X Raided: An X-files/Tomb Raider Crossover - Part 2
by Arthur Dent ([email protected])

WARNING! This story contains material of an adult nature,
including scenes of sexual situations. If this offends you,
please read no further. 'The X-Files' and it's characters are trademarks
and copyright of 'Fox Studios'. 'Lara Croft' and 'Tomb Raider' are
trademarks of and copyright 'Eidos Interactive Limited 1999' and
'Core Design 1999'. This story is meant solely for individual
entertainment and not for written for purposes of financial profit.
No copyright infringement is intended.

(For those that want to be specific this story has; FF, MF, anal, mast,
lac, cons.....and I think that pretty much covers it)

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*********<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Author's Commentary >>>>>>>>>>>>>************

This story's a little less rape oriented that my other stories,
and concentrates more on the pleasure of the two female leads,
so some readers may not like the change in tone.
Well, enough from me, onto the story!

***************<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Chapter 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>****************

(Continued from part 1)
Mulder stopped suddenly at the sight of the two sexy women naked
together on his bed. Minutes passed uncomfortably in silence for all
three of them, as they stared at each other in shock. Mulder was the
first to break the silence.
"Uhhh........Hi Scully.......Who's your friend?"

Hundreds of thoughts ran through Dana's mind, as she tried to come up
with a feasible excuse, or any way to make a gracious exit, but to no
avail. " is Lara Croft" she finally
replied, waving her hand in Lara's direction. Lara smiled sweetly at
Mulder, and gave him a small wave, trying to get his attention away from
her large breasts. He had still not responded properly, or even give an
audible reply to either of them, still in shock from the sudden
appearance of the two gorgeous women completely naked on his bed. Lara,
used to this sort of reaction when her enormous breasts were covered,
let alone completely exposed, said in her best sex kitten voice
"Mulder........why don't you join us?" with a mischievous wink to add to
the sexual tension. Not wanting to lose the opportunity to finally make
it with Scully, as well as the additional bonus of a possible threesome
with the gorgeous adventuress, Mulder inched slowly towards his bed, and
sat down between the two women.

Scully was starting to get annoyed with Lara's sudden interest in her
partner, when she noticed a faint light enveloping her and Lara. "Oh
no...I have a feeling those aliens aren't finished with us" she thought
to herself, before her mind was suddenly filled with images of lust and
various erotic fantasies she had entertained while masturbating. Her
body seemed to cry out for sexual satisfaction, and she grabbed the
nearest available source of pleasure.....Mulder.

"SCULLY!! What are you--Mppphh!" Mulder yelled, surprised at being
pounced on by his normally cool and collected partner, and even more
surprised by her shoving her tongue in his mouth. Lara had become very
excited as well, and she was soon trying to get in on the action between
Mulder and Scully. Mulder soon overcame his shock, and began to make
the most of his unusual situation.

Scully rubbed her breasts against Mulder's face, enjoying the feeling of
him licking and kissing her large, sensitive endowments. "UUUhhh......
Mulder.....mmm......I've wanted this for so long" she moaned, as Mulder
worked his was slowly down Scully's abdomen. Lara, a little annoyed at
being ignored, instead decided to masturbate while the two FBI agents
fucked each other's brains out, releasing years of sexual tension.
Scully screamed out loud in pleasure as Mulder licked her sensitive
clit, swirling his tongue in circles over her sensitive love button.
"AAAAHH!!!!!! MULDER!!!!!!.....YEEEESSSS!!!!!!" Scully had given in
completely to the sexual cravings engulfing her body, and was nearing
an orgasm from Mulder's skilled oral pleasuring. She wrapped her legs
around him, and pulled him in close to her, keeping his tongue in her
pussy, as she came in an explosive orgasm. Her climax seemed to last
for hours, and Mulder kept insistently licking her clit and pussy,
further enhancing her already incredible orgasm. Scully slowly, almost
reluctantly, removed her legs from around Mulder and pulled him up so
they were face to face. "Mulder......" She started, before Mulder put
a finger over her mouth, silencing her. "Scully.....I've wanted to say
this for years...I love you." Dana could only stare at him, happy and
slightly shocked from Mulder's sudden admission. "I......I love you
too, Fox." She kissed him over and over, slowly undressing him all the
while. When she had finally gotten off his last vestiges of clothing,
Scully could hear nothing except the quiet breathing of her lover, and
Lara's muffled moans of self-pleasuring (See? I DIDN'T forget about her,
this is Mulder and Scully time, so if you want some Lara action, scroll
down some more)

Mulder cupped Dana's large, creamy white breasts and slowly sucked on
her erect nipples. Scully tried to stop from moaning out loud, biting
her lower lip, but still gave out a few sexy growls. She pushed Mulder
away, onto his back, and started to kiss down his neck. Mulder took
the opportunity to kiss Scully some more, playing with her tongue with
his. Mulder's cock started to swell from all the activity, and
soon grew to an impressive 10 inches. Scully stared, wide eyed, as did
Lara. Both women summed it up quite well with one word. "Wow." Scully
wasted no time in mounting Mulder, loving the sensation of the first
few inches pushing inside her. She rocked up and down on his pole,
forcing it deeper into her. "UUUhhhh....mmmmm...." She moaned, as all
of his manhood finally fit inside her. She pushed in time with Mulder's
thrusts, cupping her large breasts with her hands and gently tweaking
her sensitive nipples. "Ohhhh...Scully!!.....You're so...Ummpph...good!!"
Mulder moaned to Dana, running his hands over her shapely hips and flat
stomach. He pushed harder into her, meeting her ramming hips, the head
of his cock hitting her cervix. "AAAAUGGH!!!!.....Be careful Mulder...
or I'll get off." Scully yelled, part playfully, knowing full well that
she wouldn't give up the opportunity for the world. Mulder fucked her
a little more cautiously, his long pole giving Scully feelings of pure
pleasure that she hadn't felt in years. "OOOOHHH GOD!!!! I'm gonna
CUMMMM!!!!" Scully screamed, pushing harder and harder against Mulder's
huge cock, trying to cum as soon as possible. She arched her back, threw
her head backwards and gave out the most erotic scream of utter pleasure
the world has ever heard. Mulder gripped her as tightly as he could, and
shoved his cock in to the hilt, ramming in as far as he could go, as
spurt after spurt of sticky white semen streamed out of his cock and into
Scully's fertile womb. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! MMMMmmmmm.....OH YES!!!
YEEESSS!!!!" Scully screamed, well into the fifth of a series of multiple
orgasms, as Mulder's white hot sperm hit her insides like a firehose.
She lay down on him, her head on his chest, purring sexily softly as her
energy drained away from the constant cumming. Mulder stroked her hair
gently, whispering sweet nothings into her ear, as they fell asleep.

Lara, unused to being ignored this long, was beginning to get extremely
annoyed, and doubly horny. The sight of the two lovers fucking each other
senseless had made Lara feel partially jealous, wishing she had a man
that she could do the same with, and was contemplating waking up Mulder
and giving him the chance to have sex with the most beautiful tomb raider
in the world when Scully climbed off Mulder's sleeping form, and onto

"DANA!!!! What are you DOING!?!" Lara screamed in indignation. She was
raised as an upperclass British woman, and it was completely unacceptable
for a lesbian encounter. Lara had however entertained some lesbian
fantasies, and had often wondered about it. Scully's sudden advance had
come as a shock to Lara, and she was even more unprepared for what she
did next. Lara couldn't think of anything else except kissing Scully.
All thoughts of indignation, and of getting out of the situation left
her mind immediately, and all she could think of was her curiosity of
lesbian lovemaking. Scully and Lara kissed for what seemed like an
eternity, their two tongues intertwining and playing. Lara's full,
perfect lips locked in a speechless embrace, with Scully's red, pouty
lips against hers. Dana broke the kiss first, looking slightly ashamed,
and very aroused. Scully sucked gently on Lara's gigantic tits, slowly
sucking milk from her big hard nipples. The sensations were sending
Lara over the edge, and she absolutely loved every moment of Scully's
hungry sucking. "UUUUUUUHHHHHNNNNN!!! OOOOohhh DANA!!!! AAAAAAHH!!!!!!!
.....M-m-more!!" Scully stopped her suckling, and licked patterns across
Lara's flat belly, towards her neatly trimmed bush. She spread Lara's
legs, and starting licking slowly against her inner thighs, towards her
pussy. "AAUUHH!!!!! OOOOOOHhhhh....GOD!!...UUUHHHNnnnn...That's so good"
Lara moaned, her resistance all but gone as Scully licked and nuzzled
against her sensitive clit. "OH GOD!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!!! MMMMM!!!!!!!
AAAAUUUHHH!!!!!!" Lara screamed, her sudden release giving her a
huge sense of release. Her sweet juices flowed from her cunt, covering
Scully's face. Every fibre of her being tingled with pleasure, as her
orgasm slowly dwindled into the afterglow, Lara decided to return the
favour to Scully. She pushed Scully onto her back, and started pleasuring
her. She kissed and licked gently over Scully's large, supple breasts,
occasionally cupping one of the firm, pale, tits in one hand and giving
it extra attention. Scully's moans let Lara know when she was doing
something that she REALLY liked, or just liked being done. Lara sucked
hard on Scully's erect nipples, until she could taste the milk coming
from Scully's large mammaries. "AAAAaaaaaahhhh.....Mmmmmm.....UUUUhh....
Keep going Lara." Scully moaned, as the erotic sensations of being
milked by another woman started sending her over the edge. Lara stopped
sucking on one breast, and moved to the other, leaving milk trickling
down Scully's shapely breast. "Ooohhhhh....YEEESS!!!......Moooorreee!"
Scully screamed, craving more and more from her sexy new lover. Lara
spread Scully's legs, and playfully traced her finger in circles over
Dana's firm inner thighs, moving slowly towards her wet pussy. Lara
rubbed Scully's swollen clit with one finger, gently experimenting
by pushing her other fingers into Scully's tight pussy. "UUUUHHHHH!!!!
AAAAHhhhhh.....oooohhhh....GOD YESS!!!!!!" Scully gasped, the incredible
sensations causing her to build up to a peak she knew would be almost
impossible to top afterwards. Lara worked her fist into Scully's cunt,
getting up to a little past her wrist when Scully's vaginal walls
clamped down on her hand, and Scully came like a screaming banshee.
You'" Scully moaned, as she passed out
against Lara's sweaty naked form. Lara hugged Scully tightly, as she
fell into a well-earned sleep.

Lara was woken up suddenly by Scully, who was shaking her by the
shoulders, insistently trying to wake her up. "W....What do you want,
Dana?" Lara asked, sleepily. She noticed Mulder was awake, too, and
had a rather mischievous glint in his eyes. "Lara.......would you be
interested in having sex with me and Fox?" Scully asked, a sense of
hope in her sexy voice. "Umm....O....kay" Lara replied, wondering about
the whole threesome scene. A few seconds later she had Scully's cunt
against her mouth, and Mulder was readying to push his 10 inch
monstrosity into Lara's willing pussy. "Mmmmph! SC--LLY!!!" Lara yelled,
surprised. Dana's sweet cunt was muffling her voice, and she had to
scream to be heard. "UUHhhh...Mmmmmmmm....Ohhh...God......Lara..Mmmm...
Lara!!!! Use your tongue!!!!" Scully moaned sluttily, the sensations
already producing lubrication in her tight cunt. Mulder grunted and
pushed, trying to get further inside her extremely tight pussy. "Jesus,
this is like fucking a virgin" He thought to himself, as he worked his
last inch into Lara's womb. "AAAAAHhhh.....UUHhhhhnnn...M--LDEEEER!!!"
Lara moaned, stopping her exploration of Scully's wet cunt to show Fox
her enthusiasm. She grabbed handfuls of Scully's bouncing, jiggling
breasts, needing to hold onto something, as Mulder's long, thick cock
worked it's way in a steady pumping motion, driving her wild. "YESSS!!!!
AAAHHHHHHNnnnnnnnnn.......mmmmmm....." Scully screamed, as her first
orgasm washed over her, making every sensation merge into one, glorious
climax. Milk trickled down from her big, hard nipples continuously, and
Lara lapped at it from Dana's pussy and red pubic hair, as it travelled
down her firm body, paying extra attention to Scully's clit. Mulder was
nearing his orgasm, with Lara's tight vagina clamping down with vice-like
intensity on his thick pole. "OOH LARA!!!!!! MMMMGGGhhh!!!!" he yelled,
as he couldn't hold out any longer, and ejaculated deep into Lara's womb
"AAAAUUUUUuhhh!!!!! FOX!!!!! Ohhhh GOD!! MMmmmmmmm...FOX!!!!" Lara
screamed in utter pleasure, as she felt his sperm fill her womb, sending
her over the edge into a series of multiple orgasms. "Uuuuhhh....mmmm...
are either of you interested in my tits?" She asked sluttily, the
sensations starting to fade. Mulder and Scully gladly complied, Scully
climbing off her face, and started licking and suckling on Lara's left
breast, while Mulder pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of Lara's
tight cunt, and sucked and gently nibbled on Lara's right nipple.
"UUUUUUHHHHHHHHhhhh!!! OOohhhh.....MMMm.......That's so goooood!"
Lara screamed, the sensations of the two FBI agents' efforts sending
her reeling back into one orgasm after the other. Mulder's suckling
caused a geyser of milk to erupt from Lara's endowments, filling the
two agents' mouths. They hungrily sucked more down, loving the taste.
Scully stopped her sucking, and moved down on Mulder, going down to
his cock, still wet with Lara's juices.

"UUUuuhhh......Scully!!!" He moaned, as Dana took his cock into her
mouth and started playfully licking the head. "MMMmmmmm..." She moaned,
taking in as much as possible. His cock started stiffening, nearly
choking Scully as it grew to it's full length. Scully released his huge
pole from her mouth, and got down on all fours, above Lara, encouraging
Mulder to fuck her Doggy-style. "Come on know you want
to" she purred in her best sex-kitten impression. Mulder happily
complied, spreading Scully's firm asscheeks, and positioning his cock
against Scully's virgin ass. "Oh MULDER! I had no idea you were so kinky"
Scully moaned, as Mulder worked the head of his cock slowly into Scully's
rectum. "EEEEYYAAAAH!!!!!!! AAAUUUGGGHhhhhh.....UUuUUuuuuuuuhhhhh"
Scully's moans started out in pain, as she struggled to get used to the
feeling of her rectum being stretched so wide by Mulder's giant cock,
and she slowly changed her moans from pain to pleasure. While Mulder
was pumping in and out of her ass, she resumed her licking of Lara's
giant milk-gushing mammaries, and nuzzled against her giant cleavage.
"OHhhhh........DANA!!!.....mmmmmm.....HARDER!!!!" Lara moaned, as
Scully's licking pushed Lara towards yet another climax. Scully bit
down, gently, on Lara's nipple, as Mulder shoved his full length deep
into Scully's bowels. "AAAAAAAHHHHHGGGGGHHH!!!!" Dana screamed, as
Mulder rammed his cock in to the hilt. The sudden mixture of pleasure
and pain sent Lara over the edge, screaming loudly as another orgasm
washed over her. "UUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! DANA!!!!!" Lara screamed,
running her nails down Scully's back, leaving long red trails where they
had travelled. Mulder gave out a loud moan of ecstasy and rammed his
cock in Scully's ass as hard as he could, moments before he came deep
inside her. With her two lovers climaxing in and against her, Scully
had no other option but to cum herself, her sweet juices flowing onto
Lara below her, as she gave in to yet another earth-shattering orgasm.
As Mulder pulled his cock slowly, reluctantly, out of Scully's tight
ass, Scully collapsed on top of Lara, completely exhausted. Lara had
also fallen asleep, and Mulder was overcome suddenly with a great urge
to lie down and rest. Unable to resist the urge, he lay down next to the
two women, and hugged his partners as he fell into a deep sleep.

"The two human females and the human male have copulated successfully,
we've activated the sleeping sequence, so they should be unconscious
for quite a while." The alien scientist reported to his captain.
"We have gotten all the necessary data. What do you wish to do now,
Captain? Shall I turn off the sex compulsion beams focused on them?"
The alien scientist continued entering some data into his handheld
information recorder while waiting for the captain's reply.
"No, Not yet.....Let's keep them under close surveillance for a little
while longer......they may still have some surprises we are unaware of."
The captain replied, enjoying watching the three humans fuck each other
senseless repeatedly. She played back some of the more erotic moments
between Scully and Lara on her vid-screen, enjoying watching the two
sexy women pleasure each other, not knowing that they were being forced
to do it from their technology.
"Yes....I think we should keep watch on them for a while longer"


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