Authors Notes: This story takes place around the time of: "Dreamland" Episode
4, 6th season (Original Air Date: 11/29/98)

Mulder drags Scully deep in the Nevada desert to meet a "source" who
supposedly works at Area 51 and is going to give Mulder proof positive of
the government's experimentation with alien technology. Unfortunately,
before they can rendezvous' with the informant, other Area 51 officials
arrive, stopping them and directing them to turn around. As Scully tries
to haul Mulder back into the car to avoid arrest, a UFO flies overhead.

Historical Background of Other Events in the Story:


Between 1950 and 1954 the Canadian government is believed to have
investigated UFOs under the auspices of Project Magnet. Officially it was
claimed that Project Magnet was a study of `those phenomena resulting from
unusual boundary conditions in the basic electro-magnetic theory, but
documents released since that time include twenty-five UFO reports and the
startling conclusion: "It appears then, that we are faced with a substantial
probability of the real existence of extraterrestrial vehicles."

Project Magnet was discontinued in 1954 apparently because the publicity
that it attracted was embarrassing the government.


There were frequent UFO sightings by the Royal Canadian Air Force over
Alberta, Canada in the late 1940s and early 1950. Their jet pursuits of
these craft were unsuccessful, so the Defense Research Board of Canada
was directed to attempt to contact a UFO by establishing a "lure" at
C.F.B. Suffield in Albert.

The Defense Research Board established a restricted land-ing area near its
own station at Suffield. The objective was to encourage UFOs to land at
that particular location so that they could be studied and contacted. It
is thought that capture was also considered by use of technologies being
produced by Project Magnet.

The plan was determined to be infeasible and was abandoned when their odd
activities started to attract the general public. However much of the
projects findings have never been fully brought to light and is thought to
be still active, deep within the confines of the Canadian Defense Department
and or NORAD.

*Source- The UFO Encyclopedia, British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

Scully's Private X-Files Part 7 - Those Naughty Little Green Men Part 1
by Blueshadow ([email protected]) (MF,oral,mc)

"What the fuck it that!" Scully yelled, as she and Mulder stared, transfixed
at large object revolving in the sky. The huge saucer-shaped craft just hung
there turning on its axis, emitting a greenish hue. Less brilliant lights
flashed about its underside; red, then blue, then white, each colour flashed
for several seconds before being replaced by another. Only a faint, but
easily detectable, humming sound could be heard.

Out of the corner of her eye, Scully saw one of the Area 51 soldiers reach
for his assault rifle only to have the craft flash a dazzling, white light
that encompassed the entire area. Scully could move. Her entire body was
frozen in space. The whiteness of the beam seemed to grow stronger and
stronger until her it took all of her vision. Everything, the car, the
soldiers, Mulder faded away, and turned white. Then there was nothing.

Scully awoke from what she thought was a dream. But as she tried to move
and found that she couldn't she realized that it wasn't. She was strapped
securely to a high table, not unlike a medical examining table. Her atypical
pants suit were gone leaving her magnificent voluptuous body naked.

She pulled and struggled at her straps but was no use. She let out a yell in
frustration and turned her head to the right. That was when she saw it. It
appeared from the shadows. Scully let out a startled scream but the little
gray being ignored her, not even to bother to looked up from his device, that
looked remarkably like a Tablet PC, that it was carrying. It stood around two
to four feet tall, very slender and delicate looking. It had penetrating
black slanted eyes with no pupils, almost vestigial mouth and nose, a very
large head with a pointed chin. Its skin colour was light grey containing no
hair that Scully could see.

A second Gray appeared and started to talk to the first one in a low
whispering-like language. The two of them continued to ignore Scully while
engaged in their conversation. Then the first alien handed the second the
device and started to approach Scully.

The FBI Agent screamed in horror and began to panic, furiously struggled
against her bonds. But as the alien came to her and laid its hand on her
chest, she found herself suddenly calm. She was transfixed with the Alien's
eyes; she couldn't turn away.

In the corners of her vision the shadowy room seem to slip away, and reform
in the guise of her apartment bedroom. Then the alien was gone and a naked
Mulder was there in its place. The bonds were gone and she could move on what
was her bed.

Scully tried to speak, but was silenced by her partner leaning down to kiss
her. Scully found that she was unable to stop herself. This was Mulder her
partner... or was it? All she knew is that she needed him.

Dana reached out with her right arm and pulled Fox closer. He kissed her
lightly as she wrapped her arm around him holding him tight. He softly began
nibbling on Dana's lower lip alternating with soft kisses to her lips and
neck. She could feel herself melting in her partner's arms.

"Mmmmmm." She moaned, not wanting Fox to stop. She cold feel her nipples
harden against his hard chest as her breathing picked They pushed there
bodies closer together she could feel Fox's erect penis against her leg.

As he continued to nibble kiss Dana's lips and her neck, she could feel the
wetness starting to flow between her legs. Their mouths opened as they kissed
and their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Their bodies
intertwined, neither said a word as they cuddled, touched, caressed and

Dana lightly brushed her fingertips down Fox's back to his waist and then
over down the outside of his hips. Her nipples were now fully erect as his
body began rubbing against hers. He began to teasingly caress her body with
the fingertips of his right hand will continuing to nibble kiss her neck and
shoulders. He stated on the outside of her right thigh, to the top of her
thigh, up her side and then back down to her stomach then up from her stomach
up through the cleavage of her breasts to her neck across the top of her
collarbone and then back down her side of her body. She responded again with
goose bumps and she pushed herself into Fox's body. She arched her neck back
as Fox moved his lips to her neck and nibbled. Dana's body tingled from touch
of Fox's hands. She pressed her body hard against his erect penis, reached
her right hand around and lightly stroked the tip of his penis. All the while
to softly moaning in Fox's ear.

His left hand caressed her stomach, and then slowly worked up through her
cleavage and around the outside of her large plump breast. His fingertips
circled the outside of each breast before moving back down to her stomach.
Once there the fingertips followed the same path over and over again.

Dana continued to grind her body into his. Her moaning got louder as Fox's
right hand started it's path up the inside of her thigh, this time he allowed
the fingertips to slip between Dana's pussy lips feeling the sticky wetness,
lightly over the top of her clit before he flattened his hand and moved the
palm over her mound to insert a think index finger. Dana's body shuddered
each time his finger dove in while simultaneously moving his palm to grazed
over her clit.

Fox's left hand continued to manipulate her huge breasts, squeezing her
nipples. Each time he touched one of her nipples or her clit, her body
shuddered and begin to stiffen as she neared orgasm. Her vaginal muscles
squeezed his index finger. She was breathing deeper and faster as her
partner used his hands to please her.

Dana took a deep breath and then explodes in orgasm, her cum splashing over
his fingers. Her body quivered as he slowly caressed her legs and stomach
until she rode out the storm.

Then, still quivering from cumming she moved her hand lower onto Fox's
stomach until the side of her hand touched the top of his penis. Fox moaned
slightly as she ran her fingertips down his shaft and slowly massaged his
testicles then up very slowly to wrap her fingers up and down his shaft,
stopping at the head to run her fingers around the rim.

Fox slowly pulled Dana on top of him and teased her back with his fingers.
Starting with his hands together in the middle of her back, down to her waist
and then up the outside of her body gently brushing sides of her breasts. She
moaned softly as they pressed their bodies together letting his cock slid
between her slick pussy lips. Folds. She pressed her hips toward his, trying
to put as much of his hard penis inside her. They began to move together.

Their tongues found each other and darted in and out of their mouths. Deep
passionate kisses followed and she pumped wildly down on him. She started
moaning louder as Fox's tongue circled her right nipple and then her left.
They were bathed in sweat as they rocked together, her juices running into
his belly button. She was panting harder and faster as he sucked on her
nipple. Then gasping for air, she pumped up and down and then ground herself
into him. Fox sucking hard on her nipple and stroking her clit. Each time
Dana came down on his shaft he would stroke her clit with his fingers.

Heavy breathing turned to heavy panting as Dana could feel tingling in her
clit and knew she was about to explode again. Faster and faster they pumped,
harder and harder they breathed. Dana felt Fox stiffen as he shot off inside
her she arched her back and exploded into her second orgasm.

"Aaaaauggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed not realizing how loud she was.
She collapsed into Fox's arms.

Suddenly the bed rocked violently. Scully looked up to see that she was in
the alien ship and that "It" was under her. She screamed and the ship lunched
and dropped. Then, blackness!

* * *

In a complex deep under Canadian Forces Base Suffield outside of Medicine
Hat, Alberta, Sarah James, late of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was
now a Special Agent of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, (CSIS)
serving as a their Representative to the Defense Research Board of Canada
who was in charge of the complex.

She had been excited at first to be chosen to work on "Project Magnet II,"
due to her expertise in the paranormal while with the RCMP. This made here
a natural for the job of "Alien Hunter." But as the months went by, trapped
in this dreary secret base with no activity to speak of, she found it
necessary to find other things to occupy her time.

Sarah dropped to her knees before the NORAD Brigadier General assigned to
the base and pulled him towards her by his waistband. Brigadier Petrokovich,
looked toward the door of his office nervously, he knew if he got caught he
would not only lose his marriage but also his career. But looking down into
the blue-green eyes of this voluptuous goddess how could he resist. He places
his hands on her head as she unbuttons his trousers and pulled down his fly.
She giggled, as his big cock was already hard, jumping under the material of
his boxers.

"Well big boy, your ready aren't you?" she said with a chuckle. His only
response was to moan with anticipation.

Sarah James was widely known to be the hottest slut in the Canadian Civil
Service. And was widely know to have fucked her way to the top. Though this
took nothing away from her ability to do her job. For she was intelligent,
diligent in her work as well as being the best cock sucker around.

She reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock letting it hang in front
of her while she opens her blouse, and unclasps her black lacey bra to let
her massive 34F size breasts free. Petrokovich gasps at the shear
magnificence of her pronounced ascents causing him to nearly blow his load
right there on the spot. But she grabs his meat in my right hand and pulls
the skintight over his shaft. Stopping the flow of cum.

"Not yet sweetie. I want some fun first!"

Her left hand cups his balls gently as she moves towards him and take first
one ball then the other into her mouth. Never breaking eye contact. She rolls
both his balls around in her mouth, sucking, and teasing them with her agile
tongue, tasting his musky flavor. She breathes deeply, open her mouth to slip
her lips over the head of his cock. Swallowing the length of his meet as she
slowly work her way down, stretching her lips out to touch the skin of his
pelvis then draw them tight around the base of his stiff cock.

Sucking in her cheeks, creating a vacuum around his cock, she pulls her head
back up towards the tip, and then plunges his thickness down her throat,
poking her nose against him.

Spit dripped from her mouth onto her tits as she plunged up and down his
shaft with increasing rapidity. She grabs his hips with both my hands,
pulling him into her. He moves her head with his hands fucking her face
obscenely, causing her cough and drool. She feels herself getting dizzy
from oxygen deprivation. But she doesn't stop.

He reaches down to pull on her tits, fingering her huge pink nipples. With a
voracious passion, she bangs up and down and up and down the length of his
cock, feeling it stiffen and his balls tighten. She sucks harder faster,
jacking him off with both hands.

Then he hears his pager beep on the desk he was leaning on, reaching for it
with some difficulty he reads the device with on free hand. The message
simply said, "Code Alpha 1."

He swears profanely and pulls her head off of him with a jerk as he
ejaculates in the unexpected excitement of the moment. All Sarah saw was a
gigantic spurt of cum spatter her right between the eyes causing her to
squeal in surprise. It shoots all over her face, but she has the mind to
pull his cock down letting the majority of his cum coat her tits so as to
not get it in her hair.

"What that fuck is wrong with you!" she yells pissed off. He stammers and
moans something about aliens as his orgasm drops off.

"Aliens... coming... going to be- here soon. Code Alpha 1!"

"Holy shit!" She yells as she runs jumps to her feet and runs around looking
for something to wipe her face and tits off with. Finally she wipes off her
blouse to clean up, throwing it in the trash bin. She puts her bra back on as
the Brigadier pulls up his pants. All she could do was button up her blazer
and hope that her tits don't fall out. With that the couple were off down the
maze of corridors of the complex, to the Control Room.

To be continued...


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