X-Files: Special Agent Dana Scully - Alien Mind Control Slut Part 2 (m/f,mc)
by Izumino ([email protected])

Special Agent Dana Scully arrived at FBI headquarters at precisely 7 AM.
After her troubling dreams from the night before, she had found it
impossible to sleep, and finally gave up and got out of bed. She turned on
the classical music station on her Wave radio and made fresh-ground coffee.
What did her dreams mean? There she had been in the alien spacecraft,
naked and cold, sucking cock after cock, swallowing load after load of
sweet salty cum, her shivering body soaked with perspiration and dripping
with sticky semen. Dana involuntarily swallowed and licked her lips. What
would Freud have said?

She padded into her spacious bathroom and stepped into the large ceramic
shower. The water was warm and steamy, and slowly she began to relax.
She lathered her fashionably cut red hair and vigorously massaged her scalp
under the soothing hiss of the shower head. After she was done shampooing,
she picked up a razor from the soap dish and quickly shaved her legs and
armpits, and then carefully began shaving her pubis. Dana frowned. When
had she started shaving her pubic area? She honestly couldn't remember.
Oh wait! Now she remembered: After she had returned from her abduction
(or whatever it was--she still didn't have a valid scientific explanation
for the bizarre occurrence, and would not rest until she found one), she
noticed her pubic area, from the curve of her navel down to the soft cleft
between her thighs, had been completely shaven. She was embarrassed, and
had tried to let the soft red hair grow back, but it was uncomfortable and,
besides, whenever she thought about not shaving herself every morning, for
some reason the impulse was instantly forgotten. So she kept herself
completely denuded down there, even in the tiny space between her vagina
and sphincter. It took time, but, for some reason, it was worth the extra
effort. Not that she had anyone to show it to! She smiled under the
shower spray.

After she was done shaving, she quickly washed the soap off her legs and
breasts, and gently brushed her fingers across the tiny scar on the back of
her neck. It was almost completely healed. She remember what Mulder had
said--alien implant indeed! Honestly, he was like a schoolboy
sometimes--aliens this, alien that. There was a perfectly reasonable
scientific explanation for all of these things, and Dana refused to have
her neck x-rayed or even talk about it any more with Mulder. She had
jumped over so many fences, run down so many dark corridors with her
flashlight, it was a wonder she wasn't *more* scuffed up!

After her shower, she put on her make-up and blow-dried her hair. Before
she got dressed, she reached into the medicine cabinet and pulled out a
bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil. She squeezed a generous amount into her
palm, and rubbed the warm slick lotion into the folds of her bare pussy,
massaging the shaved skin. She did this every morning, and it really
worked wonders. She briefly tweaked the nub of her clitoris between her
two fingers, and unconsciously bit her lower lip. On impulse, Dana pushed
her hand farther between her legs, bent over slightly, and slipped two
fingers past her oiled cunt and deep into her asshole, lubricating the
slick, tight hole. She sank her delicate fingers almost to the third
knuckle, then, sighing, took her hands away and began to wash them in the
sink. What on earth had possessed her to do *that*? She smiled--she had
to admit, though--it felt very, very good.

After finishing her morning regimen, she quickly finished dressing in a
freshly dry-cleaned Donna Karen skirt and jacket ensemble, complemented
by a crisp cotton blouse and two gold earrings. She slipped into her
sensible leather low-heel shoes, flipped off the hall light, and she was on
her way.

It was very quiet in the basement of the FBI Headquarters at 7 AM. Most of
the agents and administrative workers did not begin their days until 9 AM.
It gave Special Agent Dana Scully some quiet time to think and reflect
before she began what was sure to be a busy day of running down X-files
with Mulder. (Mulder himself usually didn't arrive at the office until
well after 9 AM, usually ambling in with a 2-day growth of stubble and
another story of alien corpses and chasing down government conspiracies.
Men!). She found a sealed manila envelope lying on her chair. The
postmark was from Comity. She sat down at her desk and used a fingernail
to tear open the package.

Inside the envelope were pictures, over a dozen of them, taken with a
portable Polaroid camera. They were pictures of women--girls, really. She
recognized them right away--they were Margi Kleinjan and Terri Roberts, the
two girls they had investigated some months ago, shortly after Dana's
abduction. Satanic cheerleaders, the newspapers had dubbed them, though
she and Mulder had discovered the girls to be harmless and not responsible
for their own actions. But these pictures--these pictures were something
entirely different.

From what Dana could make out of the background, they were in Terri's
bedroom--she recognized some toy stuffed animals on the bookshelf. But the
real animals were in the front the pictures. Both girls, no more than
teenagers, were completely naked. In the first picture they were both
facing the camera, legs completely spread, hands holding their soft young
breasts, their hardened nipples jutting out noticeably, smiling for the
camera. Dana noticed their pubic areas had been completely shaven, and
glistened with juice. In the next picture, the girls were kissing
open-mouthed, their tongues entwined. Each had the other's hands tight
against her own hairless pussy. The third picture introduced something
new--a cock, and quite a good size one, at that. Terri had one hand
tightly around the base, and Margi was underneath her, her tongue extended,
lapping at the hairy ball sac and crinkled asshole. There was no
identification of whose cock it was, but it was obvious whomever it was was
having a ball, literally, what with two horny teenage girls taking turns
lapping and sucking on his engorged cockshaft. The final few pictures
showed the aftermath of all this stimulation: both the girls faces were
covered in jizz! it was dripping from their lips and chins--even their
noses.. It was smeared on their cheeks, and blobs of cum stuck to their
hair. Their pink tongues were extended and coated creamy white. It was
obvious they had tried to swallow as much as they possibly could, but there
was just too much cum! Throughout all the pictures the girls were smiling
and giggling, their heavy-lidded eyes fogged over in obvious lust. And the
final, cum-drenched finale certainly showed they'd gotten just what they

Dana reached back into the envelope. A single sheet of paper came out.
Written in a childish hand on stationary decorated with kittens, the note
read: "Dear Dana--Here we are, just like you said, all moist and juicy.
That cock tasted so good! Wish you were here to suck it with us! We can't
wait to see you again! Margi really wants to suck your asshole! PLEASE
call us soon!" Then a P.S. in a different script, probably from Margi: "I
*DO* want to suck your asshole, Dana. Will you please let me? I'll do
anything you want. You know I will." The end of the letter was decorated
with hearts, X's and O's, and at the very bottom the paper was dark and
stained. Dana held the letter to her face and sniffed. It was as she
suspected--the letter reeked of pussy juice. Both of the girls must have
held the finished letter tight against their shaven wet slits to capture
all the teenage girl juice.

Dana dropped the letter and shook visibly. She looked down at herself, and
found her own legs were spread apart about as far as they could go. She
felt the juices oozing from her shaven snatch onto the leather upholstery.
She reached down to adjust her panties. Her panties! Dana gasped. It
was almost unbelievable, but she was not wearing panties. She was
completely naked underneath her Donna Karen skirt! How could she have let
this happen? It was like a bad dream! Still, she couldn't resist slipping
a single finger below her waist, tracing the slit of her pussy, and gently
rolling the knurled hood of her clit. God, that felt good.

"More fan mail?" Dana turned and gasped. It was Fox Mulder, of course, in
at work much earlier than usual. Luckily her chair had been facing the
wall, so she was reasonably certain Mulder has not seen her there, with her
skirt hiked up, wearing no panties, her legs spread brazenly apart, and her
fingers sliding and squelching on her drenched shaven pussy as she stared
at the Polaroids of Satan's cheerleaders sucking an enormous disembodied
prick. She quickly flipped the pictures over and stuck them back in the
envelope, along with the sweet-smelling letter. Mulder's back was turned
as he switched on his desk lamp and rearranged the day's X-files, so he saw

"Oh, good morning Mulder." Dana's voice was shaky. " You're in early. I
was just... going over these autopsy photograph from the plane crash."
That was their latest X-file--a four-seater private plane had crashed in a
wooded area just outside of the Washington, but instead of the four
mid-level executives the authorities had expected, they had found the
frozen remains of three deformed animal-like creatures (though she was sure
Mulder would call them aliens, of course).

"Well you know how much I love the wee morning hours," said Mulder. "And
besides," Mulder sorted through his stacks of colored folders and
confidential government documents, "I got a call that Skinner wants to see
us right away."

Dana's eyes widened. "Really? What for?" Dana briefly flashed on last
night's nightmare, of being forced to suck score upon score of thick cocks,
all belonging to the Assistant Director, while undergoing her alien

"Don't know. Probably just another dressing down for the suits upstairs,
to tell us we're wasting our time, or to warn us not to go where we're not
wanted." Mulder was smiling. "But I like to go where I'm not wanted."

Dana smiled back nervously. She loved her partner dearly, but he had a
talent for getting on the wrong people's nerves. She stood up and pulled
at her skirt. Hopefully no one would realize she was spending the day not
wearing panties. She couldn't really smell herself, and most of the juices
coated her inner thigh, away from the material of the skirt. "Well, she
said," let's go." It would be better to meet Skinner with Mulder there in
the room and try to face these bizarre nightmares she'd been having head
on, rather than seeing him alone and projecting her anxieties on the
innocent Assistant Director. Like everything in the physical world, this
too could probably be easily explained.

They reached Skinner's office at 7:30 AM precisely. Mulder knocked lightly
on the door and they let themselves in. Assistant Director Skinner was
sitting at his desk in his trademark white shirt and a red tie. The shirt
was stretched tight around his bulging arms and chest--it was obvious
Skinner found time between his desk work to work out at the gym. Dana
flashed on a memory from her dreams of Skinner's tight stomach muscles,
dotted with tiny drops of sweat, but quickly squeezed the thought from her

Mulder sat down. "You wanted to see us, Sir?" Dana sat down in the chair
beside Mulder, taking care to keep from crossing her legs. She could feel
the slippery wetness between her legs, and the feel of her bare ass
pressing against the material of her skirt. She hoped this meeting would
not last long because, despite her best efforts, she was having trouble

Skinner looked up from his paperwork. "Yes. I appreciate you seeing me on
such short notice. " Skinner moved his big hands across the papers on his
desk. "I've been reviewing this preliminary files on the Gunderson plane
crash. I was hoping you could brief me on your findings to date."

"Certainly, Sir." Mulder began a quick run-down on what they had found so
far. The FAA had received a distress call at 0800 hours on a shortwave
band normally used for sub space communications between government test
planes and Air Force Carrier Ships. When a SWAT team was scrambled to
investigate, they had found a 50 meter site in the Washington Federal
Forestry completely obliterated. The ground itself was covered with a
sheet of glass such as those after Hiroshima, although there was no
appreciable rise in radioactivity. There was no sign of the plane's
fuselage whatsoever. At the center of the crash site were three frozen
forms covered in a jelly-like substance that Scully had since identified as
Silicon 275, usually only found in aquatic life forms off the Caspian sea.
The bodies were brought down the Morgue, and Scully expected to be
examining them all day today. They hoped to have more answers by tonight
or tomorrow morning.

Skinner closed his file and nodded. He stood up. "Thanks for the update.
Make sure to keep a close eye on this one. There are several parties here
at the Bureau showing great interest in this case." Mulder looked over at
Scully and raised his eyebrows. Skinner looked at Scully. "Let me know
the moment you have anything to report."

"Certainly Sir," said Dana, and she rose with Mulder to leave. Fox opened
the door, and Dana followed. Suddenly she heard the Assistant Director's
voice. "One moment. Agent Scully, I'd like to talk to you alone, if you
don't mind." Fox looked at Dana again and smiled. "I'll meet you you at
the Morgue this afternoon. I have to follow up on a few things."

Mulder walked out. Dana closed the office door and turned back to
Assistant Director Skinner. She shivered slightly, even though it wasn't
cold it the room. She unconsciously ran a hand through her hair, down the
back of her scalp, and lightly touched the scar on her neck. "Yes, Sir?"

Skinner looked directly into Dana's eyes. "Isn't there something you want
to tell me, Agent Scully?"

Dana shivered again. "Sir?" She looked at Skinner as he stood up behind
his desk. The early morning light coming in from the window behind him and
made him look strong, towering, almost overpowering, like a Greek God.

"I said, isn't there something you need to tell me, Agent Scully.
Something you want to say?" Skinner adjusted his wire rim glasses and
shifted slightly on his heels.

What was he talking about? Dana furrowed her brow. Was there an
assignment she had forgotten? This wasn't like her. She was always very
thorough, an exemplary agent. There had to be something. But what was it?
Dana felt the goose bumps on her arms and a flush started from her temples
down to ankles. Of course! She smiled and looked at Skinner.
", sir?"

Assistant Supervisor Skinner pursed his lips. "Your ass, Agent Scully?"

Dana ran her hands down the front of her skirt, smoothing the material.
She felt a new rush of juice start trickling from her shaven cunt down to
the inside of her thighs. This was it, of course. It was so obvious.
"Yes,, Sir, my ass. I thought you should...fuck my ass." Dana paused.
Skinner didn't say a word, just stared at her impassively.

Dana took a few steps away from the door towards Skinner's desk. "You
see, Sir," and Dana found herself turning around, presenting her backside
to the Assistant Director. She lifted both sides of the Donna Karen skirt
up with trembling hands, up past her knees, over her thighs, until her big
firm naked ass was fully visible to her superior at the Bureau. "I shaved
myself for you. And I've lubed my ass. So you can fuck it." Dana turned
to look at him, still holding her skirt up, the cold air starting goose
bumps at the top of her thighs. Her breathing had become shallow and
rapid. "Please fuck my ass for me, Sir. Please."

Skinner smiled slightly, the very farthest edges of his lips turning up in
smile. "Come over here."

Very nonchalantly, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully turned around, hands still
holding her skirt up around her soft flat stomach, so that the Assistant
Director now had an excellent view of her shaved mons . He could doubtless
see the sleek shine of the juices that steadily flowed from her slit. She
walked up to his desk, then beyond it, until she was right next to him.
She looked into his eyes and felt a shiver of recognition. It was the same
look she remembered from her dreams of the alien spacecraft--cold, cruel,
but so intense she had to catch her breath--she couldn't look away.

"Take it out." Dana had absolutely no doubt about what the Assistant
Director was referring to. She let go of her skirt and reached out to
touch Skinner's pants. She ran one hand over his black leather belt, and
used the other to pull the belt tighter and unbuckle it. She slipped her
hands inside the top of his pants, swooning at the feel of his tight
abdominal muscles, and unclasped the snap. Then she grasped the cold tab
of his metal zipper and slowly pulled down.

Skinner's cock immediately sprang into view, lolling forward against her
wrist. Dana gasped. It was exactly as she had imagined it during her
dreams--it was huge! Twelve inches long, and very, very thick. She found
it hard to believe she had ever sucked it--it looked as though just the
head itself would choke her. She reached down to hold it. It was pulsing
and hot, and she could barely get her hand around to stroke it. A shiny
pearl of pre-cum stood out from the tip, and Dana licked her lips. The
cum! What had all seemed like a dream before now stood in stark reality,
and she couldn't remember ever being so excited in her life.

"Bend over, Agent Scully." Dana shivered. "Yes, Sir. " She reluctantly
let go of the throbbing cock-rod and walked to Skinner's desk. Without a
word, she bent over, her breasts pressed flat against the desk blotter, and
her face flush against the table top. She grabbed her skirt with both
hands and pulled it up over her buttcheeks. She was now totally exposed to
the Assistant Director, and swooning with excitement. Ever since she was a
girl, Dana had been secretly ashamed of her big ass. She was a modest
girl, with pretty red hair, attractive legs and a nice bosom--but it was
always her ass the boys had stared at, making cat-calls, saying things in
the hallway, even at the FBI field labs at Quantico. Now she felt a rush
of pride for having such a big, firm ass (she worked out 5 times a week at
the Bureau gymnasium, and on the road in whatever hotels they stayed in),
something Skinner could really grab onto. This was going to be so good!

Skinner moved behind her, and casually layed his huge dick between her ass
cheeks, sawing it up and down. Oh God--Dana could barely contain herself.
Her breathing was fast and erratic, her skin was flush, the back of her
neck and every inch of her body throbbed with desire and anticipation.
Lewdly, without thinking about it, Dana reached back with her hands and
grabbed her asscheeks, pulling them apart so her Assistant Director could
see the throbbing puckered asshole she had greased for him.

Skinner grunted. Dana felt him slide his dong up and down her asscrack,
finally slipping his huge cockhead against the sopping entrance of her
pussy. No! Dana cried out in her mind. She would love to feel every inch
of Skinner's beautiful cock deep in her cunt, but not now. Right now she
needed it up her ass. Couldn't he see that? She whimpered, and dug her
fingernails into her asscheeks, pulling them even farther apart. Skinner
continued teasing his spongy cockhead against her cunt lips.

She had to say something. "Sir? Sir, please put put in my ass. You can't
put it in my cunt later, Sir. You can put it in my cunt and mouth and cum
on my face and breasts, anything you want, but, please sir--I need it in my
ass now. I *need* it." Dana wanted to cry. She was desperate, and
overwhelmed with the intensity of her feelings.

Suddenly she felt a hot slap across her ass, then another. She could feel
her cheeks jiggle, reddening from the slap. He was spanking her! His
hands were so strong, and the slaps were very hard. Dana flushed, and felt
faint. Her crotch was drenched. Her nipples were hard as rocks, pushing
against the material of her blouse as her breasts billowed around her
chest, pressed flat against the surface of the wooden desk.

Skinner grunted, and with one thrust, slammed his bloated cockhead against
Dana's trembling sphincter and impaled himself inside her. Dana groaned
audibly. It was finally happening! He was in her ass! But the Assistant
Director did not stop there. Slowly, inexorably, he began packing the rest
of his cockshaft up Dana's ass--inch after inch after inch. Dana could
feel it filling her, stuffing her, making her feel so full she thought she
would burst. She turned her head back to look at his progress. She gasped.
There was still more! Barely half his cock was inside her ass! How could
she take it all? Tears welled in her lips, and she bit down hard on her
lower lip. Her breath came in gasps. Skinner said nothing at all, just
continued cramming his dong up Dana's overstuffed asshole.

Dana lay very still on the desk as Assistant Director Skinner casually,
methodically, without saying a word, stuffed the rest of his enormous dong
up her obscenely stretched spinchter. Eventually, when she didn't think
she could take it any longer, she felt Skinner's hairy ball-sack rest
against the outurned cheeks of her overstretched ass.. She had done it!
She had taken every inch! (As a scientist, Dana had had no doubt she would
be able to fit her supervisor's cock up her ass, having seen far larger
thing in her days had an intern. But for a moment there--about the ninth
inch, when Dana thought she could feel Skinner's cockhead coming through
her esophagus--she had had her doubts).

Now the real fun began. As Dana layed out before him, breasts crushed
flat, legs spread, cunt open, asscheeks lewdly splayed, whimpering with
lust, Skinner began truly fucking her, sawing his meat in and out of her,
her ass-ring swollen and distended, pulling and pushing his foot-long meat
until Dana thought she would lose her mind with pleasure. She was so full!
It felt so good! Thought as a Medical Doctor she knew anal orgasms had
only described in journals in purely anecdotal terms, with no scientific
proof to back them up, she knew now that it was not only possible, but that
multiple anal orgasms were easily proven. If anyone had the slightest
doubt, she wished they could see her now, her face flush with cum after
cum, her nipples hard enough to cut glass, her hairless pussy sloshing with
cunt-cream pooling on the desk.

For a moment, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully wished everyone in the bureau
could see her, right here on the desk, laying on her stomach, her
fashionable Donna Karen skirt up over her fat splayed asscheeks, her tongue
lolling out, her eyes glazed over, getting the good hard ass-fucking she
craved and deserved. Everyone could see her, everyone could watch. Men
could pull out their thick cocks and stroke them, women could lift up their
own skirts and start fingering their damp pussies, watching their fellow
agent, a medical Doctor and respected bureau operative, getting fucked and
fucked and fucked, her asshole red and swollen, her fingertips sore from
holding her sweet pink asscheeks apart, her voice hoarse from screeching
with pleasure. The men could come all over her, just like the aliens
clones on the spaceship, and the women too. She wanted them all to see.

At that very moment, there was a quick tap on Skinner's office door.
Assistant Supervisor Skinner said nothing, just kept pounding into Dana's
colon. The door swung open, and suddenly there was Fox Mulder, walking
into the Assistant Supervisor's office, uninvited and unannounced.

Dana was beside herself. Here she was, giving into an obscene,
unexplainable impulse to have herself anally violated by her direct
superior at the bureau. She wasn't wearing panties, she was splayed out on
the Supervisor's desk, her ass clearly visible, as was Assistant Supervisor
Skinner's amazingly thick cockshaft, which was buried (for the moment,
until he crammed it in again) halfway up her rump. The room reeked of heat
and sex and the mingled flavors of ass and pussy juice mixed with Skinner's
intoxicating pre-cum. What on earth would Mulder think of her?

To her surprise, Mulder looked right past her, right past her tousled red
hair, her arched back, her soft round buttcheeks beaded with perspiration,
past Skinner's cock, which, even now, continued a ruthless assault on her
butthole. Mulder look right past her to Skinner, as if she wasn't there.

"Sir, I'm sorry to pop in announced like this, but I had something I needed
to discuss with you in private."

Skinner didn't blink. As a matter of fact, he began to increase his pace,
each thrust going and deeper and deeper up Dana's horny ass. She could
hear the wet slap of his thighs against her butt and feels his heavy balls
rolling against the underside of her cunt. "What's on your mind, Agent

"I'm worried about Agent Scully, Sir. She hasn't seemed herself lately.
Ever since that..incident, when she disappeared, she's been acting
strangely. "


"Yes sir. Kind of distant, removed. I've talked to you about my
suspicions, about the implant. I've asked her to get her wounds checked
out, but she refuses."

"Really?" Skinner reached out with open-faced right hand and slapped
Dana's right asscheek as hard as he could. Dana screamed, and came. The
slap left a hot red mark the curve of her asscheek. He took the left hand
and slapped her left ass-cheek, just as hard. Dana trembled with the
beginnings of another anal orgasm. Her eyes rolled up in the back of her
head. This was almost too much to bear. Here she was, getting ass-fucked,
impaled on this huge pulsing piece of alien meat, coming like she had never
come before, coming from her ass, no clitoral stimulation whatsoever,
probably doing some kind of internal damage to herself (though, as a
Doctor, she knew her sphincter would quickly regain it's standard shape and
tightness in a short while), asking, begging really, the Assistant Director
to cornhole her, while her partner at the Bureau was right in front of her,
watching her violation but not really seeing it, as if there was some sort
of mind field or mental block, and talking about her as if she wasn't
there. She wanted to die, if she didn't die in a moment anyway from coming
so much.

"I'm very concerned Sir. This isn't like her at all."

"Well," Skinner said, and paused. He stopped his thrusting and stayed
right where he was, his muscular pelvis directly against Dana's cunt, his
cock buried to the hilt in her sphincter, her tortured asscheeks an angry
red. "I'll see if I can talk to her. I'll recommend she see the Bureau

Mulder pursed his lips and nodded. "I would appreciate that very much, Sir."

"Certainly, Agent Mulder. Now, if you don't mind," and Skinner motioned
with his hand across his desk, papers and folders askew, Dana's sweating
body writhing, her breathing coming out in gasps, her pretty suit wrinkled
and spotted with juice and pre-cum, her asscheeks covered with welts, "I
have work to finish."

"Yes Sir. Certainly Sir. And thanks again." Mulder quickly turned and
let himself out.

Without a word, Assistant Supervisor Skinner slowly pulled all twelve
inches of his enormous cock out of Dana's asshole. Dana groaned--a long,
drawn-out sigh. She had never felt so filled, and now she had never felt
so empty. She let go of her twin assglobes and brought her hands to her
sides. Gradually her breathing returned to normal. She felt Skinner step
away from the desk, and turned her head to look at him through dreamy,
half-lidded eyes. He was standing just behind her, his hard cock-pole in
his right hand, holding himself loosely around the enormous spongy head,
like some gigantic mushroom. "Stay right there," he said.

And then, without saying a word, without moving a muscle or stroking his
cock or anything, Assistant Supervisor began to come. But he was not
coming it any normal sense--there were none of the squirts and drips she
was used to from her infrequent dates with freshman from the academy. No,
this was something entirely different. This was more like a giant firehose,
spouting a steady thick geyser of hot sticky cum, like a faucet. It
sprayed out in a constant stream, hot, gushing, going everywhere--the desk,
Dana's thighs, her cunt, all over her outstretched palms. Hot jizz rained
on her asscheeks and drizzled down to her aching sphincter. It was like a
scorching rain, a baptism of hot sticky cum. Dana felt as though she had
died and gone to Heaven.

Dana looked at the warm sticky jizz soaking her hands. Unable to resist,
she brought a finger to her lips and lapped up a drop of cum. She swooned.
This was it! This was the come from her dream! It was indescribable--hot,
sticky, salty, sweet. She licked her right index finger, getting every
drop she could, then moved onto the pool of jizz in her palm. She barely
noticed that the cum that had landed on her ass and sphincter was gone now,
absorbed into her skin, the sweet ache in her asshole and buttcheeks
barely a memory. When she was done with her right hand she moved to her
left, licking and slurping and sucking, filling her belly with the cooling
jizz. She had never felt so contented in her life.

It took the rest of the hour for Special Agent Dana Scully to lick the rest
of the alien cum from Assistant Supervisor Skinner's office. After she had
cleaned her hands, she had used her fingers to collect every drop of jizz
from her trembling body--it had taken several minutes of careful exploring
just to get all the jizz that had leaked into her freshly-fucked, quickly
healing asshole alone. When that was done, she carefully bent over the
director's desk and lapped at the lukewarm pools of jizz, and after that
she got down on all fours to get at the stray drops on the Bureau's berber
carpeting. Skinner said nothing as she went about her duties, merely
adjusted his shirt and tie and rebuttoned his pants, though he had allowed
Dana, after much pleading, to clean his cock tool of the pre-cum, ass and
pussy juices that covered it. When the tool was sparkling clean, Dana
rubbed it over every inch of her face and hair and neck, paying special
attention to the small healing bruise on the back of her neck, then zipped
the monster back into his pants.

FBI Special Agent Dana Scully adjusted her smart-looking Donna Karen suit,
ran a hand through her tousled hair, and licked a final drop off jizz from
her fingernail. Assistant Director Skinner was already back at work, his
files spread across the wooden table top freshly cleaned by Dana's own

"Will you be needing anything else, Sir?"

"No thank you, Agent Scully." said Skinner, without looking up from his
files. "That will be all."

Dana sighed, and walked out of the Assistant Director's office back to her
room in the basement of bureau headquarters.



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