Authors Notes:

This story takes place around the time of: "Dreamland" Episode 4, 6th season
(Original Air Date: 11/29/98)

After Mulder drags Scully deep in the Nevada desert to meet a "source" who
supposedly works at Area 51, she is taken by Aliens who performs sexual
experiments on her that releases her pent-up sexual longing for her partner.
All the while, the aliens are unaware that they themselves are about to be

Historical Background of Other Events in the Story:


Between 1950 and 1954 the Canadian government is believed to have
investigated UFOs under the auspices of Project Magnet. Officially it was
claimed that Project Magnet was a study of `those phenomena resulting from
unusual boundary conditions in the basic electro-magnetic theory, but
documents released since that time include twenty-five UFO reports and the
startling conclusion: "It appears then, that we are faced with a substantial
probability of the real existence of extraterrestrial vehicles."

Project Magnet was discontinued in 1954 apparently because the publicity that
it attracted was embarrassing the government.


There were frequent UFO sightings by the Royal Canadian Air Force over
Alberta, Canada in the late 1940s and early 1950. Their jet pursuits of these
craft were unsuccessful, so the Defence Research Board of Canada was directed
to attempt to contact a UFO by establishing a "lure" at C.F.B. Suffield in

The Defence Research Board established a restricted landŽing area near its
own station at Suffield. The objective was to encourage UFOs to land at
that particular location so that they could be studied and contacted. It
is thought that capture was also considered by use of technologies being
produced by Project Magnet.

The plan was determined to be infeasible and was abandoned when their odd
activities started to attract the general public. However much of the
projects findings have never been fully brought to light and is thought to
be still active, deep within the confines of
the Canadian Defence Department and or NORAD.

*Source- The UFO Encyclopaedia, British UFO Research Association (BUFORA)

X-Files: Scully's Private X-Files:
Part 8 - Those Naughty Little Green Men Part 2 (F-robot, reluc)
by Blueshadow ([email protected])

On a wide expanse of Albertan prairie, a herd of Canadian beef cattle graze
contently, totally unaware that in a complex deep under them, a fury of
activity is taking place.

"Status!" Brigadier General Petrokovich yells as he enters the massive
control room of the Magnet II Project followed by Special Agent Sarah James
of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, her face still damp with the
Brigadier's cum.

A Royal Canadian Armed Forces nerd, with thick glasses and a squeaky voice
sounds off while intently staring into a large radar screen, "Target 500 km
out, leaving Idaho Defence Zone and entering Montana. A flight of F-117A
Nighthawks out of Holloman Air Force Base is in pursuit and is herding the
target toward us. We have a full squadron of CF-18's scrambling out of Cold
Lake to head him off."

"Excellent." The General says taking the hand of the excited CSIS agent
beside him who was jumping up and down distracting the Servicemen with her
massive almost naked breast. She calms regains control of herself just as
an old and bent Scientist ambles towards them. "Is everything ready Doctor?"
Petrokovich asks.

"Yessss Brigadier... the nuclear reactors are online and the Electro-magnetic
Entrapment Transmission Array is ready to lift into firing position." The old
man, who would have given Albert Einstein a run for his money in the weird
looks department, said while leering at Shara's nearly open cleavage.

"Why the hell can't you just say Tractor Beam is ready like everyone else!"
The irritated general says. The old man merely shrugs and scampers off to
oversee the firing.

"Target 400 km and closing." The nerd squeaks.

"Right. Commence the activation sequence!"

* * *

Far above the cattle suddenly feel that there's something wrong. They stop
eating and look around only to have the very ground under them open up.
Segments of a great circular hatch open; peeling away like an immense flower
opening it's petals. One hapless beast, who was a little slower than the rest
lost it's footing and disappeared into the chasm to come crashing down on the
structure that was now being lifted into the warm Albertan sunlight. The
mammoth parabolic dish rises 50 meters above the prairie, turns and pivots,
locking onto the approaching alien ship.

* * *

"Target 100 km and closing."

"Doctor, you may proceed!" Brigadier General Petrokovich says to the Einstein

"Thank you Sir..." The old man returns, "Acquire target and lock on sensors.
Reactors 1, 2 and 3 to full power!" The room suddenly cuts to a red lighting
signalling that the complex was at "Action Stations." Energize the grid!"
With that the Tractor Beam starts pulsing with power, the massive compositors
ready to expel its energy.

"30 km and closing!" the nerds voice squeaking even higher with excitement.
"25, 20, 15, now 10!"

The old man, watched the targeting screen lock onto the incoming craft. He
takes a deep breath and... "Fire!"

A brilliant beam of blue energy leaps from the dish and flashes to the
saucer-shaped ship. The craft slows then comes to a stop, flames and smoke
pouring from it's damaged engines. The Dish moves down taking the ship with
it and sets it down on prepared landing pad near the secret entrance to the

Special Agent Sarah James walked up to the window of the isolation cell and
peered in at her old friend Dana Scully lying motionless on the hospital bed
surrounded by a host of Hazmat Suit wearing RCAF medical personal.

"What was she doing on that fucking ship?" She said to herself shaking her
pretty head. She opened the file she carried and once more read the report
that the assault team had given.

The Subject found lying on the floor of the examining chamber with a Type A
Grey lying on top of her, one of three that were eventually found in the
craft. When we examined them closely, we found that the dead Alien's penis
was logged within the Subject's vagina. We rolled the alien off of her and
found that she was alive, but in some form of shock...

Looking up from the confusing report Sarah spies one of the Doctors leaving
the cell, Ahhh doctor?" Sarah cries out. "Word please?"

"Ahhh, holy cow... yes?" His jaw hit the floor upon seeing this voluptuous
goddess bounce toward him. Sarah was dressed in her most professional Secret
Agent type outfit, a black business jacket with a loose fitting white blouse
beneath and a short black skirt that was slit up one side, letting her sleek
thigh poke out as she walked. Sarah sauntered up to the flabbergasted
scientist; her stiletto heals clicking on the tiled floor which in turn
causing her massive bosom to jiggle inside her blouse as she moved.

"What is the condition of the Subject?"

"Oh... ahhh... oh my." He babbled unable to take his eyes off her massive
size 34F tits.

"Doctor... I'm up here too?" She teased, drawing his chin up to look at her
in the face. "The subject?"

"Oh yes, ah - her, yes she'll be fine. She was suffering form shock, but now
she's resting comfortably. She's suffered no ill effects from the... ah alien
coupling." He once more began to stare down her cleavage.

"No bacterial dangers?" she continued lifting his chin once more.

"No, like on the ship... there's no sign what's so ever of any harmful agent.

"What about pregnancy? The reports states that the alien appeared to have
cummm- ah, ejaculated?" Sarah glanced down and noticed the man had a raging
hardon that he was trying cover with a handful of files.

"No, we caught it all before she was fertilized."

"We will she able to answer questions?"

"Not for some time, she's weak and needs rest. We've sedated her... so ah,
does that mean your free... I know a place...?

"Thanks Doctor, maybe another time?" she faked a smile while turning to

"Ok... later then? Please?"

As the doctors pitiful pleading for sex fade behind her, Sarah makes her way
to the underground hanger where the alien ship was held.

* * *

As Sarah strode across the expansive hanger towards the Alien Ship, she
flashed her Canadian Security Intelligence Service I.D. card at the two
heavily armed RCAF soldiers guarding the hatch to the UFO and walked pass
them without saying a word. The two stunned men, just watcher her cute
miniskirt wearing ass wiggle up the ramp in utter amazement.

"Holy shit did you see that!" one says to another.

"How the fuck could I have missed her, dumbass!" the other returns with a

"Should we go after her?"

"Fuck that!" The soldier said looking at his watch. I'm going for coffee."
He slings his C-7 assault rifle and heads off across the hanger. The other
soldier looks back at the hatch, shrugs and follows his mate babbling that
he wants a medium double-double."

* * *

Meanwhile Sarah walks around a long curved passageway that looked remarkably
like something one would expect to see on the set of Star Trek spin-off. Then
at once, she finds a large room with appeared to be an examination table in
it. The place was a mess, broken panels, various instruments strewn over the
floor. She makes her way to one of the wall displays to examine the buttons
and readouts none of which she could decipher. Then a green display button
caught her eye. She wondered; "The ship is powered down, what's the harm?"
reaching out, he lightly tapped the button.

The entire display suddenly lit up. She jumped back out of fright, but then
moved back closer when she noticed that the alien display was showing what
appeared to be a stylized depiction of her? The machine was scanning her.
Showing various aspects of her body. Her eyes danced around the assortment
of representations until she spied another flashing red button. More
confident, she shrugged and tapped it.

All of a sudden the door to the chamber slid shut and a flash a dazzling,
white light shot down at her from an aperture in the ceiling. Sarah could
move. Her entire body was frozen in space. It lifted her off of her feet,
flipped her over and swung her toward to the table. She screamed at the top
of her lungs, but nothing came. It was as if her entire body was paralysed.
The beam then plopped her unceremoniously on the plump little bum.

When she was able to speak again, she swore dreadfully, and tired to
scrabble off of the table only to have mechanical tentacles rise up from
the floor and clamp manacles around her ankles and wrists. They drove hard
against the table, causing her massive boobs to flop about roughly. Sarah
gyrated and thrust about frantically, murmuring horrible abuses at the
devices that had her, but she was held fast. Then as she heard a series of
mechanical bangs and whirrs, she went silent and stared at the ceiling where
the sounds came from. A circular hatch in the centre of the ceiling slid
open and a big robotic, multi-jointed arm emerged and lowered itself to her.

She tired to struggle free again, her breasts wobbling with the effort,
but it did no good. The device came down and pointed it's bulbous end at
her tits, pivoting and rolling as if it was locking into position. Then
four small side hatches on the bulbous end, peeled open letting four small
mechanical tentacles to ooze out.

"Whoa now... lets not get like that... eh?" She said desperately trying to
reason with the machine. "I don't mind a little fun with toys... ah but, I'm
not sure if I'm into machines." Strangely enough the tentacles seem to
hesitate upon hearing her talk and another door popped open on top of the
bulbous end letting out something that appeared to be a monitor unfurl and
lit up. An alien language scrolled across the tiny display screen followed
by English texts that were her exact words. "Just let me go and I won't
press anymore of your buttons... ok?" The machine displayed her words then
went black for a second.

"You are a human female?" a voice suddenly came out of nowhere. Sarah let
out a tiny scream then clamed herself.

"Yes... please let me..."

"I have been sent here to study humans." The ships said interrupting her.

"Oh I see... that's nice... ah, why not let me go and..."

"I have been sent here to study humans and their sexuality."

"Oh, oh!" Sarah suddenly understood. "Are you going to study... me?"

"Affirmative." With that two tentacles moved toward her once more, grabbed
the front of her blouse and tore it open, the buttons popping off and her
bra covered breasts jiggling with their freedom.

"Wait-wait!" Sarah cried out causing the machine stopped once more. "After
you're done, will I be let go?" she pleaded.

"Affirmative." Came the response as the two tentacles slipped over the
undersides of massive tits, cupping the large orbs through her bra and
bouncing them as if to feel their weight. Sarah just stared down at the
tentacles confused. This thing seemed to be acting more like some
teenaged boy making out for the first time than some alien mechanical
monster bent on rape.

"Can I make a suggestion?" Sarah quipped.

"Oh please do." The machine bantered. "This is my first time, ah er, studying

"The bra comes off." Works better that way.

"Oh I see... thank you human." The machine pushed the sides of Sarah boobs
together. Her tit flesh welled up in her bra and it looked as though they
were going to pop out in any second. It them then released her breasts and
her boobs bounced back. "Do all human females have, these...?"

"Breasts, ah-boobs, tits... there's lot of names for them, yes." Sarah said
now starting to relax and enjoy the machines attentions. Her fat nipples
slowly emergence from under the lacy material of the bra, her wide aureole
puffing up too as they made little indentations in the fabric.

"Ah I see." With that a third tentacle came up and... zap! A small laser beam
shot out slicing through the centre of her bra between her breasts causing
the piece of underwear to pop open. Sarah's magnificent plump breasts dropped
free, high and firm, falling only slightly to the sides. "Oh my... the alien
ship said, "theses things are big. The women of Sirius IX in the
constellation of Canis Major have eight of these... though they are no where
near as pretty as you."

"Oh go on..." Sarah says blushing.

"Oh yes it's true." The machine continues, "Compared to you, they are real
dogs!" From somewhere on the ship Sarah could swear she heard a drum rim

Two more small side hatches peeled open letting another two small mechanical
tentacles to ooze out. These with what appeared to be suction cups-like
orifices on the ends. They slithered down and attached themselves to her fat
nipples. Sarah let out a squeak of surprise but then let out a long sigh as
the intense pleasure coursed through her breasts. The two other tentacles
reached across and firmly cupped her tits, squeezing and massaging them with
what seemed to be utter enjoyment. Sarah surge and arched her back.

"Ohhhhh, yaaaaaaa like that... oh that's nice." She moaned along with panting
sighs that escaped her gaping mouth, her eyes rolling back in her head.

At the same time another robotic multi-jointed arm emerged from a floor hatch
at the foot of the table, a similar bulbous head pivoted and locked in place
between her legs. Two more tentacles shot out, gently pulled her shirt up and
moved to cautiously touch her panties. Sarah shot a glance down to see the
thing was now at her pussy, but she was too far got to care. She only let out
a loud moan and leaned back to enjoy the show.

A tentacle moved over her panties caressing, pressing on the fabric tying
spit into her pussy aided another tentacle that was tracing the outlines of
her panties. The tentacles then started pulling the panties away. Sarah
lifting her bum so that they would slip away more easily. The soft, warm
touch of the tentacle felt strangely to her at first, but good on her bare
pussy but it didn't try to push itself inside her, it just kept caressing
her outer lips making her more hornier, her juices seeping out, pooling in
the table.

Then suddenly, the maniacal let go of her and a light beam gently lifted
her up and flipped her over. She giggled childishly, now custom of being
weightless. She was laid back down on all fours without the restrains.

"Are you going to fuck me now?" Sarah said impatiently.

"Ahhhh, well... fuck, ya sure baby whatever you say." The ship said as bigger
tentacle emerged from the floor mounting, it's end the shape of a huge
tongue, 12 inches long, and 3 inches broad. It quivered and flopped about
with readiness.

Looking back at the odd device Sarah moaned, "Oh fuck... lick me you big ugly
bastard!" The ship didn't have a response for this but only pushed the curled
tip of the "thing" against her folds. Sarah cried out as the fat tongue
parted her moist folds and disappeared inside her. It wormed deeper inside
her until his seven inches was buried inside of her.

Soon the ship had Sarah shrieking with pleasure as it began to slip it's fat
tongue in and out of her. "Aahhhhhh! Aahhhhhhhh!" she groaned as the sudden
pleasure overwhelmed her. She gripped the sides of the table and humped back
on the thing.

For a good ten minutes the ship poked and ground his tongue deep inside her
as the Canadian Intelligence Agent moaned and groaned with total abandonment.
The need for release was building pleasure was building. It was coming...
coming... she arching her bum high off the edge of the table and shrieking.
A torrent of juices came gushing out splattering everything south of her.

"So much!" the machine exclaimed as it pulled away the device shaking some of
the sticky goo onto the floor.

"Fuck me, fuck me now!" Sarah screamed wiggling he arse in the air. The Ship
considered this for a second then pulled the "tongue tentacle" in replacing
it with another containing a huge dildo some 12 inches long and 3 inches
broad. She squeals with delight and braces herself for entry.

The tentacle moves the big fake cock and guided it up, placing it against her
moist folds. Sarah lifts her head up and moans as the penis nudges her pussy.
It rocks back and forth, easing the massive head of the dildo in, spreading
her soaked lips apart.

Sarah cries out sharply as the fat head parted her folds, stretching her
vagina unimaginably wide. She tries spreading her thighs wide to help it in
as it worms deeper into her. Inch by inch it goes with a continuous rocking
motion, spreading her folds apart until it slipped in as far as it can go.

With a good nine inches in her it drew back a bit and began to hump those
nine inches in and out of her with short, powerful jabs; Sarah howled and
shrieked like mad, her body bouncing, tits shaking from side to side while
she grips the sides of the table to weather the storm.

Like the dutiful whore she was, she sank down lifting her arse high for it.
The ship responded drawing the dildo almost out and impaled her with one
thrust, burying its twelve-inch cock in to the hilt. Sarah shrieked again,
clawing at the table. The ship clamped tentacles firmly around the female's
small waist and began to pump the quivering body, fucking the woman slowly
at first then slammed it's huge fake cock in and out of her while the
thrusting mashed her plump breasts into the table. It was riding its huge
cock in and out of her, withdrawing almost completely and slamming it in
again to the hilt, again and again and again. She let go, orgasms coming
more violent and quicker than the last until they just came repeatedly,
overlapping each other, cumming over and over, pussy juice squirting from
past it dildo, spattering everything.

* * *

Some time later, Sarah limps down to boarding ramp, her clothes dishevelled,
she soaked in sweat. The two RCAF soldiers look up at her astonished to see
her in such a state.

"Are you all right miss?" the senor soldier says while giving her his hand
to help her down.

"Yes,... owwww, my aching cunt." She whispers.

"What was that?" the soldier returns.

"Nothing, just don't go in there and start pressing any buttonsp you got me!"
she orders.

"Yes Sir!" the both say snapping to attention and saluting her. Sarah doesn't
reply to them but just continues on hobbling across the hanger.

To be continued


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