X Raided: An X-files/Tomb Raider Crossover - Part 1
by Arthur Dent ([email protected])

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of violence and sexual matter. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'The X-Files' and it's characters are trademarks
and copyright of 'Fox Studios'. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are
trademarks of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and
'Core Design 1999'. This story is meant solely for individual
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No copyright infringement is intended.

(For those that want to be specific this story has; nc, anal, mast, lac,
preg, rape, beast.....and I think that pretty much covers it)

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Special Agent Dana Scully stretched her body, and let out a loud yawn.
It had been her first holiday from her partner Fox Mulder in quite a few
years, and she had used her two weeks vacation to relax and unwind in a
luxury hotel, and had been trying to forget the last wild chase Mulder
had led her on. Although she did have feelings for Mulder, his crazy
theories, madcap nature, and tendency to get them both in trouble got
on Scully's nerves quite often. She walked slowly across the room, still
dripping wet and naked from her shower minutes before. Water droplets
travelled down from her luxuriant red hair, between her large, D cup
breasts, rolled down her taut, flat stomach and into her neatly trimmed
red pubic hair as she walked gracefully to her bed. Scully grabbed her
soft towel off the bed and began to dry herself. As she worked the towel
between her milky white thighs, she accidentally brushed the towel against
her sensitive clit. The sudden stimulation surprised Dana, as she had
felt extraordinary pleasure from the simple rub. "That felt surprisingly
good" Scully thought to herself, as her hormones and lack of sex started
to make her extremely horny. She dropped the towel to the ground, and
climbed onto the bed in order to masturbate properly.

Scully moved one hand over her large, firm breasts. She used her other
hand to rub her sensitive clit and vagina. "MMMMMmmmm......" She moaned
softly to herself, as she closed her eyes, and started rubbing faster.
Dana had been brought up as a strict Catholic, and all those years
growing up in a repressed Catholic school had given her more than her
fair share of sexual fantasies. She began running through them in her
mind as she masturbated as hard and as fast as she could go. "UUUuuhhh..
Oooooh Mulder.....That's sooooo good!" She whispered, fingering herself.
Scully squeezed her breasts gently, tweaking her sensitive nipples
between her fingers. She was vividly imagining that Mulder was her own
sex slave, obediently licking all over her shapely body, paying special
attention to her well-lubricated pussy. "Oooooooohhh....yesss.....right
there Mulder.....God.....Fuck me!!!!" Scully was completely lost in her
lustful masturbating, nearing closer and closer to orgasm. She pushed
her fingers even deeper into her cunt, ached her back, and threw her
head backwards as the sensations all slid into one overwhelming climax.
"UUUUGHHHHH!!!!!! OOOohhhh!!!! YEEEESSS!!!!" She screamed, not caring
if anyone could hear her or not. She pulled her fingers from her wet
pussy, and licked some of her juices off her fingers. "Mmmm.....
that doesn't taste too bad.....I wonder if Mulder will ever have a taste"
She thought to herself. Blue light bathed her body, seemingly from
nowhere. A sudden overwhelming sense of tiredness engulfed Scully,
and she just had time to whisper to herself "Uhhhh....Why do I feel" as darkness overcame her.

Lara Croft jumped out of a small tunnel she had been travelling along,
and landed a few feet down, in a large ceremonial room. The walls were
covered in strange markings, similar to Hieroglyphics, but not actually
in the same writing. She looked around the room, to make sure there
were no pressure pads, large boulders, poisoned darts, or any other
various death traps that builders seemed to love making thousands of
years ago. Once she was satisfied that everything was in order, she
studied some of the strange markings. "Hmmmmm.....some of these pictures
look like women" She thought to herself. "But what are those green things
with them?" she wondered. Lara was so absorbed in the markings that
she didn't notice a bright blue light starting to fill the room. The
light engulfed her, and she blacked out.

Lara woke up in an extremely alien looking room. The walls pulsed with
an ominous deep red light, and the whole room seemed to be made out
of a green slimy substance, almost looking alive. "Where am I?" She said
out loud, to no-one in particular. "That's what I've been wondering"
another voice replied from a darkened corner of the room. Lara span
around quickly to face her new companion. "Who are you?" she asked,
cautiously reaching for her pistols, but found they weren't there.
"I'm Dana Scully, I work with the FBI. You're Lara Croft aren't you?
That British adventuress woman, who steals things from tombs"
"Well, I don't STEAL, I artefacts" Lara replied
defensively. She shook Scully's hand, as a courtesy. "Why are you
naked?" She asked her. Dana looked about sheepishly. "Well...I was....
erm.....In the shower, when I blacked out and found myself here" she
said quickly. Lara nodded, pretending to take her excuse as the truth,
but she noticed the tell tale signs of masturbation dripping down the
insides of Scully's firm thighs. Before the two women could acquaint
themselves further, a voice rang into their heads. "Greetings human
females. Do not be afraid, your time with us will not cause any permanent
injuries, and you are in no danger." The greeting ended, and Scully turned
to face Lara. "I think we've been abducted. That was a telepathic
greeting" She said to Lara. A hint of worry crossed her face as tentacles
started growing from the floor and walls.

Scully recoiled in terror as warm, slimy tentacles wrapped themselves
around her shapely legs and bound her arms behind her. Lara's clothes
were torn from her body by the tentacles, leaving her in her underwear,
a black sports bra, struggling to hold back her enormous breasts, and
a matching black G-string, giving Scully a good view of her neatly
trimmed bush and firm buttocks. The tentacles ripped off Lara's last
traces of clothing, and binding her naked form to a spreadeagled position
against the wall. Scully was bound to the ground by the tentacles with
her feet tied firmly together by the slimy protrusions from the floor.
"AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" She screamed in agony as two sharp
stingers sunk themselves teeth into Scully's sensitive tits and pumped
it's venom into her breasts. She moaned as a fire seemed to burn inside
her tits. Lara was feeling extremely panicked, not liking being bound
naked in that particular position, well aware of her defenceless pussy,
and her sex-crazed captors. As if to confirm her worries, a long, thick
vine started to rub itself against her tight vaginal lips. "NO!!!!
STOP!!!!!! PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!" She pleaded, to no avail, as the
5 inch thick monstrosity worked it's way into her pussy. "AAAAAUUGGGH!!!
UUUUUAAHHHHHHH!!!!! GOD NO!!!!!!!!" Lara screamed, as the giant inhuman
cock pushed deeper and deeper inside her, hitting against her cervix.
"OH NO!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!" She yelled, sensing a familiar trend. The
monstrous invader pounded hard against it, widening it enough for it to
work it's way into her womb. "OH GOD!!!! I'm going to be impregnated
again!!!" Lara sobbed to herself, as she felt the cock hammering away
inside her. Scully was getting a slightly smaller cock worked into her,
as the first one was unable to get itself inside her with her legs bound
together. Screams from the two gorgeous women echoed around the room,
as they were raped by dozens of slimy green tentacles. Scully's already
large mammaries started swelling as the venom circulated inside them.
"Oh GOD!!!! I look like I have watermelons for tits!!" Scully exclaimed
out loud. The alien cock inside her rammed against the entrance to her
womb, eliciting a loud scream of agony from Dana. "UUUUHHHN!!!!!
NOOO!!!!" She screamed, as her cervix was also slowly widened, giving the
tentacle enough room to work it's way into her womb. Milk spurted from
her swollen breasts, and she noticed how the tentacles seemed to be
slurping it down greedily as it spurted from her tits. Lara was being
milked equally as hard, as her giant mammaries gave forth a plentiful
supply of milk for the sucking tentacles to drink down quickly.

SPLLLLLLuuuuuuuurrrrrrrRRRRT!!! The cock inside Scully came hard.
gushing forth it's cum like a firehose inside her. Pressure built up
inside her, and she looked between her ample cleavage to see that the
tentacle had already pumped so much cum into her, her belly had
distended, looking slightly pregnant already. Lara focused her tear-
filled eyes as she heard the loud cumming from the tentacle in Scully.
"HHHHHHUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!" She screamed, as another cock worked it's
way up her tight rectum, rubbing against the cock in her pussy through
the thin membrane inside her. "GHHAUUUUUD!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!! MAKE IT..
EEEEYAAAAAAHH!!!!.....STOP!!!!!!!" Lara was getting the fucking of her
life, and the unusual circumstances were sapping even more at her spirit.
SPLUTCH! SPLORG!! SPLURG!! The cock in her womb started cumming in short,
rapid spurts. The ejaculations were so thick that Scully could hear them
and focused her attention on Lara's swelling belly. "OH GOD!!!!!...
PREGNANT!!!!!" She yelled to Lara. Lara already knew, and she dropped
her head and sobbed in utter defeat as she was raped by the alien

Scully's belly had already swollen to show full-term pregnancy. She
clasped her swollen stomach with her hands as she was raped constantly
in order to stop it from swaying around too much. The cock in her pussy
suddenly pulled out, and worked it's way up her ass. Scully suddenly
felt her water break, only sheer moments after the tentacle
in her pussy had pulled out and started raping her virgin ass. "OH GOD!!
...UUUUUMMMPHHH!!!.....It's....EEEYYAAH!!....TIME!!!!" She panted in
between screams. The alien life inside her struggled inside her, and
started trying to escape from it's mother. "AAAAAUUUGGGH!!!! NOOOOO!!!!"
The tentacles binding her legs together pulled her legs apart, in
readiness for the creature inside her to escape from it's host.
Scully screamed, as her pussy was being stretched to inhuman proportions
from the alien childbirth. She could feel the infant moving down her
birth canal, and felt a small part of it poke it's way outside her
pussy. Scully grunted and pushed, desperately trying to get the unwanted
newborn out of her womb. Two slimy black tentacles snaked their way
out of her pussy, and clamped down on her milk spurting breasts. Dana
could feel her tits being pulled on by the tentacles, and realised it
was using them to pull it's way out. The creature finally emerged
from Scully's battered pussy, looking like a hideously charred wolf with
snaking black vines growing out of it. Scully stared at the creature in
shock, realising she had just given birth to a hybrid alien/human, before
she was interrupted by a desperate cry from Lara. Lara's turn had come,
and from the looks of her grossly stretched stomach, she either had a
very large alien life inside her, or lots of small ones. Lara struggled
to push with her vaginal muscles in order to expel the bastard life
inside her. "UUUAAAAAAUUUGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" She screamed as the first
snakelike creature popped out of her pussy. It slid away, melting into
the walls. Lara gave birth to ten more of these foot-long snake shaped
creatures, before the "big one" came. "GHHHAAAUUUUUUD!!!!!! NOT ANOTHER
ONE!!!!!" Lara sobbed, pushing weakly with her tired vaginal muscles.
She clenched and unclenched, desperate to get the last of these
horrendous monsters out of her body. Finally, after much pushing and
sobbing, the last of her "children" slid out of her stretched cunt.
It was similar to the monster that Scully had given birth to, but had
a large cock, that gave Lara a sinking feeling of dread.

"UUUUUAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Scully screamed, as two large
suction cupped vines attached themselves to her large, milk spurting
mammaries, and sucked hard. The feeling was actually quite pleasurable,
and she slowly started enjoying the sensation. Scully orgasmed over and
over, as the slimy tentacle cock ruthlessly shoved itself in and out
of her ass over and over again, spurting cum deep in her bowels. When
she opened her eyes, she was horrified by the sight that greeted her.
Her breasts had been steadily drained of their precious milk by the
sucking vines, and this had resulted in Scully's formerly perfectly
formed tits starting to shrink, deflating like old balloons. More and
more milk was stolen down by the vines, further emptying Scully's
shrinking assets. "AAAAAUUUGHHH!!!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!" Dana
sobbed, her once perfect tits resembling nothing of their former shape
or size. "NOOO!!!! YOU CAN'T!!!!!!! NOT MY BREASTS!!!!!!!!!" she
screamed. As her tits were drained empty by the vines, she could see the
same treatment occurring to Lara, her enormous breasts already sucked
down to their original size.

"STOOOPPPP!!!!! UuuuHHHNN!!!!" Lara screamed, her breasts being drained
once more by her captors. "PLEAASSSSE!!!! STOPPPP!!!!!! AAAUUGGH!!!!
took no notice of her pleas, and only sucked harder on her milk
spurting mammaries. Lara's endowments started slowly emptying, drooping
lower and lower towards the ground, as more precious milk was stolen
from her heaving tits. "AAAUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!" She screamed in
anguish, as another tentacle tried to force it's way into her already
occupied pussy. The pain was a distraction for Lara, and by the time that
her pussy had stretched enough for the two huge cocks to fit inside her
well-reamed cunt, she found her breasts had been sucked down to
empty sacks of flesh. "OH GOD!!!!!....EAAAAAUUUGHHHH....NOT AGAIN!!!!"
she sobbed, her tits swaying slowly by her waist.

Scully's offspring had come back to her, and she had noticed it's sudden
growth in size. It already looked to be in it's adult stages, and had
a cock the size of a horse hanging between it's hind legs. Stingers
shot out from it's side, and attached to Dana's empty breasts. She looked
down at her deformed endowments, to see that the stingers were pumping
their venom inside her tits, causing them to grow back to their
former swollen state. Lara's empty endowments were also being filled
by her own offspring, giving both the women an overwhelming sense of
relief and pleasure. As a seeming "payment" for giving the women
back their glorious figures, the two offspring rammed their thick,
rock solid cocks into their respective mothers. Scully and Lara screamed
in unison as their own children started fucking them senseless.
screamed. Cum was spurting so quickly from their son's cocks that it was
making their stomachs distend from the amount of cum inside them. Scully's
belly filled up to the limit with her offspring's cum, that it started
leaking out around the slimy vine stretching her cunt. A strange gas
starting coming from the two offspring, that made the two of them start
to orgasm strongly. Ten.......fifteen......thirty...... Orgasms hit them
repeatedly, overwhelming their tired bodies, and causing them to
spurt honey from their cunts all over the cocks constantly. Scully
was the first to pass out, with Lara unable to cope after her
forty-second orgasm.

Scully and Lara awoke in each other's arms, naked, and exhausted from
their ordeal. "Where are we?" Lara asked weakly. Scully looked around,
and found the place strangely familiar, but unable to place it in her
woozy state. Scully rolled off Lara, onto the soft bed. "MMMmm....
Ohhhh.....that feels so good.." She said in her sexiest voice, not
quite knowing why she had said it that way. Lara simply tried to doze off
on the comfy bed, but was woken abruptly by the voice that had addressed
them earlier. "Thank you, human females, you have allowed our scientists
to see the sexual reproductive capabilities of your kind. You have been
of great use to us." Scully looked up, shocked, and partially annoyed.
"You mean this was ALL a bloody science experiment?!?!?!?" She started,
angrily. At this point, Mulder walked into his bedroom, looking for his
shoes. He stopped suddenly at the sight of the two sexy women naked
together on his bed. Minutes passed uncomfortably in silence for all
three of them, as they stared at each other in shock. Mulder was the
first to break the silence.
"Uhhh........Hi Scully.......Who's your friend?"


[Cue X-filesy music and fade]
To be continued....


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