X-Files: Special Agent Dana Scully - Alien Mind Control Slut Part 1 (m/f,mc)
by Izumino ([email protected])

Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Dana Scully woke up with a
start. What time was it? She checked the digital clock next to her
queen-sized bed. 3:30AM. Not again. She put down the clock and slid a hand
under the sheets down across her soft flat stomach to her crotch. Sure
enough, she was soaking wet.

She slid a slender finger inside the swollen lips of her pussy, and
quicklywiped the juices on her silken thighs. She ran the same hand up to
her breasts. Her nipples were hard as rubies. It was the dream again, she
was sure of it.

She'd been having the dream for months now, and it was always the same. She
had been abducted. She was back aboard the alien spacecraft, and she was
completely naked. Even her pubis had been shaved. Her ample rounded
buttocks was pressed hard against a cold metal stool, and the juices
dripping from her hairless cunt made the chair slippery. But she didn't
notice that.

No, this was the farthest thing from her mind. Because standing in front
of her, also completely nude, was her direct Supervisor at the Bureau,
Assistant Director Skinner. He had an enormous erection, at least 12 inches
long, though it was hard to see in the dream, because most of it was lodged
firmly in her own mouth. Her cheeks bulged obscenely and she could clearly
hear her own loud sucking and slurping noises as they echoed through the
metallic walls of the alien spacecraft. A long strand of drool ran from her
lower lip down almost to the floor. It took both of her hands to hold the
enormous dong, and with only the cold metal stool for support, she was both
sucking and holding on to the prick for balance. Assistant Director Skinner
looked down on her efforts impassively, hands on his strongly muscled
hips, watching her as she sucked and licked and nursed herself on his
drooling fuck rod.

God, it tasted so good! Scully licked her lips as she remembered. It was
full of salt and spunk, and every drip of pre-cum promised more, and that's
what she wanted, needed, craved--more... Suddenly, Skinner grunted. She
looked up at him with her big blue eyes, past his washboard stomach
dripping with sweat, past his well-muscled chest, to see him closing his
eyes behind his wire rim glasses and gritting his teeth. Yes! It was time!

She redoubled her efforts and began pistoning her mouth up and down on his
stiffening prick, cramming as much of his 12 inches down her throat as she
could, until she thought she would choke. Her throat bulged as she impaled
herself on the mushroom shaped dickhead. Her soft red lips were stretched
almost to the breaking point, and her eyes filled with tears.

Then--it happened! Skinner grunted, and Scully felt her cheeks balloon with
his hot, fresh semen. But it was all going straight down her throat to her
tummy! She couldn't even taste it! Not wanting to miss one delicious drop
of the precious nectar, Scully pulled her outstretched lips off spasming
dong with an audible 'pop' and aimed the juicy spray right at her beautiful
face. She wanted to watch the cum, she wanted to see it, she wanted be
covered with it. She stretched out her tongue, longing for every precious
drop of salty seed.

She was not disappointed. There was so much of it! Gallons of it, strings
of it, giant gooey ropes of it, all striped across her upturned face and
mouth. In the back of her scientifically-trained mind, she licked and
lapped and cooed, she remembered the average male ejaculate was on the
average of 10 cc's of seminal fluid. But Assistant Director Skinner was
obviously no average man!

Finally the torrential downpour of hot sticky cum began to subside, and she
began the serious work of licking up the stray strands of jizz that
decorated her face and hair and dripped from her rock-hard nipples. She
picked up the sticky ropes with her fingers, moaning and slurping for all
she was worth. As her fingers ran down the back of her neck trying to grab
an errant gooey string of cum, she briefly felt the tiny scar, already
healing, of her new alien implant.

But that didn't matter now. All that mattered was the gradually softening
cock in her hand, the sticky juice smeared on her face and lips, and the
indescribable deliciousness of Skinner's cum.Suddenly, he backed away from
her, taking his lovely dick with him. Scully contented herself with licking
her fingers, insistent on not missing one drop. She was so absorbed in her
task that she barely noticed as another man, and another huge, hard dick,
took his place.

Locking up from her chest, where she was massaging the last dregs of cock
cream into her large brown aureoles, Scully stifled a scream. Because
there, standing in front of her, was another Assistant Director Skinner, as
big as the first. And looking beyond, tearing her gaze away from the
inflamed member blocking her view, she saw at least another ten such
Skinner clones, all naked, all with thick juicy cocks that needed to be
stroked, to be sucked, that needed to pulse and throb and come--yes,
come--come on Special Agent Dana Scully's face and tits and mouth, come and
come and come for as long as it took.

And, squirming on her metal stool, her big round ass slipping and sliding
in her own sweet juices as she reached out for the tasty dong in front of
her, Dana Scully remembered hoping it would take... forever.



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