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This is pure fantasy, very unreal, so don't take it seriously. It is
written for fun. If you don't like sexual fantasies, violence and
extremities, don't read them!!!

Please use whatever you need from this story to make new stories. We
will read them with pleasure.

Scully's Abduction: What really happened
Part 3.

Chapter 3: Rape.

Scully woke up from a deep sleep. She had absolutely no sense of time.
How long was she here? How long had they fucked her? Was that
yesterday or the day before? She closed her eyes again against the
bright light. Slowly she felt her body. At least the pain was gone. It
was as though it had never happened. But the memory was clear and the
pain had been too real. She opened her eyes again and saw a man. He
wore sunglasses.
"Hello Scully, how are you feeling."
'Thank God, they saved me!', she thought. She tried to speak, but her
mouth was too dry.
The man waited silently untill she finally could speak. Her voice was
soft and broken.
"Are they gone?"
The man kept silent.
"Where am I?"
"I'm sorry, that's classified information." The man replied.
"Who are you?" Scully tried to lift her head but couldn't. She
discovered she was still tied down.
"That's also classified information"
"But the aliens…."
"They have some strange habbits, don't they. Actually, that's why
we're here, to help them a little in their research. Consider it a
courtesy. We help them, they help us."
The words slowly got meaning. Scully felt a rage building inside of
here. So it was true that the government was playing along with the
aliens and there was a big cover-up about the existence of them.
"Don't forget, agent Scully," said the man as he saw her anger,
"you're in service of your country. Right now you're doing us all,
yourself included, a big favour. Consider yourself a temporary member
of the foreign service."
"Fuck off." Scully said it with as much loathing as she could find in
herself. The man shrugged and signaled someone. Scully saw then there
was another agent.
The two men started to push some buttons on little device they had
with them. The legs of the X-shaped table pulled her legs sideways
untill she was eaglespread. The support under her head sank down,
pulling her head with it.
'Oh my God, they are going to do some experiments of their own,'
thought Scully. One of the men came before her and while she saw him
upside down, she saw how he started to take off his clothes. His penis
was erect. Scully fought against her tears, not wanting to show these
men any kind of weakness. But it was hard as the man came nearer and
started to rub his penis over her face. Then he pushed her mouth wide
open en shoved his dick in. Overwhelmed by the smell and the taste of
the penis, Scully started to gag. At the same time she felt the other
man grabbing her thighs. Something pushed against her cunt. It had to
be his penis. Scully screamed when he broke into her in one thrust and
started to fuck her wildly. The other penis now plunged deep into her
mouth and throat, all the way, untill his balls were beating against
her eyes each time he thrust forward. It was a terrible onslaught.
Scully screamed and fought, but there was nothing she could do to
prevent it from happening or even slow it down a little bit. Then the
penis in her mouth was forced as deep as possible and Scully gagged as
he took her breath away. The semen streamed into her throat, almost
choking her. The other man launched his sperm inside her vagina.
After this, the men changed position. Scully was still caughing and
gagging from the first one, when the second penis entered her mouth.
He tasted of cum and cunt and almost immediately became hard again.
The other one rubbed himself against her vagina en between her
buttocks. Then he also became erect again and started to push against
her ass. With a scream she felt him penetrating her anus and then the
fucking started again, even harder then before.
"You wouldn't believe it," said the man who was fucking in her throat,
"but the aliens really like to see this sort of stuff."
Panting and caughing, Scully tried to turn her face away, but he held
her face firmly in his hands while he thrust his pelvis forward.
"Sometimes I think they don't know the concept of pain. Or they do and
they are all plain sadists." He laughed and the other one laughed with
Again the two men came. Scully was forced to swallow this load of
semen as well and felt the other one squirting inside her ass. After
that, they removed their dicks and released the woman from the table.
She felt very weak and couldn't resist the two men as they tied her
arms over her head with chains that hang down from the ceiling. Her
ankles were tied on hooks in the floor at the sides. Then they started
to lift her by her arms. Scully moaned as her tired arms had to carry
her weight. Her shoulders ached. Her legs were spread by the pull of
the ropes.
The men came before and behind her. They simultaneously penetrated her
ass and vagina. Scully was almost crushed between the two men. Both of
them were at least a head taller. She felt so small, sandwiched
between them. The two penises fucked her hard and deep. Panting and
sweating she tried to look up at the face of the man in front of her.
"Why are you going along with this?", she whispered.
"You forget, dear girl," said the man, while he himself was now out of
breath , "that we are enjoying ourselves."
"Yep," said the other one in her ear, "who can say that they are paid
by their own government to violently fuck women on behalf of good
outside relations?"
They both laughed and tried to drill their penises even deeper inside
the girl.
"You know what we should do?" The other one smiled and nodded.
"I agree. I think that would really show the aliens what an American
woman can take."
Both man pulled their penises back and the man behind her pushed his
penis in her cunt. Then he pushed his belly hard against her buttocks
and moved her pelvis forward. The other man started to rub his penis
against her clit and started to push against the penis of his
"Oh no, please not that!!!" pleaded Scully.
But the man pushed harder and forced her cuntlips to spread wider.
Very slowly the head of his penis entered the already filled passage.
Scully screamed and cried. It felt as if she was torn open. The man
still pushed harder and then he was in, along the fully erect penis of
his companion. It was very narrow and he really had to push hard to
come any deeper. He pushed his pelvis forward and slowly bashed his
way in. The man behind Scully grapped her tits and started to squeeze
them hard. Then they started to fuck her.
"Agent Scully, you can be proud of yourself. Now take this!"
Both penisses battered the tight cunt as deep as possible. Her tits
were pulled and bitten and she was in real torment. The movement of
the two penises agains each other in such a narrow passage, made them
even harder and very soon they were ready to come for the third time.
They threw their pelvis's hard forward, invading the girl every inch
and shot her full of cum.

Chapter 4: Inseminations

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