Author’s note: This is a very short fic but I hope you like it anyways.

X-Files: Scully Meets The Grindylow (MF,creature,ncon)
by Hamster (your, furry, flushable friend)

Dump Water, Florida...

Several women had been raped near a lake in the small town of Dump Water
and each of them swore that a sea monster attacked them. Members of the FBI
X-Files unit Scully and Mulder were called out to investigate.

While examining the lake where the girls where allegedly accosted agents
Mulder and Scully began to argue. As usual Mulder had some fruitcake theory
that it was an aquatic monster called a Grindylow. Scully thought he was

“Dammit Mulder, why can’t you just accept that it’s a normal run of the mill
human sicko and not some weird monster?” Scully demanded.

“Fuck Scully aren’t you ever tired of being wrong all the time?” Mulder

“Look why don’t you just search the south side of the lake while I search the
north?” Scully said.



Scully stormed off and began to make her way around the lake. She was so
angry she was barely paying attention to where she was going. Unfortunately
for her something WAS paying attention. Agent Dana Scully stopped dead in her
tracks, something had caused a twig to snap behind her. Scully slowly turned
around and saw a horrific looking gray-green humanoid fish demon.

The Grindylow dragged her kicking and screaming away from shore and began
ripping away her cloths. Scully was now naked, her skirt, blouse and jacket
were ripped to pieces and she was covered in scratches. The creature’s cock
was large and erect and it was trying to maneuver her into position. The
Grindylow placed his rock hard cock against the crack of her ass. Holding
her kicking, struggling body with one arm, he used the middle finger of his
other hand to locate her tight opening. Scully kept struggling as he pushed
a second finger into her tight virgin cunt. He rubbed his cock along her
crack. The Grindylow’s cock looked so huge against her pink slit. He put his
cock in position between the fleshy lips of her slit and slowly pushed the
tip of his cock against her tight hole. He pushed but couldn't get the tip

"Don't!" Please! NOOooo!" Scully cried.

The Grindylow pushed harder. It roared, as the first inch of it’s cock slid
into the tight velvety depths of her cunt. Scully was trying to evade his
probing cock. She was pushing against his restraining arms with her hands
while trying to get her feet firmly planted on the ground. Scully lost her
footing, her feet slid out from under her causing her to fall back onto his
invading cock. No escaping now, her weight pushed his cock deeper into her
tight cunt she was now hopelessly impaled on his hard demon cock. The
Grindylow’s cock slid a few more inches into her snug pussy. Slowly with
steady thrusts it’s cock slipped deeper and deeper into her tight
constricting cunt. Scully struggled against his invading member, but she
didn't stand a chance, it was firmly planted.

The monster was in a highly elevated state of sexual arousal. Placing it’s
hands firmly around her hips, in one big thrust he pushed his rock hard cock
into her to the hilt. Scully screamed with pain as it slammed into her with
athaurity. Once he was all the way in he began to move his cock in and out
of her with violent force, he pounded her harder and harder.

Her vaginal secretions began to coat it’s hard shaft allowing his hard shaft
easier access to the lubricated depths of her virgin cunt. The Grindylow
soon picked up a rhythm and began to seriously fuck her slick cunt. Scully
screamed, and began to cry as he began to forcefully move his hips back and
forth, plunging his hard cock violently in and out. Her cries seemed to turn
him on. The Grindylow began to pull her up and down on his hard shaft as he
thrust his cock deeply into her. Suddenly he drove his cock into her as deep
as he could, and shot a load into her that filled her womb with seed and
seemed to last forever.

Suddenly there was a loud BANG and the Grindylow’s chest exploded. The
creature collapsed atop of her and Scully passed out just as she saw her
partner Fox Mulder running toward her. He had shot the monster and rescued
her. And the bastard was right again and he was never going to let her live
it down!
_ _ _

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