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Subject: Repost: XDANA Scully's Abduction 5/6 (F/alien rape tort)
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Date: 1997/04/10
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This story should only be read by adults.
This story should only be read by adults.
This story should only be read by adults.

This is pure fantasy, very unreal, so don't take it seriously. It is
written for fun. If you don't like sexual fantasies, violence and
extremities, don't read them!!!

Please use whatever you need from this story to make new stories. We
will read them with pleasure.

Scully's Abduction: What really happened
Part 5.

Chapter 5: Stretching exercises.

Scully still felt nauseous. She still could taste the stuff, although
everything had been removed from her insides with some sort of vacuum
cleaners and she had been washed thoroughly. She had asked herself
what the aliens had been doing. 'Have they been harvesting fertilized
eggs?' She remembered the injections she got before and could imagine
they were made to make her extremely fertile. But why did they fill
her bowels and stomach with sperm as well?
Apparently the aliens were content, because they hadn't bothered her
for at least a day. When they finally came again, Scully crawled away
in the corner of her tiny cell. Whatever they were going to do, it
wasn't going to be nice.
They took her to a large room. Naked as she was, she stood there,
waiting for the next thing to come. A large metal pole came up out of
the floor beside her untill it was as high as her hips. It was at
least two inches thick and had a round top. The aliens pointed toward
it and indicated she had to sit on it. Tears came up in her eyes as
she looked at the huge, almost flatheaded pole. She just couldn't
The electric rods were pushed against her breasts and Scully jumped in
agony. Quickly she stepped toward the pole and pushed her pubic area
against it's top. She had to stand on her toes to get on top of it.
The aliens threatened with the rods again and Scully quickly pulled
her lips apart. She could feel the cold metal pressing against her
tight opening. Then she started to rock her pelvis back and forth, to
try if she could actually take it in. She didn't believe she could.
Under threat of the rods, she went down through her knees and pushed
her crotch even harder on the pole. She felt like an orange which had
to be pressed out. Her own weight pressed her down very hard and the
circulair muscles of her vaginal entrance protested against the
enormous pressure. The pole was far too thick, but she was forced open
a little further with each movement. Very slowly and with much pain
she was opened and finally the stick went in. Scully screamed. It felt
as if she was torn open, so wide was her vagina stretched around the
cold metal. Her legs trembled and almost couldn't hold the pressure.
The stick burnt in her crutch. Scully held her position carefully,
afraid to move a muscle and cause more pain. But the aliens clearly
weren't satisfied. They held the electrical rod at her nipples and
shot a bolt through her body. The electricity found it's way to the
metal stick in her vagina and concentrated it's flow there. The spasms
of the pain caused the woman to sink even lower over the great pole.
Then they started to electrocute her legs and feet and made it clear
they wanted the woman to sit down. Scully screamed in fear and pain,
tried to push the rods away as they came and at the same time, tried
to grab hold of the stick to keep her from sinking deeper over it.
With her hands around the slippery metal, hanging on for dear life,
she finally lifted her feet, which stopped the repeated
electrocutions. She was now hanging on the pole and tried desperately
to stop herself from sinking lower. But very slowly her vagina folded
itself further around the huge tube. The metal was so slippery, that
the tight vagina around it, just couldn't carry her weight.
Then the pole started to move and in horror, Scully felt that she was
lifted upward. In panic she placed her feet on the floor, but it
didn't make much difference anymore. The pole lifted her in the air
and her toes reached for the safe ground in vain. Her vagina was now
carrying her weight. Then the aliens took hold of her ankles and
started to turn her around. Very slowly her vagina sank even deeper
over the thick cold tube untill her toes touched the floor again. Once
more the stick moved upward and she was lifted again, balancing on top
of the stick in her cunt. She was again turned untill she slowly sank
down over the pole. It was as if she split open, like there was a
wedge driven into her lower body. Scully cried and screamed and feared
for her life. It would tear her vagina, she was convinced of that. But
also she was afraid they were actually killing her this way. She was
being impaled and there was nothing she could do.
The pole came up again and she was again sinking down over it. It
stretched her to her limits. Each time her feet found balance on the
ground, she was lifted again by the spear, turned and pressed down
over it untill finally a tremendous pain shot through her belly. It
had completely filled her vagina. The muscles of her vagina were now
carrying her weight. Through the blurr of pain, Scully was surprised.
She expected to tear open, to break, to split open. But somehow her
vagina held and she discovered it was actually stretching further. But
the pain burnt through her whole body like a fire.
After a few minutes, the aliens let her down again, untill she could
stand on her toes. They tied her hands behind her back. Also they
pulled down straps that were hanging from the ceiling. Quivering
Scully felt their cold hands on her body, as they put the straps
around her breasts. They pulled the nooses tight around them. She
cried out. The aliens then put a gag in her mouth, to prevent her from
making further sound. The straps were closed even tighter around her
breasts, untill they were really stuck. Her breasts looked like two
Scully cried when they started to pull the ropes upward. They almost
pulled her up by her tits, which of course hurt enormously. Then they
started to move the cone in her vagina. Slowly her vagina let the post
slip away as it was lowered. When it almost left her, it went up
again, pushing higher and higher untill it again reached the far end
of the narrow passage. Scully felt herself being lifted and her toes
lost touch with the ground. All of her weight was being pressed on the
top of the pole inside her and the soft flesh of her vagina almost
tore open. Before that happened, the pole was lowered again.
This happened many times. Scully lost track of time in the pain-blurr.
Each time it seemed to take longer before she reached the painful
stretching of her cunt, but she couldn't trust her concept of time
One time, as Scully sat on the pole, they lowered it untill her toes
could barely touch the ground. Then the belts around her breasts were
pulled up and she was lifted. Screaming in pain, Scully was pulled up
by her breasts and she slipped away from the thick stick untill she
was free. They lowered her behind it. When she reached the ground and
her weight was again carried by her trembling legs, she looked in
amazement at the pole, which reached almost up to her navel. It had
been at least 10 inches inside her.
The aliens lowered the ropes and let her lie down. She felt dizzy and
breathed heavily. The pain burned in her belly. The pain also burned
in her breasts and she was praying that they would release the knots
around them. Instead the aliens spread her legs. They didn't
investigate her. Instead they pushed a small tube inside her hurting
vagina. Scully felt something cool seep into her as they squeezed some
sort of liquid in her cunt. Then, they loosened the ropes around her
breasts, without taking them off, and let her lie there for a while.
When the aliens returned, the pain was much less, but still there.
Scully felt miserable and feared what would come next. Was there still
something worse possible?
The aliens took speculum and inserted that in her cunt. They pushed
her open widely and then pushed a small iron bar inside. Scully
screamed as they pushed the rod against her cervix and slowly made it
enter her womb. They retracted it again and took a larger rod, which
was also pushed into her womb. They did this several times, each time
with a thicker stick. The pain was enormously and Scully wrestled to
get away from it. But the aliens simply used the electric rods on her
clitoris and breasts to punish her and to keep her in place. Finally
the took a very large metal stick and pushed it far up into her womb.
They took the speculum away and made her stand, with the rod still
pushed inside her. Scully cried and screamed as they pulled her
towards the metal pole which still stood there. It was lowered and now
it had a large hole in it's top. Scully had to stand over it and the
aliens pushed the other end of the rod, which came down out of her
vagina and womb, into the opening. Then they raised the big pole.
Scully screamed as she expected the rod to move up also, but instead
it stayed in it's place, while the pole came up over it.
The aliens stood back and watched as the pole reached the vagina of
the woman. Scully screamed as the thick metal pushed against the
opening between her labia. She stood on her toes, but it just kept
coming. Then it lifted her from her feet and her weight forced her
vagina on the pole untill it finally could enter again. It kept going
along the metal tube, further up in the tight vagina. Scully screamed
and yelled in fear and could do nothing to prevent this from
happening. Then the pole reached her cervix and lifted her again. All
her weight was now focused on the very tight opening to her womb, in
which the iron rod was still stuck. The opening slowly widened around
the top of the great pole. The little woman yelped as she felt the
pain shoot through her. She was slowly forced down over the large
object and it actually entered her womb. The pain was inconceivable.
The woman sprawled on the pole like a pinned buttlerfly on a needle.
Still she sank down further. The pole pushed her womb far up in her
belly. The soft organ folded itself around the metal. Finally the rod
had completely disappeared inside the pole, when it reached the
deepest of the womb. Still Scully hadn't reached the floor again with
her feet. Then she stopped, as all her weight came down on the pole,
carried by the thin membrane of her womb. The woman fainted.
A moment later, Scully awoke again and the pain hit her like an iron
glove. She was still sitting there, kept in an upright position by the
belts around her breasts. The aliens had taken her legs and were
turning her around again. The pain in her womb was incredible. She
fainted and awoke, fainted, awoke, fainted and awoke again. Then she
felt the ground with her toes and quickly tried to lift some weight
from the terrible pile in her womb.
She screamed at the top of her lungs when they pushed the pole even
higher. Again she lost contact with the floor. Again she sat there for
minutes, moving slightly in despair, like a pinned bug. It caused the
membranes and muscles of her womb and vagina to be stretched even
further. But not soon enough according to the aliens. They made her
come down again, untill her feet could take her own weight again. Then
they tied chains around her ankles and attached them to the floor. It
made it impossible for her to even stand on her toes. Then the pole
sank down untill it nearly left her womb. But before that, it shot up
again, hitting the woman full in the depth of her womb. The pain was
huge and Scully just stood there, without breath, gasping in
disbelieve. Then the battering really started. The pole started to
pound the woman deep in her womb. Her body shivered, trembled and
spasmed as she took the beeting deep inside. She could feel it in her
stomach, so high had the pole pushed her organs away. And still she
didn't tear or break.
Then, after a very long time, the pole drove deep and held still. The
aliens released her feet again and started to pull her up by her
breasts. Screaming she was lifted from the pole and lowered behind it.
It measured up to her stomach, a full 15 inches. Her legs couldn't
carry her anymore and Scully fell down in a dark pool full of pain and
Chapter 6: The Show and Return.

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