Scully's First Times (m/f,f/solo,ncon)
by Peter Lange ([email protected])

Part 1

Special agent Dana Scully sighed as she entered her apartment. It had been
3 days since another sudden investigation had meant she had left with no
notice. Luckily she kept an overnight bag in the car, but she was beginning
to deeply hate the bland sameness of hotel rooms across America. She flipped
through the pile of mail awaiting her on the way to the bathroom, where she
started a bath. Disposing of the junk mail as she slid out of her suit and
underwear, she then tested the water with her foot before sliding into the
bath, her slight frame stirring the waters. The hot water from the still
gushing tap moved currents between her legs. Scully closed her green eyes
and lay back, enjoying the erotic sensation. A vision of a muscular man came
into her mind's eye, tanned and naked, his throbbing erection magnified in
her imagination. She felt the heat of his arms around her and his hot desire
pressed against her. One hand slipped down over her fair skin to her trimmed
neat pubes, a finger moving between her lips to press into her clit. She
slowly stroked her most sensitive organ as in her imagination the man put his
tongue between her legs and stimulated her with great skill. Scully's other
hand moved up to her C cup breasts and already erect nipples. She pulled and
tweaked gently at each in turn, and began to move in the water. The man
picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her.
She slipped two fingers into her pussy, her palm still rubbing her now
engorged clit, and started to fuck herself. A moan escaped from her parted
lips and her tongue ran over and over them, as if trying to snatch the last
lingering taste of something long gone. She could almost feel the throbbing
man inside her, thrusting hard into her body, bringing her closer and closer
to orgasm. In the bath, her hand moved away from her nipples behind her body
and down the cleft between her cheeks. Reaching her ass, her finger gently
circled around it in time with her fingers thrusting into her cunt. Near to
orgasm, she lifted her legs to allow more access to her probing fingers,
pushing a finger into her tight ass. Her body shook and she moaned again as
waves of pleasure shook her body. In her mind she and the man came together,
his hot cum warming her belly and her juices wetting his legs and crotch.
"Mmmm, I needed that" she thought as she drifted off.

Part 2

She awoke in the cold bath with her back aching and her cell phone ringing.
She grabbed it from the floor next to the bath and sleepily said "Hello".

"Dana it's Fox. Listen, something's been bothering me about the case. It
just seemed a bit too easy, the way that woman just fell into our laps. By
the end of the interrogation I was starting to believe her story. I have a
copy of the tape of the interview, can I come over and go over them with

Silently Dana cursed. She knew her partner's obsessions meant he just
couldn't take no for an answer. He was right though, there was something odd
about the case. Her intuition had been nagging her. She guessed it had done
the same to Mulder.

"Alright Fox. So long as you pick up some milk on the way over."

"See you in about fifteen minutes" he replied.

As she climbed out of the bath and dried herself, Dana reflected on the case.
A number of curious fires had been occurring in and around the University of
Maryland, Baltimore medical school, and a private medical research company.
The fires had all been in sensitive areas of the laboratories and storerooms
in the company, which developed new materials and procedures for plastic and
reconstructive surgery. They coincided with the computer network's attack by
a virus, which lay hidden at first, then deleted most files and their backups
The agents had been called in as ther was some question of industrial
espionage or foul play. The chairman and founder, Peter Schmidt, a plastic
surgeon turned entrepreneur, had almost been the first victim of the crimes.
The agents had arrived at his home just as an obsessed past patient (now
mental patient) was entering the gates. The patient, a woman slightly
scarred by an early experimental procedure of Dr Schmidt's, was matched to
the other crimes by fingerprints, eyewitnesses and a security camera tape.
Despite this, she maintained her innocence under questioning, claiming Dr.
Schmidt had asked her to his house to discuss an out of court settlement.

Dana wondered what was bothering her. Motive, opportunity, physical evidence
and witnesses linking the perpetrator to the crimes - she wished all her
cases were that easy. Ah, that was it. It was too easy, Mulder was right.

She heard the buzzer ring - Curses, he was early. She quickly threw on a
light blue silk robe and wrapped her red hair in a towel. "Come on up" she
said into the intercom.

She checked the porthole a moment later as always and saw Mulder standing
impatiently outside her door. She opened the door.

"Sorry, I just realised I forgot the milk." Mulder was dressed in his usual
overcoat, but unusually a scarf as well.

"Never mind. Come on in." She replied. "What's on your mind"

Mulder closed the door behind him and brought out a manila folder from
underneath his coat.

"Something in these papers. I can't pick it, but something about Dr. Schmidt
doesn't seem quite right. Could you have a look through them?"

"Sure" Dana said, crossing her living room to take the papers "Can I take
your coat? I thought I'd turned the heat up." It looked like Mulder was
wearing a jumper underneath it as well.

As she reached out to take the papers from Mulder, something about his face
made her pause and frown.

"Fox have you." Before she could finish, Mulder dropped the papers and
quickly pulled an odd looking gun from his coat. Dana spun away and ran
for the bathroom and her weapon, but she had barely taken a step when she
felt something bite into one of the cheeks of her butt, then she felt her
entire body spasm, as if she had just dived into freezing water. She hit
the floor, stunned and totally paralysed. Mulder, or whoever it was that
looked like Mulder, walked close and from the corner of her eye she say him
pull a taser round from her butt and replace it on the police-issue weapon.

Still unable to move any large muscles in her body, Dana could do nothing as
"Mulder" picked her up off the floor and lay her on her own couch. He put
an intravenous line in her forearm and hung a small drip from the side of the
couch. He took out a small case and began injecting drugs into the drip.
Dana could slowly move her eyes, a slight improvement, to watch them
dissappear into her veins. Her head numbed, and she recognised the effect of
an anaesthetic tranquiliser.

"What do you weigh, 120? 130?" The "Mulder" said distractedly, drawing up
more drugs and injecting them into the line. Dana was barely able to frown
in amazement.

Finally he stood back and took off the coat. Dana saw that it was not a
jumper underneath but the man was a great deal more muscular than Mulder. He
loosened his shirt and tie, then took a device from his pocket and pressed it
to his neck.

Dana watched stunned as Mulder's features (not quite Mulder's but close she
now realised) melted away and Dr Schmidt's emerged. Even the eyes changed to
a deep blue. Dr. Schmidt was a handsome man with chiselled, classic german
features. It was spoiled however by the arrogant look in his eyes and the
cruel grin he turned on Dana.

"Oh for Christ's sake Agent Scully, are you really that stupid?" Dana now was
in control of her boy again, but she felt curiously disconnected from it, and
she was only able to open her mouth, not reply as she wanted to. "Never
mind." Schmidt continued "but I am dissappointed. I thought you were on to
me. Perhaps your reputation is little too generous, hmmm?" Schmidt easily
picked up Dana and put her in a sitting position. She felt his thick arms
around her and his masculine scent lingered a moment. Her heart started to
race. Schmidt was strong, intelligent, succesful and arrogant - Everything
she found attractive in a man. She had of course ignored her feelings
during the investigation, though she now realised the fantasy man she had
masturbated to in the bath earlier bore a remarkable resemblance to Schmidt.

"Wh... What?" she finally managed to say as Schmidt sat in the couch
opposite her.

"AH she speaks!" He replied sarcastically. "Whats going on did you say?
Don't you remember when you were poking around my computer files? Yes I
knew you were doing it." He replied to her unspoken question "The
specifications for the new cosmetic material - which responds to electric
current by taking on shapes. It will revolutionise plastic surgery. Of
course, the standard units will not have the implanted processors that mine
contains which allows instant transformations. That will be restricted to
a few government operatives. I have a 150 million dollar contract for the
procedure. The other directors of course wanted none of that - It should
be given to the public at large they said. So I had to steal the plans
myself, from my own company!"

"In the guise of your former patient." Dana now had full control of her body,
but the drugs in her system prevented her from taking any major action. She
was emotionally calm but fully aware of her situation, and a part of her was
screaming desperately to get up and run, but she could not.

"Yes, Beverly, that psycho. I thought a few charges was suitable revenge for
the multitude of lawsuits she has brought against me, and the hell she's made
my life with constant threats." He quickly touched the device to his neck
again, and Beverly's face appeared. "Dr. Schmidt never warned me about the
risks of the new proceure" he said in her voice. His own features returned
as he put the device away.

"But what are you doing here? You got away with it." Dana said.

"Well I thought you were on to me. Apparently I overestimated you. One of
those drugs I gave you is a powerful hypnotic. I was going to erase your
memory of the events in question. Never mind, now all I have to erase is
your memory of tonight."

"What about Mulder?"

"Ahh well he had no suspicions at all, so I was able to deal with him with a
simple amnesiac drug. He'll awake tomorrow on his bathroom tiles with a sore
head and assume he slipped."

"Well come on then you bastard, do it." Dana was furious at the mans collosal
arrogance, and the fact that he was right. Until he mentioned them to her
over the phone in Mulder's voice, she had been perfectly willing to drop her
minimal concerns.

"Not so fast Dana." Schmidt replied. "There's no reason we can't have some
fun." He watched her carefully as he said this and caught the sudden intake
of breath, the dilated pupils, the flushed cheeks that showed her arousal.
"I thought so. You are quite attracted to me, aren't you. When was the last
time you took a lover?"

"Six years ago." Dana replied involuntarily under the influence of the drugs.

"Six years! Too long for an attractive woman such as yourself. Schmidt
stood and removed his shirt. His body was as Dana had fantasied - Wide
shoulders and strong chest with muscles bulging and moving smoothly into
each other, olive skin taught over his abdomen. He moved closer to Dana
and said "What would you like to do to me?"

Again without will Dana replied: "I'd like to suck your cock" She was shocked
by what came out of her mouth but knew it to be true. The thought of it
intensified her arousal, and her hand slipped into her robe and began to play
with her nipple, as if it had a mind of its own.

"Do it." Dana could not stop herself leaning forward and opening Schmidt's
belt. It was as if her body was on a direct link to her desires, not her
conscious mind. He removed the drip from her arm - it had run dry - and
helped her lower his pants. She looked at his erection through his
underwear, and took it in her mouth, the fabric dry on her tongue. She could
smell his strong, erotic scent. Then she pulled down his briefs, allowing
the thick flesh to fill her mouth. The tang of hot dick stimulated her taste
buds as it slid over her tongue. She slowly moved forward on his cock till
she could take no more of it's eight inch length, allowed it to rest on the
back of her throat, then moved it past her gag reflex into her, his balls
resting against her chin.

She had practiced deep throating on her vibrator but never done it with a
man, never even sucked a cock, too up tight and conservative. But tonight
her inhibitions were gone. Her eyes flicked over to the mirror in the
corner, and she saw herself, seated on the couch, the robe fallen away
exposing her perfect creamy skin and curved, delicate body, her mouth
stretched wide around the base of Schmidt's hard dick, the head of it visible
as a bulge in her throat.

Aroused as she had not been for years, she let his cock slide out from her
throat, then slid down on it again, the length of it dissappearing into her
silky mouth. Schmidt groaned, and she glanced to the mirror to see his eyes
closed. A part of her realised she had him exactly where she wanted him - in
a second she could inflict the cruelest wound on earth - but the rest of her,
liberated by the drugs, didn't care, she wanted to give this man as much
pleasure as her little body could, there was nothing she would not do for
him, to see his face in ecstacy and her body bathed in his fluid.

Quickly she began to bob her head back and forth on the cock in front of her,
one hand coming up and wanking him in time with her mouth as she had seen the
hookers on 28th street do. Her other hand moved to her clit and she began to
rub her clit, hard and furious, desperate to orgasm. Schmidt's hand reached
behind her head and gently stroked her red hair as she sucked his dick, the
other moving down to her nipple, pulling and squeezing it. Scully continued
to suck his meat as she masturbated herself, first rapidly, then slowly,
bobbing back and forth, occasionally deep-throating him then moving back and
rubbing her tongue on the sensitive underside of his head. Muller put
pressure on the back of her head, pushing her mouth onto his dick.

It was too much for Dana and she quickly swept into the second orgasm of the
night, her moans choked by Schmidt's hard cock even as she continued to blow

"You're really enjoying this aren't you?" Schmidt asked

"Mmm hmm" she murmured around his cock.

"Would you like me to return the favour?"

"Mmm hmm."

Schmidt leaned down, his cock still in Scully's mouth, and grasped one her
thighs from the inside. Easily he lifted her up and rotated her on his dick,
until her thighs were on either side of his head and she was hanging upside
down. Scully marvelled at the man's power as she felt his warm breath on her
pussy. His tongue tantalised her lips, then dived between them to find her
clitoris, rapidly flicking over it. Electric shocks spread through her body,
and she struggled to concentrate on sucking his thick dick. He continued on
her clit, expertly bringing her arousal high, then slowly till she thought
he'd stop, then starting again faster than before. She tasted his sweet
precum as his tongue moved to her pussy, thrusting in and out of it. Her
small breasts were crushed against his muscular abdomen as she pulled her
head onto his dick, her hands gripping the iron hard cheeks of his butt.
Scully moaned and her lean thighs clamped convulsively on his head. Her
orgasm, barely finished, was building again. Her head spinning, Dana felt as
though she were hallucinating. She could not separate his flesh and hers,
his tongue, his body, his cock , her pussy, her mouth, her all seemed one.
Sensing this growing arousal Schmidt moved his tongue from her pussy to her
ass, and began to circle her tight hole while his hand moved to her clit and
continued to stimulate her. Dana loved the new different sensation, the wet
tongue going where no one had ever gone before. Schmidt began to push his
tongue into her ass, fucking her with his tongue. Scully shuddered
uncontrollably, her body thrashing against his. Feeling her at the brink,
Schmidt increased the intensity, furiously rubbing her clit, tongue fucking
her ass. She replied in kind, moving as fast as she could on his dick,
wanting to feel his hot cum fill her mouth and throat and swallow it all. But
her orgasm peaked again and she took her mouth off his dick for the first
time since she put her lips to it, to groan as she felt her body pulsate and
her ass contract rythmically around Schmidt's violating tongue.

Schmidt lay her down on the couch and sat beside her, his thick long cock
pulsing in time with his heart, his massive chest rising and falling with
each breath. Scully was panting and exhausted, her head dropped back and
she closed her eyes.

"Oh no you don't" Schmidt said jovially. "The night is young, and there's
still so much to do. "

Part 3

Scully lay exhausted on the furniture, her body feeling as though she had run
a marathon. Schmidt had brought her to orgasm twice, but his cock was still
hard and balls full. "He must have the most incredible control" she thought.

Schmidt stood up and moved to the mirror in the corner, picking it up and
moving it opposite Scully's couch. He looked back to check the alignment,
then moved back to Dana. Sitting close beside her, he moved down to her
perfectly formed breasts and put his tongue to her nipple. Scully could do
no more than lie back and pant. Schmidt took her other breast in his hand,
almost holding it all, and begn to brush the calluses on his palms from years
of weightlifting over her full nipple. His mouth took her other nipple in
and began to suckle, sending waves of pleasure through her. She could see
in the mirror his muscled back tapering in a V to his small waist, and his
head on her chest, her breast in his other hand. Schmidt stopped and moved
close to her face, his nose touching hers and gently brushing it. She angled
her head and touched her lips to his, then opened them allowing in his
probing tongue.

Again a part of her mind screamed: "What are you doing? This man has broken
in to your home, stunned you, drugged you, forced you to perform oral sex on
him, and now YOU are kissing HIM!"

"But it feels so gooood," replied the rest of her, "besides I wanted to do it
since I saw first met him. You were standing in the way" it accused.

Scully shrugged off these thoughts and lost herself in the kiss. It was long
and deep, Schmidt tilting her head back and eploring every corner of her
mouth. At last they broke, and Schmidt grasped her by the waist. He lifted
Dana's naked body slightly and moved underneath her on the couch, then
lowered her into his lap, his still erect cock lying forward against the
front of her abdomen. She was now facing the mirror, seeing the contrast of
her pale creamy skin against his tanned olive, her slight frame bordered by
the rolling boulders of his musculature.

"You want it inside you, don't you."

"I want it" she replied.

She reached down and took hs cock in her hand, then lifted each foot so that
they were on his knees, her other arm on the head of the couch to support
her. She lifted her hips up and then down, guiding his dick into her warm
folds. There was a moment's discomfort - she had never had something that
size inside her, but then her pussy stretched to accommodate and she groaned
as she felt the most incredible sensation of fullness in her life. She put
her hand back on the top of the couch and began to move up and down on his
dick, impaling herself on his throbbing meat. She opened her eyes and
watched herself in the mirror, fucking herself onto this man, her hips moving
up and up till it almost sprang out of her cunt, then throwing themselves
back down it, feeling herself full and complete again, grinding her ass into
his pubic bone. Sweat coursed down her back, and she felt Schmidt's tongue
lick each drop off. Scully began to pump her hips faster and faster,
following her instincts. Eventually she reached her limit in that awkward
position - her body simply couldn't move any faster. Schmidt seemed to
realise this, and his hands grasped each of her hips and began to pull her up
and down, heightening the friction in her wet pussy. Dana watched his strong
legs push his cock into her body above, intensely turned on as she saw the
effort bring out green veins in his thighs. The contrast between her soft
flesh and his hard musculature could not be greater. Schmidt continued to
drive his cock into her body, until she simply held herself still above him
as he pumped his cock into her slick pussy. She willed him to loose control,
to flood her pussy with warm cum, fill her to the brim with his seed. What
was he waiting for?

Schmidt stood up and Scully, still connected by his thick meat, moved with
him. She put her hands out onto the glass topped coffee table to balance
herself, then had to move them again as Schmidt thrust forward. Her legs
slightly spread, hands apart and Schmidt right behind her, he grasped her
waist and began to thrust into her slight body in earnest. Each thrust felt
like a car was hitting her from behind, his dick entering and almost leaving
her like a piston. She looked up into the mirror and saw his eyes staring
into her own, seeing the total surrender in them to his will. She stood and
allowed herself to be fucked as she had neve been before, and felt her
arousal heightened by her helpless position. She could no more stop him
fucking his cock into her body than an avalanche, even if she had control
over her body rather than her base instincts fueled by drugs. She felt the
rythmic slamming stir a different kind of arousal, a more central feeling
building as she felt herself violated. It was unlike the orgasms she had
when her clit was stimulated, and the new experience stirred her. She had
never achieved orgasm when being fucked, but it seemed tonight was the night
for first times. The deep feeling spread throughout her belly and into her
limbs, her breasts, swaying slightly as she was fucked, seemed
hypersensitive, feeling each drop of sweat rolling down them. Finally she
felt as if she was on fire, and her body started to rythmically contract,
starting with her pussy and spreading inexorably outwards. Schmidt stopped,
his eyes closed, feeling the rythmic pulsations around his cock. She felt a
warm gush between her legs, and at first thought Schmidt had come, but
realised it was a flood of her own juices wetting her groin and thighs. As
the sensation died down, Dana felt a different sense - of completeness, this
was how a woman was supposed to cum, from deep within.

Her eyes closed, she felt Schmidt withdraw from her pussy, and she wondered
what was coming next. This man had done things to her she never thought
would ever be done, even possible, and his cock still stood erect and
perfectly straight, pointing slightly up, every vein on it bulging. She
longed to see the milky semen spill from it.

"Lie down" he said. Scully turned and sat on the coffee table, and lifted
her legs to his shoulders as he kneeled down and moved close. "Wet your
fingers" Dana put her hand to her mouth and put some saliva on her hand. His
took hers and moved it down around behind her, to where her ass was exposed
and waiting, just centimetres from the head of his cock. He put her fingers
against her asshole, her saliva mixing with the pussy juices that had slicked
between her legs. "Again" he said. She complied, lubricating her anus. She
knew from hearing her friends talk that a virgin ass like hers would hurt
unless she were as wet as possible. Her expression showed her fear, but
Schmidt's blue eyes simply bored into her own, and she continued.

"Pull yourself onto me." Scully put her arms around her legs and knees, which
were now on her chest, and grasped the thickness of Schmidts biceps. She
pulled herself closer to him and felt the head of his thick cock touch her
ass. She paused. "Keep going" he commanded.

"I." she started, worried.

"Shhhhh" he said.

She resumed moving herself closer to him, feeling the pressure against her
asshole increase, the tight ring spasming, trying to prevent the intrusion.
The tip parted her ring, her muscle straining to stop it, but Dana forced
herself further on till it suddenly gave. She gasped as a few centimetres
stretched her ass. The pain was there, but bearable and decreasing even as
she paused. Schmidt continued to stare deep into her eyes, seeing her
reaction. Another push and she felt his entire head pop into her ass, her
ring contracting around the slight narrowing behind it as she winced in pain.
This was entirely different to her finger, this massive stretching of her
most vulnerable area. "Just relax" Schmidt said "the hardest part's over.
You did very well." Indeed the pain was reducing, and another sensation
taking over, one of incredible fullness. He gave her a little smile, and
Scully felt somehow proud, glad of his admiration. She pulled herself closer
to him, taking more of his thick cock in her body. It slid in much more
easily, though not without some stabbing pain, and the sensation of fullness
increased. Eager for more, she pulled herself in closer, pushing her ass
onto his dick. Over the next few minutes, centimetre by centimetre, he moved
deeper into her. Overconfident, she let the last inch in in a rush and
groaned as her entire rectum spasmed on his cock. "Careful" he said. The
spasm passed and Dana was able to let the last little bit of his thick cock
into her ass, feeling his balls against her butt and his pubes grinding
against her pussy. "Just let it rest there a minute while you get used to
it." Schmidt said. Dana thought she'd never get used to it. The feeling was
unlike anything she had experienced before. She felt like a hollow glove,
now filled and stretched till it was almost bursting it's seams, or as though
she were pregnant, her entire abdomen filled with a hard mass.

"Ahh" Dana exclaimed. She had felt something like an electric shock in her
ass. She saw Schmidt's grin, and realised he had twitched his dick inside
her. "Ooh". He did it again. This time without the surprise she
appreciated how good it felt.

"I want you to see this" he said. Schmidt picked up Scully, still holding
her tight against him, and stepped around the coffee table closer to the
mirror. He sat down on the edge, each slight movement of his dick inside her
arousing Scully more and more. "Look" he said, nodding to the mirror. She
turned her head and saw herself, bent double, her legs on his shoulders. She
followed the curve of her spine down the pale expanse of her back, down to
her butt, to see her ass, stretched wide and wrapped tightly around his
darker dick, buried deep within her so that only the base was visible just
above his balls. She shook involuntarily, her ass gripping his cock tightly.
He moved his arms down, letting her feet touch the table next to his hips.
"Go on" he said.

Still looking over her shoulder, she slowly moved up from her squatting
position, watching as more of his dick appeared out of her ass. The
sensation of fullness left, replaced by one of emptyness. She quickly moved
back down, feeling his dick slide back smoothly into her, lubricated by her
anal juices. Scully groaned in ecstacy as the length slipped back into her.
She had never imagined such a feeling existed, she was totally violated, his
dick seemed to be reaching into the very depths of her being, and she loved
it. Scully began to fuck her ass onto Schmidt's dick, watching it move in
and out of her bowels. Schmidt too was watching her in the mirror. Their
eyes met and Schmidt said;

"You're mine now."

"I'm your bitch." She replied between her moans.

With that Schmidt picked her up and put her on the carpeted floor. He put
her legs back up on her shoulders, gathering her slim body to him, then began
to thrust - hard - into her ass.

"Oh god, fuck, yes, fuck yes!" Scully screamed as she felt the sudden mix of
pleasure and pain envelop her. She felt like a jackhammer was being jammed
into her bowels, breaking her in, making her his bitch.

"I'm your little ass-slut, I'm your fuck whore, fuck me, yeah fuck me!" She
yelled. Schmidt fucked her harder, pumping into her. She shook again, her
arousal peaking again and a long continuous orgasm beginning, taking her
through the next several minutes in a daze as Schmidt fucked her tight ass
into oblivion. She couldn't tell if the shudders coursing through her body
were from her body or Schmidt's hard impact into her ass with every stroke.
Scully started to tighten her ass on his dick, ignoring the pain, increasing
the friction till she thought her ass was burning up, but enhancing the
feeling of fullness, of completeness.

Finally Scully saw a change on Schmidt's face. The total control that been
present throughout was giving way to a look of ecstacy, and Scully realised
he was about to cum.

"In my mouth, cum in my mouth" she quickly said, desperate not to loose of
drop from her lips.

Schmidt thrust his cock savagely into her a few more times, then quickly
pulled his dick from her ass. It seemed bigger and harder than ever. She
quickly sat up and opened her mouth, moving forward onto his dick. The
first spurt hit her mouth even before her lips had wrapped around his cock,
the hot salty semen spraying the back of her throat and tongue, and she
quickly took his cock in her mouth up to the hilt, opening her eyes and
watching him as cum flooded the back of her throat, his hands pressing her
head into his groin. She swallowed and swallowed, but the flood was so
much she coughed around his dick and a drip left her nose, some leaking
past her lips. Schmidt strong hips bucked as he fucked his cum into her
mouth, then finally slowed. Scully moved back off his dick, sucking and
cleaning it carefully, getting every last drop, then using her fingers and
tongue to get the last remnants on her lips. She kneeled back, tasting his
cum in her mouth and feeling it's warmth in her belly. Schmidt sat back on
the table, exhausted, still staring into her eyes as she cleaned her face.


After several minutes of resting where they had ended up, Scully looked to
the exhausted Schmidt and said "So what are you going to do with me now?"
Scully in her post orgasmic state did not really care, she was merely curious
about what was to happen next.

"Come here." Schmidt said, moving onto the couch and opening his arms.
Scully moved up and sat sideways in his lap, his arms around her and her head
on his chest, listening to his beating heart. "How could I hurt you, or drug
you my sweet? The best little fuck I have ever had? How could I do anything
to you." He murmured softly, stroking her hair.

"But you will have to," Dana replied "When the drugs wear off and I return to
myself, I'll want to report all this and you'll be arrested." Dana was truly
concerned for Schmidt. She had developed strong feelings for him, which she
was confused about - did she hate him, love him, despise him, what?

Schmidt grinned "The drugs wore off hours ago. You've been doing exactly
what you wanted of your own free will for nearly all this time."

Scully was shocked. She had done as she wanted? Was it possible? Yet the
words rang true, she had wanted all of this, and she wanted it again, and
again, and again. "So what now then?"

"Well," Schmidt replied, "Baltimore isn't too far away. Why don't I pick
you up next weekend. The company lear jet is mine to use, and Paris is nice
this time of year."

"But your crimes."

"What crimes Dana? I stole my own company's plans for my own project, and
Beverly was a danger to me, I just couldn't prove it. Does that satisfy your
need for justice?"

"Mmmm" she replied, nestling into his chest. He picked her up in his arms
and carried her into her bedroom, lying her in the bed, slipping in beside
her and wrapping his arms around her as she drifted off to a peaceful,
contented sleep.

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any female feedback on the accuracy or total lack of shown above.


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