tick. Tell you what - we nail this
guy together, and then you get credit for the arrest and we take over

Schroeder looked over at Johnson, who nodded. Scully found herself wondering
which one of them was running the show.

"Sounds good," said Johnson. "But like I said, we don't have any hard

"I have an idea," said Mulder. "I know quite a bit about hypnosis and
repressed memories, and after talking to Trudi Bowman I'm convinced she will
recognize the guy when she sees him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if
seeing him triggers her memory and causes her to remember the entire
incident. Do you know where the suspect lives?"

Schroeder nodded. "Yep."

"Then let's arrest him based on your circumstantial evidence. That lets you
hold him for 24 hours, and we can have Trudi try to ID him."

"Wait a second," objected Scully. "Won't that be dangerous? We already know
what this man is capable of."

"I think Agent Mulder is right," said Johnson. "We're better off making an
armed arrest on our terms and getting him into custody.

"And what if he tries to control our minds when we arrest him?" asked Scully.
"We just shoot him on the spot?"

"Exactly," said Mulder. "With a high-powered, rapid-acting tranquilizer dart
specifically designed for humans."

There was a moment of silence.

"You, uh, got one of those?" asked Schroeder. He appeared worried that
Mulder was expecting him to have one in his desk. "We operate on a limited
budget here."

"In the trunk of our car," said Mulder. "Right next to the silver cross we
use for vampires."

"In that case, lets go," said Johnson with a grim smile.

Scully still thought they were being too rash, but she couldn't think of a
valid excuse to hold back. Mulder had that wild look in his eye that he
always got when he thought they were getting close to something big, and she
doubted that she would be able to talk him out of it anyway.

"Why don't I take Agents Mulder and Scully to the suspect's house right now."
said Johnson. "Our surveillance shows that this is a good time of day to
catch him at home."

"All right," said Schroeder. "Be careful," he added, looking at Scully.

After getting the dart gun from the trunk, the agents got into a police
cruiser with Johnson. Mulder sat in the back and started setting up the gun,
which looked like an oversized pistol. They drove away from the main highway
through the outskirts of the town, ending up in a wooded area with
widely-spaced houses. Johnson turned into a narrow gravel road marked with
a single mailbox and pulled over to the side.

"Guy lives a few hundred yards down this way," he said. "No point in letting
him hear us drive up."

They walked quietly along the side of the narrow track until they came in
sight of a surprisingly modern A-frame house.

"I was expecting something more rustic at this point," murmured Scully.

"It's a nice place, " agreed Johnson. "Looks like he's home," he added,
pointing to a blue pickup truck. "So how do you want to do this?"

Mulder thought it over for a few seconds. He was tempted to just kick in the
door and rush in, but that was asking for trouble. "Lets knock and say we
have a few questions about a traffic accident. Soon as he opens the door we
take him. I'll warn him right away that if he tries any hypnosis stuff I'll
tranq him."

"Sounds good," said Johnson. He looked at the dart gun. "Better hide that
contraption for now."

Mulder managed to hide the gun under his coat, and they walked cautiously up
to the door. Johnson reached out and knocked firmly. No response. Scully
peered into one of the large windows that flanked the front door, shading her
eyes against the reflection.

"I don't see any lights or activity."

They knocked several more times without any response, and then Johnson pulled
out a ring of keys. "Lets check it out," he said, selecting a key. He
unlocked the door and pushed it open, revealing a tiled entry leading into a
large, sparsely furnished living room with a high, beamed ceiling.

"After you." Johnson stood to one side and let the agents go in first.
Mulder led the way, taking a few steps into the entry and then listening for
any activity. Nothing. Scully followed behind cautiously, her gun in her

"How did you get a key to the front door?" she asked.

Behind her, Johnson chuckled. "Well, it's my house."

This took a few seconds to register. "Your house?" she repeated.

"That's right. Now both of you, put your guns on the floor." They didn't
need to turn around to know that he was pointing a gun at them, it was clear
from his tone of voice.

"God damn it," swore Mulder. He felt like an idiot. It all seemed so
obvious now. He glanced over his shoulder at Johnson, weighing the risks.
Scully was already bending over, setting down her gun, and he had a clear
shot. But before he could move a blast of white noise filled his head, like
static from an untuned radio, and he staggered and almost fell.

"Put it down, Mulder." The voice seemed to bypass his mind and go straight
to his body. He slowly leaned over and dropped the tranq gun onto the floor,
almost losing his balance again. The world had receded away from him, and he
was having difficulty concentrating. What the hell was going on? They were
in serious trouble, but suddenly all he could think about was having sex with

Continued in Part 3


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