X-Files: Scully’s Private X-Files - The Windigo Part 1 (FF)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

As the faint glow from the dying campfire casts shadows against the walls of
Heather Shepherd’s tent, she lay silent and listens to wind rustling through
the trees in the darkness. She was happy to be here in the deep forests of
Ontario. To be away from school, her Father and all that shit that surrounds
an American Congressman who had aspirations in becoming President. To be away
from it all and to be here with her collage roommate…Kelly.

Heather turned her head to look over at her beautiful dark haired girlfriend
who was at that moment was sliding her hand between her legs. Heather slowly
turnes on her side spreads them open to accommodate the other girl’s touch.
She moaned slightly as her lover’s hand came to her mound, rubbing her wet
pussy through her panties. She smiled and said that they were a little over
dressed. Heather watched in silence as Kelly removed the short tee shirt and
panties, then she sat up to remove her own nightshirt and now soaked panties.
Heather couldn't keep her eyes off Kelly superb body. She leaned over and
took a nipple in her mouth, circling the nipple with her tongue then sucked
on it hard. Kelly flopped on her back and moaned loudly with pleasure. She
could never have been so loud at the frat house; but here in the woods, she
let it all out.

While working on Kelly’s perky breasts, Heather’s hand had slid down to her
neatly trimmed wet pussy. She ran a finger up and down her slit for a few
moments before I sliding it in. Kelly again moaned loudly. The girls kissed
deeply, then Heather slowly began to kiss her way down that magnificent body;
stopping at each nipple to once again to suck them ravenously. Next, moving
further down, the buxom blond stopped at her belly button, rolling her tongue
around it before moving yet further down.

Heather could smell her hot pussy now, driving her to fall on it with her
mouth. She licked the outside of her sweet pussy then spread her lips
apart and then started licking the entire length of her pussy. In the dim
lamplight she noticed how much Kelly’s clit was now standing up looking
like a miniature dick throbbing before her. She sank her lips around it,
sucking it into her mouth. Kelly squealed with delight as a tiny dribble of
juice splashed Heathers chin. Heather could feel her body tremble as she
licked her.

Another finger slipped into her dripping snatch, as She moaned “Harder
Heath...ohhhh, harder” She slipped a third finger in and started pumping
hard. Kelly was now thrusting her hips in time with Heather’s finger pumping.
Her breathing become more and more shallow as Heather licked and sucked her
sweet pussy. Before much longer Kelly was cumming, her orgasm hit and she let
out a scream. Juices squirted out of her hot slit, filling Heathers mouth and

As Kelly stopped trembling, she turned Heather over kissing her cum soaked
lips, sucking her own juice from her cheeks and chin. Then moving down, her
face sank into Heathers massive breasts, taking a big fat nipple in her
mouth. She looked up seeking Heather’s approval. Unable to speak, she just
grabbed the girl’s head she drove her down her body. Taking that as her cue
to move, she began kissing her way down Heather voluptuous body. Heather
spread her thighs apart as the girl started to gently rub her friends
throbbing pussy with her hand. She slipped in a finger and started fingering
as she licked Heather swollen pussy lips. She moaned as she felt Kelly slide
another finger into my wet mound. Heather whispered for her to go deeper and
harder as she felt an orgasm begin to build. She flicked the tip of her
tongue across the blonde’s clit. It was all that Heather could take. She
screamed that she was cumming and grabbed the girl’s head, driving her mouth
against her. Cum spilled from Heathers pussy, Kelly licked it all wanting

The girls soon fell asleep in each other's arms but a short time later awoke
to a strange howling outside the tent. They both screamed and listened as
something heavy thing walked around the campsite. The thing got closer and
closer stopping just outside. They could hear it’s breathing, coarse and
loud. Unlike anything they had ever heard before. A hand touched the tent
fabric. Pushing it in, testing. The girls started to cry hysterically, as
long talon-like claws ripped into the tent.

* * *

September 1, 2002, Washington D.C.

Scully had just gotten back from her search for the West Virginian Werewolf
and was planning to take a few days for herself. But as she entered her
apartment the phone rang.

One hour later she stepped into Deputy Director Kersh’s Office. The tall man
stood up to greet the Special Agent, and to introduce Corporal Sarah James of
the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Violent Crimes Division. The very striking
young blonde, appear from behind a high backed chair and shook Scully’s hand.

“Agent Scully, we have a very important case for you.” Scully took a seat
and picked up a file that Kresh handed to her and glanced over at the pretty
Officer. Who seemed to be giving Scully the once-over? Here attention soon
went back to Kersh when her began to speak “The daughter of Congressman
Shepard of New York is missing in Ontario. Her companion, Miss Kelly Steward,
was found brutally raped but alive, outside of the Long Lake Native Reserve,
150 miles North East Thunder Bay Ontario. Rescue teams were sent out, but
when they found the campsite. There was no sign of her?

“Sir?” Scully spoke up, “What does this have to do with the X-files?” Kresk
leaned back in his seat and nodded to the RCMP officer.

“Because of this.” The officer hands her a folder of photos depicting a torn
up campsite. Scully looked closely at the pictures and lifted her eyebrows in

“Is that what I think it is?” Scully said staring into the beautiful blue
eyes of the Canadian.

“Yes, seamen...the wreaked tent was coated with it. Mixed with the vaginal
secretions of both girls. The natives guiding the RCMP search teams ran away
at first sight of it. Saying that it was a...Windigo.”

“Sorry...what?” Scully said grinning.

“According to Native Mythology, a Windigo is a flesh eating creature whose
name means ‘Evil Spirit Cannibal.’ It is said that it hides in the shadows of
trees to hunt its victims. They have cadaverous bodies and horrid glaring
eyes. A Windigo has a scream that paralyses its victims so that their meal
does not get away. The myth states that the Windigo will only eat men, not
women.” Scully smiles.

“Ok so that means they fuck them instead of eating them right?” Scully laughs
but stops when Kersh glares at her. “ why don't the Canadian’s deal
with this thing.”

“Because agent,” Kersh says, “the U.S. and Canada have a treaty that states
we are to share any abnormal...criminal research. In order to understand such
things as serial killers and...”

“So you think that this is a serial rapist at work?” Scully interjects, being
more serious.”

“That’s unknown.” The RCMP Officer says.

“So then...?” Scully says closing the picture file.

“You are to go to Ontario with Corporal James and looks for this...Windigo.”
Scully is not impressed.

“Shouldn’t we talk to the girl...ah, Miss Steward?”

“I’m afraid that’s impossible.” Corporal James says. “The young lady is in a
mental hospital in Upper New York State. She is a total basket case. Lost her
ability to speak after telling her story...we can’t get anymore out of her.”

“So that’s it Agent,” Kersh says standing up. Report in at the Thunder Bay
RCMP Detachment and then, well good luck.”

“Thanks.” Scully says as she stands up and walks out.

“I’m sorry about that Corporal.” Kersh says.

“Don’t worry about it Director, I’ve dealt with her kind before.” Sarah James
says grinning.

To be continued


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