X-Files: Scully’s Private X-Files: The Windigo, Part 2 (MF,F-mast)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

Corporal Sarah James breathed in the magnificent forest scents that wafted
up from the valley below as she crested the woodland ridge. She smiled,
overjoyed that she was finally in the field and not cooped up in RCMP
headquarters in Ottawa. Yet her companion, Special Agent Dana Scully, who
was crawling up the slope behind her, hardly felt the same way about being
deep in the forests of Northern Ontario. They had only been hiking for an
hour after being dropped off by the floatplane, and already she was tired
and wanted to go back the Washington.

“It’s all down hill from here.” The buxom blond knockout says to the slightly
older and less fit Agent.

Scully looked up at her and grumbled a curse under her breath at being
patronized, then scrambles up the incline to stand next to the RCMP officer.
The red head brushes the dirt off her tight fitting jeans and plopped herself
on a log. Taking out her water bottle, she drinks greedily, letting the water
overfill her mouth and wash down the front of her tee shirt, causing her
nipples to grow hard at once. Sarah watches as they popped out stiff and hard
but turns away suddenly as Dana takes notice of her stare.

“There’s the cabin.” Sarah says trying the change the subject before it came
up. “The Long Lake Band Chief says that’s where we can find Albert Crow. He
can lead us to the site.”

Scully sighs and goes to stand, but the weight of her pack almost topple her
over. She over compensates and launches herself forward, landing on top of
the Corporal. Sarah lands on her back with Scully on top, her face burred in
Sarah’s large plump tits. Scully catches her breath, taking in the girl’s
overwhelmingly erotic scent. She looks up, their eyes meet. Drawn by a force
beyond desire, she leans in. Sarah’s lips rise to meet hers, and then they
hear someone clearing their throat.

“Ahhhh, excuse me I interrupting anything?”

* * *

Albert Crow looked as if he was about 102 years old. Face lined with more
wrinkles then could be counted and with longhair white as snow. Yet this aged
man moved about the forest with the easy and grace of deer. He had taken both
their packs, yet the two women could hardly keep to his pace. In less than an
hour they arrived at the demolished campsite. There was little left here that
the animals didn’t destroy; yet the tent with the dried coating of spunk
remained. It seemed that nothing would go near it.

The girls told the old man that they were going to stay there for a few days
to investigate. He was horrified at the though of it. “You must not be here.”
The old man implored, “The Windigo has long walked this place. No one comes
here. It reeks of death and torment.”

“All the same Mr. Crow,” Corporal James says, “we are here now and must
investigate what happened to those girls.”

The old man tries once to have them come back to the cabin with him, but
Scully, who didn’t like the way the old man was glaring at their tits,
refused. With that the old man left after agreeing to return in 3 days to
lead them back.

“What do they call this place?” Scully asks as she starts to unpack her gear.

“Frost Lake” The Corporal says while reading the instructions on how to put
up the tent.

“The scenery is beautiful...” Scully remarked watching the girl’s ass as she
bends over. Her mind still on their near kiss.

The girl mumbles something then yells out “Yes!” as the self-erecting tent
pop open. “Ta da!” Sarah says turning to Scully who was clapping at her

“Now how are you at chopping wood?” Scully jokes. The girl smiles and grabs
the axe.

* * *

With the fire dying, the girl’s climb into their tent and fire up the lamp.
In the in the dim kerosene glow, the Scully watches from the privacy of her
sleeping bag as Sarah boldly stripes off down to her panties and flops down
on her bag, her huge breasts bouncing carelessly. “Aren’t you going to get
undressed?” Sarah says looking over at her partner. Scully nodes then undo
her jeans bashfully from inside the sleeping bag, making several comical
contortions in the process. Sarah giggles at her antics. But says nothing
as not too embarrass her companion. Scully finally throws her jeans at the
foot of the tent but leaves her tee shirt on. Sarah smiles at her new friend
then closes her eyes and drifts off.

But for Scully, it is another story. She turns over onto her side and listens
to Sarah’s soft breathing and to watching her large breasts rise up and down
with their fat nipples hardening in the cool air. Underneath the sleeping
bag, she began to touch her skin. It felt soft and warm beneath her
fingertips. She ran them over her breasts, stopping at the nipples to rub
and pinch them until they became as hard as Sarah’s. She rolled back over
and began to squeeze her breasts enjoying the fullness and the weight of
them, pushing them together and pulling on the nipples. One hand ran down her
stomach, under the elastic of her panties and to the fur between her legs.
She gently pulled on the hairs until the wetness began to soak the crotch of
her panties. She lifted her bottom and slid the cotton panties off her hips
and down her legs. She continued pulling on her nipples with one hand and
with the other, she found her small bud and began to rub in a circular motion
with her thumb as she first slide one finger in, then another. She felt the
first light orgasm come over her. Soft moans escaped her mouth as she pushed
her fingers in harder. Her hips began to move to the rhythm of her pumping
fingers as the other hand softly rubbed her clitoris in tiny circles.

Slowly she slid her finger from her clitoris and softly ran then over her
lips and tongue, fantasizing that it was Sarah’s cum that she was tasting.
That was it; she felt a big one coming. Her back arched as she push her hips
high off the ground. Her head was thrown back against her pillow. She was
gasping for air now, her heart pounding in her ears; with every thrust of
her fingers into her she forced back a moan as not to wake her tent mate.
Scully’s body was racked with pleasure and all she wanted was to feel the
final spasm. She rubbed her finger faster against her clit and felt her cunt
tighten, ripples of contractions drawing her fingers deeper into her. She
turned over and muffled a scream into her bag: the climax gripping her whole
body for several seconds, every muscle tightening as wave after wave of
pleasure crashed up and down from her pussy to her brain; then she collapsed
onto the sleeping bag as her juices squirted the inside the bag.

She lay there, panting, unable to move, swimming in her own cum, until her
body began to regain control. She was hot, sticky, exhausted, but - above
all - utterly satisfied. Rolling back onto her side, she nuzzled her face
into her pillow, pulled the flap back up over her neck and settled down to

* * *

As the first waves of sleep washed over Scully, Sarah was already deep in the
throws of her dreams.

~ ~ ~

She was back as a cadet at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina. It was the
night before her graduation. The very night that she had lost her virginity.
As her mind flashed over the events, the face of her first love formed out
of the mists of the past. His name was Donald; a fellow cadet named who was
from her home province of Nova Scotia. The two had helped each other through
their difficult studies becoming the best of friends. Yet friendship, as it
often does soon gave way to passion. However, being where they were,
fraternization was strictly forbidden. So they had to live through it over
the long six months without knowing the pleasures of each other.

Yet on that night, when circumstances would soon cast them apart, they could
not deny their needs any farther. They had to be together. So agreed to meet
in the law library, for this one night.

Sarah had snuck out of her barracks earlier then they had agreed upon, and
when to the library to prepare. They had just received their red serge
uniform that day as was trying it on, when her Donald remarked how cute she
was in it. This gave her an idea. Striping off her cadet issued tracksuit,
she proceeded to put on her sexiest white lace underwear and of coarse her
red serge and mountie hat.

There she waited until, at midnight, she heard her Donald at the library
door. He called out to her and she responded with a giggle. Rounding a row of
bookshelves, Donald was stopped in his tracks by one of the sexiest visions
he could ever hope to see. There was this blonde goddess, in her hat and red
tunic, which fell just below her panties giving him a perfect view of her
long magnificent legs. Her huge boobs, barely contained by low-cut bra, bulge
out pass the half open serge.

"I'm all yours now," she whispered to him gently as he brought her lips to
his. Donald’s pressed his hard body tightly against hers. His hands went up
to the front of the tunic, reaching in and grasping a big plump breast. Then
down, unbuttoning the rest, slipping it off.

He started a trail of kisses from her forehead down to her chest while his
hands fumbled with her bra. He finally found the hooks and released her
massive breasts from the bra. They bounced out, landing against his face. He
moaned loudly, with utter delight His mouth found her hardening nipples. She
I cried out as he sucked and gently bite down on them, Sarah began to wriggle
her body in anticipation. He got his shirt off, ripping off two buttons in
the process and I ran a trail down his hairy chest with her tongue. She went
to her knees, pulling down his pants revealing his boxer shorts and big meaty
cock bound within. She pulled down in the garment slowly only to have the
hunk of uncut meat spring up and slapped her cheek. She giggled and took it
in her hand, running her tongue down the length of his cock to his balls,
unsure if she could get her first cock into her mouth. She kissed her way
back up the shaft, open her lips, and slowly moved her mouth over and down
the length of his cock.

The girth of it forced her mouth to open wider as she sank lower onto it,
until she thought she would gag or choke. So she slowly moved back up his
cock. She made her lips tight around the head of Donald’s cock. She sucked
his cock deep into her mouth, releasing it momentarily, and then engulfing
it again. She quickened her pace, as Donald moved his hand and put it on
the back of her head, guiding her to suck faster. She started to feel his
hips move and buck...until she heard him say, "I'm gonna cum...stop, stop!"
She pulled off and he went to his knees.

On the Queen’s deep “shag” carpet, he laid her down. He gently started
kissing up and down her body, tugging off her panties as he did. Her pussy
was already soaking wet as his tongue located her hard little clit throbbing
in the nest of her blonde pussy hair. She moaned deeply as his hands played
around with her pussy, sticking one finger in her. She cried out in

Soon he had head was between her legs. She let out a loud moan and had to
cover her mouth to keep myself from screaming. He gently tugged on her clit
with his lips, sucking it hard. Her hips rolled widely on the carpet as he
pushed his head deeper between her legs. His tongue rolled from her clit
down to her pussy sticking his tongue deep into her, them back to her clit
again. His hands found way to her breasts bring her to her first
non-self-induced orgasm.

Her juices coated his face as he lifted his head from between her legs. He
pulled them gently wider and looked straight into her eyes. She looked down
to watched him gently inserted his cock in. She threw her head back and
gasped as she felt a sharp pain. He stopped until she told him it was ok,
and then continued to insert the rest of his cock into her. A wave of
pleasure suddenly overtook the pain as she could feel the whole length of
him inside her. He didn't move till she told him she was ready. Then he
started to fuck her hard. His cock moved out of her and plunged deep back
in. She bit into her palm as not to scream and closed her eyes. She
remembered the sound he made, loving and intense. Then her dream suddenly
started to change…the sound got loader, coarser. She opened her eyes. It was
all black, just a vague shape of a man on her, fucking the hell out of her.
The shape became more wasn’t was, Albert Crow?
No...that shape continued to change, it became more inhuman...more
animalistic.... ”Oh god no!” It was the Windigo!

Sarah woke up screaming…into the deep still night.

To be continued...


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