Welcome to the latest story by The Dark Ranger! For those of you who have
read any of my earlier stories (like the "Agony in Pink" stories), you
know what to expect. For those of you who haven't read them, and may be
unfamiliar with my work, here goes:

This is an EXTREMELY STRONG story. It contains scenes of bondage, extreme
torture, and rape, all of it completely and totally non-consensual. If this
is not your cup of tea, or you don't want to see characters from The X-Files
in situations like that, don't read on!

Also, since this is technically an X-Files fanfic, here are the standard


CLASSIFICATION: Very strong Scully Torture

SUMMARY: Mulder and Scully make a discovery, and Scully is captured to try
and get the information from her.

DISCLAIMER: All the characters are owned by Fox and the regular owners.
The story is just that - a story. It is only about the characters on the TV
show and NOT about the actors and actresses who play the characters.

X-Files: Suffering Scully
by Dark Ranger


The three men pulled on their jackets and turned to the woman who sat at her
desk, dutifully typing at her keyboard.

"Hey, are you coming? We're going to lunch," one of them called back to

She smiled slightly. "No, sorry, I've got too much work to do."

"OK," another man said. "We'll see you in about an hour!"

"Bye! Don't eat too much!"

All four of them laughed as the three men walked out the door.

The smile left the woman's face the instant the men left. She walked to the
door and waited until she was sure they were out of the building. She ran
back to her desk, opened the drawer and pulled out a piece of paper that was
empty except for a single name on it. She picked up the phone and dialed.

"Hello," she said to the voice on the other end. "I need the phone number
of the FBI in Washington, D.C."

Chapter 1

When Scully turned the corner, Mulder was there. In one way, that worried
her. If Mulder was on time, it was usually serious.

"Did anybody follow you?"

Scully looked at him concerned. "No. Why?"

Mulder looked around and then turned to her. "Because I've got the biggest
break I've ever gotten."


"I've heard from someone who knows the source of the disk."

"The one Krychek stole?"

"Yes, but nobody knows that. They all think we still have it."

"Who's your contact?"

"A woman from the US envoy's office in Hong Kong. I'm on my way there."

"Hong Kong? Now?"

Mulder got close to her, leaned in and spoke with an intensity that almost
worried Scully.

"Listen to me, Scully. This is it - this is the most important lead I've
ever gotten. I'm convinced that it will lead me to answers - answers that I
've been searching for most of my life."

Scully looked at him. "OK, Mulder, but wha■"

"Scully, I'm serious," Mulder interrupted, agitated. "You need to be
careful. We both need to be careful. I'm close. Closer than I've ever
been. There are people - and you know who I'm talking about - who would
give anything to know what I now know. They'd DO anything to know what I
know. You need to be careful."

Scully nodded. "OK, Mulder, you know I'll be careful but■"

"No buts. Be careful - be extra careful. I won't be answering my cell
phone. But I'll call as soon as I find anything. But remember - be

And with that, he turned and left. Scully watched him go - he never ceased
to amaze her.

Scully decided that it was better to be safe than sorry. Although she
trusted Mulder's instincts - trusted them a lot, probably more than she
should - she always felt he was a bit dramatic. She suspected that this was
another of his wild goose chases, and that it would amount to nothing.
Whether because it this was a bad tip, or because they - that mysterious
"they" that Mulder always spoke about - were so good at covering their
tracks, she felt that almost certainly this would end up another dead end.

But sometimes Mulder was right. Sometimes he chanced onto things that he
shouldn't. And he was pretty adamant about this. And if he was right, and
he had stumbled onto the source of the missing disk, it was big. Really
big. So, she decided to spend the night at a small motel and pay for the
room in cash. She registered under a pseudonym - "Melissa Smith" - and,
after double locking the door, went to sleep for the night.

When she woke up the next morning, she ordered breakfast from room service -
coffee and a bagel with cream cheese - and then showered and dressed. She
wondered if Mulder would be back by now - she didn't think so, but sometimes
he was. More importantly, she would have to explain his absence to Skinner.
Luckily, Skinner usually understood but if Mulder had chanced across
something she knew she'd have to dance a little bit.

As she answered the door to let room service in, she started thinking about
excuses she could make for Mulder and possibly what she could do to help him.
The hot coffee was good - better than the coffee she got in the office - and
she started to gather her stuff to go to work when she started to feel woozy.
She stood up and was so dizzy she had to sit back down. Then the room started
spinning around. She looked at the coffee and realized that it had been
drugged. She reached for her gun, but couldn't even grip it. She tried to
grab the phone but she collapsed to the floor, unable to move. She heard the
door open, and saw two men enter the room, and that was the last she saw
before drifting into unconsciousness.

Chapter 2

Scully woke up. She found herself in a chair. She tried to move, but found
that her hands were bound behind her back with handcuffs. She was still
feeling slightly woozy from the effect of the drug, and the brightness of
the lights caused her to wince. It took a few moments to completely regain
control of herself, but once she did she checked out her surroundings.

She was in a small room. There seemed to be no furniture in it except for
the chair that she was tied to. The room was lit by a single bare light
bulb that hung on the roof. She tugged once more at the handcuffs, trying
to see if there was any give in them, but there wasn't any. Again, she
looked around the simple room to look for a way out. That was when the door

In walked two men. She recognized them both and her heart sunk at the
recognition. One of them was the man who worked for the mysterious
consortium that Mulder had told her about. She recognized him because they
had met in a railway car, and he divulged the secrets of her abduction. The
other was easily recognizable by the Morley cigarette that hung from his
mouth. They spoke together for a moment, and the older man left, leaving
Scully alone with the Cigarette Smoking Man. He pulled up a chair and sat
next to her. She regarded him apprehensively.

"Agent Scully," he began, removing the cigarette from his mouth and holding
it with him thumb and forefinger in the familiar way. "Let not make this
any more unpleasant than it has to be."

Scully looked at him. "Then let me go."

The Cigarette Smoking Man took a drag on his cigarette. "I think not," he
said. "I'm afraid you have information that is vital to us. Why don't you
just tell us where Agent Mulder is and where the two of you put the disk,
and we can all be done with this."

She looked at him, her blue eyes steely. "I don't know what you're talking
about. I don't know where Agent Mulder is, and I don't know anything about
any disk."

The Cigarette Smoking Man shook his head and exhaled a cloud of smoke into
Scully's face. "No, I'm afraid that won't do at all. Now, tell me where
Agent Mulder is, and tell me now!"

Scully held back the impulse to cough. She was determined to keep Mulder
and her secret.

There was a nervousness about the Cigarette Smoking Man that Scully, as a
trained investigator, sensed immediately. She felt that somehow, she had
the upper hand in this stage of the interrogation. He was anything but
smooth in his questioning and her continued denials only seemed to make him
more nervous. Finally, after stubbing out one cigarette, and pulling out
and lighting another, he stood up and went to the other man.

The Cigarette Smoking Man spoke. "She won't talk."

The other man spoke firmly. "We need to know what she knows. There can be
no limits on our attempts to find the information."

"What about the Mulder issue?"

"We can't worry about that now. This information is far too important. We
need it. Mulder's value to the project is insignificant compared to the
damage that can be done if this situation is left unresolved. We need her
to talk. There is no other option." He looked at the Cigarette Smoking Man
with a level of distrust. "I trust you understand?"

The Cigarette Smoking Man took a long drag on his cigarette and smiled
nervously. "Of course I understand. I was only making sure everything was

"Everything has been considered. And we need the information. And I've
brought some people to help us." With that, he opened the door and in walked
two people. One was a man, in his 40's, 6.2", slim, and very muscular. He
was graying at the temples and wore a black suit. The other was a woman,
with short blonde hair. Her face looked heavy, a little pasty, like she had
an excess of makeup on. To Scully it looked like she may be covering some
scars. Scully looked at them, trying to remember every detail, and tried
even harder to listen to their conversation.

The man in the suit turned to the two other men. "Per our conversations, I
will extract the desired information. I understand that time is of the
essence, but you understand that trained agents such as this one can take
time. How much time do I have?"

The larger man spoke. "We don't really know. One day, two at the most."

The man in the suit turned to his female partner and they both nodded in

"I see. We will do our best. And I trust our payment arrangements are
satisfactory? The monetary amount and what we agreed upon?"

The older man looked at the Cigarette Smoking Man before speaking. "Yes.
Just make sure there is no evidence of our■ agreement■ when you are
finished." And with that he strode out of the room.

The Cigarette Smoking Man walked over to where Scully was and leaned down to
Scully. She thought she saw fear in his eyes, and it confused her. He
dropped his cigarette on the floor and rubbed it out with his foot. "Tell
us where Mulder is. Tell us what you know."

Scully looked at him with steely resolve. "I don't know anything."

He lunged at her and grabbed her by the arms. She gasped in stunned
amazement as he lost all control and started yelling at her.

screamed at her, his face just inches from hers, his cigarette smoke tainted
breath filling her nostrils.

She looked at him and remained silent.

The Cigarette Smoking Man dropped his head dejectedly. He stood up straight
and took out a cigarette and lit it. He looked down at Scully through the
smoke. He walked back to the door and turned to the man and the woman.

"Make her talk. Do whatever you have to," he said. He cast one last look
at Scully and walked out the door.

The man and woman walked up to Scully. She looked at them with apprehension.
The woman reached out and stroked Dana's red hair.

"This will be fun!" the woman whispered, a look of glee overtaking her face.
Her voice sounded vaguely familiar, but Scully couldn't place it. She'd
remember it, though.

"Now, now," the man said, "business first. Then pleasure." He looked down
at the FBI agent, still bound to the chair.

"Hello, Agent Scully. Let us introduce ourselves. While names are
unimportant - indeed, the last thing we want you to know is our names - but
we can tell you what we do. Our job is to get you to tell us what you know.
And believe me, we will make you tell us what you know. Right now, we will
be taking you to our workshop. The trip will take a short while, and during
the trip you should give serious consideration to telling us what you know
right away." He turned to the woman. "Prepare her."

The woman walked forward and took a handkerchief and put it in Scully's
mouth. She then wrapped gauze around Scully's head, securing the gag in
place. She then put a sack over Scully's head, plunging her into darkness.

Once that had happened, Scully could feel two pair of hands grabbing her.
They took her out of the chair and led her away. She could feel that she
was being led outside and then into some vehicle. Based on the feel of it,
Scully assumed it was a van. She heard the door shut and they drove off.

Chapter 3

The toughest part was not panicking. Scully knew that what they were doing -
sensory deprivation, bondage, forced traveling to a strange place - was all
designed to weaken her so that she would be more susceptible to questioning.
She tried to fight off the panic as well as she could.

She couldn't quite gage the amount of time she spent bound and hooded in the
van. But eventually they stopped. With the hood still over her head, she
could feel herself being led into a building. She descended several flights
of stairs and could hear metal doors closing shut behind her. The effect
was terrifying - these guys were good, and that made her even more nervous.
Finally, the hood was removed from her head. As her eyes accustomed
themselves to the light, she looked around at the room she was in and had to
stifle a shudder.

The room was clearly a torture chamber. There were tables and benches, all
of which had straps on them which, Dana presumed, were used to secure
victims. There were machines with dials, tables full of clamps and other
assorted instruments, hooks from the ceiling and walls, and whips and chains
hung from the walls. In addition, although all the tables and instruments
were spotless - the metal on the strap buckles actually glistened in the
harsh light - there were abundant bloodstains on the walls and floor. As
far as Dana could tell, there was only one door, and that was the one, she
assumed, they entered in. The room was obviously designed to instill terror
and to that end it was successful - Scully was filled with terror. But she
was determined to be strong - she must not betray Mulder. She needed to
give him as much time as possible.

The woman walked up behind Scully and grabbed her arms. The man put Scully's
chin in his large hand and turned her face up to his. She looked directly
into his eyes as he spoke.

"Have you reconsidered your position?" he asked.

Dana remained silent.

"I'm warning you, this is your last chance."

Dana turned to him defiantly. "Let me go. I am an FBI agent and the people
you are working for are not agents of the US government. They are a rogue
gang who operates under their own laws. You cannot count on them for
protection from this. Let me go!"

The man laughed. "But we want to let you go, Agent Scully! Just give us
the information, and it's all over. You don't know where you are. You don'
t know who we are. We've been extremely careful in this regard. Tell us
where your partner is and where you hid the disk and we will drop you off
someplace safe and that will be that."

"Let me go," Scully repeated firmly. "I won't tell you anything, because I
don't know anything to tell you. Just let me go."

The man looked at her with some level of annoyance. "This is you last
chance, Agent Scully. Tell us..."

"I don't need any last chance," she replied, still trying to reason with
them. "I don't know anything. Just let me go!"

The man turned away and waved his hand. "Well, she can't say we didn't try,"
he said to the woman. "Help me prepare her."

With that, the woman took the handcuffs off of Scully. She picked up a gun
and pointed it directly at Scully's head.

The man's voice was firm and demanding. "Take your jacket off," he said.

"I will do no such thing," Scully retorted.

The woman cocked the gun and steadied it.

"Take your jacket off NOW!"

Scully had no choice. She took off her suit jacket and tossed it aside.

"Now your shoes."

Again, Scully was left with no choice. She kicked her shoes off. Standing
in her stocking feet she felt even smaller than she did before as she stood
before the man and the woman.

"Now the skirt."

Scully gathered up her courage. "No. You've got to stop this. You've got
the stop this now. I'm a Federal agent. This is a federal crime. You need
to... UUUUGGGHHH!!!"

Scully was interrupted by an arm around her throat. The man had sneaked up
behind her and wrapped his arm around Scully's throat. As she reached up to
grab his arm, the woman interrogator put down the gun and walked up to the
struggling Scully.

As Scully struggled to get the arm away from her throat, she felt her skirt
being pulled off. The woman unbuttoned the squirming agent's blouse and,
with help from the man who held one of Scully's arms motionless and then the
other, pulled the blouse off. The woman then pulled off Scully's pantyhose,
leaving her only in a bra and panties. Finally, she pulled off Scully's bra
and peeled off her panties, and then the man released the now naked FBI
agent. Scully fell to her knees, gasping for breath.

Rubbing her neck, the full import of her situation struck Scully and she
stifled a sob. She was completely naked and vulnerable on the floor of a
torture chamber. She felt a yank in her hair and her hand instinctively
went to them. The man who held her hair spoke.

"Stand up," he ordered, and pulled.

Scully stood up and as she got to her feet, the man let go of her hair and
walked a few paces to get a good look at her. Scully was utterly miserable
and humiliated, as she stood nude before her tormentors. The floor was cold
under her bare feet and she desperately fought the urge to cover herself
with her hands. She had to retain control, she knew that. The nudity was
another weakening technique, to humiliate her and make it easier for her to
break. Scully knew that she was extremely nervous about her sexuality. But
it was important that the two other people in the room not know that. She
couldn't give them that edge, that insight into her character. So she stood
naked, arms at her side, exposing her body to the leering eyes of her

And a lovely body it was too. Both the man and the woman were a little
stunned at the beauty of the body that was under that frumpy FBI suit that
Scully wore. Scully was small - about 5' 2" or so - but wonderfully shaped.
Years of FBI training had given her a killer body. The man thought that his
partner was right in her first thoughts - this WAS going to be fun. But he
stifled that thought. Business first. So he walked in front of Scully.
She stood taller, defiantly. The man smiled. After years of interrogation,
he could read his subjects and read them well. The nudity was eating Agent
Scully up inside. This show of bravado was just that - a show. He spoke to

"So, Agent Scully, why don't you tell us what we want to know. We want to
know where Agent Mulder is, and where the disk is.'

Scully looked straight into his eyes. "I've told you already, I don't know.
I realize you're getting your jollies by looking at me in this condition,
but it's not going to change anything. I didn't know anything with my
clothes on, and I certainly don't know anything now that my clothes are off."
Scully hoped that by actually mentioning, and not ignoring, her nudity, it
would show that, while an annoyance, it didn't have the deep-rooted effect it
was having.

The man sighed, and Scully felt her arms being pulled behind her. The woman
had walked behind Scully and grabbed her arms. As soon as she did, the man
walked up and together, they grabbed Scully.

Holding Scully firmly, they brought her over to a narrow bench and placed
her face down on it. The woman put all her body weight on Scully, holding
her against the bench. The man secured straps at Scully's shoulders, lower
back, the back of her knees, and across her Achilles' tendon at the back of
her ankles. Once Scully was secure, the man got a large bucket and filled
it with water. He put a stool at the head of the table that Scully was tied
to and put the bucket on the table. He went to Scully's face.

"Where is Agent Mulder," he asked. Scully didn't answer and he grabbed her
red hair and forced her face into the bucket of water. Scully struggled as
the man held her firmly underwater. The man looked at his watch and after
10 seconds he pulled Scully's head out of the water. She came up and took
a deep breath, inhaling quickly and loudly, drinking in the air.

"Where is he?" the man asked. Scully looked at him, panting hard.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

The man gave Scully's hair another yank and pushed her face back into the
water. Scully thrashed and kicked at her bonds to no avail. After about 30
seconds, he roughly pulled Dana out of the water. She came up and gasped
with a loud throaty noise, sucking precious oxygen into her lungs.

"Tell me where Agent Mulder is, and where the disk it," he asked calmly.
Scully looked at him with wide eyes, panting for breath.

"I don't know anything," she gasped, and he cinched his grip on her hair
causing her to wince and pushed her under again. He nodded to the woman,
and she picked up a cane and sent it whipping down on Scully's shapely ass.
Scully thrashed, and bubbles came up from the water as she screamed from the
unexpected shock and pain of the lash. He pulled the helpless agent's face
from the water she came up choking and coughing, struggling against the
straps that held her, fighting for air. Her face was bright red.

"Where is the disk?" he asked. Before she had finished coughing he pushed
her back under the water. The panic that Dana felt was unbelievable. She
desperately tried to hold her breath when the woman struck her hard three
times on her tender ass. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! She tried to control her
screams but found herself unable to and water started filling her lungs.
Scully was filled with absolute panic. The man brought her up again and her
face was purple, trying to cough but lacking the air to do so. The woman
reached over and slapped Scully hard on the back. Water ran from her mouth
and she immediately began gagging, choking, and coughing.

"No more■ please no more■" Scully whimpered once she was able to speak.

"It can all be over now, " the man said. "Just tell us where the disk is?
Where Agent Mulder is!"

Scully steeled herself. She couldn't betray Mulder. She just couldn't. It
was too important. She wouldn't betray him. She still had too much inner
strength. Tears began to flow out of her eyes as she shook her head "No."

The man forced Scully's head back under water, and the woman laid into
Scully's ass with a fury. Scully was going wild as the woman stuck Scully's
ass again and again and again and again. Finally, the man pulled Scully's
head out of the water and gave her another hard slap on the back to dislodge
some water from her lungs. Her ass was bright red from the beating.

"No more■ please no more..." Scully whimpered in misery.

"Then tell us where Agent Mulder is!"

"No more... please, I don't know... no more■ please... please... I don't

As Scully lay there, crying and panting and gasping for breath, they
loosened the straps that held her down. They grabbed her arms and lashed
her wrists tightly together. Dazed, she was led to a corner of the room
until she was standing directly beneath a pulley. The woman bent down and
lashed Scully's ankles together, while the man went to the crank and pushed
a lever on the side on the crank. It unwound, and the rope dropped to the

Scully was just getting her wits back about her when she felt the woman grab
her bare legs and force her ankles together. She was aware of rope being
wrapped around her ankles, securing them together. By the time Scully had
recovered enough from the dunking to resist, her ankles had already been
securely lashed together. She strained at the ropes that held her wrists
and ankles together and found they wouldn't give.

The man reached down and picked up the end of the rope that hung down from
the pulley. The woman walked up to Scully and reached her arms around the
bound agent and held her firmly in a bear hug. Scully tried to look in her
face, but could only see the side of her head.

"You should just let me go," Scully said softly, trying to reason with the
woman. "This is a federal offense you're participating in. The FBI will
find you. If you let me go right now, I'll see that there are no charges
filed against you. If they find you with me, there's nothing that can be
done and you'll go to jail for a long time. Just let me go. Don't let him
do this to me!"

While the woman held Scully, the man was wrapping the end of the rope around
Scully's bound wrists, making certain that it was securely attached. Once
he was certain it was correctly attached, he spoke.

"I hate to interrupt you two, but we do need to find out where Agent Mulder

The woman let Scully go, stepped back a couple of steps and smiled. "She
says she doesn't know," she said softly, and once again a rush of familiarity
went through Scully.

"Well," the man said mockingly, "Let's see if we can refresh her memory."
And with that, he walked to the crank and grabbed the handle.

The man began to turn the crank. Scully felt a tug on her arms as the rope
lifted her bound wrists up in the air. The cranking continued and her arms
started to twist into a very uncomfortable position. After a few more
cranks, Scully's wrists were at shoulder level and pressure began to build
on her shoulders. A few more cranks and the pressure turned to pain. The
pain increased as the man continued to turn the crank. In an attempt to
relieve the pressure, Scully lifted her bare heels off the floor and stood
on the balls of her feet. She winced as the pain shot through her shoulders,
but she kept silent. The man stepped away from the crank and walked towards

"Well, Agent Scully," the man began. "Anything to tell us?"

Scully grimaced and just shook her head. The man nodded to the woman, who
was now standing by the crank, and she turned the crank two more times.

The pressure on Scully's shoulders increased, and she raised up even higher
on the balls of her feet.

"Anything at all, Agent Scully," asked the man. "Just tell us where Agent
Mulder is, why don't you."

Scully didn't even respond. She was trying desperately to ignore the searing
pain that was shooting through her shoulders. But she was determined to keep

The questioning continued. The man would ask about Mulder, and Scully would
resolutely keep quiet. The woman manning the crank would dutifully turn it
every time Scully refused to answer, lifting the helpless agent's arms even
higher. Finally, her wrists were up behind her neck, and she was up high on
the tips of her toes, desperately balancing on the very tip of her big toes
while her other toes wiggled desperately trying to find the floor to help
her out. Scully was in excruciating pain - it shot through her shoulders
and her feet began to cramp with the effort of trying to balance on the very
tips of her toes. Her torturers watched her struggles with amused looks on
the faces and then spoke to her again.

"Well, Agent Scully, that looks mighty uncomfortable!" mocked the man. "Why
don't you just tell us where Agent Mulder is and end this now."

"I told you before," rasped Scully, "I don't know where he is."

"A pity," said the man. Then, turning to the woman at the crank, he said,

The woman, her face filled with sadistic glee, turned the crank several
times, and Scully was unable to stifle a cry of pain as her toes lifted off
the ground and she was hanging from the ceiling. The pain shot through her
shoulders as the entire weight of her body was on her stressed shoulders.
Her bare feet desperately twitched, her supple toes trying vainly to find a
spot where they could support some of the weight. The man viewed her with
satisfaction, and then nodded to the woman. Scully gasped as the crank was
turned several times until her toes waved a good foot off of the floor. The
man waved and the lifting stopped. He then knelt before Scully's hanging
body, and grabbed her bound legs. He forced her waving legs straight, end
grabbing her bare foot, forced her foot into the "en pointe" position, her
toes pointed and extended. He looked at her bare feet and then the floor
for a few seconds, and then, letting go of Scully's bare foot, he turned to
the woman manning the crank.

"That's the height. Let me show you how to set the stop," he said, and
walked to the crank.

Scully was in a daze from the pain that was coursing through her shoulders
and chest. As she struggled to maintain control of her senses, she could
hear the two torturers fiddling around with the device, although it was out
of her sight. The man then walked in front of her and she looked down at
him through a tear filled haze. She expected more questions, but instead he
turned and nodded to the woman who began to crank.

Scully was dazed as she was lifted high off the ground. She was lifted
until Scully's bare feet were just about at the top of the man's head when
the cranking finally stopped. Scully moaned in misery.

"Well, now, let me ask you once more," the man said softly. "Where is Agent

"I told you," moaned Scully, "I don't know, I don't kno■. OOOOHHHH!!!!"

The woman had hit a switch, and the pulley released and Scully came flying
down and stopped short with her feet about a foot or so from the ground.
Agonizing pain shot through Scully's arms, shoulders, and chest. She had
never felt anything like it before, the pain was so extreme, so intense, and
so unexpected that she screamed.


The man walked up to her. He cupped her left breast in his right hand and
began to massage it. Scully was in so much pain she almost didn't realize
it was happening.

"Do you want to tell us where Agent Mulder is now?"

"I don't know, I don't know... please, I don't know..."

"Very well," the man said, and motioned to the woman.

Scully could feel herself being lifted up again.

"Oh, no, oh God please no, please no please don't please I don't know oh
God, please no oh please oh nooOOOOOOOOO!!!!! AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!!!

Once again, she had been lifted into the air and dropped. This time, the
pain was even more intense. It was so intense that Scully was afraid they
had dislocated her shoulders. She feared that her breastbone would shatter
from the force. She hung, her bound bare feet waving pitifully in the air,
tears streaming from her face.

The man nodded to the woman and she went to the lever and flipped another
switch. The rope loosened entirely, and Scully came flopping down onto the
floor. Her bound naked body writhed pitifully on the floor as she whimpered
in pain.

The man knelt before her and grabbed her red hair and forced her face to
look at his.

"Now, Agent Scully," he demanded, "tell us where Agent Mulder is."

Scully could barely see through her tears and could barely speak through her
pain. "I don't know■" she whimpered.

The man's face contorted in anger, and he reached behind Scully and grabbed
her arms and wrenched them back quickly. Scully screamed as the pain tore
through her shoulders, and the pain was so sudden, and so intense, that she
passed out.

The man checked over Scully's limp form. The woman walked over as well, and
after checking her out he spoke.

"I don't see anything dislocated or broken," he said. "Let's let her rest
for a while before we proceed."

Chapter 4

< November 10, 8:33pm>

A bucket of cold water caused Scully to awake with a start. Her arms and
shoulder ached horribly, but she noticed that at least her arms were no
longer bound. As soon as her wet, naked body began to stir the man and
woman grabbed her by the arms and pulled her to her feet. Scully let out an
involuntary shriek of pain as her shoulders throbbed, and was unable to
resist as she was dragged across the room, her feet curled, the top of her
toes scraping along the floor.

Scully was thrown onto the narrow table. The man and the woman kept their
hold on Scully's arms, and each one pushed the arm they held onto the table
and secured a strap around her wrist and another one around her elbow. Once
her arms were tied, they each went to Scully's legs, forced them apart, and
strapped her ankles to straps that came out of the corner of the table.
They then secured another strap over each of her knees. Next, one thin
strap was secured just under her breasts and another over her abdomen,
midway between her navel and the top of her pubic hair. She was firmly
secured to the table, there was no escape.

Scully looked around, absolutely filled with terror. The woman who was
torturing her rolled a table next to her. On the table was a hand-crank
magneto, with a bunch of wire attached. The man walked over and they
conferred briefly. The man then picked a handful of wires and a roll of
tape and the two of them walked over to the end of the table where Scully's
bare feet were bound.

"Come over here and hold her feet," the man asked.

Scully looked on in horror and the woman walked over, obviously gazing
lustfully at her bare feet. As the woman walked over, the man stripped the
insulation off the end of ten wires. He looked at Scully, who was watching
with terror.

"Ten toes, ten wires," he said, and the two torturers laughed.

Still laughing, the woman grabbed Scully's right foot with both her hands
and held it firmly. The man began inserting a freshly stripped wire under
each of Dana's toenails. As he slid each one under Scully, unable to
control her response to the pain, shrieked in agony and struggled wildly.
It took all of the woman's strength to hold Scully's foot in place so the
man could insert the wires. Finally, all the wires were under Scully's
toenails. Scully looked at the man who now stood at the magneto.

"Where is Agent Mulder, Agent Scully," the man asked, for what seemed like
the millionth time.

"I've already told you I don't kno... oooOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

The man started turning the crank before Scully could even finish her answer.
Scully began screaming hysterically as the powerfully electricity shot under
her toenails. Scully knew that the nail beds were one of the most sensitive
areas of the human body, and she was certain that electric shocks under her
nails would be painful, but she had no conception of just how painful it
actually was. She screamed and screamed in pain, thrashing wildly in her
bonds. Her toes curled and tensed and wiggled as the voltage shot through

The man stopped cranking, and Scully, drenched in sweat, collapsed onto the
table, breathing heavily. And then, after a short respite, he began cranking


As the powerful shocks pulsed under her toes, Scully screamed and wailed
and thrashed. Her entire body tensed and strained, shaking with pure,
unadulterated pain. Her fingers clenched into fists, struggling at her
bonds, and her toes clenched and twitched. After what seemed like an
eternity to Scully, the man stopped cranking.

Scully lay pitifully on the table, panting and gasping for breath. She
kept her eyes close, for she feared if she saw her torturers smiling at her
suffering, she might go insane. She kept her eyes close, waited in dread
anticipation for the fiery agony to consume her toes and bare feet again.
But it never came and finally, she opened her eyes and saw that the man was
not at the magneto, but was sitting next to her.

"Why are you doing this, Agent Scully?" he asked, almost sympathetically.

"What do you mean? I told you I don't know anything," she replied, hoping
again hope she sounded believable.

He just shook his head. "You're a doctor, Agent Scully, a doctor. You know
what's going to happen. You know how you're going to react to the torture.
You're going to break down and tell us everything. You know you will. It
may take hours or it may take days, but you will break. You know it. You
know the human body can only withstand so much physical pain until the mind

Scully's heart sank as she heard him speak. "We are professionals at this."
he continued. "I'm sure you've figured that out by now. We're not going to
make a mistake, and we're not going to stop. We've barely begun. Your pain
will become greater and greater until you beg me to let you die. But you
will not die, only go on suffering for hours and days and weeks, until you
tell us what we want to know. I know it. You know it. Why not save
yourself the unbearable agony and just tell us what we want to know?"

His words were convincing, as he knew they would be. Dana knew, in her
heart, that he spoke the truth. Everybody breaks under torture sooner or
later. The only ones who didn't were those who died, and her torturers
clearly were too experienced to let that happen. For a brief second, the
thought of telling everything and escaping the pain was very appealing. But
she couldn't betray Mulder that quickly. She knew that eventually she would
break, but she was determined to hold out as long as she possibly could.
Because she knew that the monsters that held her didn't have days or weeks -
shortly, Mulder would have completed his trip and be back in Washington.
She had to hold out as long as she could, and hope that she gave him enough
time. After all he had done for her, she owed him that. She looked at the
man and said, for what seemed like the thousandth time, "I don't know... I
don't know"

He looked at her almost disappointedly, and nodded to the woman. The woman
took a pair of clips clipped them onto Scully's nipples. Scully moaned in
pain as the cruel teeth sank deeply in the tender, burned nipples. The
woman torturer then took three more clips, and clipped the leads on each of
her cunt lips and one directly onto her clitoris. Scully gasped in pain and
the pincers dug into her tender genital flesh, and then moaned in misery as
a metal rod and was rammed up into her ass. The woman attached the leads to
the crank, and then started to turn the crank.

"NO, OH GOD NO," Scully screamed. "OH DEAR GOD PLEEEESE NO!!!"

The woman gave a wicked evil smile, and continued turning the crank.


This pain was greater than anything she had yet experienced. Scully
screamed like a wild woman, pulling desperately against the straps holding
her fast to the table, shrieking so loudly the entire room seemed to shake.

The woman stopped and the man leaned in close again and whispered, "Anything
to tell us, Agent Scully?"

"I can't," she coughed out, "please... no more... no more..."

The woman then started turning the crank faster and after every 10 seconds
reversed the direction she was spinning it. That increased the current
flowing through the most delicate parts of Scully's body, almost doubling
the current with every reverse of direction.


Scully was in complete and total agony. She screamed and screamed and
screamed. Her naked body, glistening with sweat, strained at the straps that
held her firmly to the table. Her entire being was consumed by pain, there
was nothing else in her universe anymore. And the woman turned that crank
over and over and over again and the pain shot through her cunt, her breasts,
her toes, her ass, and the agony was absolutely unbearable and Scully didn't
think she could possibly stand any more...

And just like that, she broke.

The scientific part of Dana Scully - the part of her that felt almost
detached from the rest of her -- seemed to watch with amazement. Scully
knew she would break eventually, but the suddenness of it stunned her. She
had expected to sense that she was reaching her breaking point, and that she
would try to give small hints, pieces of information, hoping to appease her
torturers without giving too much away.

But that didn't happen. She started screaming out the information, unable
to control herself. She answered every question that was asked of her
instantly - it was impossible to lie or hide anything. It was like her body
took over her mind, deciding that it had to do something to protect itself
from the pain that was being inflicted upon it. As she was being questioned,
the answers came out almost reflexively - her body screamed out the answers
before her mind even got a chance to absorb them. The man waved to the
woman, who stopped turning the crank. Scully lay back on the table, panting
in relief that the pain had stopped. The man leaned down and questioned her
slowly and calmly.

"Once again, where is Agent Mulder?"

"HE'S ON HIS WAY TO HONG KONG!" she shrieked.

"Why is he going there?"

"He's tracking down a woman who called him about the space shuttle!" Scully

"Who is she?"

"I don't know!! I swear I don't know! He didn't tell me!"

"Did he give you any information that would help us track her down?"

"He said she worked for the US envoy office in Hong Kong!! That's all I
know!! I swear!!"

"Is there any way to contact him?"

"No special way. Just his cell phone."

"And where is the disk?"

"We don't have it. We think it was stolen by Krychek, but we've been
pretending we still had it."

"Where was it originally?"

"It was taped on the roof of the closet in the forensics lab. But it's gone

The woman looked at the man. "Do you think she's telling us everything?"

The man nodded. "Yes, I'm almost certain."

"Do you want me to make sure?"

The man considered for a minute. "Yes, why not?" The man turned back to
Scully. "Anything else?"

Scully lay panting, consumed with agony and humiliated beyond words. All
hope of resistance and bravado was gone, she now could only hope that she
had given Mulder enough time.

"No," she gasped.

"Well, then," smiled the man, motioning to the woman who stood at the crank.
"Let's just make sure!"

Complete terror enveloped Scully as she saw the woman reach for the crank.

The woman turned the crank, and turned it faster and harder over and over
again. Scully's screams echoed through the room and her naked body twitched
and struggled with agony and the smiling woman continued turning the crank,
continuing to send waves of agony through Scully's naked bound body until
finally excess of pain overwhelmed Scully's senses and she passed out.

Chapter 5

The phone rang and rang. Mulder always got nervous when Scully didn't
answer her cell phone. That didn't always mean anything - he himself hadn't
answered his phone since he spoke to Scully and then left for Hong Kong -
and he tried to reassure himself. Deep down, he knew that he was probably
being foolish, but that didn't stop him from worrying.

Especially now.

Mulder had a sense that this was the closest he had ever come. That he was
so close to the truth that had been hidden for so long that he could taste
it. And he had a feeling that those people who were the cornerstones of the
conspiracy would do anything to stop him. And he needed to speak to Scully.
He needed to get some information from her. He needed to give her an update
and have her run a couple of checks.

And maybe, just maybe, he needed to know she was OK. He was in Hong Kong on
a dangerous search, but somehow he feared that Scully, back in the US with
those monsters that ran the consortium, was in more danger. And so he wanted
to speak with her.

But she didn't answer her call phone. So he called her apartment, and got
her answering machine. He called Skinner. He hadn't seen her. He called
Scully's mother, and trying to sound as calm as possible, determined she
hadn't seen her either. He stared at the phone, trying to figure out who
to call next, when it rang. He answered it hurriedly.

"Scully?" he said, hopefully.

"Agent Mulder." The voice on the other end always sent chills through Mulder
when he heard it. Even hearing it, it was like he could smell the cigarette

"I think you have the wrong number," Mulder joked.

"This is no time for levity. I have some important information about Agent

Mulder tensed. "What do you know?"

"I'll tell you, but I need to warn you - you will need to cut your trip

Chapter 6

Scully spent the night in a small room. They had called the consortium on
their cell phone in Scully's presence, to let her know that they had passed
the information on. Scully wept softly that she had broken, but she was at
least comforted by the fact that she had held out for a while, and had
hopefully given Mulder enough time to finish his investigation. Once they
finished the conversation, they gave her a slip to wear and put her in a
small room with a cot. In addition, they gave her food and water, which she
ate and drank greedily. Exhausted from the day's events, she fell into a
deep sleep on the cot.

When Scully awoke, she knew something was wrong. She was flat on her back,
and she couldn't move. Picking up her head, she saw that she was back in
the torture chamber, naked, and secured once again to the table. She
realized that the food and water must have been drugged, which allowed them
to bring her back here. Scully had an inner fear that they might not let
her go, but she never expected this!

"Good morning, Agent Scully." She heard the voice of the woman near her.
The voice was familiar. Very familiar - even more so than before. It was
like the woman had previously spoken with an accent, or possibly even a
voice enhancer, to disguise her voice. The man seemed to be standing back,
content to watch. The woman put a hand on Scully's round, firm, breast and
lightly stroked it. Scully had never felt so much terror in her life. She
looked up at the woman.

"What are you doing?" She tried desperately to hide the terror in her voice,
and to sound at least a little bit in control. "I told you what you wanted
to know! Let me go!"

Scully once more strained against the straps, but her body was held firmly
in place. The woman smiled down at her and laughed.

"Oh, Dana, you're such a fool!" laughed the woman. In Scully's mind, she
desperately tried to place the voice, now so very familiar. But in the
panic that was quickly consuming her, she was having a hard time figuring
it out.

The woman looked at Scully and continued. "I've got a surprise for you!"

And with that, she reached to her hair and pulled off the blonde wig. Under
it was a hair net, and when she pulled it off a luxurious mane of black hair
fell to her shoulders. The woman then began to peel off a large layer of
makeup and wiped it all away from her face. She turned to face Scully and
smiled. Scully gasped.

"Diana," she muttered.

"Very good, Dana," Diana Fowley said. With that she reached out and stroked
Scully's hair, but Scully turned her head to the side to avoid her touch.
Diana laughed.

"Dana, Dana, Dana. Now that you know it's me, well, it's useless to hide
your fate from you, I guess. We've got the information we want, and now I'm
going to have some fun with you now. You see, I'm only an apprentice
torturer. I get so few opportunities to practice. So that was our deal with
the consortium. We would get the information from you, and then, in addition
to a stipend, we would keep you to practice on."

Scully was filled with absolute terror as she looked at Diana.

Diana took out a soldering iron. Scully beheld it with horror, her eyes

"This is what I'm going to use first. Do you know what this is? I think
you do. Here, feel it..." and she put the iron to Scully's face. Scully
flinched and turned her head away, but the iron was cold against her cheek.
Her lip trembled as she turned back, and warily looked up at her tormentor.
"Cold, isn't it? Well, I can assure you it won't be cold for long."
Smiling, she plugged the soldering iron in. Scully squirmed in her bonds,
and began to softly whimper. She looked around and could see the man,
smiling proudly at Diana. Scully turned and saw Diana, once again, close
to her face.

Scully looked Diana directly in the eyes. "Why are you doing this, Diana,"
Scully pleaded. "Why? What have I done to you? What has Agent Mulder done
to you?"

Diana smiled. "I'm doing this for Fox. And for me. Fox will be rid of
you - and he'll certainly be better off without you, I'm sure he knows that.
And as for me, well, I'm just going to enjoy this."

"Enjoy?" Scully asked horrified. "How could you enjoy this?"

"Oh, I am going to enjoy this, Dana, I am really going to enjoy this. You,
my lovely Dana Scully, are going to be tortured. Slowly, painfully,
agonizingly tortured. Yes, you are the unluckiest girl in the world.
Truly, there is no one in the entire world who would want to be in your
place right now. But this is your fate and you will have to endure it. And
there is no escape. No escape -only torture, suffering, and excruciating
pain. And I'm going to enjoy every single moment." During this speech,
Diana stroked Scully's body. Scully squirmed under her tormentor's hands,
and whimpered as her fate was explained. Her terror, which was extreme
before, got even higher and higher.

Diana held the soldering iron, now sizzling hot, over Scully's trembling

"Oh, no, please.... you're not going to.. oh, please, please, PLEASE....

Diana placed the iron on Scully's breast. She held it there for a few
seconds, enough to make Scully's agony reach its maximum. All pretense of
strength had left Scully and she screamed and pleaded for mercy.

"On, my God, please stop, no more, please have mercy, no more, please,

Scully had never felt so much pain in her entire life. The searing agony
was seemingly more than she could stand, and yet as her torturer moved the
iron to new parts of Scully's luscious, firm, body, there always seemed to
be more pain available.


Smiling with sadistic glee, Diana calmly burned Scully's breasts, holding
the iron just close enough to her nipples to let Scully beg for mercy, and
then burn them. Diana slowly burned Scully's firm stomach, in a circle
around her perfectly shaped belly button. Finally, she began to stroke
Scully's pubic hair.

"Oh, my God, no, no, no, no more, please God, no more," Scully gasped. Her
throat was raw from screaming, her voice was raspy from agony. She was
bathed in sweat from her head to her toes, and was so thirsty that her
thirst was beginning to be a torture in and of itself.

"No more, please, no more, I'll do anything, don't hurt me anymore, please,
God, don't hurt me anymore, I can't stand anymore, I can't stand anymore..."

Suddenly, her tormentor's face was close to hers. Scully looked up, tears
streaming down her face, in complete terror at Diana who was inflicting the
unbearable pain on her, unable to gather up even the smallest pretense of

"Can't stand anymore? You little bitch, I haven't even started! Haven't
even started!" And with that, she grabbed hold of Scully's pubic hairs and
pulled. Scully felt the tearing agony at her crotch and screamed. Her
tormentor let go and brought her face close to Scully's.

"You see? You can stand more." The tears began to flow again from Scully's
beautiful eyes. "Let's see how much more you CAN stand." Diana put her
hand on Scully's firm muscular thigh and pulled it open, and placed the iron
on the inner side of that beautiful, perfectly formed thigh.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEE." screamed Scully, excruciating agony
shooting through her body again. Her tormentor slowly burned her on the
inside and outside of her lovely thighs, her delicately shaped knees, down
her calves. All the while during the torture, Scully struggled wildly.


Scully screamed, twitched and struggled, straining with all her might at the
straps that held her body firmly in position for the torturing. The pain was
overwhelming, it shot through her body like electric shock. Tears streamed
down her beautiful face. She could not believe what was happening to her.

Scully lay panting on the table. Her mind had realized that for a few
seconds, anyway, the torture had stopped. She moaned pitifully, as her
agony consumed her. She struggled weakly, hoping against hope that the
straps would be gone, but no such luck -- they still held for firm, luscious
body in place. Everywhere her tormentor had burned her hurt fiercely. All
the strength had been sapped from her. Her body was absolutely drenched in
sweat. Her beautiful breasts heaved with air. She only whimpered. She
opened her eyes, but through her tears, she saw her torturer, as well as the
man who was watching Diana perform the torture.

"Please... don't hurt me anymore... please, have mercy, in the name of God,
please no more.... please, no more... don't, please don't hurt me anymore,
I've told you everything, I'll do anything... please, no more..."

Scully watched weakly as her torturer went the length of the table and
arrived at her beautiful, perfectly shaped feet. She began to stroke the
sole of her lovely, gorgeous foot, tweaking each luscious toe. Then
suddenly she grabbed the foot. And brought the iron close to it.


The iron seared the sole of Scully's smooth bare foot. Scully had never
felt such pain in her life. She strained with every ounce of energy she had
in a futile effort against the strap that held her lovely ankle firmly in
place. Her torturer carefully moved the iron to another portion of her
smooth, lovely bare foot. Scully looked at her through her tears, and saw
her tormentor give a wicked smile and then place the iron on her foot.


Over and over again, the iron burned the delicate soles of Scully's bare
feet. Scully shrieked and screamed and wailed in agony. Then for a second
the burning stopped, although Scully could feel that Diana's fingers wrapped
around her bare foot. She then felt fingers grab her middle toe and hold
it. Scully looked through a tear filled gaze and saw that Diana was gazing
at her held toe, and started moving the tip of the iron towards it.

The man spoke for the first time. "Now remember what I taught you. Slow and
steady -- push it under the nail."

Diana nodded and brought the iron to the end of Scully's toe. When the tip
made contact it hissed loudly. As she slowly pushed it under Scully's
toenail, Scully screamed violently, her body convulsing and shaking.


Scully went berserk straining hard against her bonds, swinging her head from
side to side, tears pouring from her eyes. After about fifteen seconds,
Diana pulled the needle tipped iron out from under the nail.

Scully, gulped and gurgled, unable to think clearly. She began to whimper
in sheer agony.

"Oh, please, stop, no more, I'll do anything, oh, please, no more, please
have mercy, please, mercy please, no more, I can't stand any more, please no
more, I can't stand it..."

Her voice trailed off into sobs and gasps as she pleaded and begged for
mercy. Then she felt her foot being stroked again. She looked up and saw
Diana with a pair of pliers, and smiling wickedly.

"Oh, please, don't hurt me any more, I can't stand it, please, oh God,
please, no more..."

Diana grabbed Scully's foot firmly, and grasped the toe she had just burned
in the grip of the pliers and began to twist. Unbearable agony shot through
Scully's body.

but Diana just giggled and twisted and squeezed Scully's toe until the bone
snapped with an audible crack. Agony and pain the likes of which she could
never have dreamed about tore through Scully's body and she screamed
hideously. Her body strained mightily against the straps, but to no avail.
She screamed and screamed as the straps firmly held her luscious, smooth,
muscular body in place. Scully's struggles were of no concern to her
torturer, she just continued to twist Scully's mutilated toe.

"OH, GOD!! STOP!! STOP!! NO MORE!! PLEEEAASE!! Oh, God, please, no more,

Scully's torturer had gone on to another toe and was using the soldering
iron to burn the toenail. And then, after sending waves of indescribable
agony through Scully's burned toe, the pliers were back! Diana grabbed
Scully's burned toe and, with incredible cruelty, twisted until it was

The next hour or so was spent with Diana burning Scully's toenails with the
soldering iron, and then breaking the toe she had just burned with pliers.
Scully passed out from the pain several times, but each time revived with
cold water. Finally, all eight of Scully's smaller toes were burned and
broken. Cold water was tossed on a now unconscious Scully.

Scully moaned, her body consumed with agony, as she came back to
consciousness. She saw Diana smiling at her.

"Ready for more?" taunted Diana.

"Oh God no■ please no■ please no more■"

Diana held up a clamp in front of Scully's terrified eyes. It looked to be
made steel and was about 3" high, 2" wide, and an inch thick. It was shaped
like the capital letter "G" with a threaded shaft coming down through the
top. On the bottom of the shaft was a steel disk looking a bit like the end
of a meat-tenderizing hammer. They were like tiny pyramids coming to a
point, probably about a dozen in all. The other end had a large wheel about
4" in diameter.

Through a haze, Scully could hear the man giving directions.

"Once again, remember what I told you. What was that?"

Diana turned to the man. "Turn the screw by quarter turn increments, and
don't wait more than ten seconds between turns. That way, the victim feels
the maximum amount of pain."

"Excellent! Proceed!!"

Scully continued to whimper. "No, please no more please■:

Ignoring Scully's pleas, Diana took the thumbscrew and placed it over the
large toenail of the big toe on Scully's left foot. After a few turns it had
a grip on the toe. Scully gasped noticeable at the next quarter turn, and
both torturers smiled at the sound. Diana gave the wheel another quarter
turn. Scully gasped ever louder in pain. Another quarter turn and Scully
began to moan loudly.

"No, please, oh God no■. AAAAAAHHHHH!!!"

Another quarter turn and another and another brought screams of pain from
Scully's throat. By now the spikes had pierced the large unpainted nail and
were pressing into the delicate nerve center. Scully kept howling under the
gag, not stopping for even a second. Diana then picked up another screw
and did the same to the big toe on Scully's right foot.

Scully wailed in pain as the screws bit deeply into her toes. The man and
Diana then each picked up a thin pole, and, in unison, began raining blows
on the sole of Scully's bare feet. The searing agony of the screws on her
big toes, the pain of her burned and broken smaller toes, combined with the
unbearable pain of the slashing strokes on her delicate soles was too much
for her ravaged form to bear, and she slipped into a faint that even cold
water couldn't bring her out of right away.

Chapter 7

"Hmmmm! Oooooooooooh! Ahhhh!"

Diana Fowley moaned in pleasure. Her pants were off, and she straddled
Scully on the bench. She had two hands full of Scully's hair and was forcing
Scully's face into her crotch.

When Scully had finally awoken from the last torture session, Diana had
leaned in next to her.

"Did that hurt, Dana?" mocked the wicked woman.

Scully panted hard. "Please, Diana, please no more, please don't■"

"What would you do to make me stop?"

"Please■ I'll do anything■ please, no more, please no more■"

Diana smiled. "Here's my deal. We've really been turned on by working you
over. So we're going to get off. Cooperate, and we'll let you go. Deal?"

Scully nodded miserably. She'd do anything - ANYTHING - to stop the torture
that ravaged her body.

The man was overwhelmed with lust - the bulge in his pants showed that
clearly. He spoke with a slight halt in his voice.

"Normally," the man said, "I'd say `Ladies First.' But in this case, I'm
hoping you'll let me make an exception."

"Of course," replied Diana, as Scully listened with horror. "Be my guest!"

Scully shuddered as the man removed his pants, exposing a hugely erect
penis. He crawled up on the table and lay on top of Scully's bound body.
Scully could feel his breath as he panted with excitement, his face close to
hers. He took his member in his hand and began to rub the tip all around
Scully's tender cunt and clitoris.

Scully's genitals were still sore from the torture, and she whimpered in
pain as she felt the head of his penis rub against it. The man then took
his member and with one strong motion, thrust it deep into her cunt.

Scully's eyes went wide, and she let out a shriek as a rush of pain flew
through her as his member rubbed against her sore pussy. She closed her
eyes and turned her head to the side as he continued to pump in and out,
each deep thrust sending waves of pain through Scully's tortured frame. She
bit her lip to stifle her cries, and tears pushed their way out from her
closed eyes. His breath was hot against her face, as she lay motionless on
the table, while he thrust and thrust and thrust, gasping in pleasure. It
seemed to Scully like the painful rape would never end. He pumped harder
and harder and harder and Scully's pain got greater and greater and greater
until she thought she couldn't possibly stand any more, if he was inside her
even one more second she'd go mad, but he just kept on pumping and pumping
and pumping until finally, he tensed and, consumed with pleasure, he came
deep into Scully's cunt.

He lay on top of Scully for a few minutes, and then climbed off the table
and pulled his pants back on. Scully turned to look at Diana and saw that
she had her pants off as well, and was rubbing herself while watching Scully
being raped. She walked over to the bound agent.

Miserable beyond words, Scully stifled her sobs when Diana climbed on top of
her. Diana grabbed Scully's hair and pushed her face into her crotch.

"Now, lick me, you worthless bitch!"

Scully tried to do her best, wretched beyond belief, sticking her tongue
out, trying to lick something, anything in a desperate attempt to please her
tormentor so that her torture would end.

The idea that Scully was working so hard to give her pleasure, while she was
working so hard to inflict pain, filled Diana with so much pleasure she was
dripping cunt juices onto Scully's face. She grabbed Scully's hair and,
yanking with all her might, rubbed the crying agent's face across her cunt,
rubbing Scully's pretty nose across her throbbing clitoris, until she came
in a massive, thundering orgasm.

Diana panted and sighed, and then got off the table. The man came up with
her pants, and Diana quickly put them on. Scully lay there, Diana's cunt
juices all over her mouth and nose, gasping for breath. But at last, she
thought it was over.

Diana leaned over Scully. "That was nice," she said to Scully. "You know,
there's only one thing I'd enjoy more." Diana stroked Scully's right
breast, smiling wickedly. She massaged the smooth, firm breast, tweaked the
delicate nipple, and squeezed it. Scully moaned in misery as she felt the
awful woman's fingers on her tender flesh.

"And that's to continue the torture!"

Scully's eyes went wide open. "No!! You promised!! You said you'd let me

Diana and the man both laughed heartily. "Yes, that's right, I said I'd let
you go. But you know what? I lied! Ha-ha-ha!!" Diana continued to stroke
Scully's breast and she laughed a merry, wicked, evil laugh.

Tears filled Scully's eyes and poured down her face. "No, no, no, no,
please, no, no■" she whimpered as she rolled her head from side to side.

"Yes," Diana laughed merrily, stroking Scully's naked body as Scully
whimpered in misery, "It's a really bad habit I have, lying, ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

Her eyes filling with lust at Scully's suffering, Diana stopped smiling.
She grabbed Scully's breast firmly and Scully's eyes went wide and she
looked at Diana. Diana started smiling again, as she picked up a sharp awl
and held it in front of Scully's terror filled eyes. Still smiling, Diana
drove the awl deep into Scully's breast.

"OH GOD NOOOO!!!!" screamed Scully as the steel entered her tender flesh.

But Diana was relentless, over and over again, ignoring Scully's shrieks of
pain and desperate, pitiful pleas for mercy, she drove the awl over and over
again into Scully's breast, culminating by driving the awl deep into Scully'
s brown nipple. And then, Diana reached down and pulled out a handful of
salt and started squeezing Scully's breast, rubbing the salt deep into the
puncture wounds.

AAAAHHHH!!!!" Scully couldn't contain her screams, her breast absolutely
was exploding with pain, and she didn't stop screaming until Diana had
finally stopped.

Next, Diana picked up a long thin needle and slowly began to slide it into
Scully's other breast. Scully absolutely wailed in pain and Diana slowly,
oh so slowly, slid the needle through the tender flesh. When the point
finally exited from the other side of her breast, Scully thought she would
go insane.

Diana then removed the needle, and slowly and carefully slid it through
another part of her breast, relishing Scully's suffering. And then another.
And then another. Scully was going wild with the pain, and then Diana
picked up a scalpel, and sliced directly through the center of her nipple,
and then made a cross cut through her nipple. And then, as Scully screamed
in pain and the blood poured from her opened nipple, Diana took another
handful of salt and rubbed it hard into the exposed flesh. The pain was so
intense, and so sudden, that Scully passed out. But cold water brought her
back, and when she awoke, the first thing she saw was Diana's face.

Smiling, Diana went down to Scully's crotch and began to finger her
clitoris. She reached in with her left hand and opened up her labia,
exposing the delicate clitoris. She then took the scalpel and began to
scrape the side of Scully's clitoris.

as Diana scraped the skin away from her clitoris.

Diana's face was contorted into a sadistic leer, so full of evil that it was
almost beyond belief. She scraped the skin away from Scully's clitoris, and
then, using the soldering iron, burned it.

The pain of the searing iron on her ravaged clitoris was too much for Scully
and she fainted. But cold water brought her back to the Hell she was in.

For the next hour, Diana slowly and carefully scraped away Scully's
clitoris. She would burn the delicate organ, and then, using the scalpel,
carefully scrape away the exposed skin and flesh. Scully's screams exceeded
anything that she had ever experienced before in her life - she fainted six
more times from the pain, and each time, she was revived and Diana continued
her hideous work. Finally, Scully's clitoris was completely removed, and
Diana stanched the final flow of blood with the soldering iron.

Scully had lost control of everything. She had completely lost control of
her senses; the pain, the agony, the indescribable suffering consumed her.
She screamed in agony, screamed for mercy, screamed so loud and long that
she felt her throat might rip into shreds. Scully's pretty face was
contorted in pure suffering, the tears coming almost like a waterfall from
her once bright eyes.

Diana stood back and drank in Scully's voluptuous agony. She turned to the
man and smiled. He smiled back and nodded. Diana picked up a hammer and
went to Scully's twitching, struggling hands.

WHAM!! Diana brought the hammer down onto Scully's fingers. WHAM! WHAM!
Two more times the hammer flew down, smashing the helpless agent's fingers.
Scully struggled and wailed even more, trying to desperately escape this new

WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! Diana merrily smashed almost all of the fingers on both
of Scully's hands. She then tossed the bloody hammer away and picked up a
blowtorch. She waited for Scully to calm down so she could appreciate the
next torture.

It took a while, but finally, Scully's screams began to subside, and she lay
in her bonds, writhing and moaning pitifully. To anyone with a heart, the
sight and sound of Scully would have melted them into pity. But to Diana,
it only filled her with more sadistic lust. She turned on the gas from the
torch and lit it.

Smiling, Diana went to Scully's bare feet. Her feet were still lovely, and
although Scully's toes were still swollen from the previous torture, they
were nowhere near as bad as they were just after the torments were
inflicted. As Diana brought the torch close to Scully's naked feet, Scully
moaned in her bonds, rolling her head from side to side, whimpering raspy
pleas for mercy.

"No more■ please no more■ please■ please■ please..." Scully spoke to no one
in particular, only a desperate hope that someone would hear her pleas.

Diana wanted Scully to know what was happening to her. "Dana," she said,
"Dana! Open you eyes and take a look!"

Slowly, Scully opened her eyes. She slowly lifted her head up and looking
past her mutilated breasts, she saw Diana by her bare feet, holding the
torch, and smiling. Scully's eyes went wide with absolute terror as Diana
brought the torch near her toes.


Diana had moved the torch and was sending the hot flame directly onto
Scully's tender toes. Scully desperately moved her foot away, but Diana
grabbed Scully's delicate foot in her left hand and used the torch on the
tops of Scully's toes, on the pads of her toes, and on the tips of her
toes. Once Diana had burned Scully's toes, she then used the torch on
the rest of Scully's naked foot, burning and burning until what was once
a lovely, delicate bare foot was now a black, charred mass of burning
flesh. The smell of burned flesh filled the room, and Diana breathed it
in deeply and sighed happily.

Scully was absolutely insane with pain. She wailed and thrashed and wailed
and thrashed. She continued to thrash and wail as Diana delivered the same
treatment to Scully's other foot, slowly turning that foot into a charred
mass of flesh as well.

But Scully's torment was far from over. Using the torch, Diana burned
stripes of searing agony across Scully's thighs, her stomach, her legs,
and her arms. She then turned the torch directly onto Scully's mutilated
breasts and slowly burned them into two black mounds. And then, with the
smell of Scully's burned flesh filling the room and Scully's screams almost
shaking the walls with their volume, she turned the torch directly into
Scully's crotch and sent the flame roaring into her genitals. And then,
finally, mercifully, complete and utter agony overcame her and Scully passed
out into a dead faint.

They threw cold water on Scully's face to wake her up, but to no avail. The
man then took up a bottle of ammonia and soaked a towel with it and held it
in front of Scully's nose and, after about fifteen seconds, she began to
stir. Diana reached over and grabbed Scully by two handfuls of hair.

"Wake up, bitch," she screamed, shaking Scully's head by the hair she held

Scully stirred, ever so slightly, slowly regaining consciousness. As soon
as Diana saw this, she picked up a steel poker and held it with both hands.

Scully could barely see through her tears and could barely even think. But
she saw Diana approach her with the poker and, with what she assumed was
going to be her last cognizant word, muttered, so softly that almost nobody
could hear, one single word.


And then all rational thought left her. Diana swung the poker and struck
her square in the stomach. She then swung the poker and struck her thighs
and shins over and over, smashing Scully's bones. She swung directly into
Scully's burned chest, smashing Scully's rib cage. And then she swung once
directly into Scully's face, smashing her teeth, cracking her cheekbone, and
shattering her jaw.

Diana stood back, panting and sweating as she watched Scully twitch and
gurgle. Full of power and lust, she prepared to deliver the final blow that
would end Dana Scully's life when she paused.

Diana's FBI training and years of experience came in handy, because she
heard the sound far before the man did. And after years of training she
knew what it was. She turned to the man, who had been dutifully watching.
She could see the huge bulge in his pants, and knew how excited he was. She
smiled at him.

"Would you like to deliver the final blow?"

The man flushed with excitement. It had been hard for him to watch the
final torture of the beautiful FBI agent and not participate, but he had
agreed to it and was intent on keeping his word.

"Yes, I would love to!" the man exclaimed.

Diana smiled and handed him the poker. The man held it up, brandishing it,
relishing the feel of the metal in his hands. He walked next to Scully,
lifted the poker high above her squirming body and then...

WHAM! The door flew open and in flew a man in a trench coat, brandishing a

"Freeze!! FBI!"

The torturer stood over Scully, the poker still in his hands. His eyes were
wide with amazement. He was absolutely stunned. He turned to look for
Diana, but she was gone. She had heard Mulder's entrance into the outer
room, and sneaked out a side door as soon as she had given away the poker.

Agent Mulder had fully intended to rescue Scully and capture the people who
held her. But when he got a look at Scully's ravaged, burned, bloody body,
and the man standing over her with the poker, he completely lost control.

BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! He fired at the man, emptying his gun
into him. The man collapsed to the floor, dead. Mulder ran to Scully, and
almost vomited when he saw the extent of her injuries. With his cell phone,
he called the local police, the FBI, and an ambulance. He then knelt next
to Scully and wept until they all arrived.

Chapter 8

Scully lay on the hospital bed, almost entirely enveloped in bandages and
plaster. Mulder sat next to her, as he spent much of his time, simply
watching her lay there. After the tip from the Cigarette Smoking Man, he
had caught the next flight back from Hong Kong and immediately tracked down
where Scully was being held. From the information given him by the
Cigarette Smoking Man, he was able to identify that the man who was holding
Scully was a doctor named Maxwell Hoffman, who the CIA had used for years
against foreign insurgents. Once he had that piece of information, he was
able to track down the man and was able to save Scully. Mulder wished that
he had been able to control himself, since the information that Dr. Hoffman
could have given him was extremely valuable, but he couldn't say that he was
unhappy that he had killed the sick bastard that did this to his partner.

When Scully was first brought to the hospital, the doctors were amazed at
the extent of her injuries. Even more so was the fact that none of her
injuries were, in and of themselves, life threatening. Even experienced
emergency room doctors, who thought they had seen everything, were sickened
by the extent of the torture inflicted on her. Assistant Director Walter
Skinner, Mulder and Scully's supervisor, arrived soon after Scully and
promised that the Bureau would spare no expense to see that Scully got the
best care.

Her first trip to the operating room lasted 14 hours. There was so much to
be done, the doctors almost didn't know where to begin. But these doctors
were good. They managed to set Scully's broken hands and fingers, although
it did require inserting several pins. They also managed to set Scully's
broken cheek and jaw, and a dentist was able to file Scully's broken teeth
down so that they would be able to accept caps later on.

It took a lot of work, but the doctors were able to save one of Scully's
feet, although the other one needed to be amputated. Additionally, they
were able to take care of Scully's burned genitals, opening her urethra and
vagina. They saved as much of her breasts as possible.

The long-term prognosis was better than anyone could have possibly expected.
Once she started to feel better, they would fit her with a prosthetic foot,
and she would only end up a slight limp. The plastic surgeons looked her
over and felt certain that they could put repair her breasts with implants.
And once the damage to her face was healed and her broken teeth capped, she'd
look pretty good, especially considering what she'd gone through.

But the scars that worried Mulder, and the doctors and the others, were the
ones that weren't on the outside. Mulder could only imagine what Scully had
gone through enduring such horrific treatment. When she was brought in, she
was in deep shock, and so the doctors induced a coma early on to keep her
asleep so she could begin the long, slow healing process. Now, after three
days, they had stopped the medication to see if she would come out of it.

The soft beep of the heart monitor was the only sound in the room as Mulder
sat in his rumpled suit, watching Scully breathe. And when Scully's eye
flickered, he almost didn't notice it.

"Scully?" Mulder asked, not daring to hope.

"Mmmm■" A low moan came from Scully, and Mulder smiled. She was awake! And
he could tell, from the look in her eyes, that she saw him! He quickly
pressed the call button and leaned back as the doctors and nurses came in to
check on their now awake patient.

All the news the doctors had to tell Mulder was good. Scully was apparently
awake and aware of her surroundings. The casts and bandages that, for all
intents and purposes, covered her entire body from head to toe, made it
impossible for her to move, and her set jaw prevented her from speaking or
making any real sounds other than moans or grunts. The healing process
would be long, hard, and painful, followed by physical and operational
therapy, and well as probably long sessions with a therapist, but Mulder
knew that if anybody could do it, it was Scully. And he was certain of one
thing - he'd be with her all the way.

He leaned over Scully and smiled. "You look good, kid," he joked, and she
beamed up at him. She wished she could tell him how grateful she was, how
happy she was to see him. But she figured there'd be plenty of time for

"I'm going to go home and get some rest," he continued. "You should do the
same. I'm going to leave somebody here with you, somebody who's watched
over you while you were first here."

Scully heard the clicking of heels on the hospital floor - she wished she
could have turned her head to see who was walking in. She wondered how many
people cared for her while she lay there unconscious. She wanted to be able
to thank everybody who cared for her.

And then she saw who it was. Diana Fowley smiled down at her, and as soon
as Scully saw who it was, she began to tremble and shake. She completely
lost control of her bladder and bowels, and if she hadn't been catheterized
and had an enema while unconscious she would have soiled her bandages. She
shook, visibly shook with terror at the sight of Diana, and tried to speak
but only muffled sounds came out of her.

Mulder turned back into the room. "Is she trying to say something?"

Diana, of course, knew exactly what Scully was trying to say. "She's just
saying goodbye, Fox," lied Diana. "Now, go get some rest so you can come
see her early in the morning."

Mulder smiled, said one final goodbye to Scully and walked out the door.

Diana waited until she saw Mulder go into the elevator. She then went to
the window and watched his car drive away. And then she turned back to
Scully, who was still shaking with terror at the very sight of Diana.

"Now, Dana," cooed Diana, "I think we have some unfinished business to
attend to, now don't we? Unfortunately, we can't have quite as much fun as
I would have normally liked to, but I think we can make sure that the end
result is the same." With that, she took out a syringe that was filled with
a clear liquid. She held it before Scully's eyes, eyes that were wide with

"Oh, Dana! Maybe I'll just stick this needle right into you eye," Diana
whispered, holding the point of the needle only a few inches from Scully's
quivering, tearing eye. "Wouldn't that be fun?" But she then took the
needle away and looked down at Scully disappointedly.

"But that would be too obvious, wouldn't it? So, let's just take care of
you now," laughed Diana, as she went to inject the contents of the syringe
into Scully's intravenous tube. Tears continued to seep out of Scully's
terrified eyes as she watched Diana, and then...


Three bullets, the sound of the gunshots muffled by a silencer, ripped
through the air. Three bloody spots appeared on Diana's outfit. She looked
down at the wounds, stunned. She looked at Scully, and then back at the
shooter. And then she collapsed to the ground.

Scully looked as far to the side as she could, desperate to see who the
shooter was. She wasn't sure if her eyes were playing tricks or not - after
all, this was the first time she had seen him with a cigarette in his mouth.

"Take care of her," the Cigarette Smoking Man said to the two men who
accompanied him. They wrapped Diana in a sheet and took her out of the
room. He then looked down at Scully, who looked up at him, eyes wide in

"Get well, Agent Scully," the Cigarette Smoking Man said. "Agent Mulder
needs you." And he walked out, leaving Scully amazed, stunned, and


The elder man looked at the Cigarette Smoking Man.

"And is everything under control?"

The Cigarette Smoking Man took a long drag from the cigarette. "Yes, indeed.
Agent Fowler and Doctor Hoffman have been eliminated. The contact in the
consulate has been identified and neutralized. We are in the process of
tracking down Krychek and should retrieve the tape shortly."

"And Agent Mulder?"

"He discovered nothing. And now, he should be consumed with helping his
partner rehab. He shouldn't be any bother to us for a while."

"And how is Agent Scully?"

"She's as fine as could be expected. Her recovery will be long and hard, as
we had hoped. It couldn't have worked out better. Both of them will be out
of our hair while she recovers. My plan worked perfectly."

A voice came from one of the men. "It was risky - she knows we were

"It was necessary," the Cigarette Smoking Man retorted strongly, taking
another drag on the cigarette. "They would have known we were involved
anyway. Now, I'm the individual who saved Scully. Everything we did set me
up as an unwilling participant. One who would risk the wrath of all of you.
In doing that, I've earned their trust."

All the men in the room looked at him.

"After all," the Cigarette Smoking Man said, taking yet another draw from
the cigarette, "How can I betray their trust if I don't have it?"

The smoke from his cigarette hung low in the room as all everyone in the
room nodded in agreement, and admiration.


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