Disclaimer:These characters belong to Fox,and Chris Carter. I am only
borrowing them.

Rating: NC-17 (for female domination and sex)

Spoilers: Up to Amor Fai

Setting: Shortly after the death of Diana Fowley, Scully decides it's time
for her, and Mulder to finally acknowledge their true feeling for each other.
Scully decides to show him the secret side of herself she has hid from him
for so long.

X-Files: Scully's Unleashing
by Robbins ([email protected]

Dana Scully was nervous about this night. She has invited her partner Fox
Mulder over. She has made a decision. She has been In love with him for
awhile now. She knew he returned it but with the exception of him almost
kissing her almost a year ago they had not had the guts to express their
feelings. Scully's dislike of his old Partner Diana Fowley was jealousy.
She knew from the Lone Gunmen that Mulder had been Intimate with her. She
was dead now. And she was going to show Mulder her true side. Scully was
a Dominatrix. Since college she had liked being In control of sexual
encounters. She liked to tie lovers up during sex,and punish them. She
had been attracted to Mulder from the first time she met him. She tried
to deny it but,she has had plenty of fantasies of dominating him.

Mulder came In. He saw Scully looking very attractive. He tried to control

"Why don't you sit down?" she said.

He sat down on the couch. Scully closed,and locked the door.

Scully brought out a glass of wine,and two glasses over to the couch. She
sat down on the couch next to him. She poured wine into the glasses. They
both take a drink.

There Is silence between them. Scully took another drink.

"Why don't you stay here tonight?" she asked. He didn't know what to say.
Suddenly she kisses him.

She withdraws. He Is speechless.

"I'll be back" she says. She stands up,and goes Into the bedroom.

He waits for her. He doesn't know what to say to her.

Scully comes out. Mulder Is stunned. Scully is now dressed in the black
leather outfit of a Dominatrix. She has a whip.

"Like?" she asks. "Scully" he says. She cuts him off by cracking the whip.

"That's Mistress Scully!" she demands.

Mulder stands up. "I think I should go" he says.

"No you don't" she says. She cracks the whip at him several times. "On your
knees slave!" she demands. She hits him with the whip even harder.

He gets on his knees. She goes up to him. She circles around him. She pushes
him on the floor with her foot.

"You have displeased your Mistress" she tells him.

"Scully" he starts.

She kicks him.

He say "Ow!"

"Be silent! Here I am the Master, and you are the slave! You will have to be
punished!" she tells him. She kicks him, and knocks him out. She smiles.
"Your My Bitch now" she says.

Mulder awakened nude on the bed. He realized he was tied to the bed.

He sees Scully. She has a riding crop. "Your awake" Scully says.

She hits her hand with It. Mulder is afraid.

"I bet Diana never did this to you" she says.

"She is dead Scully" he says.

"I know you fucked her Mulder" she says. "She knew nothing compared to me.
And you will find that out," she said.

"You don't want to do this Scully" he says.

She laughs. "Of course I do. I have for a long time. And you will address me
as Mistress!" she says,and then hits him with the riding crop.

"I am a woman. I have needs,and desires. I am tired of waiting" she says.
"You soon will be begging me to keep going Mulder" she tells him. She hits
him again with the riding crop.

"From now on every night you will be In my bed pleasing me" she tells him.

"You are now my bitch to do with as I want" she says. She hits him some more
with the riding crop. "And you better understand I am the Master, and you are
the slave!" she tells him. She continues to hit him with the riding crop. She
enjoys doing It.

After punishing Mulder for awhile, Scully stops, put the riding crop down,
and starts to remove her outfit. Mulder Is puzzled.

He soon sees her nude. He likes the sight of her breasts,and fine tits.

She smiles "I know you have wanted to see them" she says. "They are so much
better than Diana's. And If you are a good slave you can suck them" She tells
him. Scully gets on Mulder. She grabs his dick,and squeezes hard.

"It Is now mine" she tells him. She opens her legs, and puts it into her
cunt. She begins to ride him hard.

"Please Mistress don't!" he pleads to her.

"I know you want my pussy" she tells him,and continues riding him.

Scully rides him very hard. Mulder enjoyed this. He never would have imagined
how good Scully's pussy felt.

"Oh Mistress! I'm Cuming. I'm Cuming! I'm Cuming! You are the best!" he

In the morning Scully finally gets off him. She unties him but she grabs
ahold of his hair. "Just remember at the office we are equals but here I am
in control" She says.

"Yes Mistress" he replies. She smiles.

"When we are done at work be here. We have a lot of time to make up for,"
she tells him. She then kisses him,and goes into the bathroom.

Mulder was amazed about this side of Scully. He would have never thought she
was capable of this. And he knew he was now her slave. Oh well he thought it
wasn't so bad being her slave.


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