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Subject: Repost: XDANA Scully's Abduction 6/6 (F/beast rape tort)
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Date: 1997/04/11
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This story should only be read by adults.
This story should only be read by adults.
This story should only be read by adults.

This is pure fantasy, very unreal, so don't take it seriously. It is
written for fun. If you don't like sexual fantasies, violence and
extremities, don't read them!!!

Please use whatever you need from this story to make new stories. We
will read them with pleasure.

Scully's Abduction: What really happened
Part 6.

Chapter 6: The Show and Return.

Scully walked between the two men through the hall. She was painfully
aware of her length. It was as always, a head smaller than most men,
but now she was more aware of it due to her nakedness. She had been
treated well, but it had been forbidden to get dressed. Also, there
were no explanations, no answers, only the silent figures which fed
her and did their research. One man had reassured her that she was
perfectly healthy and she was no longer amongst the aliens. But that
was all.
They opened a door and she was led into a big room. They moved into a
circle of light and around them, there were many men in suit. What was
this? A man spoke.
'Agent Scully, welcome back. I hope you feel allright?'
Dana nodded, but before she could ask anything the man directed
himself to one of her companions.
'Good, we now would like to see the effect of her modifications.'
Scully almost jumped. Modifications? What modifications?
'As you all know, Dana Scully was only altered in a very subtle way,
only noticable by those who know of it and know where to look. As you
can see, she looks normal and feels normal. Even when you would
investigate her intestines, you would find nothing unusual. But our
friends have changed her vagina and womb considerably.'
Dana was startled and stepped back in alarm. Two strong arms grabbed
her and held her firmly, while a bench on wheels was driven in the
circle of light. She fought desperately, but in no time they had her
on her back on top of the table, with her arms tied along the sides.
They pushed her legs in two stirrups and tied them tight. Her thighs
were very widely spread so the audience could see her private parts
very well. The speaker touched her vagina and pushed a finger between
her labia. Scully tried to scream but at the same time another man
gagged her.
'Her vagina feels like it has never been penetrated before, so tight.
You can all come and check it out.' Two men from the audience came up
on the stage and pushed their fingers inside her to feel how tight she
was. Scully's screams were muffed by the gag, but it was evident that
it hurt the woman when more then three fingers were pushed between her
labia. Satisfied the two men sat down again. Dana looked at them with
tears in her eyes. When was this all going to stop?
'However, our friends have made her muscles much more flexible and
stronger at the same time. Also they have created the possibility to
invade her womb without doing any real damage. We would like to
demonstarte this.'
Dana started to quiver and tried hard not to remember the torments the
aliens had inflicted upon her. Were they going to repeat this, just to
see it was possible to survive all that?
'The only thing we need is this colorless liquid, which will acitvate
her new genes in her pubic area.'
The man pushed a little tube into her vagina, which hurt since her
cunt was dry and tight. He emptied the tube inside her.
'We would like to take this opportunity to thank the chairman for his
idea on how to test this new ability of Agent Scully. We have decided
to follow his suggestion.'
Scully heard a curtain being drawn back and heard a noice. When they
turned the bench, she saw a huge stallion being led near. They tied
the animal to a bar. The beast seemed very nervous. His penis was
erect and hung like a thick tube under his belly.
Dana screamed as they pushed her toward the animal. The audience drew
closer and stood around her as they placed her to the side of the
animal. She looked extremely small, next to the big horse. His muscles
were enormous. Her naked pale body seemed smaller than before.
One of the man took the black penis of the horse and placed it on the
quivering belly of the woman. Scully saw that the man could not close
his hand around it, so thick was the penis. The top was flat, with a
big slit in it, out of which there already came a little fluid. The
man smeered it all over the black penis, causing it to erect even
further. It was heavy and steaming hot.
The man pointed things out to the audience.
"As you all can see, the penis of the stallion is as thick as this
woman's upper arm. Here, where it is thickest," he pointed halfway,
where the penis seemed to bend, "is the point to keep an eye on."
They moved Scully even closer and the penis now rested on her stomach,
while the thick knot was on her pubic hair.
"Although it seems impossible, this is exactly how far Dana will take
Scully screamed and pulled her straps in fear. The man took the heavy
penis off her and she was moved back to make room for it. Then he took
the penis back and pointed it at her cunt. Another man had already
placed his fingers in her groins and spread her labia as wide as
possible. It looked ridiculous. Her cunt was small and reddish and had
to be a very tiny hole, far too tiny for such a huge penis. It seemed
only just big enough for a finger.
The penis was pushed between her lips and pressed hard against her
tight opening. She screamed and cried. The pain grew as the penis
forced her wider, but it could not enter. The man started to twist and
turn the trunk a little and pushed even harder. The fluids that came
out of it, made her wet and slippery. Then, after what seemed an
eternity, the penis entered the narrow passage. The stallion seemed to
cry too, so tight was her cunt around his penis. At the same time he
seemed to become more excited and tried to throw his pelvis forward.
The man stopped the penis from invading too fast, but let it slip a
little further inside. Dana gagged with fear and pain. Her pubic area
hurt as if it was all torn open. The penis pushed still further.
Someone placed a hand on her belly and felt the pressure down below.
They talked about it like she wasn't there, simply ignoring her
muffled cries and desperate struggles.
'It's incredible. Are you sure she will be alright? She sure sounds
like it hurts a lot.'
'So it does. The muscles of her vagina can take it, but the pain
remains the same as if she was actually split open.'
At that moment the horse arched it's back and tried to throw his penis
forward. Quickly two men took the trunk and pulled it back. Scully
almost fainted as the pain grew beyond any point of bearable. The
spectators saw the penis come out slowly. Her vagina was so tightly
closed around the penis, that it was pulled outside along with it and
only very slowly let it go. Then the last bit quickly flooped out and
there were cries of wonder among the men. Some of them had never seen
the trumpet shape the penis had taken. It's top was twice as thick now
and lot's of fluids streamed out of it.
'The penis of the horse flowers like this before he cums. We were just
in time to pull it out, because we don't want it to cum so soon.'
The penis took it's normal size again and the horse was a little bit
calmer again. Scully screamed as she felt the big meaty trunk being
forced inside her again. Although she was much wider now, it still
hurt. But it went much easier and the penis now invaded her inch by
inch. When the penis was finally a straight tube between the horse and
the little figure on the bench, they started to push her closer so the
penis could go even deeper. The stud again became more excited and
started to push his penis forward. The men didn't really stop it. They
only prevented it from really bashing forward. At the same time they
moved the trunk up and down and sideways. Scully gasped for breath as
she felt the huge thing jerking into the deepest of her cunt. They
pushed her even closer and the men held the penis straight while it
increased it's pressure inside the woman. She almost fainted as the
pain grew hotter and hotter. Suddenly there was a sharp sting which
shot through her whole body. She arched her back and screamed on the
top of her lungs.
'The horse's penis is now forcing her cervix open. It is the most
painful part, but she will survive.'
'How do you know?"
'Because I saw how she was sitting on a pole which stuck as deep as 15
inches iside her. She was actually sitting on it, without any support,
while her weight was completely carried by her womb. That's why I know
she can take this too.'
Scully heard the men in the distance and wasn't so sure about her
chances as they were. White flames of pain were shooting through her
body each time the penis hit her cervix. Apparently it had effect,
because the penis started to slide deeper into her. The pain was
The men watched fascinated as the black armlike trunk went deeper into
the body of the woman. Her labia were invisible now, forced inside
along with the huge invader. The men no longer had to keep it straight
against the straining forces, now it had found a new depth to enter.
They actually released it and simply stood by, watching how the
stallion began to thrust his giant penis deeper on his own accord.
Instead they took hold of the table to prevent her from being pushed
away. The stallion began to enjoy it more and more as he felt the
tightness around most of his penis now.
'Look, he is almost at the thickest part.'
Scully felt as if she was completely impaled by the monster. Her
abdomen hurted all over and now she could feel an even newer pain
growing. Then it shot sharp through her stomach and she had to vomit.
A man saw it and removed her gag. The penis pushed her womb so high
up, that he stabbed against her stomach. Scully threw up before the
pain grew dimmer as her abdomen settled into the new order. The penis
struck bottom and it was now absolutely impossible to go any deeper.
Apparently the womans womb was strong enough to hold against the
strong thrusts of the now uncontrollably fucking animal. Scully froze
into complete shock. The stallion fucked her with the length of an
arm, with a fierce thrusting movement. He grew larger and filled her
belly with horsemeat. The spectators touched her belly to feel it.
They could also see the movement of her intestines, as everything was
pushed aside by her filled womb and vagina. Then the horse climaxed
and started to flare, filling her up even more. She could feel it
through the intense pain. The cum streamed inside and filled every
last bit of space inside of her. The men pushed the bench away and
pulled the still erect penis out of the woman. The length of it was
now even more incredible, as it came sliding out of the little woman's
body. More then 13 inches of thick tough horse penis came out of her
sexual organ. The men applauded and Scully felt herself falling into a
deep dark pit……..

When Dana woke up again, she was in the hospital and Fox was sitting
beside her bed.
'Shhhhh….Don't speak. How are you feeling?'
Scully licked her lips and looked around her.
'Mulder, what happened? I can't remember….'

The End?

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