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Date: Wed, Jul 29, 1998 18:13 EDT
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This is pure fantasy, very unreal, so don't take it seriously. It is
written for fun. If you don't like sexual fantasies, violence and
extremities, don't read them!!!

Please use whatever you need from this story to make new stories. We
will read them with pleasure.

Scully's Abduction: What really happened
Part 2

Chapter 2: Torture

Scully woke again and screamed at the same time. But then she noticed
that the pain was gone. Also she found out that she was no longer
lying down on the bed. She was hanging in an upright position, held
firmly by clamps around her waist, arms and legs. The clamps were held
by some sort of mechanical arms, as if she was lifted by a giant
spider robot.
Dana checked her body. She was still naked and she noticed her breasts
were larger than before. It was an eary sight to look at the two
enlarged boobs. They were firmer, rounder and at least two sizes
bigger than before. It was a miracle that there were no bruises, no
She tried to move, but it was impossible. When she looked down, she
could see there was a metal belt or something around her waist, which
was held by one of the robotarms to keep her exactly in place. She
also could see the floor about two feet under her. Directly beneath
her was some very strange machinery. Then she looked up and saw the
aliens enter at the other side of the room. They looked at her and
touched some sort of remote control device. Immediatly the robotarms
moved. Scully tried to break free, but it was impossible to fight
them. Her arms were pushed behind her back, while her knees were bent,
lifted and parted widely. Then she saw movement below. There was a
metal stick, pointing directly at her pubic area. She tried to scream,
but the gag prevented her to make much sound. As she wrestled the
shackles, she was lowered toward the stick, which started to spin
around. In despair she fought her shackles, but they kept her almost
immobile. With a cry of pain she was pushed against the hard top of
the stick. Her cuntlips refused to open for the thick metal, but she
was forced down anyway. It felt like she was being impaled. Finally
her tight lips parted due to the incredible force and the enormous
pole entered her vagina. Tears sprung in her eyes as she was lowered
over the pole, which was still turning around and drilling itself
inside. It stuck deeper and deeper, untill it reached the depths of
her body. Pain flashed through her belly and then the machine held
For minutes Scully just hang there, legs forward with her knees almost
against her breasts, with the giant stick pushed deep inside her cunt.
Then the pole slowly retracted 6 inches, only to stab hard up again.
Scully yelled in pain. Again it sank down and shot up again. With a
mechanical sound, the stick started to fuck her deep and hard. She
screamed out in pain as her vagina was battered and stretched in all
directions. Through her tears she saw a door open and she saw two
figures watching her. She couldn't see clearly, but in the blur of her
pain, she was convinced they were human. She wanted to scream for
help, wanted them to stop the torture, but it all went on and on.

She didn't recall how long it all lasted, hours or days, but in the
end she couldn't feel anything but pain. She was lowered after the
pole was removed and the aliens brought her aching body to a table.
They put her down on her belly and tied her up again. When she later
regained full consciousness, there wasn't much she could move or do.
Immediately the aliens released their next torture on her. She felt
how they spread her buttocks and felt something hard and cold push
against her ass. The thing was so thick that it appeared as if her
anus was being torn open. The device entered and forced itself
painfully deep into her bowels. Then it started to fuck her ass. With
long and hard thrusts the thick stick pounded up her ass. Scully
screamed in agony. Again the torture seemed to have no end. It just
went on and on and Scully completely lost track of the time.
Suddenly the stick left her. Scully felt how her pelvis was lifted and
fixed in a new position. Then her shoulders were also lifted and she
was placed on all fours. Her head was lifted and fixed by a shackle
around her forehead. A belt was put around her neck over her chin,
forcing her mouth wide open. After that, her gag was removed.
Trembling the girl waited for what was to come. She tried to say
something, but her mouth was too dry.
A new stick pushed against her cuntlips. Scully screamed in pain. The
dildo was incredibly thick and tortured her opening enormously trying
to get in. Slowly it forced her open en shoved itself into the narrow
passage. Almost howling in pain the woman saw a thick rubber-like cone
move in front of her face and coming towards her mouth. It came inside
and pushed untill it was at the back of her throat. At the same time
the pole in her cunt got deeper and stretched her beyond the limit.
Then the first stick entered her anus again and dug deep into her
bowels. When all the dildo's had reached the depths of their
entrances, two belts were put around her bungling breasts. With it,
the aliens squeased the soft flesh untill it hurt so much that Scully
thought they would come off. After that, the dildo's started to fuck
her. One was moving after the other. When de stick in her mouth moved
out, the one in her vagina struck deep. After that the one in her ass
pushed inside. It was a horrible experience. Rocking between terrible
pain in her ass and in her cunt, she was also gagging from the dildo
that struck in her throat. This time, Scully really feared for her
life, so feirce was the attack at her body. All the muscles in her
body spasmed, she quivered all over, she grasped the table in despair,
trying to hold on to life itself. There was no one to help her. The
battering just went on without mercy. Sweat and tears ran from the
poor girls face as she felt herself being fucked into oblivion…..

Chapter 3: Rape

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