WARNING: This story contains sexual material. It is for adults only. If you
don't like this sort of stuff then don't read it. This story was inspired by
one of Wonder Mike's great stories. My thanks go out to him and I hope he
keeps up the good work.

MC T.V. X-FIles: Scully And The Net (mc,nc,f/f,rape,demon)
by Yenoc ([email protected])

Special Agent Dana Scully was worried about the turn her life had taken
lately. The X-files had been shut down yet again and until they were
reopened, she and her partner, Fox Mulder were working normal case loads.

The two agents were currently on different assignments. Mulder was looking
into a kidnapping and Scully was trying to track down a suspect on the FBI's
most wanted list.

The criminal's name was Liz Marks. She was a computer hacker and an
international terrorist. The fugitive was currently thought to be in Los

* * *

Scully shivered when she thought back on the incident in California. She had
gone to a town called Sunnydale to look for serial killer and had instead run
into Buffy Summers. Buffy was a teenager and a Vampire Slayer.

Dana had been skeptical about the town having monsters but she had found out
the hard way that Sunnydale was a haven for supernatural occurences. She and
Buffy had fought an Incubus that was raping women and stealing their life

Buffy and Scully met the Incubus and the demon had kicked their butts. When
the thing left, it had sprayed the two females with its demon seed. The girls
had gone back to Scully's room and had succumbed to the monster's sperm. They
fell under it's control and had lusted for one another.

Scully and Buffy had engaged in lesbian sex and they were not able to stop
themselves. Scully shuddered as she recalled their wonderful encounter. Dana
was going to have to see Buffy soon.

Then Scully had gone to Paradise Valley where she had met a young girl named
Alex Mack. Alex had super powers from being doused with a chemical. She and
Scully had met when they both broke into a chemical plant.

A canister of an aphrodisiac gas had burst open and Scully and Alex had not
seen able to keep their hands off each other. Dana wanted to see Alex again
also. She cleared her mind and got back on the case. She was off to

* * *

That night Scully got up and went to an abandoned building near her
apartment. She was still asleep and her conscious mind was shut down. Dana
entered the buidling and went to the thing that had summoned her there.

The Incubus had found Dana Scully and called her to him. The demon was big
and built like a brick wall. It had supernatural powers and it had Scully
under its control. The Incubus had an enormous cock but it wasn't going to
fuck Scully just yet.

It had other plans for her. When the thing had shot its cum on Scully and
Buffy the spunk should've brought the females under his control as it did
all women. Buffy had resisted him so far but Scully came to him at once.

The thing read Scully's mind and learned about Liz Marks. The Incubus
presented Dana with an enchanted dildo and she took it without question. The
demon then gave Dana her orders.

She would be in charge of her life but she would bring more females to the
Incubus and act as his sex toy. And the agent would never know what she was
doing. Scully would accept her actions as normal and think nothing was amiss.
The Incubus quickly sent Scully on her way.

* * *

Meanwhile in L.A., "Liz Marks" was working as a bartender in a night club.
Her real name was Angela Bennett. She was a computer genius who had stumbled
across information that she was not meant to see.

A secret organization was hunting her down and trying to kill her. Her life
had been erased and she'd been given the indentity of a wanted criminal.
Angela was always on the run and both the law and the organization were
looking for her.

Angela had onyl been working at the bar for a couple of weeks when she saw
a red haired woman enter the club one night. The lady looked like a cop and
Angela got nervous. She had to split.

She found out the red head had been asking questions about her. A friend
told her that the woman was an FBI agent and was looking for her. Angela
knew that it was time to depart again. She hated being hunted like an animal.
But she either ran or she was dead.

Angela risked working at the club one more night and it was not a good
decision. The FBI agent showed up again and nearly caught her. Angela had
seen Scully at the last second and bolted out the back door. She took a
bottle of whiskey with her.

Scully saw Angela exit the rear of the club and knew she'd found Liz Marks.
Dana worked her way through the crowd to the back exit. But, by the time she
got into the back alley, Angela was long gone and had escaped back to her
hotel. Scully intended to find the fugitive once more.

* * *

Scully was able to track Angela down and located the hotel where she was
staying. Dana had intended to arrest Liz Marks but the Incubus had other
plans for her. Scully found the room and picked the lock to gain entry into
the room.

Scully went inside and closed the door behind her. She quietly slipped into
the room and stood beside the bed. She saw Angela asleep on the bed. Angela
had been drinking heavily and had passed out. The agent could smell the
stench of alcohol in the room.

Dana's logical side told her to perform her duty and arrest the fugitive but
the mental control that the demon had over her commanded her to do otherwise.
Scully's loins burned with her arousal as she watched the sleeping young

Angela had been feeling sorry for herself and had gotten drunk. She was
lonely and tired of being on the run. But the worst thing was that she was
horny. She had not had sex in a rather long time and she needed a good fuck.

She was in an alcohol induced slumber and didn't know that Scully was in the
room. She didn't feel Scully peel the sheer nightgown off her body, leaving
her naked. Dana took a few moments to admire Angela's nude form.

Scully stared at her proud upthrust breasts. The twin orbs were medium sized
and luscious. Her tits were firm and full to the touch. Her red nipples were
hard and stood at attention. Dana licked her lips in anticipation as she
spied Angela's wet vaginal slit.

Dana's lewd grin turned into a mask of hungry lust. The agent reached down
and groped Angela's satiny breasts. She fondled and massaged the quivering
tit flesh. She pinched and tweaked the erect nipples, making Angela groan
in her sleep. Scully's hand slipped down Angela's trim flat stomach and slid
between her legs.

Scully caressed the strands of dark pussy hair. Dana got away from the bed
and quickly stripped off her clothing. Now they were both naked. Scully's
cunt was drenched by now and her pink nipples were painfully erect. Her hands
ran up and down her heated body.

Dana cupped her swollen tits and squeezed the mounds together. She moaned as
she pulled on her hard nipples. Then Scully slipped on the dildo the Incubus
had given her. The straps fastened around her waist and thighs.

The Incubus had given her a long, thick dildo to use on her victims. The
demon had said that the artificial penis was an extension of his own enormous
member. He would be able to feel every sensation as Scully fucked her
targets. And when she came, the dildo would shoot the demon's addictive sperm
into each female's vagina, thus enslaving the female and also bonding her to
the Incubus.

Scully sat down on the bed. Bending her head forward, she kissed Angela's
erect nipples. Angela moaned as Dana sucked the stiff nubs and slid her hand
between's her legs again.

Angela was in a stupor and couldn't comprehend what was happening. But she
certainly felt good. Angela slowly opened her eyes and stared down at the
shadowy figure looming over her. She thought she was dreaming and laid back
down on the bed.

Scully kissed her way down Angela's body. She crouched in between her legs
and jammed her tongue into Angela's hot cunt. Angela suddenly realized that
she wasn't dreaming and recoiled in horror.

Angela lifted herself up on her elbows and gasped. "No... no,!" She
fell back on the bed and panted for breath. Her eyes focused and went wide
with shock. It was the FBI agent from earlier that evening! The woman was
naked and eating her pussy! Angela screamed and tried to get away from
Scully. But she was still drunk and weak. Scully held Angela down with her
arms and kept eating her cunt.

"Just lay there and enjoy it. I either do this or take you jail where you
spend the rest of your life in prison." Dana told Angela between licks.
Angela had no choice but to comply. She sighed in depression and resigned
herself to her fate.

Angela was woozy and the attention to her pussy made her very horny. She'd
never had sex with another woman before. She had too much booze in her system
to be sober and she couldn't think clearly.

Her head was spinning and fell back onto the bed. "Please don't do this."
Angela begged meekly. Scully kissed up and down her moist slit making her
moan wantonly. "Doesn't it feel good?" Dana asked in a sexy voice. "Yes."
Angela said before she could stop herself.

Scully's tongue slipped into the folds of her twat and she drank the sweet
nectar the girl produced. "OH! No, don't!" Angela panted as she gyrated her
pelvis on Scully's face.

Angela's mind churned in turmoil. Scully licked her cunt and slid her
fingers into her moist furrow. Angela moaned in shame and tried to twist
away from the FBI woman. Scully lifted Angela's legs up and back until her
knees were pressed against her breasts.

Scully licked up and down the wet snatch. "AAGGHH! No! Please stop!" Angela
pleaded in vain. Unconsciously, she lifted her ass and grinded her hips
around in circles against Dana's mouth.

Scully's tongue worked in and out of the hot box. Angela's body was betraying
her at every step. Her body responded automatically to Scully and jerked
wildly. She humped her hips up and down on the mattress.

Angela tried again to to push the agent away but she was so weak from the
booze that it was useless. Angela closed her eyes in shame shuddered with
pleasure. Her willpower deserted her.

The love-starved girl began to wail in ectasy. Scully's tongue whipped over
her buzzing clit and drove her mad. The red head's fingers drove in and out
of her pussy with a steady and consistant rhythm.

Angela knew she should be disgusted with the act but the excitement spread
through her body and she enjoyed feeling so depraved. Sex with another woman
wasn't so bad, she at last decided.

She mumbled in pleasure and surged her crotch up into Scully's stained
face. Involuntarily, Angela raised her hips up and down erotically as Dana
continued to torment and and tease her with her mouth. Angela writhed
helplessly on the bed.

* * *

Angela tossed her head, her dark hair flailing side to side. She sobbed in
humiliation and defeat as she surrendered to the lesbian encounter. She quit
fighting and grunted louldly.

She opened her legs and pumped her pussy up against the agent's mouth. "I'm
going to fuck you now." Scully informed Angela. When Angela saw the giant
dildo her eyes widened in horror. The thing was huge!

She'd never be able to take that monster into her vagina. "NO! PLEASE! It's
too big!" Angela begged for naught. Scully positioned herself between
Angela's thighs and guided the cock head toward her pussy opening.

The bulbous tip parted her nether lips and the electrifying contact made
Angela shiver with lust. Scully slowly started to thrust into her tight
passage. "OOHH!" Angela called out in pain and fear as the fake cock sank
into her vaginal depths.

Angela's eyes were glazed with raw desire and her face was a mask of despair.
Scully kept forcing the dildo into her abused pussy. "Please, don't! Uungghh!
AAAA!" Angela yelped as the prick impaled her.

Scully pushed every agonizing inch of the large member into the sobbing
girl's pussy. With one violent shove, Dana slammed the cock all the way into
Angela's hole to the hilt. The wanted woman screamed in pain as her cunt was
stretched well past its limit.

Angela was being raped and there was nothing she could do about it. The
torment of the ravaging cock was ripping apart her sanity. None the less,
Angela wrapped her legs around Dana's trim waist and undulated her pelvis

"AAARRRGGHHH!" Angela shouted as the debauchery consumed her. The pain faded
quickly and Scully expertly lunged the cock in and out of her pussy.

Scully rotated her hips and made the dildo scrape against the girl's clit.
Angela trembled under Scully's motions. She gave into her animalistic urges
and matched Scully's movements with her own increasing fevour.

Angela squirmed on the bed rakishly as her belly rippled in waves. She gave
into the pounding cock and she had no fight left in her. Angela was finally
enjoying the cruel rape. She urged Scully on.

Dana drilled viciously into her captive's snatch. Angela was drowning in the
wicked sensations. "YES! Do it! FUCK ME! I need it bad! Harder!" she cried
out hoarsely.

Scully slammed the dildo back and forth into her battered cunt. "That's it!
YES! Fuck Me!" Angela chanted shamelessly. She then pumped her lower body up
and down on the invading dildo. She couldn't get enough of the plastic cock.
Angela heaved in delight as her bliss kept building.

Angela's mind left her body and her sanity was torn apart. She became a
babbling idiot and was foaming at the mouth. Scully had easily mastered
Angela Bennett. The girl would soon be under the spell of the Incubus, like
Dana was. Angela flounced on the bed as the dick rammed her cunt.

Scully fucked Angela with renewed vigor. She wanted to ride the fugitive
into the ground. She punished Angela with long hard strokes that jolted her
very being. Dana would pull the dildo from her cunt and then plummet downward
as her pussy devoured the cock.

Angela knew that her climax wasn't far off. Abruptly, she exploded beneath
Scully, convulsing in complete and total abandonment. Angela humped up and
down like a whore on the dildo. Her back arched and her tits pushed upward.

she bellowed in rapture. Angela shook and trembled under Scully. She kept up
her slutty response to the raping dildo.

Scully fucked Angela into mindless submission. They were both caught up in
the moment and neither heard the demonic laughter in the background. The
Incubus was hundreds of miles away but it was also enjoying the ravishment
of Angela.

Scully stroked in and out of Angela as she sought her own release. Dana
suddenly screamed as her orgasm hit. Both women thrashed and bounced on the
bed as they climaxed together.

The dildo suddenly erupted in Angela's vagina and she wasn't surprised when
the thing shot hot black sperm into her womb. The demon seed filled her
twitching pussy. Angela's cunt milked the dildo dry and absorbed evry drop
of cum it produced.

Angela closed her eyes in exhaustion and satisfaction. This had been the
best fuck she'd ever had in her life. Soon she would hear the demon's call
as well and begin her servitude to her master.

Scully pulled the dildo out of Angela's cunt slumped on the bed next to her.
Angela smiled warmly at Scully and they kissed. The two enslaved ladies spent
the rest of the night fucking and getting to know one another intimately.

* * *

Angela told Scully her story the following day. Scully believed Angela was
innocent and on the run from the secret organization. After all, Dana was
experienced at being a pawn in government conspiracies where people were
killed and things were coverd up at any expense.

Scully promised to help Angela clear her name and get her life back. She
would assist Angela any way she could. Angela was glad to have a new ally
in her battle. And they realized that they cared deeply for each other.

Scully had to head back to Washington and Angela had to move on to a new
location. Dana made Angela promise to stay in touch and they would contact
each other at regular intervals. Dana had no intention of telling Mulder or
anyone else what had happened.

Dana vowed to help Angela win her fight. The FBI agent would keep qiuet
about "Liz Marks" and help her friend secretly. For Scully knew the truth
was out there.

The End


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