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This is pure fantasy, very unreal, so don't take it seriously. It is
written for fun. If you don't like sexual fantasies, violence and
extremities, don't read them!!!

Please use whatever you need from this story to make new stories. We
will read them with pleasure.

Scully's Abduction: What really happened
Part 4.

Chapter 4: Inseminations

Scully was lying on the table again and the aliens stood around her.
They had placed her legs in stirrups. She cried silently as they
pushed a cold metal divice inside. It pushed her vagina wide open, so
they could look inside. Then they took a large syringe and Scully
yelled as they came inside her with the needle. She felt the pain as
they injected something in the mouth to her womb. Then other syringes
were used to inject fluids in her vagina. After that the metal device
was retracted and she was released. With electric rods they urged her
to come off the table and follow them. She knew she couldn't stand a
chance, weak as she was, but she tried to do something anyway.
However, as soon as she moved in a different direction as the aliens
had indicated, she felt the sting of the electronic rod. It hurt like
hell and she knew she could only obey. Stumbling she followed the two
tiny creatures out of the room, to a long corridor.
The corridor was dark, but she could see it went on for a long
stretch. If this was all still in an alien vessel, it sure was big,
Scully thought bitterly. They stopped near a little wagon. It was
standing on some sort of track, which ran down the corridor. On the
cart, there were two tubes, one before the other. The first tube was
very thick and had a big hole in the top. The other one was much
thinner and a little bit higher, shaped like the mouth of a fire hose
and of course there was also a hole in it. Next to the two poles,
there were two bars, about the same hight. In front of them, to the
sides of the cart, were two stirrups which were clearly meant for foot
support. They too were the same height as the poles.
Scully trembled as they stood next to the wagon. She couldn't imagine
what was about to happen, but it looked frightening. It was clear from
the beginning that the aliens wanted her to sit on the two poles, but
even as it was clear which one was meant to be entering her ass, the
other one was so big that it was inconceivable that it could ever
enter her vagina. She tried to tell the aliens that and cried as they
simply pushed her on the wagon. Scully shook her head and tears came
to her eyes. As she turned, she saw the aliens holding the electric
rods towards her. As she tried to plead for mercy, they simply touched
her thigh and electric bolts shot through her body. Again there was no
Slowly the woman stepped near the cold metal staffs, which reached
almost up to her hips. She had to stand on her toes to get her butt on
top of them. The smaller one looked like the mouth of an enema-device.
She hated enema's!
With sweat in her hands she turned again to the aliens. The rod was
pushed against her breast, which made her scream in agony. Scully
grabbed the bars to her sides and closed her eyes. Crying, she slowly
sank through her knees. She pushed her tight anus against the syringe.
It was slippery and entered easily, but it didn't feel nice at all. As
she slid over the cold metal tube in her ass, it got thicker,
stretching her anus further and further, untill it started to hurt.
Then her cuntlips touched the other tube. She looked at the aliens.
They gestured she had to part her cuntlips and sit down. The opening
of her vagina was now exactly covering the hole in the tube and it was
clear that this was going to be a two-sided enema. When the woman
slowly lowered her weight, she felt the round top forcing her tight
vagina wide open and entering painfully. With trembling legs she
lowered herself even further, untill her weight was no longer carried
by her legs. The pain in her ass and vagina was incredible. The tubes
didn't enter her openings deep, but stretched them both to the limit.
And they were completely sealed of by the pressure of her own weight.
Now she had to lift her legs high. She held the bars next to her
firmly and lifted her legs. Her weight pressed her down on the
syringes even harder. She placed her feet in the high stirrups to the
sides. Her legs were now all the way up and spread very wide. The
aliens came next to her and tied her ankles and wrists to the
supports. Scully cried in fear. She no longer had any support to lift
herself from the poles.
One of the aliens came before her and pointed at her to open her
mouth. She reluctantly complied and he then placed a little plug
between her teeth. When she closed her mouth again, he put a strap
over her mouth, sealing her lips completety. Scully could feel the
plug on her tongue. It had an opening in it.

The woman sat defenseless as the cart started to move, trembling and
trying to ignore the nightmare visions in her mind about what they
were going to do. She looked at the hallway. There was only one way
they could go. There were windows, but they were mostly dark. She
couldn't guess what was in store for her.
When they reached the first window, it lid up. Behind it was a room,
which was small and bright. There was a dog lying down on the ground.
Scully could see that a hose was lying on the ground, going from near
the window to the dog. Also she could see it was a attached to a small
device around his penis. She felt sorry for the dog and couldn't
believe the cruelty of the aliens. She looked amazed as the dog
suddenly stood up and started to become very excited. His already
erect penis started to swell further and he tried to fuck the device
to which he was attached. It seemed to milk him and the result came
almost immediately. Slowly a milky substance was starting to flow
through the plastic tube. Then Scully noticed a small testtube next to
the window, which was filling up with the white milky substance. Of
course she knew it was dogsemen. The tube was rapidly filled with
almost 3cc. of sperm. Then the aliens took the tube from its socket
and replaced it with an empty one. The full one was placed in some
device, which looked like a pistol. The alien came up to Dana and
pointed the gun at her face. She looked at it in disbelieve and turned
her face away. The alien touched her breast with the rod and she
screamed as electricity burnt her soft flesh. Sweat streamed from her
face as the creature pushed the pistol against her mouthpiece and
fired. The semen sprayed in her mouth and she gagged as the strong
tasting fluid streamed over her tongue. Her eyes were wide open in
utter disbelieve and disgust. Nausea overcame her. She had to swallow,
but she couldn't bring herself to it. She could feel the liquid stick
in her throat. It tasted strong and salty and the hole idea was so
repulsive, that she vomited in her already filled mouth. She
swallowed, drinking the nasty stuff as well, which made her give up
some more. She swallowed again. Her stomach cramped, but she managed
to keep everything down.
In the meantime, the alien had retrieved another testtube filled with
semen. The dog really gave an enormous amount of sperm. Probably his
semen production was incredibly increased by the aliens. They pressed
the gun against a valve in the tube which stuck up in her arse. She
heard the hissing sound of the shot and at the same time felt the
tingling sensation of something warm being injected inside her bowels.
Again she vomited. Then the third tube was loaded and fired in the
front tube, shooting an egual load of dogsperm into her vagina.
Scully cried and pulled at her legs. If only she could free her
ankles, she could get out of her predicament. The aliens thought it
better to warn her and fired some more electricity through her
breasts. Panting and sobbing, the woman tried to regain control of
herself as the pain wore off.

The aliens moved the cart down the alley. The next window lit up.
Scully jerked when she saw a donkey in the middle of the room. It's
huge penis was stuck in another milking device, which emediately
started to function. Horrified she saw the white stuff running through
the hose and soon filling up a much larger testtube near the window.
This was at least three times as much.
The aliens filled the gun and came to the trembling woman. Crying in
despair she felt the gun against her mouth piece. It fired and her
mouth ran full of the warm fluid. She gagged and felt dizzy with
disgust. The taste of it was overwhelming. More and more of the stuff
ran into her mouth. She couldn't spit it out. She soon had a mouth
full and had to swallow. It came back immediately, but her mouth was
too full of it, so it came out of her nose. She coughed and swallowed
again. She tried to control her nausea and disgust and hung on to dear
life, trying very hard not to choke. Then she noticed a warm feeling
in her belly. The other alien was firing a second gun, loaded with
donkeysperm into her bowels. When she had drunk the first portion,
they made the gun ready for the last load, which they fired into her
vagina. She could feel it bubbling inside her. The room was spinning
as the woman almost fainted.

They moved the wagon further and stopped at the next window. This time
it revealed a room with a large stallion. His penis was stuck in a
large tube and he was trying to fuck it. Scully looked with wide
staring eyes, filled with tears, as the animal got an orgasm.
Immediately the sperm squirted into the large testtube. There was an
enormous amount of it. She whined when the alien brought the first
pistol with the stuff to her mouth. Then it ran into her mouth again.
It tasted very strong and Scully drank it in horror. Her mouth was
filled time after time and she had to swallow five times a mouth full
before the squirting stopped. Scully moaned in agony as she felt the
other portions flowing into her belly. Her body was full of the
disgusting liquids. As the wagon started to move again, she gave up
and had to swallow the stuff again. She felt dizzy and almost wished
she had died before. But she didn't die, not then and not now. Instead
they reached a window behind which stood a large bull. It's long penis
was already pumping it's load into the tube and the aliens quickly
filled the pistols they carried. Scully screamed as they made her
drink the strong bitter tasting stuff, before squirting it into her
ass and vagina. She choked and swallowed. It ran out of her nose and
down her face. She could also feel her bowels rumble as the stuff got
higher inside her. Her vagina ached as it stretched by the growing
The aliens indicated there was a short break. Slowly Scully pulled
herself together. She felt sick. Sweat ran down her body. She ached
all over. Everything smelled and tasted like animal-sperm. How much
did she drink? So far she guesed there was about a liter pumped into
her three openings. So she could have been drinking as much as 30 cc.
of sperm so far. How much would they feed her in the end? She felt she
couldn't take anymore. The aliens clearly thought differently, because
the started to move the wagon again.

After this, many other animals followed. With horror Scully drank the
sperm of a pig, a bear, a zebra and even the sperm of a lion. It all
tasted horrible and the woman felt more miserable than she could ever
imagine. The warm sticky strong tasting fluids squirted in her mouth
and she hardly had time to swallow it. She gave up regularly, but
since the stuff couldn't go anywhere, it seaped out of her nose,
making breathing ever so difficult. Panting and sweating Scully
struggled through the flows of sperm. She cried desperately and her
eyes begged the aliens to stop it. They only cared for the pistols, to
fill and empty them as quickly as possible. In between they looked at
her helpless naked body, her trembling spread legs, her sweat covered
body, her swelling belly and the two poles on which she sat, sealing
her openings so succesfully, that not a drop had been lost so far.
More and more sperm was pumped inside her. She moaned helplessly as
her belly ached more and more. Her vagina was filled and stretched to
the limit. Her bowels were filling up and started to hurt terribly.
How long were they going to continue this torture? Were they ready to
drown her? There must have been easier ways to achieve that.
But the biggest torture was yet to come. Scully looked at the window
and saw through her tears an elephant. This wasn't happening! She
closed her eyes in horror. Then she heard the aliens moving about.
They attached three hoses to valves near the window and the other ends
to the poles and her mouthpiece. This would clearly be easier than
running about with pistols. Scully almost fainted as she could see the
elephant sperm coming through the tubes. It came in large amounts,
filling her mouth completely. It tasted bitter and heavy and it was
hard to swallow. She threw up. But she had to keep swallowing, as more
of the stuff ran into her mouth. She almost fainted. Then suddenly,
the flow in her mouth was cut off by the aliens, but this only meant
it was increased in the lower parts of her body. While fighting her
nausea, Scully could feel the pain in her belly increase as she got
pumped full with the elephant spermflow. Through her tears she could
see her swollen belly. Silently she screamed for help. Then the aliens
also stopped the flow into her bowels. Now only her vagina was being
filled further. The stuff had already forced itself into her womb and
was blowing her up like a balloon. Still the stuff kept coming and
Scully screamed in agony. She started to shake violently as she got
filled up even more. Her belly got round like that of a pregnant
woman. The sperm flow went on. The pain became unbearable. Scully sank
down in a pool of horror and pain. But just when she thought she would
collapse, it all stopped. The window went dark and the aliens started
to roll the cart back to the beginning of the alley. Scully noticed
faintly that they put strappings under her arms and lifted her. For
some reason the syringes in her openings were kept in place. Then she
was put on a table and they brought her back to the white room. She
was left, strapped to the table, while her body was aching with the
loads of semen inside of her. She wanted to throw up, but couldn't.
Then she slowly drifted away in a dark pool……

Chapter 5: Stretching exercises

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