The following piece of fiction contains strong sexual content and should be
read only by adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or if you are
offended by this type of material, please do not read any further.

Incubus - An Erotic X-Files Story (m/f,m/ff,mc)
by DG

Part 3

Trudi sat in the school cafeteria by herself, picking aimlessly at a bagel.
It was mid-morning, and the big room was almost empty. She had a free hour
before her next class, and all she felt like doing was stretching out on the
bench seat and taking a nap. After Amy had left last night she had been
unable to fall asleep for hours, and when she finally did her dreams had been
filled with jumbled but vivid images of that fateful night in the Road
Pantry. She had woken up this morning in a cold sweat with the bed covers
twisted around her body.

The memories were coming back, just like that cute FBI agent had said they
would. Foxy Mulder, she thought to herself, stifling a giggle.

One image in particular kept forming in her mind. She was on her knees,
naked, with the taste of Vince's cock still in her mouth, and she was looking
up at the man standing on the other side of the counter.

Each time the image formed the man's face seemed a little bit clearer, and
she now knew for sure that she had seen him before. But where? She was
getting frustrated, trying to place him. It was like trying to remember a
name that has slipped your mind - when she concentrated on it directly she
got nowhere, but when she thought about something else the man's face would
drift tantalizingly back into her mind.

She looked around the cafeteria absentmindedly, wishing that Gene or Amy were
here to cheer her up, but they were both in class. On the wall to her right
she noticed one of the new posters reminding the students to use
contraception. A smiling cartoon character shaped like a condom was hopping
into a girls purse. "Going on a date?" the condom was saying. "Don't forget
to take me along."

A variety of these posters, all with similarly thoughtful messages, now
graced the halls and common areas of Hallville High. A few months ago the
presence of such light-hearted plugs for birth control in school would have
been unthinkable, but recent events had caused the parents and teachers to
take drastic measures. The posters had been one of the ideas raised at the
town meeting a few weeks ago. Trudi recalled with amusement how the parents
had booed the police officer when he had suggested giving the kids condoms,
but then they had ended up voting for the posters by the end of the night.

She frowned as she felt a little tickle of recognition in the back of her
mind. Something about the town meeting was connected to the man in the
convenience store, but what?

Suddenly it clicked into place, and adrenaline flooded into her body making
her suck in her breath with an audible gasp.

The police officer who spoke at the town meeting was the man in the
convenience store! She couldn't remember his name, but she was sure it was
the same man.

She sat, stunned, trying to think. What should she do? Finally, she
remembered the card Agent Scully had given her. She rummaged through her
purse and found it, then went to the pay phone on the wall of the cafeteria.
She dialed the first number, and it rang several times with no answer. Same
with the second number. She kept trying for 15 minutes, plugging the same
quarter in over and over and alternating the numbers, but no one answered.

Now Trudi was getting scared. The agents had been planning to go back to
the police station this morning to accuse them of covering up the pregnancy
problem - it wasn't difficult to figure out what must have happened. They
were probably in big trouble.

She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. What you normally did in this
type of situation was call the police. But the police were the bad guys now.
She thought about telling Gene, or even Amy, but was it fair to put them in
danger? Anyone else she talked to, like a teacher, would either not believe
her or insist on calling the police. She was on her own.

What would they have done with the agents? Or maybe it was just one officer
acting on his own. It seemed more likely that it was just the one officer,
she decided. When the FBI agents showed up again and started making
accusations, he must have decided they were on to him and taken action.
Would he have killed them? Possibly, but that would just bring more
attention to what was happening in Hallville.

She thought about what the mans options were, and the answer suddenly seemed
obvious. He must be planning to hypnotize them to make them forget
everything they had found out. Trudi bit her lip nervously. If the FBI
agents told the man that she was starting to remember what happened at the
Road Pantry, she was in danger too.

The outline of a plan formed in her mind. She picked up the phone again and
called the number of the Hallville police department, which was posted above
the phone.

"Police, can I help you?"

"Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of someone who works there - I need to
talk to him. He's thin, with a narrow face and short black hair."

"Do you know if he is a full time officer or a volunteer?" The woman sounded

"Full time officer, I think."

"Well, then that sounds like Alan Johnson, the Deputy Chief."

That was him - she remembered the name from the meeting. "That's the name,
thank you." She was about to hang up, but on the spur of the moment she
asked, "Is he there?"

"Let me see... no. He's on duty, but he's not at the station. Do you want
to leave a message?"

"No, thank you." She hung up the phone. So far, so good. She felt better
already, now that she was taking action.

She went down the hall to Gene's locker and opened it up. Feeling around in
his coat pockets, she found his car keys. The smell of the leather reminded
her of snuggling up to Gene, and she was sorely tempted to get him out of
class somehow and have him help her. But she was somehow convinced that
having been controlled once by the man, she would now be able to resist. And
that meant she had to do this on her own. She closed the locker and hurried
out into the parking lot, keeping a wary eye out for hall monitors.

The Camaro was parked in the usual spot, and she quickly got in and started
the engine. A series of sharp backfires reverberated around the lot, making
her cringe. In her nervous state, she expected people to start running out
of the school to see what was going on, but nothing happened. Taking a deep
breath, she eased out of the lot and headed for home.

* * *

Johnson collected the guns from the floor and ordered Mulder and Scully into
the living room. He followed behind, watching them carefully.

"Have a seat," he said, indicating a large couch. Mulder sat down awkwardly,
moving like someone who was sleepwalking. Johnson had blasted him with a
dose of mind control as a precaution against any heroics, and it would be a
few minutes before he started to recover. Scully appeared much more alert
and aware of her surroundings as she took a seat next to Mulder. Johnson
could feel the attraction she had for her partner lurking under the surface,
but she was controlling her sexual urges for the moment. He eased into a
leather armchair facing the couch.

"What... are you?" asked Scully.

"Hmmmm. That's a tough one to answer," said Johnson in a friendly tone of
voice. Now that he had the situation in hand, he was feeling indulgent.
"I'm human, of course. But with a few, shall we say, special abilities. I'm
not going to bore you with the whole story, but we call ourselves Incubi."

"Like the mythical evil spirit that attacks women while they sleep?" Scully
was desperately trying to collect her thoughts. Johnson's rural accent and
good old boy mannerisms had disappeared, and he now spoke with an odd
inflection she didn't recognize. Whatever or whoever he was, it was obvious
that they were out of their depth. She snuck a glance at Mulder. He looked
about as lifelike as a department store mannequin, and her heart sank.

"Yes. Not a perfect analogy, but close. We don't have intercourse with our
subjects, we just encourage their lust and then feed off the sexual energy
they generate." He gave her a thin smile. "And, of course, we aren't

Scully could feel her mind starting to clear somewhat, but she couldn't bring
herself to take any decisive action. A not-unpleasant feeling of relaxation
had spread throughout her body, and getting up off the couch to try and run
away seemed like a ridiculously overwhelming prospect. The only thing she
could think of to do was to keep Johnson talking.

"Are you really a police officer?"

"Oh yes. I've worked in law enforcement for years at various places around
the country. It makes a good cover. I was passing through Hallville about
six months ago, and it turned out to be a great situation for me. Now I'll
have to be moving on, thanks to you."

"Why was Hallville such a good place for you?"

Johnson chuckled. "Well, you wouldn't know it from looking at him, but Chief
Schroeder is a homosexual. He hides it pretty well, but I picked up on it
right away when I stopped by the station to see if they might be hiring.
Schroeder was kind enough to give me a convincing demonstration of his sexual
orientation with one of his volunteer officers while I took some Polaroids."

"So you blackmailed Schroeder into making you his second-in-command?" Scully
now understood the strange dynamic that existed between the two.

"Yes. Quite a step up from my last job, actually. I was free to ride around
Hallville on my own, and Schroeder would even cover for me when I wasn't
where I was supposed to be. He knows he would be run out of town on a rail
if those pictures got out."

Johnson felt the familiar tingling in his blood, and he licked his lips. He
needed to feed, and feed deeply. In a few hours he was going to be back on
the road, living by his wits, and he wanted to sate himself while he had the
chance. Mulder was blinking and looking around, and Johnson decided to get
started. He leaned forward in his chair.

"Ms. Scully, how do you feel about Agent Mulder?"

Dana felt the curious lightheaded feeling come over her again. Her body
seemed to tingle, like the nerve endings in her skin had suddenly become
twice as sensitive, and her nipples hardened and pressed uncomfortably
against her bra.

"I... have many strong feelings for Fox," she mumbled lamely. She seemed to
have become unable to form any independent thoughts.

"Yes, I sensed the attraction between you the first time we met. Would you
agree that those 'many strong feelings' include physical attraction?" He was
toying with her, taking his time.

"Yes, I suppose so." Dana licked her lips and shifted restlessly on the
couch. She could feel the moistness forming between her legs, and a sudden,
intense wave of desire left her momentarily breathless.

"Well, you should be happy to know that he feels the same way about you."
Indeed, Fox was staring hungrily at Dana, and a noticeable bulge had formed
in his pants.

"I think you really want to suck his cock."

Dana shuddered. It was as if her innermost desires had been enunciated for
the world to hear, and now that the secret was out there was no reason to
hold back. She fumbled with Mulder's zipper and managed to work his pants
down off his hips. He groaned as Dana unhesitatingly engulfed his cock in
her mouth, sucking it to the back of her throat as if she wanted to swallow
it whole. It had been a long time since she had sucked cock, and she had
forgotten how much she enjoyed it. She expertly used her mouth and tongue
on him, alternately taking his cock fully into her mouth and then pulling
back and swirling her tongue around the head, and soon she had brought Mulder
up to the edge of orgasm. She wanted to feel him explode into her mouth,
and to swallow every drop of his hot semen.

"That's enough." The words had an effect like a whip cracked across her back,
although the voice was still calm and even. She flinched and let the cock
slide out of her mouth. Mulder looked at her with a tortured look on his
face, his eyes glazed with lust.

"No...don't stop. Please, Dana.....don't stop." His voice was pleading and

"Now, now, Agent Mulder," chided Johnson. "Where are your manners? She
hasn't even come yet and all you can think about is your own pleasure. Now
stand up and take off your clothes."

Mulder leaned forward and took off his shoes and socks, and then staggered to
his feet, his slacks and boxer shorts slipping to the floor. He stepped out
of them, and then fumbled with the buttons of his dress shirt, finally
getting it off. He stood fully naked over Dana, and she felt another wave of
desire build inside her as she stared hungrily at his lean, sinewy body and
his rigid cock, which was still moist from her mouth. It twitched upwards,
as if it had a strange life of its own, and she could see a vein pulsing
impatiently in the shaft. She longed to absorb it into the warm, protective
core of her body, to constrict herself around it until every ridge and
contour was molded to her and it became a part of her.

"Very good, Mulder." Johnson's voice was even and conversational; he might
have been discussing the weather. "I know you want to fuck her, but I need
you to do something for me first. I need you eat her pussy and make her
come. Would you mind?" It wasn't really a question.

Mulder dropped to his knees in front of Dana. She was already unzipping her
slacks, and she lifted her hips up to help him as he slid them down her legs
and off. She slouched lower on the couch, and he repeated the process with
her panties, revealing her reddish brown thatch and her dark pink pussy lips,
which were glistening with little beads of moisture. They could both smell
her warm, musky scent. He pushed her knees apart and buried his head between
her smooth, white thighs, his tongue greedily seeking her sex.

Dana inhaled sharply as Fox's tongue pushed into her pussy, separating the
inner lips and then sliding upwards until the tip brushed against the nub of
her clit. A jolt of pleasure so intense that it was nearly pain radiated
outward into her body, and she was dimly aware of a high-pitched mewling
sound coming from her throat as she thrust her hips forward against his
mouth. The tongue found her clit again, and this time Mulder kept it there.
A wave of sensation washed through Dana's body, rapidly bringing her to a
climax more intense than any she had ever felt. Instead of satisfying her,
it only made her want more, and she ground her pussy against Mulder's mouth
with single-minded ferocity.

Again and again she was pushed over the edge, her head snapping backwards and
the cords in her neck standing out as she moaned uncontrollably in response
to the irresistible climaxes erupting in her body. With each orgasm, Johnson
closed his eyes and absorbed the potent waves of sexual energy into his body
with a grateful smile. Slowly the climaxes became less intense and more
widely spaced, and finally Dana collapsed back onto the couch in a limp,
exhausted heap.

"Congratulations Mulder, that was excellent work." Johnson was leaning back
in the armchair and gazing complacently at them through half-closed lids,
like a lion after gorging itself on a kill. He motioned languidly at Dana
with one hand. "Now go ahead and fuck her brains out."

Dana was dimly aware of being pulled forward by her legs until her hips were
even with the edge of the couch. An arm hooked under each knee and lifted
her legs upward, and then she felt Mulder's warm, smooth cock slide easily
inside her, like a key fitting into well-oiled lock. She barely had the
energy to keep her eyes open, much less devote any more energy to sex, but
she enjoyed the pleasant warmth that spread through her as Fox drove himself
into her with increasing force, his lean hips slapping against her thighs and
his handsome face contorted with silent effort. Finally, he made an animal
grunting noise and she felt hot jets of semen spurting deep inside her. When
he was finished he sprawled forward and lay his head on her chest, panting
loudly, and she drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up she was lying lengthwise on the couch. She was still naked
from the waist down, and her pussy felt tender and swollen. It didn't seem
like she had been asleep for very long, although she felt refreshed. She
glanced around the room without moving, trying to assess the situation.
Mulder was sitting in a chair on the other side of the large living room,
drinking a can of soda and eating a candy bar. He was still completely
naked, and she couldn't assess his mental state. She didn't see Johnson
anywhere. With a surge of adrenaline, she suddenly realized that she wasn't
under the influence of Johnson's hypnosis. Could he have left?

She carefully swung her legs to the floor and sat up. The blinds covering
the large windows, which had been open when they arrived, were now tightly
closed, and the room was dim and quiet. Outside she could hear the faint
sound of birds chirping. There was still no sign of Johnson. She stood up
and started walking quietly towards Mulder.

"Ah, I see you've woken up." Johnson was standing in a doorway that led into
a bedroom, holding a battered leather suitcase. "That's good - I haven't
quite finished with you yet."

Dana's blood ran cold. She thought about trying to run, but the unnatural
lethargy was creeping through her body again and her initiative was fading.
Johnson was walking towards her, and in a few seconds she would be under his
spell again. Summoning all her willpower, she tore her eyes away from him
and took a deep breath, trying to clear her mind. Some of the energy seeped
back into her limbs, and she started backing away.

"Help!" The scream caught in her throat and turned into more of a loud gasp,
but it seemed to bring her fully to her senses. She took a deep breath.

"HELLLLLLP... ANYONE.... HELLLLP...." This time it was a high-volume
shriek, and Johnson turned pale with anger.

"You bitch." He was on top of her before she could turn and run, and he
threw her face-down on the floor and twisted her arm painfully behind her
back. With her face pressed into the carpet she could neither struggle
effectively nor scream, and she let herself go limp. Her FBI training had
prepared her for such situations, and she knew it was a bad idea to resist
when her captor had the upper hand. She looked over at Mulder, but he was
just staring at them with dull curiosity on his face. Johnson stood up.

"Don't move, and don't make a sound." His voice was trembling with emotion,
and Dana was suddenly worried that he was cracking up. She heard the sound
of a drawer opening, and he came back carrying a cardboard box.

"Roll over." He reached into the box and took out a pair of black wrist
cuffs with Velcro closures, connected by a short chain. He put them on her
wrists with her hands in front of her, snugging each one tight before closing
the Velcro, and then he pulled her to her feet and led her to the center of
the room. Taking a length of thick rope from the box, he doubled it into a
loop and managed to catch it over a sturdy hook that was bolted into the
wooden beam over her head. He tied one end of the rope to the chain
connecting the wrist cuffs, and then he drew it tight, lifting her arms up
over her head. When she was just able to stand flat-footed, he tied off the
rope and stepped back, breathing heavily.

"There, that's better. Now we just need to shut that loud mouth of yours."
He disappeared behind her and took something else from the box, and then he
reached around her head and forced a rubber ball into her mouth. She grunted
and tried to push it out with her tongue, but it was connected to a strap
which he tightened across the back of her head. Johnson stepped back and
smiled at her. He seemed to have calmed considerably now that the situation
was back under his control.

"All right, Ms. Scully, I think that will keep you out of trouble for a

Dana closed her eyes in despair. She had never felt so helpless in her life.

* * *

Trudi cruised slowly along the forest-lined road, squinting at the houses as
they passed by trying to find a street number. She had been driving around
the western side of Hallville for an hour, and she wasn't even sure if this
was the right road. Most of the houses were set too far back to read the
numbers, and most of the mailboxes at the end of the driveways just had

When she had gotten home after sneaking out of school, she had found the name
Alan Johnson in the phone book, somewhat to her surprise. His title - Deputy
Chief of Police - had even been listed along with his address: 1277 Anderson
Rd. Anderson road was shown clearly on the map of Hallville, which was now
in her lap, but street signs in this neck of the woods were few and far
between and she kept getting lost.

The road she was on dead-ended into an intersection that looked depressingly
familiar - she must have crossed through it at least once before. No street
sign, of course. After looking both ways she got a vague impression that she
had come from the right last time, so she turned left. She was getting so
discouraged by this point that when the green mailbox with 1277 neatly
stenciled on the side appeared she almost drove right by it. She stopped the
Camaro and reversed back to the mailbox. There was no name, and she wasn't
at all sure that this was Anderson road; in fact, she didn't even see a
house, just a narrow gravel road. She turned in and drove very slowly along
the gravel. Just out of sight of the road there was a police car parked
along the side. She pulled in behind it and took a deep breath; her heart
was pounding so loud she could feel her chest vibrating.

"What the hell am I doing here?" she said out loud. She reached into her
purse and pulled out the .32 caliber pistol she had taken from her mother's
nightstand. The gun was cool and heavy in her hand, and she felt some of her
confidence return. She put it back in her purse and got out of the car.

Stepping quietly along the side of the narrow road, she soon came to an
A-frame house surrounded by large pine trees. Crouching behind a tree trunk,
she watched and listened carefully for a few minutes, but there was no sign
that anyone was there. She decided to sneak up to the windows on either side
of the front door and peek inside. When she was halfway across the clearing
in front of the house, she froze. Had she heard someone scream?

"Helllppp.... Anyone....Hellppppp!"

Trudi gasped. It sounded like Agent Scully. She ran the rest of the way to
the house and huddled low against the cedar shingles next to the door, the
gun in her hand, and listened intently. After what seemed like several
minutes there was no more screaming, so she crept along the side of the house
to the window and peered in. Once her eyes had adjusted to the dark, she
could make out an entryway that led into a large living room, from which she
could occasionally glimpse a hint of movement. The blinds on the living room
windows were drawn, and the room was quite dim.

From this angle she couldn't see what was happening, despite her best
efforts, and she finally dropped back low to the ground to think about it.
She decided to go around to the back to see if she could get a better view of
what was happening, or maybe even find an open window. On a whim, she tried
the knob on the front door first. To her shock, it was unlocked. She took a
few seconds to gather her courage, and then she slowly pushed it open.

Sunlight streamed into the dim entry area, and she was immediately afraid it
would alert the people in the next room. She quickly slipped inside and shut
the door behind her, and then she pressed herself against the wall next to
the doorway leading to the living room, gun at the ready. Nothing happened
for a few long moments, and then she heard a voice.

"Go ahead, cut it right off her."

With a chill, she recognized the voice of the man from the convenience store.
It didn't sound as if he had noticed her presence, however, and she relaxed a
bit. Then she started to wonder what on earth was going on in there. She
peeked around the corner into the living room, and stifled a gasp. Agent
Scully had her arms tied up over her head, and she was naked from the waist
down. Agent Mulder was completely naked, and he was standing in front of her
holding a pair of scissors. Johnson was sitting in a chair with his back to
her. She immediately realized that Mulder must be under Johnson's control.
But why was Agent Scully tied up like that? They were only about 20 feet
away from her, but none of them were facing in her direction, so she moved a
little closer to the doorway to get a better view.

Mulder started cutting Scully's blouse away with the scissors, working from
the center placket out along one sleeve. When he reached the cuff the blouse
fell away on that side, revealing her bra. He repeated the cut on the other
sleeve, and the sliced-up blouse fell to the floor. Trudi breathed a little
easier; she had been worried that Agent Mulder was going to hurt Agent Scully
with the scissors, but obviously it was just to cut her clothes off; it was
the only way to get a shirt off someone who's hands were bound.

Now Dana was wearing only a lacy beige bra which revealed the deep curves of
her cleavage. Trudi could see her eyes widen as Mulder slid the scissors
between her breasts and snipped the fabric separating the two cups. The bra
fell open and Dana's smooth white breasts were revealed. As Mulder cut the
straps away, causing the bra to fall to the floor, Trudi studied Agent
Scully's naked torso with interest. Her breasts were about the same size as
her own, but they had a softer, more womanly shape, sitting a little lower on
her chest and sloping outwards away from her body. The nipples were
different too; whereas Trudi had small brown nipples, Scully had larger pink
nipples with an interesting cone shape.

"That's more like it - thank you, Agent Mulder," said Johnson. "I'm afraid
your partner has decided not to cooperate, so we are going to have to
stimulate her until she changes her mind. Lets start with her breasts, shall

Mulder had turned to look at Johnson, and now Trudi could see the same slack,
glassy-eyed expression on his face that Vince had developed when Johnson had
controlled them that night at the Road Pantry. She also noticed that Agent
Mulder had a large erection, and she realized with a guilty start that she
was looking forward to watching what was going to happen instead of thinking
about how to rescue the agents. But how was she going to intervene? She
doubted that Johnson would just quietly cooperate if she pointed the gun at
him, and the idea of actually firing it terrified her. Maybe an opportunity
would present itself later.

Mulder turned back to Scully, and following Johnson's instructions he began
squeezing and kneading her breasts. She tried to pull away, but it was
impossible; as soon as she moved in any direction the strain on her arms
increased greatly. She tried to gaze into Mulder's eyes instead, to see if
she could somehow snap him out of the trance, but he was staring fixedly at
her breasts. "Men," she thought to herself with disgust. Fox was pinching
her nipples now, not quite hard enough to hurt, and she could feel her body
starting to respond. Unable to move or talk, there was little for her to do
other than focus on the sensations coming from her nipples, and the feeling
of delicious lethargy spread through her body like some sort of sexual
anesthesia. Soon her pussy was wet and she was making little sounds of desire
deep in her throat.

"I think she's coming around now," said Johnson. "She must have realized
that all we want to do is give her pleasure, right Mulder?" No answer was
expected. "Why don't you finger her pussy and see if she's ready to come."

Trudi watched in fascination as Mulder slid his hand between Dana's thighs.
Her nipples were swollen from all the pinching, and their dark pink color
made them stand out sharply against her white skin. Trudi couldn't help but
notice that Agent Scully opened her legs slightly to allow Agent Mulder's
hand to slip between them, whereas she could easily have clamped them
together. When Dana threw her head back and moaned loudly through the ball
gag in her mouth, Trudi felt her own pussy start to tingle. As Mulder
mechanically fingered his partner to a shuddering climax, Trudi became more
and more aroused. Instead of feeling sorry for Agent Scully in her naked and
helpless state, she started envying her, and she unconsciously reached under
her denim skirt and started rubbing herself through her panties.

Suddenly Johnson turned around and looked right at her. Trudi ducked back
behind the doorway and tried to quiet her breathing, but somehow she didn't
feel the appropriate amount of panic. In the back of her mind she realized
that she had fallen at least partially under Johnson's spell.

"Well, well. I think we have a visitor. Miss Bowman, would you like to come
out and join in the fun?" Johnson's voice didn't betray any surprise or
dismay over this unexpected development.

Trudi was frozen with indecision. She knew that she should take action, even
if just to run away, but she couldn't seem to move.

"Come over here right now, Trudi." Her free will was ebbing away; she
couldn't resist that voice any longer. She managed to clear her head
slightly for just a moment, and she noticed the gun still in her hand. She
shoved it into her purse as she stood up, and then she slowly walked around
the corner into the living room.

"I'm really glad you dropped by," said Johnson, sounding like he meant it.
"I hate to leave loose ends floating around." He was slouched back in the
armchair and he looked relaxed and confident. Trudi fought to give the
impression she wasn't under his control.

"Why is that, you perverted creep?" she asked with a bit of bravado.

Johnson pretended to be hurt. "You have me all wrong. I allow people to
experience more pleasure in an hour than they would normally experience in a
year, and then I clear their memories so they don't suffer any lingering
guilt feelings. I'm doing them a service."

"I don't think all those girls who got pregnant felt like they had been done
a service." Trudi tried to summon as much anger as she could, it seemed to
help her concentrate.

"No, I suppose not. I'm actually quite sorry about that." He looked
sincere, and as ridiculous as the comment was, Trudi felt her anger melt away
to be replaced by lust. Agent Mulder was standing next to her with a raging
hard-on, and it was getting difficult to keep her eyes off it.

"You have such a beautiful body, Trudi. Why don't you take your clothes off
and let us see it."

Trudi tried to think of a way to refuse, and then she noticed that her hands
were already unzipping her skirt as if by their own accord. Her body was
aching with desire now, and she realized she was past the point of no return.
She peeled off her knit top and removed her bra and panties, leaving
everything in a pile on a floor, including her purse.

"So, what will it be?" asked Johnson. "So many options, and so little time.
Maybe you would like to suck Mulder's cock?" Trudi looked at it hungrily.
"Or maybe you would like to help out poor Dana."

Trudi glanced at Johnson in surprise, and then looked at Agent Scully.
Surely he didn't mean for her to do stuff with another woman? Dana was
looking at her, but it was impossible to read her expression with the gag in
her mouth. She dropped her eyes to the bound woman's breasts, and realized
that she wasn't as upset at the notion as she had first thought. In fact...

"Why don't you go over to her and see if you feel like touching her."
Johnson's voice was softer and less commanding now. Trudi walked over to
Dana and looked at her with indecision. Scully returned the gaze, looking
searchingly into Trudi's eyes, and Trudi realized that the agent wasn't under
Johnson's control; that must be why she was tied up. But Trudi didn't care
at this point. She reached out with one hand and gently touched Dana's
breast, cupping it in her palm and enjoying its soft warmth.

"That's it, Trudi - now play with her nipples. That's what she wants, trust

Trudi used both hands to gently pinch and roll Dana's nipples, causing her to
begin moaning behind the gag. Trudi was enjoying this new experience, and
she had a sudden urge to use her mouth instead of her hands. Leaning
forward, she licked one of Scully's puffy pink nipples, and then she sucked
it into her mouth. There was something comforting and satisfying about
sucking on a breast, something related to basic human urges that went deeper
than just sex, and Trudi soon found herself eagerly suckling Dana's breasts,
stimulating the nipples with her tongue and teeth.

She was vaguely aware of Fox's hands on her ass, lifting her upwards so that
her legs straightened out and she was bent over at the waist, and then she
gasped in surprise as she felt his warm tongue probing between her thighs,
seeking her sex. She arched her back and spread her legs a little, giving
him easier access, and was rewarded with the incredible sensation of a tongue
pushing into her tight pussy. She ground her hips against Mulder's face,
fucking his stiff tongue as she continued to suck and bite Dana's breasts,
and she soon felt an orgasm flood through her body.

"All right, Trudi, now that you have gotten Agent Scully all worked up you
need to finish the job. It's not fair to just leave her hanging."

Trudi had stopped playing with Dana's breasts while she came, and now Dana
was moaning and arching her back like a cat in heat. Trudi knew that Scully
wanted her put her hand between her legs like Mulder had done a few minutes
ago, but that seemed so weird. Still, Johnson was right, she couldn't just
leave her in this state. Tentatively, she slid her hand down Scully's
stomach until she reached her wispy pubic hair, and Scully moaned and pushed
her hips forward. Trudi sucked in her breath as she felt Dana's warm, moist
pussy in her hand. It was an odd sensation to be caressing another woman's
sex, strange and familiar at the same time, and Trudi was fascinated. She
parted the pussy lips with her fingers and started rubbing gently, and Scully
moved her hips back and forth, encouraging her.

Mulder was behind her again, lifting her ass up and separating her legs, and
then she felt his cock probing at her. She pushed back against him, and with
a delicious sliding sensation she impaled herself on his stiff erection. As
Mulder began fucking her, Trudi turned her attention back to Scully. Her
hand and fingers had become slippery with Dana's juices, and she boldly
inserted a finger into the opening, causing Dana to jerk and clench down
around the digit. Trudi pushed the finger in and out, watching Dana's face
behind the gag as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. When Dana
reached her climax, Trudi could feel the sudden urgent vibrations in her
finger, and the sensation pushed her over the edge into another orgasm of her

As the wave of pleasure receded, Trudi felt her head clear as if she was
waking up from a light sleep, and the full import of what was happening hit
her. Mulder was still banging into her from behind like a machine, but she
was no longer under Johnson's sexual trance. Could Johnson tell that she had
regained control of her thoughts? She glanced over at him, and was surprised
to see that his eyes were closed. As she watched him, his eyes opened and he
looked at her with a dreamy expression, giving her a nasty shock.
Instinctively, she pretended to be absorbed in fucking Mulder, contorting her
face into what she felt was an appropriate expression of lust, and Johnson
closed his eyes again.

The adrenaline surge had completely wiped away any lingering sexual feelings,
and now Trudi was close to panic. She knew that Johnson might notice that
she wasn't in a trance at any moment, so this might be her last chance to
act. Her purse was on the floor just a few feet away, under her clothes.
She took a deep breath, glanced at Johnson one more time to make sure his
eyes were still closed, and then she broke away from Mulder and dropped to
her knees next to her clothes. She scrabbled around for her purse, sure that
she would feel a powerful hand on her shoulder at any second. Finally, she
felt the cool metal of the pistol under hand, and she yanked it out and
pointed it at Johnson.

"Don't move!" she said, her voice cracking.

Johnson was sitting up in the chair, his eyes wide with surprise.

"And don't try any more of that hypnosis shit," added Trudi. "If I feel you
start to mess with my head, I'll shoot you."

Johnson glared at her angrily, but her mind remained clear, and they stayed
like that for a few long seconds. Then Johnson stood up.

"You won't shoot me," he said coolly.

"Come any closer and you'll find out how wrong you are, you bastard." Trudi
said this with more confidence than she felt. She would pull the trigger all
right, but she wasn't sure anything would happen. Her mother might not keep
the gun loaded, and wasn't there something called a safety? But Johnson
didn't know this.

"All right, Trudi, I'll keep my distance," said Johnson, and he began edging
his way around her. "I was just about finished with you anyway." This
wasn't quite true - he hadn't been able to apply the amnesia, and if he left
now Trudi and Agent Scully would remember everything. But he was planning to
disappear anyway.

Trudi kept the gun trained on Johnson as he made his way past her.

"Where the hell to you think you're going?"

"My suitcase," said Johnson, picking up the battered leather case. "All my
traveling essentials are in here. Now, I am going to walk into the kitchen,
out the back door, and out of your life forever. You don't want to kill me,
Trudi. If you shoot me in the back it will be murder, plain and simple." He
looked Trudi in the eye, trying to assess the success of his bluff. He
decided that she might very well shoot if he tried to control her mind again,
and he turned and deliberately walked into the kitchen.

Trudi was torn with indecision. She didn't want Johnson to get away, but if
she pulled the trigger and nothing happened, her advantage would be gone and
she would be at his mercy again. And she didn't want to kill him, he was
right about that much. Then Johnson had disappeared, and she heard the back
door close. With a sigh, she lowered the gun.

Suddenly, she realized that Agent Scully was grunting and stamping her foot,
trying to get her attention. Trudi jumped to her feet and ran over to her,
feeling foolish. Of course Dana would know what to do, she should have tried
to free her while Johnson was still here. She set the gun down and unbuckled
the leather strap on the gag, and Scully spit the rubber ball out of her
mouth with distaste.

"The scissors - cut the rope with the scissors," she said urgently.

Trudi looked around and saw the scissors Mulder had used to cut away Dana's
clothes on the floor near their feet. She grabbed them, and began sawing
away at the rope leading from the wrist cuffs up to the ceiling. Outside,
they heard the sound of an engine roaring to life, and then the blue pickup
truck appeared in the front window, heading up the gravel driveway towards
the main road.

Finally, the rope parted and Scully was able to lower her arms. Using her
teeth, she pulled open the Velcro cuff on her right wrist, freeing her hands.

"Where's the phone?" she asked Trudi. "There's still time to catch him."

"I don't know, in the kitchen maybe?" Trudi ran into the kitchen saw a phone
on the wall. She picked it up, but there was no dial tone. "It's dead."

"He must have cut the phone line before he left," said Scully. "That's why
he didn't drive away immediately. Help me look for my cell phone."

After a few minutes of searching, Scully dropped into a chair with a sigh.
"He must have taken our phones and guns with him." She looked at Trudi and
realized that they were both still naked. So was Mulder, for that matter -
he was sitting on the floor holding his head in his hands. "I guess it's
safe to get dressed now."

Trudi put her clothes back on, and then looked at Scully. Dana had put her
skirt back on, and she was holding her cut-up blouse and shaking her head
sadly. "Silk," she said. "Mulder is going to have to pay for it."

"Can't you fill out an expense report for it or something?" asked Trudi.
Dana thought about the strict Bureau regulations regarding loss of personal
property, and the corner of her mouth twitched. "This is going to be
difficult to explain on a report, " she said with a smile.

Trudi saw the humor in the situation as well, and began to giggle, and soon
they were both laughing, letting the tension of the last few hours drain

"What's so funny?" asked Mulder, looking up at them from the floor in

"Jesus Christ, why am I naked?"

The End

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