Subject: {RP} Xdana 1/6
From: Kingdom
Date: Wed, Jul 29, 1998 18:13 EDT
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I've had a bit of a break from writing this saga - it gets
difficult to think up new bondage based scenarios. Anyway…
The continuing "Perils of Agent Scully" story. The story so
far... Dana Scully has been chosen as an experimental subject
for a joint Alien-Government project that involves making all
red-headed women into a huge herd of large breasted human
cows. She's been joined by a few more well endowed women,
as well as one more well known female Kay Howard (that's
the Detective from Homicide: Life on the street). They've now
found out about what their mission is going to be, being
spared the treatment of standard herd animals. Let's see what
perils Dana and the rest of the team will be encountering in
this installment of "The Perils of Agent Scully"....

By now, the breasts of the captive women were turning blue
as all their weight was being hung from the huge globes of
flesh. They were teleported directly to the main slaughter
room where they were cut down and left to lie on the floor.
"We've got a feast on tonight, and were one roast short." Said
the head cook to the scavenger leader. The leader pointed his
weapon at Sister Asumpta, "Well, that's the biggest uddered
piece of meat we've ever captured." The cook went over and
got two of the guards to pick her up. Sister Asumpta was still
wearing her wimple, and her large breasts bulged
impressively in front of her short frame. Her face was
smeared with dirt that had mixed with her tears. Grabbing a
good handful of flesh, he mauled her tits. "Hum, nice and
firm, and not too many surface veins." Turning back to the
leader of the hunt, he said, "I'll take this one." Reaching to a
nearby table, he picked up an injection, and inserted it into
Asumpta's arm. "This will keep you awake during your
processing!" Putting the needle down, he had the guards
remove the ropes from around the base of tits, whilst he
picked up a large serrated meat hook. "I'll just inset the tit
hook in," he said, placing the point of the large hook on the
underside of her right breast. With his other hand, he grabbed
her ample nipple, and pushed the hook through her tit.

Tears of pain sprung anew in Asumpta's eyes as her flesh was
pierced. She was much shorter then the cook, who then turned
around, and, using the hook, hoisted her onto his shoulder.
Blood ran down his back from Asumpta's torn tit, as he
carried her to butchers table. Lying her down on her back,
with her head dangling from the edge of the table, he tied her
calves to her thighs, and fastened a spreader bar to her ankles.
The cook then began to grease her cunt lips and her arse hole.
After a short pause she felt the cooks fist being inserted into
her cunt. The cook worked tirelessly pounding on her cunt,
until it was stretched wide. Pulling his fist from her sopping
cunt, he began to insert his hand up her rectum. Brutally he
forced his fingers, then his hand into her protesting anus.
With each thrust of his hand up her arse hole, her cunt lips
slapped together. Once he could get his wrist into her anal
passage, he stopped and pulled out. Getting one of the scaled
lizard penises from the pantry, he used it like a dildo, pushing
it deep into Asumpta's sore cunt. Her lips were rubbed raw by
the rough skin of the penis. With the thing firmly in place, he
again turned his attention to her arse hole, thrusting deeply
into her bowels with his fist. As he worked, he said, "You
may be wondering why I'm doing this. It's to make sure the
skewer fits nicely up your arse, while the stabilising rod will
slide easily into your cunt."

The skewering machine was then attached to the table, and
the skewer extended until it began to spread her well greased,
and gaping arsehole. The cook removed Asumpta's gag, and
positioned her head so that his erect penis hovered near her
lips. The aliens penis, dripping pre-cum hung in front of her
open red lips of her mouth. Without warning the tip of the
penis entered her mouth. The cook leaned forward, trying to
push itself farther within her, feeling the head of its penis
grind against the back of her throat. Asumpta gagged, her
nostrils flaring as she tried to breathe through her nose.
Slowly but surely the penis slowly worked its way down into
her protesting throat. Asumpta's throat bulged outwards as
the engorged tool drove deeper and deeper. Asumpta couldn't
breath causing her throat to contract on the huge penis. At the
same time, the skewer drove deeper and deeper into her
restrained and bucking body. Retracting the cook allowed
Asumpta to gulp down a few breaths of penis smelling air,
and then thrust it back deep down, grinding her throat. Each
thrust, brought the alien closer and closer to cuming. Seeing
that the skewer would soon be pushing against her stomach,
the cook, with one final thrust, began cuming. The aliens seed
fired deep into Asumpta's throat. She gagged and gargled as
the salty discharge seeped down her throat, into her stomach.
As the cook pulled it's member from Asumpta's tortured
throat, the spunk began filling her mouth. Soon, the cum
began oozing from her lips around the aliens penis. Asumpta
made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed heavily,
gulping down the discharge. But the cook didn't stop cuming.
All that Asumpta could do to stop from drowning was to slurp
it down, but the cum still oozed out slowly around her lips,
down into her eyes and into her nose. She could feel the aliens
cum sliding down her throat into her stomach which made
her feel even more revolted, but she could only gulp down
more as it continued to shoot into her mouth and throat. The
progress of the skewer sped up once it hit her spunk
lubricated throat. The cook held back her head, so the skewer
pushed out of her mouth. Asumpta was surprised that she was
still alive. As her life ebbed away, she was carried to the
roasting ovens where she was placed face down so her heavy
hanging breasts would keep their shape and roast correctly.

By now, the girls had all fainted, and were being dragged by
their tit ropes to their holding pens. Dana and Kay were
finally stripped of their trousers, revealing the alien penis
inserted in their cunts. "Good, alien slaves. We have a method
of dealing with these creatures!" Dana and Kay were led by
their tit ropes down the main corridor of the ship, their 5 inch
high heels clicking on the metallic floor of the craft. Opening
a door, they were taken into what looked like a common
room. Aliens were lolling about, drinking. On the bar top, a
large breasted woman was crying. She had boyish, short-
cropped red hair, high heels, and had her breasts presented on
a silver platter. As they approached, Dana and Kay could see
that both of her breasts had been roasted and the aliens were
cutting slices of flesh from them and eating them before her
eyes. As their eyes adjusted to the gloom in the room, other
bizarre practices were being undertaken. In another part, a
large titted, black haired woman, was being used as a hand
warmer: her tits had holes in them, and an alien had his
hands in the holes, and she was carried around by his prick
being inserted up her arse, her high heels dangling in the air.
Dana and Kay were taken to two platforms in the center of the
room. They were hauled up by their tit ropes, and their ankles
were pulled behind them and tied off, so they were hanging
face down. A rope was tied behind the balls of the alien penis,
and wrapped around the bell end of it, before it was attached
to a bucket. A crowd had gathered, and the alien that had had
its hands in the dark haired woman's tits stood behind Dana.
Using the blood on his hands from inside her tits, he began to
push his hand up Dana's rectum. Straining, the alien forced
his hand into her rectal passage. As her spasaming muscles
relaxed, he began to pound her arsehole. With each thrust, the
nooses on her tits jerked causing a jet of milk to spurt from
her cow like teats. Another alien now stood behind Kay. He
was inserting his prick into her arsehole, whilst also mauling
her huge tits, making milk stream from her engorged nipples.
Soon, both Dana and Kay had an orgasm, shooting their alien
semen into the buckets, and so increasing the weight hanging
from their penises. Slowly, as both Dana and Kay were
multiply raped, the buckets filled. Some aliens, instead of
shooting their loads into Dana's and Kay's gaping arseholes,
were cumming into the buckets. As the cum had nearly
reached the rim, the alien penises were wrenched from their
cunts, blood and slime spilled from the gaping vaginas. The
psychic blast that came from the creatures was directed
towards the earth. Cum leaked from both their wrecked
sphincters, down their shuddering legs, and pooled below

Lowering them down by their tit ropes, their ankles were
released. Stumbling on their high heels, trying to keep their
sore buttocks from chaffing, they were dragged by their tit
ropes, and were seated at a table. "Bring Kira over here!"
signaled the leader. The big titted red head on the bar, picked
up her platter and trotted over to the table. "You can't get a
finer breast anywhere in the universe!" he said, slicing a
couple of pieces from Kira's tit, and pushing the knife deep
into the flesh. He put the meat on the plates in front of Kay
and Dana, and placed the buckets of cum next to the plates,
using a jug to pour cum onto the tit flesh. "The one that eats
one of Kira's tits and drinks their bucket of spunk will join the
milk herd, the loser will join Kira as a bar snack!" Kay made
Kira kneel down beside the table, allowing the platter to rest
on the table. Pulling the knife from her tit, Kay began slicing
into Kira's roasted tit, and chewing on the meat, drinking it
down with cupfuls of spunk. Dana couldn't believe that Kay
would do such a thing to another human being. "Ah, it looks
like our dinner guest, doesn't want to eat!" Pouring the plates
contents into a liquidizer, he minced the spunk/tit mix.
Pulling on Dana's hair he poured the contents down her
throat. Dana made strange gurgling sounds, then swallowed
heavily, gulping down the mixture. But the alien didn't stop
pouring. All that Dana could was to swallow it down, landing
heavily in her stomach. Dana sat upright, retching. The leader
cut more chunks from Kira's tit, and began to push the bits
down her throat, pouring spunk straight from the bucket. The
spunk filled her mouth, running down her cheeks, into her
eyes, through her hair and onto her tits. The rest of the aliens
were now shooting their loads directly at Scully's tit's, face
and hair, coating her body with cum. She couldn't hold her
breath for ever, and she reflexively opened her throat,
allowing the spunk down her throat and into her stomach.
The leader carried on pouring, the globs of spunk coating the
inside of Scully's mouth. She gagged, but still she had to keep
swallowing the warm fluid as the leader kept on pouring, and
jamming tit flesh into her mouth. She could feel the heavy
stuff filling her stomach, as more and more poured out of the

Even with the help of the aliens, Dana had lost the contest.
Kira was taken away to the growth labs to have a new pair of
tits surgically attached. Dana was taken to the bar area, and
both of her breasts were lowered into an oven. Dana screamed
as the heat blistered her skin, and began to cook the flesh
inside. The lid slid closed, to stop the rest of her body
burning. "I think 20 minutes should be enough!", the cook
said, as he took the opportunity to shaft her from behind into
her arse. With each thrust, Dana's engorged cunt lips slapped
together, as she rocked on her heels. Just as the cook began to
spunk over her buttocks and back, pooling at the small of her
back, the entire ship was rocked by an explosion.

All around the room, large breasted women dressed in skin
tight rubber uniforms and high heels were appearing, fighting
with the aliens. "My God, we're being rescued..."

Thanks to all those who sent suggestions. Keep on sending
them so I can incorporate them into the "The Perils of Agent
Scully". If anyone is a cartoonist, could they draw some of
the scenes that have been described above, or what about
someone illustrating the story and publishing it?? We could
always change the names of the protagonists but keep the way
they look and act etc.

Email me on: [email protected]

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