X-Files: Scully's Private X-Files Part 1
The Nemesis County Werewolf (mf,f-best,F-mast,hand,fist,voy,ncon)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

It was a beautiful Friday night. A nearly full late spring moon shone full
and bright across the "Old Mill Pond." Its defused silvery light illuminated
the rusting hulk of an old Ford truck parked by the shoreline. From a
distance, through the pallor of the heavily fogged windows, he watched two
figures intertwined in a lustful embrace. The truck's springs give a loud
squeak now and again, punctuating the melodious love songs of the nearby
bullfrogs. He drew a little closer; the sound of a low purring mummer was
cast over the night. His ears twisted to lock in the sound a girl being
pleasured. His eyes focused on the girl, Chloe McCoy; who was bouncing on a
bench seat of the truck, the subject of some rather determined fingering of
one of the local farm boys. He let out a low growl upon recognizing the boy.

Eugene Funk could not believe that this girl, the cutest, sexiest piece in
the county, has her legs open for him! But here they were, her skirt up
around her tiny waste, his hand down her panties and her magnificent sweet
bottom bouncing on his seat.

"Oh fuck," she purred in her in her breathy Virginian accent, "come on,
faster you big ape, faster!" The boy slips in a second finger and leans in
farther for a better position.

"Well you please, please Chloe, please suck on it?" the boy whispers while
nibbling on her earlobe.

"But I'm not that kind of girl." She moans back while grabbing his wrist to
drive his hand deeper into her self. The boy just looks at her, amazed to
hear that a girl like this, who is practically masturbating herself, would
say such a thing. But then she continued; "I could...fuck that's nice, if...
oooohhh, if, you, don't tell anyone that I'd do such a naughty thing."

"Oh I won't Chloe! I would never..." The boy was suddenly interrupted by her
loud orgasm. As he watched enthralled, the first wave over washed over her.
Her magnificent blue-grey eyes grew large, sparkling in the moonlight. Her
beautiful innocent looking face contorted with pleasure; her mouth wide, her
breathing came in panting gasps. Then she came with an odd howling whimper,
pulling his head down violently, and pressing his face between her huge plump

* * *

Outside he crouched at the passenger door, back arched, a deep purring growl
escaping passed his bared teeth, his long talon-like fingernails digging into
the earth.

* * *

Chloe quickly recovered her proper ladylike composure, pushing the boy off of
her and fixing her clothing. She grinned, amused, watching at the boy next to
her panting with excitement.

"Please Chloe, you said you would, please? Could you do it? I need it, need
it so bad!" The girl looked down, licking her lips. Then reached over and
took out his sizable member. The truck's cab became filled with the slopping
sound of his dick being jacked off.

"This will have to do." She said with a teasing heir. "A good Virginian girl
would never do such a...dirty thing." He swore, and over come with lust,
grabbed her head and forced her down. She giggled with the pleasure at being
brutalized in such away and struggled a bit before sinking her full plump
lips around his organ. The boy cried out as the adorable little slut used her
well-schooled tongue and mouth to work on him. Seemingly in seconds, she felt
his balls tighten under her chin and his cock swell in her mouth. Then just
as he started to shout that he was cumming, the passenger-door flew open and
something grabbed Chloe by the waste.

All Eugene saw, was a dark hairy mass over her on the ground. He screamed in
terror and scrambled to jump on top of it, but the thing turned and took him
by the throat. In a blink of an eye, the boy was airborne and was sent
crashing a big old oak by the water's edge.

* * *

July13, 2002 Washington D.C.

Special Agent Dana was sat in the newly reactivated X-Files Office in the
basement of the J. Edger Hoover Building. She had been given the task of
organizing massive accumulation of new X-Files that had come into the F.B.I.
headquarters from all over the Country. With Agents Mulder and Doggett on
assignment, that meant that she had to do it all herself. She looked at the
huge pile of file folders on her desk and sighed, then picked up the first

"Nemesis County Sheriff's report, Nemesis County Virginia, June 9. 2002." The
opening letter stated "Subject: Sexual Assault by a Werewolf" Dana almost
tossed the file in the reject pile when she spied a hand written statement by
the supposed victim. She began to read:

"I awoke to a sharp pain on both my wrists, afraid but still disoriented I
looked at my wrists and saw two large paw-like hands gripping them tightly.
I heard a low growl coming from in front of me and looked down to see a huge
wolf-like animal bearing his teeth and looking at up at me. I thought at once
that I was going to die. My heart pounded in my chest. I felt light headed
and almost passed out again. It began to sniff over my body slowly. I watched
as he worked his way up my legs, his wet nose sometimes touching my flesh,
making me shiver in fear. As his nose reached my bush he stopped, he looked
up at me. It was then that I realized that I was looking at the lust in a man
in those eyes. He bent his head under my dress and gave my pussy a long wet
lick through my panties. I tried to close my legs to protect my womanhood
from the beast, but he trusted his head quickly between my thighs, opening my
legs wide."

Scully soon realized that she was getting wound up. She always secretly
enjoyed reading the sexual assault case files. This one was particularly
nasty. She gave it a thought for a moment then, glancing around room and
to make sure the door was closed. She reached up and undid the first few
buttons on her shirt. The front clasp of her bra popped open and she reach
in with her left hand to feel a ripe fat nipple growing. Putting the file
down, she hiked up her she skirt with the other hand, and opened her legs.
Propping them on the desk. Picking the file back up, she again started to

"I opened my legs as far as I could, exposing my pussy to the things lusts.
I remembered I started to scream at that moment, why I hadn't before, I don't
know. My cries made him stop tonguing me. He growled loudly and threw his
weight on me; his muzzle-like mouth drew back, exposing rows of sharp white
canine teeth. I could smell the stench of moonshine whiskey on its breath. I
stopped screaming and tossed my head to the side he nuzzled my neck. I could
see his naked body better now as I looked down; his arms and shoulders were
almost like a man's, except for being covered by a dark greyish-brown fur.
But his flanks and back legs were that of a large dog, shaggy and coarse.
There was even a tail, like that of a German Sheppard, swishing back and

"Clawing the ground with back legs, he positioned himself directly between my
legs, he hunkered down to block my legs from closing. He gripped the top of
my dress with his teeth and ripped away the buttons. With my dress open, his
teeth made short work of my bra. He looked at my tits for a second. I could
almost hear a man's chuckle in the growling sound that he made. His tongue
came out, touching the flesh of my breast lightly. My nipples began to grow
hard by instinct as he starting licking me hard and fast. I couldn't help but
moan. For in some strange way, I was getting excited."

With her left hand, Scully slowly began to trace a spiral around her right
boob. Enjoying the silky-smooth skin on her fingertips. Her nipples were
fully erect, sensitive to her touch. She twirled and twisted her nipple
between her thumb and forefinger sending shock waves of pleasure to her
already erect clit. Lightly, her hand roamed its way down to her pussy.
She leans back in her chair and props both feet on the edge of the desk.
Fingers move over her black satin panties, letting her clit trail between
her fingers. She pushes back the tiny hood so that the material can rub
against it. Waves of pleasure rebounds through her, making her twitch and
gasp. Her panties start to soak through. Her hand slips under the satin;
one finger she opens her inner labia and traces the inside of her pussy.
She could feel her need for release getting stronger, "But not yet." She
says to herself, there was still more to the report.

"At once, the thing released my wrists and grabbed me by the hips. I was
flipped over on my belly then raised me up on my hands and knees. His weight
settled on me again and held me in place unable to move. With his hands on
my hips, I could feel his wet cock growing and touching the side of my ass.
He began to rock against it, making his cock grow to an enormous size. He
positioned his now huge hard cock at my pussy, pulling my panties aside. The
massive tip rocked into it. I screamed but he kept on pushing. I must have
been lubricating for soon in was all the way in. He bucked into my tight
pussy, his massive cock sliding in and out in short fast strokes. I could
feel him licking the back of my neck; his long wet tongue slopping across my

"As the cock pumped into her my pussy, I had to let go. I became more relaxed
as waves of delight rocketed through me. His cock pumped deeper, she could
feel something large banging against the entrance of my pussy. He too became
more relaxed, sensing my growing enjoyment. He let me and reached down to
feel...a 'knot' on his cock, then a little more of the dick behind it. It had
a dogs cock! I suddenly wanted it all, unable to control myself. So spread
her legs wider and help him thrust. After a few more thrusts I felt the
knot force into my pussy - it was more sexual pain than she had ever felt
before... "Yes!" I found myself wailing. "Oh yes!" The thing pumped even
faster, almost frenzied. The thing let out a strange growling yelp and I felt
hot fluid shooting into my pussy, sloshing around inside. That did it for
me - I came hard...a huge orgasm ripped through me, my whole body shaking.
The shaking appeared to turn the thing on again as he started pumping hard
once more...I could feel 11 or 12 inches of hard fat prick pumping in and out
of my stretching pussy. I screamed as repeated orgasms shoot through me. He
growled loudly again, and pulled his cock all the way-out. I was flipped over
on my back and kneeled over me. He pointed his big cock straight down, right
at the tip of my nose and let loose. Cum started spurting out. The warm wet
goop splashed every part of my face, stream after stream; I couldn't breath,
for it spurted down my throat and nose. I choked and turned on my side to
gasp for air. Once I could open my eyes, he was gone."

Scully threw the file down and stuck two fingers in her own pussy and moved
them around and in and out, causing a moan to escape her lips. This still
wasn't enough, she was so turned on, that she wanted this to be big. So, she
decided to put three in, causing another moan. Only this one more prolonged.
She started moving them in and out at a quicker pace. Using her other hand
she zeroed in on her clit. Just grazing it slightly caused her to spasm.
Then, taking two fingers and placing them on either side of her clit, she
completely exposes the extremely sensitive organ. She started an up and down
motion that against it. Her hips seemed to follow.

She started to moan constantly now and her hips were still following the
movements of her fingers. The fingers inside of her were moving a lot faster
now and her moans were getting louder. She knew that she would soon get the
satisfaction she wanted. Moving her fingers on her clit with a side-to-side
motion with all five fingers causing her hips to move with them. This almost
always caused an immediate orgasm but this time she purposely held back with
all her power.

Taking her whole hand making all her fingertips touch she slowly pushed at
the entrance to her pussy. The feeling of being stretched to her limits
caused her to spasm again. With one quick motion she got her hand completely
in herself. She was picturing the things cock in her, the knot pushing in
deep. The act almost caused her to orgasm right then. Not moving her engulfed
hand she took the other one and started playing with her clit.

Moaning like a banshee bucking her hips she started moving her engulfed
hand. The effect was cataclysmic. Wave upon wave of pleasure wracked her
now screaming body and mind. No longer able to control her body it started
shaking unbelievably. Screaming almost at the top of her lungs Dana had the
biggest orgasm she'd ever given herself. Still going she went into her first
ever multiple orgasms. She didn't stop for almost three minutes. Slowly she
started coming down and she removed her hand from her pussy causing another
orgasm only smaller than the last one. She tweaked her nipples and clit
causing lots of mini orgasms until she could stand it no more.

After she stopped breathing heavily, she fixed her cloths and picked up the

"Deputy Director Kersh please." She told the exchange operator. She waited a
few seconds then was patched through. "Sir, I have to go to Nemesis County,
Virginia...ah, yes Sir - it's important...very important."

to be continued


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