X-Files: Scully's Private X-Files
The Nemesis County Werewolf Part 2 (MF,oral)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Nemesis Ridge was little more than a fly turd at the foot of the Blue Ridge
Mountains. A General Store, two Churches (one white, one black) a Sheriff's
Office, Town Hall and Fire Station was about all there was, if you didn't
count few dozen scratch-dirt farms surrounding it. It was this shit hole that
Special Agent Dana Scully found herself driving through to investigate a
sexual a Werewolf? She knew that the whole thing sounded silly.
A werewolf? Really? Scully shook her head and smiled every time she thought
of it. "Absurd." She said over and over...yet there was something in that
report she had seemed almost too real to be made up. She had
to fine out for herself.

Stopping at the Sheriff's Office to report in, she walked past two old men
who were playing checkers on a cracker barrel outside of the Office. The
scene was so farcical, that Dana had to bite her lip as not the burst out
laughing. One old man elbowed the other so that he could watch her walk up
the steps. "Wongo have dat over dis here barrel?" She hears one say. Dana
chose to ignore the comment and the laughter that follows.

As she stepped through the door, a spring-bell rang out above it causing a
rather young handsome deputy to run out of a back room with an arm full of
files. Before he could open up his mouth, a loud coarse voice booms from a
near by office. "Who's out thar Marvin?"

The boy jumps nervously, and looks toward the office. He turns back to watch
Dana pull out her F.B.I. identification card and badge. The boy's eyes grew

"'s tha F. ba-ba-B. Aye." The boy stutters. Dana hears the
sound of scrabbling behind a desk as fat cigar chopping Sheriff sporting a
huge belly slung over his gun belt, came charging out.

"Welllll, looky here...and a prudy F.B.Aye shz too. Wel-cum tuh Nemesis
Ridge. I'm Shurf Potts. Houd we hep yew?" He held out his hand, Dana, who
was reluctant to shake the sweaty paw, instead thrust the Werewolf file in

"I'm here to investigate a Sexual Assault. Sheriff." Dana returned.

"Assault...? Yew mean...wa happin' tuh Chloe McCoy. Shoot, that weren' no
assault. Justn' a local gal a havn' some fun wit a hillbilly boy. War did
yew find dat out anyway?" The Sheriff opened the file and spit out his
cigar. "Werewuff!" He shot a burning look at his deputy. Then turned back
to Scully.

"Agent...thars no werewuffs here 'bout. Ma dumbass deputy here sent tha
report. He hasn' wuld imagination...urrerstand?"

"Barely." Scully shot back sarcastically.

"Tha boy is in back. Rat cheer! Him dat mus with the gal. Aye can tell yew
he's no werewulf. Juz ol' boy from tha hills come down lookn' fer some funn'

Dana looks at the deputy who is stares down at his feet. "Regardless Sheriff,
I have to investigate. This report is on file with the Department." Potts
throws the file at the boy who drops the pile he was holding to catch it.

Sheriff Potts curses at the boy then tells him to clean it up. "Now

"Scully," she returns.

"Whach want tuh do first? Wongo see tha boy?" Not waiting for a response the
Sheriff turns around to lead Dana to the back room. She sighs with disgust
and follows the fat man. But before entering the room she looks back at the
boy picking up the files and gives him a smile. He returns her kindness with
his own smile.

* * *

“You leave us Sheriff.” Scully says to the fat man unable to stand his sweaty
odour in the confines of the small room. “I'll question the suspect myself.”


“Thank you Sheriff...oh and I'll need all the information that you have on
this suspect and the parties involved. Thank you!” The officer mutters a
few off colour remarks under his breath about women, then leaves the room,
slamming the door behind him.

In a darken corner, she see the vague shape of a very large man. His face
cast in shadows. He rocks from side to side, breathing with a laboured
breath. She swallows hard, then goes over to the clipboard on the wall
containing the man's rap sheet. She glances through it then turns back to
the cell.

“You are Billy-boy Dobber? Is that correct?” Dana waits for a second then
goes to ask the question again, but is interrupted.

“Red hair...” comes a raspy voice from the shadows.


“Aye likes dem thars red hairs” With that the huge man launches himself
toward the bars, thrusting his arm out at Scully. She jumps back and pulls
out her S&W 10mm Automatic. The big man continues to grab for her giggling
like a child.

Now in the light, Scully to plainly see that Billy-boy was a product of far
too thin blood line. And that he was just playing with her. She puts away the
gun and yells for the boy to keep his hands to himself. He frowns and almost
bursts into tears.

“Please dona' yale...howscum yew yale?”

“Sorry Billy-boy, I didn't mean to yell. Can I ask you some questions?”

“Yup, if'n yew wantna'?”

“Ok, do you know Chloe MaCoy?”

“Yup, she's purrdy? Aye likes dem blonde hairs too.” Scully knew this wasn't
going to be easy.

“Have you ever touched her?”

“Me, naw...she's toooooo uppity fer tha lacks of me. But aye saws her once...
thruw tha winder...I lacks lookn' thruw dem winders. Aye lacks the parsons
waaaf tha best...shes gots red hairs too. Wit bagel tittys lack yers.”
Red-faced Scully looks down to notice the massive bulge running down the
leg of the boy's overalls. She clears her throat and squeaks out another

“Do you know what happened to her?”

“Yup, the Shurf sez she gots fuked rat good. He sez aye did it. But aye
didn't. But Aye knows who did.”

“Oh, and who was that?”

“Tha Werewuff!” Scully almost burst out laughing...she should have saw that

“Do you know who the werewolf is?”

“Yup but aye can't tells yew.”

“Why not?”

“Cuz he'd kilt me rat good!” Scully decided on a different approach.

“Can you give me a hint?” She was talking basically to a child, so why not
treat him like one.

“Aye cud...but, wha do aye gets in return?”

“I can see if the Sheriff will let you out?” she lied.

“Naw...thars good eats in cheer...naser then tha hills”

“Ok what would you want then?” The boy giggled.

“Suk on des!” he pulls down his zipper and pulls out a good foot of “Hill
Billy-Boy" and sticks it through the bars.

Scully jumps back at the sight of the massive uncut monster. She tries to
talk him out of it, as he slowly jerks himself off, but he steadfastly
refuses to say a word. Then she says to Billy that she'll be right back and
goes to the door. She pokes her head out and sees the Marvin sitting alone
at his desk. She asks him where the Sheriff was and he tells her that he'll
be out the rest of the day. She sighs then tells the boy that she does not
want to be disturbed to anything. Thinking that she was going the use some
secret FBI interrogation tricks on the prisoner, he quickly agrees and tells
her that he'll guard the entrance to the office outside so that now one would
come in. She smiles at him and goes back in.

She puts a chair against the doorknob then walks over the cell. She looks
into the boy's child-like eyes then down at his huge prick.

“The things I do for the FBI!” she says as she drops to her knees.

* * *

Scully grabs the monster by the shaft and leans in. The boy gasps and grips
the bars with both hands tightly. She pulls back the heavy foreskin to reveal
the huge purple mushroom head. The tip of her tongue probes his dewy hole
then slides over its' smooth musky surface. Her lips kiss, and slowly engulf
his head. Her jaw strains to take just that much, but she forces more in, her
lips pushing back the foreskin even more. Her hand slides down his shaft,
feeding him deeper into her mouth. He breathes a deep breath and moans.

With the other hand, she reaches down and unbuttons her paints. She reaches
in and under her panties, finding her clit already hard, poking out past its

"Oh, God ...dats nasss. Do it mo!" The big boy says leaning his head into the
bars to watch.

Dana's mouth begins a move on him deeper, her lips mapping every vein and
wrinkle in his skin. Slow, strong, sucking motions draw him in, until she
had nearly half of the beast in her mouth. With her jaw relaxed, she starts
bobbing on the meat fast and hard, causing Billy-boy to grunt loudly.

Reaching his bulbous head, her tongue circles and flicks just under the rim.
She looks up as says; “Ok Billy, give me a hint.”

The boy moans and says; “Hes in tha woods...outside da town.”

“Where in the woods?” she returns just before plunging for another journey
down his throbbing staff.

Her own hand roamed over pussy. The silken flesh between her legs was warm
and wet to the touch. Her fingers made small, lazy circles against her cleft,
massaging the swollen folds so moist with her arousal. She could feel the
tension growing within her, the tingling sensation coursing through her clit.
Her skin felt like it was on fire and she rubbed herself faster, a soft moan
escaping her full mouth she ran the tip of her finger up and down the length
of her slit, sometimes going inside, other times just caressing the lips of
her cunt. She could hover on the edge of oblivion for hours touching herself
like this but she found herself so turned on, that the pressure building up
in her belly, sought release, the sense of urgency growing as she rubbed
herself harder . . . faster . . . paying more and more attention to her
budding clit . . . no longer teasing it but stroking it vigorously up and

Her lips surround the head of his thick cock, suckling the tip. Then, she
releases her hold letting him fall free and rest along her face, so her
tongue could travel down the underside of his aching member, before
continuing to his ever tightening balls. Gently suctioning one, then the
other, into her mouth, savouring each, as her tongue swirls and tickles
through the ridged furrows.

Billy's moans grow louder and deeper until he suddenly stops and grabs her by
the head. He rams his cock into her mouth, the head slamming against the back
of her throat. Dana was so excited, that she didn't miss a beat. She slammed
the hog down her throat, sucking as hard as she could. Billy releasing her
head and relaxed as he continued to watch her as she pulls out, cheeks,
sunken from the suction of drawing out his flavor, then slamming back, her
mouth opening wide to engulfs him again, swallowing his staff.

Passionately, she lets out muffled moans, which grow louder as her hand
slides faster and faster under her panties.

"Ohhhhh Shit!" He spouts with a growl, knowing that he can't hold out much
longer. Her pace and intensity increases with each journey up and down his
thick shaft. Billy's hands move over her head, as her lips start pumping his
dick further into her throat. Dana can feel his organ throbbing with his
impending explosion. His cock hardening like stone, the head swelling, and
his balls tightening to half their normal size.

Scully too was going off. Her pussy spasmed around her fingers and then, she
let go. Along with Billy who shoots his load of hot, sticky cum deep down her
throat. The flood was so massive that she had to pull away to breath. Blast
after blast from deep within his balls, caught her in the face. She tried to
move away, but Billy held her head. So helpless, she just smiled and enjoyed
the warm splashes that coated her face.

* * *

A short time later, Dana walks out of the Sheriff's office. The Deputy, who
was still on guard outside, turns to her and asks if she got what is wanted.
She just smiled and asked how she could get to Grover's Hollow.

To be continued


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